7 Unusual Chairs to Style your Home

Chairs play a pivotal role in enhancing the style and look of a place. Thus, arrange seating in a stylish manner with some unusual chair designs. Apart from visiting a market, you can an idea of what’s trending with this blog post.  Go through the article and find out the best chair designs now.

Modern Unique Chair
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The Sunflower Chair – Style the reading arena or the library section at home with this beautiful-looking chair. This furniture is designed with space to keep books. The soft-foam inside this chair is stitched seamlessly and offer comfortable seating. Also, you can customize the colour according to the wall paint and other things.

The Sunflower Chair
Img : authorjenniferjames

Animal Chair – Bring home this differently-styled chair and elevate the seating arrangement. This chair not only offers smart seating but also offers a sophisticated and unusual style to the home décor of your abode. This chair is available in different shapes although you are likely to shell handsome amount to bring this stylish item home as the seating is made from pure leather and offers seamless comfort.

Animal Chair
Img : wisgoon

Dead Man Walking – Well, this design will make you recall it. But, this chair has the ability to offer unusual yet chic look to the entire atmosphere at home. This light-weighted furniture is easy to clean and you can move it around without using much energy. So, bring this fabulous chair home today and get praised by your friends to have a unique choice.

Dead Man Walking
Img : boredpanda

Disco Chair – Bring home this bright looking chair. This beautifully woven chair has colour combination that offers warmness and set the mood for a party. So, inspite of stepping out for partying why don’t you host it as it also gives you the chance to flaunt this amazing piece of furniture.

Disco Chair
Img : dsigners

Spherical and Geometric Chair – Add dimensions to the living castle with this spectacular chair. The beautiful geometric design is powerful enough to elevate the ambiance of the area where it is placed. We suggest you keep this chair in a corner and add maximum style to the home décor.

Spherical and Geometric Chair
Img : amush

String Chair – Bring home this tri-coloured chair and elevate the style. This spectacular piece of furniture will surely add spark to the home décor this season. So, step out in the market and look for this chair which is available in single and multi-colours. Also, there are various shapes to choose from.

String Chair
Img : zastreseno

Modern Lounge Chair – This beautiful piece of furniture is crafted with stainless steel and premium quality wood. The shinning steel makes the chair look alluring and the wooden backrest offers a contemporary look which is perfect for the lounge area.

Modern Lounge Chair
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Let Your Home Smell Positive with These Soulful Aromas

Home is where the soul is. Thus, you must be in search for new and happening things to keep positive vibes inside the living paradise. But, sometime the not so happy vibe or a bad energy gets inside a home and creates ruckus in life. This is the time when you need some freshness to flush out negativity. So, here are some interesting and stylish ways to bring peace and happiness back home.

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Electric Aroma Diffuser – This Oval-shaped electric aroma diffuser is best for bedroom and lobby area as these spaces have more restricted flow of air. This fragrance diffuser declutters the space filled with negative vibes and has the ability to diminish them with the powerful yet scuttle fragrances available in the market. In this home décor item you get the option to change fragrance like rose, lavender and more according to the choice and season.

Electric Aroma Diffuser
Img : alicdn

Scented Reed Diffuser – This decorative item has a flat-base and an ice-cream shaped cup to hold the fragrance sticks. The diffuser is best suitable for living room or a corner where you have set a coffee table to enjoy some light pals. The scented reed diffuser is easily available in market and online shopping portals. Also, the diffuser comes in multiple colours including lemon, aqua blue, lime green and more.

Scented Reed Diffuser
Img : pairfum

Aromatic Candles – Give your home some freshness with these aromatic candles. Place some candles smelling lavender, sandalwood, jasmine and more. The beautiful looking scented piece of home décor will elevate positivity at home and will bring in happiness along with peace.

Aromatic Candles
Img : buzzle

Steam Scent Diffuser – This is another amazing scent diffuser which has the concept of spreading fragrance via steam. The idea to place a steam scent diffuser at home is to spread scent in the air especially in the living room of a house.

Steam Scent Diffuser
Img : shopify

Gel-Based Candles – These candles are similar to the aromatic ones but its see-through specification make it different from the regular scented candles. You can choose a gel-based candle from a wide range of options available in the market. The candles with shells, sand and cactus are currently trending as the scorching heat of the summer season is making people dream of being on a beachside even in the daytime.

Gel-Based Candles
Img : hgtvhome

Scented Candles – Bring home some scented candles as these are different from the aromatic ones. The thin difference between both these candles is the scent alias perfume which you can feel in these ones. The aromatic candles come in a glass whereas the scented candles are packed in a thin layer of clean wrap which you touch and feel the fragrance of various scented fragrances like sandalwood, rose, jasmine, lavender and more.

Scented Candles
Img : reductress

Flower Diffuser – Plant the fresh incense in a bottle and place some beautiful looking flowers in it. Try to match the fragrance with flower incense like rose with rose flowers and more. This offers a refreshing look to the room and helps you in retrieving the happiness, peace and positive energy in the living castle.

Flower Diffuser
Img : perfumeposse

Dreamcatcher: Aspirational Way to a Perfect Home Décor

Dreamcatcher is may be a new thing to many of the people in India but this is an aspiring item that American Indian firmly believe in. This home décor item is basically a loop in a circular-shape which is decorated with feather traditionally and are hanged in almost every corner of the home to ensure good night sleep and positive dreams to the family in order to rise and shine with new ideas to excel in life.

Img : pinimg

So, here are the best Dreamcatcher decorative ideas to fill your home décor with dreams and with the wish that you will realize soon.

1. Peacock Dreamcatcher

This home décor item is made from the coloured-feathers that offer combination of a peacock. The beautiful blue, purple, green and other colors fill a person’s life with the brightness they have and help in motivating a person who may be feeling low or stressed due to one or many reasons. We suggest you hang this beautifully woven Dreamcatcher at the entrance in order to grab the maximum amount of positive vibes.

Pea Cock Dreamcatcher
Img : shopify

2. Fabric Scrap Dreamcatcher

This Dreamcatcher is designed with the scrap alias the leftover fabric. Cut the straps of the clothes that are useless and then tie them with a circle-shaped Dreamcatcher. You can add some feather, beads and other decorative items with the scrap fabric to enhance the beauty of this Dreamcatcher. But, remember that the fabric should be the main element in this home décor item.

Fabric Scarp Dreamcatcher
Img : pinimg

3. Crochet Dreamcatcher

This gorgeous-looking crochet Dreamcatcher is woven by the knitting thread of white and black colour. The traditional design of this home décor item offers a chic look and the white-feathers hanging down offers an aesthetic look to space. The Crochet Dreamcatcher is available in multiple colour combinations that give you the option to choose a home décor item that matches the wall paint and room ambiance.

Crochet Dreamcatcher
Img : cdninstagram

4. Boho-Style Dreamcatcher

The Boho-style Dreamcatcher is perfect for wedding decorations, room décor of newly-weds and for the rooms of young aka teenage kids. The fresh and bright colours offer positive vibes that are necessary to shape-up the life. Also, this kind of home décor is unique and offers a different style to your living paradise.

Boho-Style Dreamcatcher
Img : etsystatic

5. Modern Dreamcatcher

A home with a modern touch appeals to many people. If you are also one of these homeowners who are attracted with the opulence of a modernly-designed home then this Dreamcatcher is perfect for you. Hang this ice-cream shade Dreamcatcher and offer a chic look to the living room. As, this beautiful piece of home decorative item will surely make the place a dazzling one.

Modern Dreamcatcher
Img : etsystatic

6. Contemporary Style Dreamcatcher

This beautiful floral design offer an elegant look with the white-coloured feathers and the baby pink thread design elevate the design and help you proffer a simple yet stylish home décor to the living address.

Contemporary Style Dreamcatcher
Img : alisvr

7. Beaded Dreamcatcher

Bring home this beautiful-looking Dreamcatcher and hang it in the lobby or a passage. The vibrant colours of this home décor item are surely going to upbeat the mood every time you pass by. Also, you can shop for single colour beaded Dreamcatcher which looks fabulous.

Beaded Dreamcatcher
Img : craftingconnections


Decorate your bare walls with these unusual items

Walls are often given a miss when it comes to their designing. Painted or paneled, one cannot find many options to decorate their walls. But have you ever wondered that using some unusual items like toys, bicycle or handbags you can make your wall more eye-catchy and attractive. Yes! You are right, a little bit of creativity can create wonders at your boring, bare wall.

Decorate your bare walls
Img : gotohomerepair

So let’s take a look at some of the unique ideas with which you can give a new look to your walls:


As your child grows up, their toys don’t find a place in your home. On the other hand, they acquire a place in your storage area.  So why not use them to decorate your wall.  You can use this idea for your kid’s rooms too.

Img : rockmyfamily

Musical instruments

Now this one is for all the music lovers. Buy different types of musical instruments like CDs, guitar etc. and hang them on your wall. It will give a mesmerizing look to your walls.

Musical instruments
Img : squarespace

Retro cameras

Have you ever thought that your old cameras can do wonders on your mundane walls? Yes, use Retro cameras to create an unusual wall display.

Retro cameras
Img : pinimg

Hang up Bicycle

Your old bicycle in your store can give an attractive look to your wall. Hang it up on your wall and give it an extra push.

Hang up Bicycle
Img : supertechcrowntower

Colourful hanging lights

Why not devote an entire wall to a mix of colorful hanging lights? Use it in your teenage girl bedroom and make it as pretty and girly.

Colourful hanging lights
Img : pinimg

Purses and bags

Now this one is one of the best creative ideas to decorate your wall. Lift your old designer purses or bags and hang them on the wall. And yes, don’t forget to take the credit for this designer idea.

Purses and bags
Img : hometalk

Wood carvings

Now, this is something unusual as well as elegant too. You can enhance your wall with a wooden carving with a minimal lighting effect. This will style up your wall in a much-sophisticated way.

wood carving wall decor
Img : Pinterest

Roll ‘N’ Rock: Wheel Designs for a Perfect Home Décor

Renovating the home? Then, interiors are definitely the next thing on your mind and hence you must be stepping out for shopping in the car. Interestingly, the wheels can also help to decorate the home, apart from helping you travel across the city quickly. so, check out the best wheel designs for Home décor:

Wheel Designs
Img : livinspaces

Recycled Wheel Sofa Set – This beautiful looking sofa-set is surely going to make seating comfortable for the guests. The sofa comprises of dual wheels in each of the chairs which is then covered with the close knitted jute and rope to form a design. The colour combination of this tyre sofa set offers a cool look, particularly during this summer season.

Recycled Wheel Sofa Set
Img : ecoideaz

Half Wheel Couch – This red-coloured couch looks stylish and makes an additional space for seating. This beautifully-crafted couch can also be used to keep newspapers and magazines in the living room. The choice is completely yours as we are only offering a suggestion to elevate the home décor with this stunning design.

Half Wheel Couch
Img : tadyjemoje

Wheel Garden – Moving to the garden area, place some wheels at a side and plant beautiful greens in it. The best way to make the wheels look beautiful is to brush them with contract colours. Place these multi-coloured wheels in any design you wish to have and get praised for this stunning interior design.

Wheel Garden
Img : angloitalianfollowus

Wheel Patio Furniture – The patio furniture is best for open spaces/garden as it offers an aesthetic look to the entire place. So, put up two wheels in the center and place a glass on the top. This placing crafts out the beautiful center table where you can keep the coffee mugs and some starters to bite-in.

Wheel Patio Furniture

Img : studiomelies

Stand Alone Wheel Swing – This swing make you cherish the childhood memories as most of us have enjoyed a lot on this swing particularly during the school vacations. The only difference is that earlier this swing used to be hanged with a tree but now you can have a well-designed wooden-frame to hang this wheel swing.

Stand Alone Wheel Swing
Img : triumphplaysystems

Wheel Mirror – Have a look at the mirror hanged in the lobby area while getting back into the house. This mirror is different from the others as the mirror is framed into a tyre aka wheel. So, have this unique looking mirror in the lobby area and offer a stylish look to the home décor this summer season.

Wheel Mirror
Img : earthporm

Tire Seating – Let the guests have a sneak peek into the kid’s room as they will catch a glimpse of tire seating placed in a linear position on the floor. The children’s print fleece fabric adds a cute look to this wheel home décor item.

Tire Seating
Img : diys

Wheel Clock – Hang this instrumental wall clock and elevate the home décor. The keys that fix nut-bolds in the wheels look embracing as they work as both hour and minute hand in this clock.

Wheel Clock
Img : pinimg

Wheel Photo Frame – Design new photo frames with wheels and let the memories grab eyeballs every time you pass by. This is very different from what people usually have back home. So, this home décor item is a must try.

Wheel Photo Frame
Img : seharableu

Jazz up your Ceiling with these Unique Ideas

Ceilings are often ignored when it comes to their designing. Ordinarily, they are just painted white or POP is done to give them a fresh look. Still, they did not get the same attention as other parts of the home receives. So, it’s high time now to look behind boring clichéd false ceilings or a simple POP designs and try some new and unique geometrical or abstract pattern to jazz up the young ones of your house or simple colourful or wooden ceilings to give it a more subtle but attractive look.

ceiling with these unique ideas
Img : paperhatco

Try the below-given ideas:

Use of Motifs

Motifs are the best way to add a statement to anywhere in the home. So why not try them on the ceilings. Try adding a traditional theme motif and give your boring ceilings a royal new look.

Use of Motifs
Img : arteriors

Single coloured ceilings

Why only white colour to paint the ceilings and why not any other colour painted all over on them? Yes, a statement colour on the ceiling catches the eye more frequently than the same old white colour.

Single coloured ceilings
Img : freshome

Wooden panels

Heard of wooden floorings? But what about using them on ceilings. Bring in the Mother Nature inside any room of your home with wooden panel ceilings. So, if you are someone who loves wooden accents at home, then you must opt for this ceiling design idea to give a more contemporary look.

Wooden panels
Img : contemporist

Geometric pattern

Geometrical designs are very much in trend these days. So one can go for a geometrical pattern ceilings idea to make it eye catchy. They are evergreen and look good when used moderately.

Geometric pattern
Img : decorpad

Playful designs

Children often love their rooms when it is designed keeping their childish nature in mind. So here a cartoon shape or a playful shape ceiling idea is the best option. They not only add a happy vibe in the whole room but also let your kid enter into their own dream world while they spend their quality time in their room.

Playful designs
Img : hypegenius

Striped pattern

The striped pattern is always on trend when it comes to clothes but using them on your ceiling is also a fun. Your ceiling will immediately catch the eyes with some cool effect. You can use bright colours with contrast shades.

Striped pattern
Img : decorpad


These types of ceiling design ideas go well with simple interiors. You can choose subtle designs or full-blown mouldings to give your boring ceiling a new look. For those who love simplicity, these designs are the best idea.

Img : decoist

So, loved these inspiring ideas, then go and immediately get rid of your bored and mundane ceilings.

10 Pebbles Crafts Ideas to Decorate your Home

The pebbles are currently trending as a home décor item and thus people are getting more attracted to these multi-colored stones that come in different shapes and sizes. In fact, these stones offer an elegant look to the place and are also said to bring in a lot of positive vibes with themselves.

Pebble Home Decor Ideas
Img : homebnc

So, get your home décor renovated with these pebbles in an amazing manner. Check out the below-mentioned décor ideas.

1. Place Indoor Plant Vase with Pebbles –

Place an indoor plant in a transparent vase and fill the flowerbox with pebbles. You can add multi-colored or single colored pebbles in contrast to the plant color.

Place Indoor Plant Vase with Pebbles
Img : purehomeandliving

2. Pebble Patio Tabletop –

Give an aesthetic look to your garden or balcony by placing the pebble patio tabletop in the open space. This tabletop is crafted in solid wood and offers a classic look.

Pebble Patio Tabletop
Img : woodpeckerinteriors

3. Indoor Waterfall –

Enhance the beauty of your home by designing an indoor pebble waterfall. This magnificent home decor item right next to the swimming pool will offer an alluring look to the place.

Indoor Waterfall
Img : staticflickr

4. Beach Stone Table Runner –

Make your dining table look different from other by laying this beach stone table runner. This runner is available in different shades so choose the one according to the color of your dining table.

Beach Stone Table Runner
Img : homedesigns99

5. Create Pebble Pathway –

Design a small pathway with pebbles as it gives a classy look to the place. Also, it elevates the ambiance of your home as it offers a different look in comparison to regular home décor.

Pebble Pathway
Img : blogspot

6. Beautify Corner –

Paint some random pebbles and place them on a corner table. This will give an unusual look to the home as they catch the attention of the guests.

Beautify Corner
Img : etsystatic

7. Crochet-beaded Pebbles –

Cover the pebble stones with crochet design and make it look beautiful. You can use these crochet-beaded pebbles as a paperweight in the study room.

Crochet-beaded Pebbles
Img : etsystatic

8. Pebble Round Footboard –

Bring in the footboard made from pebble stone. The multi-sized pebble offers relaxing feel to feet’s every time you step out of the washroom.

Pebble Round Footboard
Img : decoist

9. Create Pebble Candles Stand –

Add an artistic touch to the home by lighting up the candles on different-shaped pebbles. Place these candles on the dining table and enjoy the food.

candle stand
Img : pinterest

10. Decorate Aquarium with Pebble Stones –

Offer a natural look and feel to the creators of your home aquarium by placing these stones inside. Choose light and dark shaded pebble stones to enrich the look of this marine museum.

Decorate Aquarium with Pebble Stones
Img : flickr

Also, you can create various home décor items from pebbles at your own. So, craft your creativity and make the home look stylish than others.

Paper Artwork – Style That Never Goes Off Trend

You must be using paper bags instead of plastic ones as a step towards eco-friendly lifestyle. But, now you can contribute more towards the green environment as we let you know how to use a fine piece of paper to escalate the home décor. Take a look at the below given paper artwork and revamp the interiors of your living paradise now!!!

Paper Artwork
Img : mamak

Quilling Paper Artwork – This aesthetic design of marine-queen alias fish is made from the quilling paper art. The synchronization between sharp and soft curves of the paper offers an alluring look to the entire image. Currently, the good luck charm and zodiac designs are trending as home décor items made from paper.

Quilling Paper Artwork
Img : amazingpunch

Paper Made Bowl – This bowl is a paper artwork made from colour papers which have been artistically shaped. This is light in weight and offers an unusual look to the place such as the table top in a lobby or to the coffee table/corner you have in the spacious living arena.

Paper Made Bowl
Img : artmajeur

Paper Vase – The paper carving as vase is a creative thing. So, bring this creative flower pot home and enhance the home décor. Also, an orange colour paper will offer a bright effect especially when it is placed in front of a light-coloured wall.

Paper Vase
Img : ytimg

Paper Flower Bouquet – This Pink Ombre Bouquet is crafted from the mini pink paper which has a soft touch. We suggest you place the bouquet of same colour flowers with the mix of shades as it gives a chic look.

Paper Flower Bouquet
Img : pinimg

Paper Lamp – Offer a different look to the room by hanging this beautifully-designed paper lamp. Place a transparent or any coloured light according to the choice and let the space dazzle.

Paper Lamp
Img : instructables

Vintage Paper Wallart – Highlight any wall at home by fixing this paper artwork. Interestingly, you can get the old novels, postcards, notebook or book printed in this manner and enhance the overall ambiance of the place.

Vintage Paper Wallart
Img : alphacoders

Tropical Wall Décor – This paper artwork is known as the tropical wall décor as the paper is cut and shaped like the flowers that bloom in the tropical region. This paper artwork looks alluring particularly when crafted with white colour paper.

Tropical Wall Décor
Img : vestiageinc

Paper Curtain – Choose the design that suits your style as these delicate home décor items have everything that is essential to grab eyeballs. Hang this paper artwork in the lobby entrance or the porch area to enhance the ambiance.

Paper Curtain
Img : elo7

Raised Bed – A New Level in Landscape Gardening

The continuously rising temperature and the lesser availability of greens around the living areas emerge the need of garden in most of the houses. So, redesign the garden/backyard area of your home in style by installing the Raised Bed garden where you can grow fresh vegetables/fruits for daily use. So, scroll this blog post down and know the multiple Raised-Bed designs to elevate the gardening space of your home.

Raised Bed Garden
Img : corednacdn

Car Tire Raised Beds – Paint the car tire in bright colour combinations and plant greens of your choice in it. Also, you can fill the car tire with multiple small-sized flowerpots or seal the void space of the car tire by placing hardboard under it and fill this rubber-tube with soil for planting greens.

Car Tire Raised Beds
Img : plovdiv168

Wine Barrel Raised Bed – Add leg support to the wine barrels and sow the seeds of any plant you wish to grow in the backyard. The best greens to plant at home during summers are tomatoes, parsley, coriander and lettuce. So, get the wine barrel raised bed ready today and let the fresh greens grow in the garden area.

Wine Barrel Raised Bed
Img : threeparkstreet

Circular Raised Bed – Give the open space complete different look by placing a circular raised bed in a corner or in the middle area of the garden. Raised-bed gardening involves the planting of greens in an artificial ground that can be created by adding 3-4 inch deep soil in a container. Now add the bulb/seed of whichever plant you like and water them regularly for healthy growth of the fruit/vegetable/flower.

Circular Raised Bed
Img : kosovamanagement

Unique Raised Bed – The design of a raised bed here is quite unique and it can be personalized too. Ask the carpenter to craft a beautiful looking raised bed in which you can plant multiple greens while keeping it as a decorative item.

Unique Raised Bed
Img : siteforeverything

Cedar Raised Bed – This is a simple looking raised bed which includes joining of wooden planks to set a boundary for growing plants. You can make use of parquet wood to design the cedar raised bed for the garden area.

Cedar Raised Bed
Img : hoteltraian

Plastic Raised Bed – This elevates the style of gardening and leaves the impression of English garden. The plastic body minimizes the chance of rust and also keeps the area nice and clean. Choose from a range of colours such as black, brown, white and more.

Plastic Raised Bed
Img : amazon

Raised Bed Corners – These have multiple-level of a raised bed in which you can plant different varieties greens to add a colourful banquet of flowers in the garden. Place this raised bed in shady area and add freshness to the atmosphere.

Raised Bed Corners
Img : apkfast

Trendy Porch Swings to Bring Home this Summer Season!!!

The summer season is at its peak and hence you must be feeling lazy. That is why your half of the weekend gets over in the bedroom or on the couch/beanbag while laying idle. But these places to relax won’t appeal much and ideally, these are not the best places to enjoy the leisure time during the summer season. So, check out the trendy porch swings listed below to enhance the home décor as they will also offer a dedicated relaxing space at your place.

Trendy Porch Swings
Img : Pinterest

Wooden Porch Swing – This porch swing is crafted from a wooden piece and offers comfortable sitting as it comprises of a soft foam and few cushions. This set up allows you to unwind when not working as one can read his/her favourite novel or a book while enjoying the swing at home.

Wooden Porch Swing
Img : volusion

Wooden Swing – Here is another crafted wooden piece and it is suggested to be placed in a shady area of the porch. This porch swing won’t have a soft sitting platform and thus you must protect it from the direct sunlight as the hot winds blowing all through the day are likely to snatch away the shine and cover it with layers of dust during this season.

Wooden Swing
Img : decorifusta

Cool Swing – Enjoy the royal way of living by installing this cool outdoor porch swing at home. The round-shaped swing with a couple of cushions and comfortable sitting makes this home décor article a perfect place to relax.

Cool Swing
Img : jonnylives

Vintage Porch Swing – This kind of porch swing offers a vintage look as its hanging is made from the rustic jute which reminds you of old-swings hanged in your ancestral home.

Vintage Porch Swing
Img : cookwithalocal

Rope Porch Swing – This is completely different from the usual swings you have seen. The structure of this swing is crafted from wood and its inner area is designed by knotting the rope. You can opt for any colour as this swing comes in different colours.

Rope Porch Swing
Img : nagsheadhammocks

Royal Porch Swing – Enjoy leisure time while sipping a cup of coffee in this enclosed porch swing. The same coloured sitting and shades attached to this swing offer an opulent look to the place.

Royal Porch Swing
Img : kimberlyskyrmecasting

Rustic Porch Swing – Construct an eco-friendly porch swing by cutting a tree trunk into the desired shape. Hang this piece as a porch swing and enjoy the fresh air while sitting idle.

Rustic Porch Swing
Img : pinimg