How to Take Care of your Lawn

Lawn, the grass and soil covered land, in your home’s front or backyard is how we connect to nature. A lawn is where you can calmly sit or have a refreshing walk and gulp in the greenness of the rejuvenating plantations of your thriving home garden. To take good care of this natural haven is imperative; below are a few ideas on how you can do that:

  • Give the Lawn some Air– Through aerating your lawn, you provide it an opportunity to loosen up so that water and nutrients can seep into its soil and activate the biological and chemical processes which produce a healthy breed of grass. For a small lawn, Aeration Shoes or Manual-Push Aerators may suffice however if you lawn is big, a gas-powered aerator will do the trick.

  • Take out the Weed– Weed is an unwanted produce of your soil. It is basically a plant which has grown where it was not desired and since lawns are known for their aesthetic and recreational purpose, taking the weed out becomes necessary for obtaining good looks; more so, a mandatory regular activity for all lawn-lovers. If weeds are not widespread and are only concentrated in an area, then banish them through spot-spraying and manual pulling-out. Subsequently add a slow-release fertilizer to finish the weed. However, if the problem spans the entire lawn you will have to get it treated through chemicals.

    How to Take Care of your Lawn
    How to Take Care of your Lawn
  • Clear out dead or dying Grass– Pick up a rake and clear out the grass debris from your lawn so that it can regrow suitably. If there is a lot of dead grass to wipe-out then you may use an electric rake too. However, you should know that a little bit of thatch (dying or dead grass) is good for you soil as it acts as a nutrient for fresher grass but too much of it will choke your lawn.

  • Test the Hydrogen Potential of Soil– Soil’s Hydrogen Potential (pH) measures whether the soil has gotten too acidic or too alkaline. It is vital for the health of the soil to balance the scales and get the pH on the neutral end i.e. between five and seven. Adding Sulphate with a spreader can bring down the alkalinity and adding Lime will raise the acidity of the soil. After treating the soil, water the lawn and test again in a month’s time to get desired results.

  • Get rid of Bare Spots– Empty spots in your lawn depreciates its look and feel and grab the spotlight for being an odd brown dull feature in an evenly lush green lawn. There is surely a way to deal with these bare spots of land by watering the spot, scraping out dead grass, flattening its surface with appropriate amounts of sand and soil and re-ploughing it with your grass-kind and then watering it until the fresh grass is established.

  • Seed, Water and Mow your Lawn regularly– Seed your lawn right as what you sow is what you reap. However, you also have to know what kind of grass to sow. In that regard, study the kind of grass varieties that will work in the climate of your location and the maintenance-time the grass requires. Whether watering your lawn manually or through a sprinkler, research the amount of water which is right for your grass so that your yard’s growth is as desired. Mowing is important as it maintains the lawn’s grass’s length at an acceptable level. Examine the kind of mower you lawn requires; either mow yourself or hire a gardener and ensure that the lawn is mowed in varied directions as this practice gives your lawn a better uniform cut, a vertical growth and decreased soil compaction.

A lawn just like all plants and trees requires good care and attention and if it gets so, it may end providing you one of the most desirable wishes of today’s lifestyle, your personal natural paradise where you can reenergize and revitalize and find peace and solitude, away from the stress of this modern world.

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How Jewar Airport will Revive Noida-Greater Noida Real Estate

The airport at the city Jewar in Gautam Buddha Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh is expected to give an immense boost to the Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna expressway real estate projects and properties, among them H&S Beetle Lap. The airport project was recently greenlit by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

How Jewar Airport will Revive Noida-Greater Noida Real Estate
How Jewar Airport will Revive Noida-Greater Noida Real Estate

Jewar Airport was initially proposed in 2001 by then UP CM Rajnath Singh. Since then CMs’ Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav have also pursued the project but failed to implement it since Jewar is approximately 100 kilometres from Delhi and the distance clause in the Delhi Airport’s contract prevents another airport within 150 kms’ of Indira Gandhi International Airport. However, now the distance clause has been dropped in the new aviation policy and making Jewar Airport a reality is also in the ruling party’s manifesto, this time around all concerned are hoping for the much-needed airport to come through.

Real estate developers, homebuyers, existing residents and business-owners in and around 200-300 kilometres of Jewar will benefit hugely from the airport. Jewar airport will make its impact in a lot many areas which will help rejuvenate Noida’s, Greater Noida’s and Yamuna expressway’s real estate; some of the reasons of this positive effect are listed below:

  • Improved Connectivity: The road connectivity through Noida-Greater Noida Link Road and Yamuna Expressway and the metro connectivity through Noida and Greater Noida Metro lines are already among the best in the country. Moreover, since the airport project has been approved by CM, the feasibility study of a high-speed metro link project between Greater Noida and Jewar Airport has also been initiated. Basically, Jewar airport will invite world-class connectivity efforts to and fro its surrounding areas.

  • Business Growth: An international airport can really put a place’s economy in the accelerate mode. Clear and close-by examples are South Delhi and Gurgaon where residential and commercial development fast-tracked immensely due to their vicinity to IGI. Many multi-national companies opened their head offices, branches and some even relocated their operations to South Delhi and Gurgaon because of the ease which IGI provided them which consequently brought a flurry of real estate ventures in these areas; same is expected to happen in Noida and Greater Noida through Jewar airport.

  • Greater Reach: Jewar airport is deemed to serve the Western Uttar Pradesh areas of Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Yamuna Expressway neighbourhoods till Meerut, Aligarh, Mathura and Agra and thus be a blessing to the wholesome development of the above regions. This all-round reach will positively impact the economy of the real estate around Jewar and of UP.

  • Better Affordability: The Centre Government is pushing for affordable housing and housing for all through its initiatives, policies and schemes. Since the prices in Delhi and Gurgaon are sky-high, the land parcels in Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna expressway have better chances of being used for affordable commercial and residential developments. Jewar airport will provide the right push for developers to eye these properties for the developments of their affordable projects. Also, the Jewar airport is estimated to provide affordable flight options to fliers also since if built, it shall be constructed under government’s regional connectivity scheme. Moreover, Jewar’s vicinity with IGI will diversify the air traffic of IGI and price surge in South Delhi and Gurgaon, balancing both these factors and bringing in affordability for customers.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority CEO Mr. Arun Vir Singh recently said that he has written to the civil aviation ministry seeking permission for the Jewar airport project. Once the approval for construction is granted, the real estate development in the area is expected to soar and bring the realty market of the planned cities of Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway to international standards.

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Go Creative with Your Staircase Railings

Stairway railings serve more than just a functional purpose – they give the stairs a visual presence and the whole thing turns into an artistic creation. There are different ways you can get creative with the railings which can help you to enhance your home décor. There are numerous designs for you to choose from for your stairway railings; designs which will blend beautifully with the architecture of your home.

Go Creative with Your Staircase Railings
Go Creative with Your Staircase Railings
  • Traditional Turn- Formal foyers require elegant staircases equipped with finely detailed stair railings. You can have a painted handrail in there; a black rail looks very chic with classically contoured white balusters which take an interesting turn at the start. The railing is supported by a black newel post which adds weight to the stairs’ entry point.

  • Simple and Fashionable- A strikingly simple iron hand railing with a kinky newel post and linear design will add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Straight balusters with the slim rail will merge with your home décor without disturbing the home’s peaceful rhythms.

  • Curvaceous Climb– This is an intricately detailed iron railing design that garners attention because it undulates gracefully upwards to emphasize the staircase’s distinguished architecture.

  • Simple Unfussy Form- At times staircases need to blend-in instead of standing out. These railings come paired with square balusters, plainly profiled handrails and posts and white painted finish. They blend beautifully with the neutral or monochromatic color scheme of your home.

  • Modern Progressive Passage- These railings come with horizontal lines which are simple and create a vision of a floating staircase. These clean-lined stair railings immediately establish contemporary character.

  • Shipshape Silhouette- These are suited for contemporary homes because of their sport crisp and clean lines. This type of railing requires only two posts to support the span from starting stairs and near the upper wall you can use Plexi-glass and install it between the railing and stairway to ensure safety; rest assured this will not detract from the railing’s minimalist look.

  • Pleasing and Practical Railings- Stair railings should be sturdy structures and guarantee safety. A robust stair-railing offers hand hold from the first step to the landing which can be enclosed with a lattice paneled railing.

You can add your own ideas and creativeness to craft your own elegant railings which will help you add that extra zing to your home, for e.g. Dark railings teamed with light colored balusters with stained staircase and plush runners make for timeless staircase designs. Choose something that is elegant and at the same time easy to maintain.

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All You Need to Know About Zen Gardens

A Zen garden is a stimulating and profoundly spiritual part of Japanese gardening traditions. Rock and sand are the chief elements of a Zen garden. A personal Zen garden is the right way to find your inner peace. The concept of Zen gardens originated in Japan and it is considered to be a way of life associated with stress reduction.

A basic Zen garden does not require much – all you need is sand, polished stones, a wooden tray and a wooden rake for raking in the sand and of course, a creative mind. Through this you can have a thriving home garden or even a desktop one. Your Zen Garden aims you to help meditate and offers you the true value of life.

All You Need to Know About Zen Gardens
All You Need to Know About Zen Gardens

You may have acres of land or just a small space however you can build a home Zen garden anywhere. For large spaces, you can decorate the garden with numerous rocks and mossy logs. While constructing a home garden you also have to choose how large you want to make it and then assess the space available; is it going to be in your courtyard, terrace or simply a desktop one?

Do create a mold to contain your sand and/or gravel in the garden. These two elements form the matrix of your Zen garden and to keep it looking sharp you need your matrix to be contained. Nail, screw or glue your mold; after you have completed your form you can paint, varnish or stain it. Place a weed retainer like black plastic before you set the mold. Your garden has to look neat and clean especially if it is an outdoor garden.

Fill the form with sand and gravel right to the top and even it. After this, put selected pieces in your garden for a stimulating effect. Consider using old mossy logs, colorful rocks with interesting shapes and textures. Zen gardens typically include objects made of natural substances like wood, vegetation and rocks; you can use other articles too like statues and sculptures but make sure you don’t clutter your garden. Rake the sand or gravel in long, curving stokes to let them look like water ripples. You can use a number of patterns to accentuate your garden and the best part is that you can change the pattern any time you want.

Don’t be afraid of using new raking patterns or removing or adding items; you can adjust your garden as and when you want. Zen garden is the depiction of peace whether it is a small desktop garden or a large outdoor one, they both have a calming effect and help you meditate and reduce stress. They are also soothing and reflect certain tranquility when you see them. A lot of new townships/ societies have a special Zen garden for their residents, so go for one at your place too.

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Summer Decor: Create a Thriving Home Garden

We all love to have a summer garden which has colorful blooms and fragrant flowers or a garden with plentiful of vegetables. To create such a garden it is essential to maintain it regularly in summers so that it grows and thrives to your expectations.

A carefully maintained garden and lawn can mean the difference between your plants barely surviving and them beautifully thriving in the summer heat. Along with water and soil management, choosing the right kind of plants can make enjoying your garden during summers an extremely splendid experience and be a perfect example of a unique summer décor at your home. Below are a few tips to grow a garden which flourishes during the summers:

Summer Decor: Create a Thriving Home Garden
Summer Decor: Create a Thriving Home Garden
  • Soil and Water Management – Whatever may be the climatic condition water management at your garden should be your top priority. Adding a wetting agent and organic mulch can help your plants from drying up and also improve the overall appearance of the soil of your garden beds.

  • Use Wetting Agents – Wetting agents help in absorbing the water by not allowing it to remain on the surface of the soil. Soils with wetting agents are able to hold on to moisture for a longer time which means water conservation if you live in a dry climate and still being able to have a vibrant garden.

  • Organic Mulches -These help you to maintain a healthy garden and also the amount of water required in the garden is reduced. Mulch improves the overall plant and soil health and helps in keeping the weeds out. Compost is a common example of organic mulch and using compost and other different types of mulches helps to liven up your garden.

  • The Right types of Plants – The place where you live will help in deciding the types of plants and vegetables you can grow in your garden. Durable grasses, certain vegetables and robust plants and flowers that can withstand a range of weather and soil conditions are good options to consider when you plan your summer garden. Vegetables, especially, are a superb option for your summer garden. Sweet potato, beans and corn flourish in hot temperatures while cabbage, broccoli are best kept under shade. Marigold and snapdragons with fragrant colorful roses will make your garden look really attractive with a relaxing fragrance. Plant trees or blooms which are locally available are also a good alternative because they will thrive in their native temperature. Also you can take advice from your local nursery as to what plants are the best for the summer months.

  • Maintain a Garden Checklist – You may grow low maintenance plants and turf but tend to them on a regular basis so as to check out any dry spots or insect infestations.

  • Maintain your Garden Regularly – Mow the lawn regularly to keep the weeds at bay and to see that the grass does not creep into the flower beds. Also aerate your lawn to circulate water and air throughout the soil. Do keep the garden beds free from weeds and pests that can zap the nutrients and cause plants to rot. Cover delicate plants with shades to protect them from the harsh sunrays. Water when your garden needs it.

Conclusively, right care and maintenance can give you a colorful, fragrant and thriving green summer garden which you can be extremely proud of.

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Summer Décor: It’s Time for Terrace Makeover!

It is summer time, a time when your terrace/ balcony can be your own little paradise amidst the hectic hustle and bustle of a busy city life. Your terrace is a place to relax with your morning newspaper or with family in the warm summer evenings; it is your own little haven. Give this outer zone a cosmetic facelift this summer with nature inspired furnishings, loungers and if possible, an entertainment area and create a comfortable posh atmosphere for yourself through the below modifications:

  • Setting up a Garden – Nothing is more soothing to the eyes than vibrant natural greenery. A green garden on the rooftop brings in a feeling of calm and peace and adds an aesthetic look to the whole ambience. You can also create your Zen garden with a little innovation at your terrace. Just growing a lawn is not a very good idea because you could have moisture and other management issues, so use faux grass in some places; it is a low maintenance and budget- friendly option. You can also go in for a ‘rock-garden’ or a ‘dry landscape’ garden; they will spruce up the look of the terrace creating a harmonious balance with the gravel, rocks and green plants. Also, you can use earthenware like ‘matkas’ or clay pots to give the terrace an ethnic look. Moreover, a small waterfall or fountain on the terrace can make for a complete scenic picture.

    Summer Décor: It's Time for Terrace Makeover!
    Summer Décor: It’s Time for Terrace Makeover!
  • Go Green with the Walls – Create a green zone on parapets, walls, dividers of the terrace. Consider growing creepers and climbers along parapets; you can also hang pots on the walls and have your own herb or flower garden at the rooftop.

  • A Restful Lounge – Wicker furniture is best for outdoor terraces. You can use sofas, coffee table and wicker chairs to relax in. A sculpture here and there could add to the aesthetic appeal too. This will be your ideal space to ease in on a warm summer evening.

  • Bring in a Bird-House or a Birdbath – Make the most of the openness by building a bird house or set-up a bird feeder on the terrace so that you can have a few chirpy friends for company. If you have the space, a stone bird bath will just be the right choice.

  • Convert a Terrace Corner into a Makeshift Spa – You can have a wooden hot tub installed on the terrace to begin with your makeshift spa. You can also create your own little shaded niche where you can sit and meditate away from the stress of daily life.

  • Your own Entertainment and Recreational Corner – Bring in an outdoor bar or a barbeque station at a corner on the terrace. You can set up a pergola for this space too. This could be your corner where you can entertain guests and have get-togethers.

  • Fencing – If you have buildings surrounding your home then you can go in for fencing the rooftop so as to maintain your privacy. Fencing the terrace boundaries with wooden slats or natural materials can give the area a warm cozy feeling without being too restrictive. You can also grow tall plants along the fencing to get the natural green leafy enclosure.

  • Lighting – Illuminate the terrace with accent and statement lights like scones, hang café style lights or lanterns. Solar versions of planters are also available which light up as dusk sets in.

Conclusively, give the terrace a stylish facelift and enjoy your summer relaxing in its soothing ambience.

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Summer Decor: Make the Most of Your Private Swimming Pool

Summers are here and there is nothing like a splash in the cool blue waters of your swimming pool. Well a swimming pool is an ultimate luxury home essential and your own private pool is the heights, so make the most of it and have a blast with your family and friends.

Big or small, indoors or outdoors, your swimming pool has more potential than just being a pool of water or another water body. You can utilize the pool side area as a place for your get-togethers or a recreational center. There are many other ways too to make the most of your private swimming pool; some of them are discussed below:

Summer Decor: Make the Most of Your Private Swimming Pool
Summer Decor: Make the Most of Your Private Swimming Pool
  • Have a Theme- Theme-based pools are trendy, so think of a theme for your pool. You can go for simple landscaping along the perimeter of the pool or you can opt for something more fanciful and elaborate. A bit of landscaping around the periphery will give you that extra privacy which you desire.

    You can also create a beach scenario by using contoured sand colored floors which could simulate a beach where ripples in the pristine, turquoise water lap on the shores. You can create your own beach paradise or an oasis with all plants around the pool. Get creative and add that extra zing to your pool.

  • Dining Outdoors- Dining by the pool is a great way to dine. A dining table set at the edge of a pool gives you the best of both indoors and outdoors. You can have glass separating the two, so technically even though you are inside the house the light’s proximity gives you a different feel.

  • Build Your Own Retreat- Decorate the area around the pool with accessories that enhance its aesthetic value and are functional at the same time. You can also have a cabana or a gazebo at one end of the pool giving you your own private retreat. Moreover, you can add adjustable backpack beach chairs or loungers by the pool where you can lie down and sunbathe. The patio can also be lined up with casual beach loungers which add to the relaxing beach ambience around the pool.

  • Your own little Sizzling Corner- The ultimate addition to your private pool is a pool-side grill. It doubles as a great outdoor dining area for your summer get-togethers. You can opt for a covered barbeque area which will be handy during winters and the nostalgic rainy seasons. But if you lack the space then you can go for portable grills which can be stashed away when not in use.

  • Your own Little Bar Oasis- Set up a mini bar alongside the pool, whether to host a cocktail party or just to have your refreshing summer-coolers. A bar never fails to impress!

Whatever you do just use the pool, splash in and around it and enjoy your summers in the privacy of your own swimming pool.

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Why is it the Perfect Time to Invest in Yamuna Expressway Projects?

The Yamuna Expressway is offering large and readily-available land parcels along with seamless connectivity to potential consumers and this is contributing in attracting numerous real estate developers to the area. This is the perfect time to invest in Yamuna Expressway projects as the region is still developing which makes it a low-cost alternative for your residential and commercial needs. Moreover, the area is equipped with all the other facilities that a cosmopolitan city should have, so it is a win-win situation.

Land availability in Noida is increasingly decreasing and thus, the Yamuna Expressway is becoming the new address for upcoming projects comprising of new townships, logistics and warehousing hubs. The expressway took about 47 months to be completed and is about 165 kilometers long and runs from Greater Noida to Agra, crossing Mathura and Aligarh. The region has become a hub for many new projects and one of the top-most investment destinations in Delhi NCR today.

Why is it the Perfect Time to Invest in Yamuna Expressway Projects?
Why is it the Perfect Time to Invest in Yamuna Expressway Projects?

The six-lane Yamuna Expressway has fast turned into a hotspot brimming with realty activity. There are various reasons why you should put your hard-earned money into properties on the Yamuna Expressway:

  1. Apart from letting commuters travel from Agra to Greater Noida through to its intelligent and viable Transport System Program, the Yamuna express highway is also linked to other arterial roads such as the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and Agra Ring road. This has helped in easing the connectivity and access to cities like Meerut, Haryana, Gurgaon, Rohtak and Ghaziabad. Connectivity to other cities like Lucknow, Kanpur and Gwalior too has been simplified and the travel time has been greatly reduced due to the e-way.

    The Noida authority’s proposition to have a Transport Hub has further enhanced the prospects of this region. This stretch is getting geared-up for a new railway station and a bus terminus. These infrastructural amenities have attracted many to invest in inventories here. The proposed metro rail approved by Yamuna Expressway Authority linking Pari Chowk to Greater Noida [Sec 18 and 20] has helped in luring many realty developers to enter this market.

  1. The region is home to several affordable housing projects. Property developers are building smaller homes which meet the needs and demands of the working class homebuyers. The recent capital appreciation is among the reasons why people are shifting their residence in this area. Buyers have witnessed an escalation in prices and hence from an investor’s point of view, it is the perfect spot to invest in. All in all, Yamuna e-way has turned out to be a pretty fruitful realty destination.

  1. The developing infrastructure is one of the reasons for Yamuna Expressway’s transition to becoming an investor’s paradise. The region has also become a residential hub because of the development along the Gautam Buddha University. The area has an adequate supply of water and electricity which is another plus point. The independent Yamuna Power Corporation Limited Power Plant ensures that the region receives regular power supply. The booming manufacturing industry and the ever-expanding IT sector are also inviting a lot of prospective buyers to the area.

So to sum it up, a gamut of upcoming commercial, institutional, mixed-land use and residential properties along with Affordable Housing projects are coming up along the Yamuna Expressway and transforming it into a realty hotspot. In addition to these factors, good social infrastructure and intelligent connectivity make this area an ideal spot to invest in. And thus, now is the perfect time to invest in Yamuna Expressway projects like H&S Beetle Lap as your investments will surely be fruitful.

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Benefits of Living in a Sports City

Living in a Sports City depends on the lifestyle you opt for and it is like being a permanent spectator to splendid sporting events, be it football, basket-ball or cricket if you live in one. A Sports City life presents a multitude of unique and healthy lifestyle choices to its residents to take interest in. In India, in the National Capital Region on the Yamuna Expressway is an upcoming sports city, where construction work is in full swing.

Noida is set to become the venue of India’s First Sports City. It stretches across 780 acres and comprises of an International Cricket Stadium, a Football and a Hockey stadium too, apart from other indoor games facilities.

Benefits of Living in a Sports City
Benefits of Living in a Sports City

Beetle Lap, a project by Home and Soul is a fine residential project located at Jaypee Sports City and is one of the fastest emerging residential developments in NCR. Located just off Yamuna Expressway, Beetle Lap offers you luxurious and spacious residences. It is replete with modern recreational amenities and daily conveniences. It is the ideal home for the young millennials of Delhi-NCR.

Another project, Ajnara Sports City in Noida Extension has villas with ample green spaces and all the desired modern amenities too. Further, the project also has sports facilities including a cricket pitch, lawn tennis court, jogging track etc.

An increasing number of developers are coming up with theme-based home projects. In this vein, Sports City is an unusual concept which offers you a luxurious and a healthy lifestyle. These projects boast of exclusive features and dimensions to meet the aspirational demands of the home buyers.

Sports city is a township dedicated to sports. Normally such townships have a golf course, cricket stadium, football field, basketball court and various other sports amenities. They offer their residents the blessing of a healthy lifestyle. In today’s compact urban societies where apartment culture is a big phenomenon, there is no place for children or adults to indulge in games and sports and enjoy a healthy lifestyle as the facilities available within the complex are limited. And thus, opting for residences which help you to have all the important amenities and a sport of your choice is why these Sports City homes are wonderfully trendy and beneficial.

So if you are looking for a home and are a sporty person, the residences offered at these various projects of the Sports City is right up your alley.

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A Look at the Posh Penthouse Living

For many years, the housing industry has come up with many innovative projects like constructing a theme based township or building lavish villas but the idea of penthouses is entirely fresh and unique. Penthouses are a huge step into the world of luxury lifestyle. They have managed to give the Indian buyer not only a jet set lifestyle but also a very healthy one where you can easily access fresh air and open space. An increasing number of people desire such a lifestyle and are willing to invest in a luxurious home. This trend has now caught-on and developers are going all-out to cater to these clients by offering them posh penthouses in different formats.

A Look at the Posh Penthouse Living
A Look at the Posh Penthouse Living

Penthouses are majorly being built in metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. These developments define the true essence of posh and modern high-class city living. These luxury homes have the advantage of strategic location, panoramic views of the skyline and every luxurious convenience imaginable.

Penthouses are posh homes situated on the highest floors of the buildings. Their prominent feature could be a roof terrace or a roof garden or an expansive balcony as well. These luxuriously awesome homes are living spaces located away from all types of pollution and hustle-bustle. The magnificent view they offer takes your breath away. This helps you to de-stress and relax after a tiring day.

These homes are befitted with every imaginable luxury. They have the advantage of an apartment like security and facilities, while at the same time they enjoy the luxury of being independent, private and spacious. In some cases, the penthouses have their own private elevators which open exclusively on their floor or directly into their living rooms.

The insides of these spacious penthouses are normally of a duplex with the best interiors one can imagine. The living room and bedrooms are masterfully designed and crafted. The bathrooms are very trendy and fitted with state-of-the-art fixtures as is the kitchen. These homes also offer a bird’s eye view of the area. Penthouses which offer a view of the ocean/ lake or the city sky-line or a lush race course etc. are in high demand.

Some adventurous people even install a pool or a Jacuzzi in the open space of their penthouse. There’s nothing like sitting in a warm Jacuzzi on a cool evening, with a glass of wine enjoying the fantabulous view that only a penthouse can offer. It is also ideal for entertaining guests. Be it a formal soiree or a relaxed informal barbeque, a penthouse setting is appropriate for both.

Lots of natural light with quiet and privacy as no one can look into your house are added attractions of a penthouse. It’s no wonder that the jet setters opt for this living option.

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