7 Tricks to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Deepawali

The festivities for Deepawali have already begun so you must also be busy shopping, party planning and more. But, this time we suggest a clean and an eco-friendly festival. Well, this concept requires time to make everything fall in its place and thus we here are listing seven easy tricks to make your festival of lights an environment-friendly affair. Hence, check out the seven ideas now:

Celebrate Eco-Friendly Deepawali
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1. LED Lighting

This is a smart way to decorate home as these lights are also known as the power saver ones. The low power consumption and minimum heat generation are two main reasons to use these beautiful looking lights. Also, the availability of designs is higher in LED lights in comparison to the regular ones.

LED Lighting
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 2. Floral Decoration

Add freshness of flowers to home this Deepawali. Instead of putting up coloured or any other kind of rangoli we suggest you design a floral one as it will make your home décor look gorgeous. Also, we suggest you place beautiful fresh flowers on the table, closet top, lobby and other areas. In fact, the hanging of flowers on the ceiling will also offer an alluring look.

Floral Decoration
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3. Prefer homemade Sweets

With the start of a festive season, the issue of adulteration also rises. So, give a taste of homemade delicacies to the loved ones and enjoy a healthy and yummy festive time. Also, the availability of sugar-free ingredients the making of sweets at home is not a big task.

Prefer homemade Sweets
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4. Gift Sapling

Go green this Diwali and gift plant to your loved ones. This is an amazing gift as it will strengthen the bond as one will quickly plant the green to ensure it stay alive and most of the people hope to have an everlasting bond with the loved ones like than of a plant.

Gift Sapling
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5. Puja Thali

This is the most important thing for a festival. But, inspite of using fancy puja thali we suggest you buy a metal-based one as steel, brass and other such metals are believed to be pure and thus it is best to use them in a puja or a devotional activity. Today, many designs in steel and brass metal are available so shop for some antique looking thali.

Puja Thali
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6. Community Cracker Burning

The pollution is rising day by day so take a small step towards curbing the same. Thus, gather at a place along with your friends and family and burn crackers there only. This is also known as community cracker burning and is actually a nice idea to minimize pollution.

Community Cracker Burning
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7. Donations

While celebrating the festival we spend huge money. But this Deepawali recall what we learn and that is Sharing is Caring. Donate clothes, stationery, medicines and other items that are necessary for living as these small things can be the reason to smile and happiness for many people.

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