7 Trendy Cushion Covers for Diwali

Cushions are an important home décor item as they make seating arrangement comfortable. That is why people shop for new cushion covers especially during the Diwali festival as guests and friends are expected at home. So, give home décor a nice and smart look by shopping for these trendy cushion covers. Scroll down the blog post to find out seven most trending cushion covers this season:

Cushion Covers for Diwali
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1. Royal Cushion Cover

Give home a royal look by covering the sofa cushions with a royal design. The classic design with golden colour enhances the beauty of a sofa and also offers a celebratory look. We suggest you opt for expansive design as it covers the entire cushion cover and these kinds of cushion covers offer a festive look.

Royal Cushion Cover
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2. Customized Cushion Cover

Sometimes you have a clear picture of what kind of cushion cover you like to have but unfortunately they are not available in the market. So, get the image and quote printed on the cushion covers and give a different style to the home décor this Diwali. This kind of home décor depends upon a person’s creativity as one can get things designed, text or a picture printed on a customized cushion cover.

Customized Cushion Cover
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3. Thread-Based Cushion Cover

This is actually an art. The proper stitching, inclusion of mirrors and the use of accurate colour combination are the key elements of this cushion cover. Apart from this, the placement of one plain and then thread-based cushion is a perfect way to decorate the seating area or the sofa-set.

Thread-Based Cushion Cover
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4. Velvet & Brocade

This is a smart and classy look. The use of velvet and brocade in the cushion cover is a perfect combination for the festive season. Remember to choose cushion covers that match with the wall paint and sofa set fabric colour. The wrong selection of colours will make your home décor look bad so choose wisely.

Velvet & Brocade
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5. Canadian Smoking Flower

Decorate home with this Canadian smoking flower. This design is curated on the satin cloth and gives a smart look. The availability of multiple colours and designs gives you a chance to buy the best. Remember this kind of cushion cover looks elegant in a single colour as twin colour shade won’t offer that chic look. So, think before you buy.

Canadian Smoking Flower
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6. Fabric Refurbished

You must have some old-fashioned dress material lying in the wardrobe. So, take them to out and get the cushion covers stitched from them. The same coloured or the mix and match cushion covers refurbished from the dresses that you don’t wear will help you in making the home look beautiful.

Fabric Refurbished
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7. Warli Painting

This is a traditional painting from the tribal areas of Maharashtra and getting it designed on the cushion cover gives a stylish look. The typical warli design looks best in the combination of red and white. But you can choose for any other colour also.

Warli Painting
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