Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable through the Years

Fashion has a different meaning for different time periods. Items that were considered chic and trendy in the 90s are now outdated and do not appeal to your guests. But since a home lasts forever, are you going to change the entire decor style every 3-5 years? That would definitely incur a lot of cost. So how can you stay updated with contemporary decor style without burning a hole in your pocket?

Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable through the Years
Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable through the Years

There are a few elements that are the core of your decor like color, accents, statement items, furniture, etc. A simple change in any of these can do wonders. Let’s see how to go about these for getting fashionable and trendy look-

Invest Time in Choosing the Right Color Palette

The homes in TV ads have been done in such enticing colors that we can’t just get our eyes off the television screen. Is it because their paint is super-special? No, it’s the wise color palette that the ad creators have chosen. Color is something that exists all around you but you don’t notice it often; it is there on the walls, furniture, decor items, outdoors, everywhere.

To select the right colors, refer to decor magazines to find trends that have been popular for quite a few years; they will supposedly stay longer. Learn more about color combinations and the look and feel of a particular color. Take help from experts.

Keep Accents Limited and Chic

Accents are important in every room; they speak of its soul. Anything can make statement for your room. A huge painting on the wall, a few vases, vintage clocks and decor pieces, anything can act as the accent for your home. Interior designers advise that you should not clutter your home with decor items. Instead, go for a few items that make lasting impression. When there are fewer decor items, you will not feel sad about replacing them for something new. Don’t make your home too overwhelming, just keep it simple and cool.

Contemporary Furniture is the Best

Furniture is something you cannot keep changing with trend. So you need something that can go with all decor themes. Contemporary furniture is one with fine lines and clean edges. The smooth look makes it perfect for all decor themes. Pair it with sheer curtains flowing on the back or heavy ones hanging with class, contemporary furniture offer the best of both worlds.

Pay Attention to Fabric and Furnishings

Fabric and furnishing are the most affordable stuff to change when you decide to go for a new trend. Keep yourself updated with the latest fabric trends in home decor. Choose cushions and throw pillows that give a creative funky look when matched with your wall colors. Reupholster the sofa, couches, etc and instantly add fresh energy into your home.

Keep Yourself Updated about Latest Fashion

An entire makeover does not happen all at once. If you really want to keep your home up to date, you must be well-versed with the change in trends. Little upgrades here and there just keep adding freshness to your home.

Now you know a lot about how to keep your home perfectly synced with the new trends. So, start today and welcome your guests in a trendy, fashionable home.