Designer Shower-Heads to Style your Bathing Space

The bathing space must look alluring as this is the most relaxing arena of every home. Also, the beautiful fixtures and fittings here elevate your home décor.

Shower heads
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But, you must choose a shower-head according to the bathing space as these are available in multiple sizes, shape and are technology-enabled such as inbuilt- LED lights and musical one which plays music when in use.

Scroll down the page and check out some amazingly designed Shower-heads.

1. Curvy Shower-Head

The curve of this shower-head offers maximum water outflow and gives a feel of standing under a waterfall. The small and multiple water-pouring holes in this item allow an equal and direct flow of water. This shower can be used in twin manner. You can either wall-mount it else you can use it as a hand shower.

Curvy Shower-Head
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2. Side Water Shower

This shower is made from the latest technology and comes with a panel to control the water flow. The stainless steel structure of this shower-head makes it durable. You can make use of side showers and wall-mounted one as per the mood.

Side Water Shower
Img : perthrenovationgroup

3. Round-Shaped Shower-Head

The inner rim of this shower-head is made from rubber and thus offers a designer look and tight grip to the shower-head. You can buy any color of your choice as the image shows bright-orange shade.

Round-Shaped Shower-Head
Img : imgix

4. LED Light Enabled Shower-Head

Give your bathing space some lighting effect by installing this shower-head. The LED-light based shower heads are available in multiple shapes, size and colors.

LED Light Enabled Shower-Head
Img : alicdn

5. Rain Water Shower-Head –

Feel the rain every time you walk into the bathing space. The water droplets will offer an awesome bathing experience which you never had.

Rain Water Shower-Head
Img : eyethisjunk

6. Body Shower

Known as a body shower this bathroom fixture offers luxurious look to space. The control panel of this shower-head helps you to manage the water flow.

Body Shower
Img : eieihome

7. Wide Shower-Head

This shower-head offers maximum water flow due to its wideness. Also, the flat shower-head allows the flow of plain water instead of textured water flow.

Wide Shower-Head
Img : crystalfaucets

8. Musical Shower-Head

You can also buy shower-heads that play music when in use. The speakers installed in this shower-head are waterproof and offers amazing sound quality.

Musical Shower-Head
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Summer Special: Faux Indoor Plants to Style your Home

Are the plants in your balcony or garden are not enough to experience coolness at home during this summer season? Then, take a step further and add greenery indoors as it makes you witness some fresh greens. But, the regular maintenance and the cleaning mess might turn you off. Hence, we bought an amazing idea to keep faux indoor plants at home this sunny season.

Faux Indoor plants
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Here are the tips to bring liveliness home with artificial plants:

1. Shop High-Quality Faux Plants

Expensive things always look better. Hence, you must opt for premium quality artificial plants as they look more realistic and are made from fine material. The appearance and detailing of expensive faux plants offers the impression of fresh green and thus these are best to place at home during the summer season.

Shop High-Quality Faux Plants
Img : loversiq

2. Choose Artificial Plants Wisely

Every artificial plant is not eye-appealing thus you must consider the home décor, space and the mood of your home while buying the faux indoor plants. Also, you must assess the furniture colour while buying the artificial plants as these greens come in various colours like red, yellow, bright pink and green also.

Choose Artificial Plants Wisely
Img : wpmama

3. Make Accurate Placement

Bringing faux indoor plants won’t mean to put them in any corner. But, the right and realistic placement of these plants enhance the look of a home. Also, you must use beautiful flowerpots to keep these faux plants. We suggest you place a couple of faux plants in the lobby according to the wall paint.

Make Accurate Placement
Img : eminashville

4. Plant Greens at Entry

The homes usually welcome guests and family with the coolness of air conditioners, but this season it’s time to change. You must place big-size artificial plants at the main entrance door as it offers both freshness and coolness and not many people apart from the buyer knows the reality of these plants.

front door double spiral topiaries
Img : pinimg

5. Have a Green Wall

Here, you can decorate the wall adjoining living area or lobby by placing a bunch of artificial flowers. The presence of tiny flowers in the bush of greens offers lively feeling to the entire area.

Have a Green Wall
Img : ecoexperienciaselsalvador

6. Create a Green line

Let green be the colour of your home this summer season. Place three or more faux green indoor plants close to a wall and make the place look beautiful. The placing of greens at a same distance inside the living area elevates the look of a home.

Create a Green line
Img : identitycampaigning

7. Artificial Terrace

Bring some hanging faux plants and place them on the wooden hanging on the balcony or terrace. This enhances the beauty of the entire home. Also, you can change the positioning of these faux plants according to the choice and weather.

Artificial Terrace
Img : pinimg

Seashell Artifacts – A Trending Home Decor Item

Home décor is one aspect of our life that needs to be taken care of regularly. A particular home décor theme leaves not so-happening impression on the guests particularly if you throw house parties time and again. In fact, many people change the home interior as soon as they are back from vacations as they bring in things as a souvenir to decorate their home.

Seashell Artifacts
Img : pinimg

Well, vacations mean beaches, bright sunny day and relaxing time.  So, the beach-side vacation won’t end their only. In fact, the sea has a lot in store for you. Exactly, we are talking about the pretty seashells that are easily available in the marketplaces around the beaches.

Have a look at these seashell artifacts and decorate your home like a sea-side villa.

1. Aptos Shell Chandelier – 

These small-sized seashells offer chic look and the chandelier made from these shells offers some soft music whenever a whirl of wind pass through them. Also, the off-white, white and cream color shades of these seashells make the chandelier look beautiful.

Aptos Shell Chandelier
Img : serenaandlily

2. Seashell Photo Frame –

Paste the seashells on a picture frame and cherish your memories for a long time. Arrange the seashells in an artistic manner and give a natural look to your photo frame.

Seashell Photo Frame
Img : etsystatic

3. Shell Pendent Chandelier –

This is one of the most beautiful gifts from the sea. Place a transparent or a bright-colored light in this chandelier and offer a cozy look to the room.

Shell Pendent Chandelier
Img : pinimg

4. Seashell Candle Holder –

Offer an exquisite look to the candle stand by placing the painted seashells. Also, you can place similar or random seashells on the candle holder according to the choice. Place this candle holder on the dining table and enhance the beauty of your home.

Seashell Candle Holder
Img : betweennapsontheporch

5. Décor Tabletop with Seashell –

Place a hollow seashell on the tabletop or a closet and offer an artistic look to the place. The hollow seashell looks elegant therefore you must place it on heightened places.

Decor Tabletop with Seashell
Img : amazon

6. Natural Conch Shell Outdoor Hanging – 

Give your outdoor a decorative look by hanging this natural conch shell outdoor hanging. This decorative piece is available in different sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. Choose design and size according to your home.

Natural Conch Shell Outdoor Hanging
Img : alicdn

7. Seashell Antiques –

Place the small aromatic candle in the seashell and place some of them randomly beside the lighting candle. This will offer a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Seashell Antiques
Img : marthastewart

The seashell is very delicate and sophisticated. Thus, handle this nature’s gift with care and decorate your home in an opulent manner.

7 Best Indoor Plants to Bring Home This Summer!!!

The summer season refers to bright sunny days and people experience coolness as they witness some energetic and pastel colours. But, stepping out in the sun everyday won’t necessarily mean witnessing the cooling colours everywhere. Thus, you place some amazing indoor plants that offer cooling effect and also purify the air. So, here we are listing plants that look beautiful and have the characteristics that keep the air fresh throughout the day.

Indoor Plants
Img : pinimg

1. African Violet – 

These violet-coloured flowers are available in different shades and textures. This indoor plant is best suitable to keep indoors as it blossoms in a shady environment and stay fresh for a longer period. Also, you can segregate this flower into multiple pots as they grow frequently and is usually placed in bunches. The culture of gifting this plant to mothers introduced this indoor plant as a mother’s gift.

African Violet
Img : blogspot

2. Peace Lily

This is a pretty-looking flower with bright green-coloured leaves. The peace lily plants require low light and thus placing this plant indoor alongside a window or lobby is a brilliant idea to experience coolness this summer season.

Peace Lily
Img : next

3. Golden Pothos

This plant is also known as the Devil’s Ivy and has yellow-coloured leaves. The main reason to place this plant indoor is to improve the air quality index at home. The air-filter quality of Golden Pothos is the reason why this plant is popular among people, especially during the summer season.

Golden Pothos
Img : shopify

4. Palm Tree

This lush-green plant keeps the atmosphere hydrated and brings freshness into the air. Also, the quality to absorb air impurities makes this plant the most favourite indoor plant, particularly during the summers.

Palm Tree
Img : sommieres

5. Snake Plant

The best thing about this dual coloured-plant is its straightness. This plant grows in a straight manner and has the ability to fetch carbon dioxide from the environment and turns it into oxygen. The textured-green leaves of a snake plant make it look stunning.

Snake Plant
Img : homedepot

6. Rubber Plant

The oval-shaped dark-coloured leaves of this plant differentiate it from others. Interestingly, this plant expels Formaldehyde named toxin from the air which blends into the air from basic things like furniture, flooring, and even the makeup products women use regularly.

Rubber Plant
Img : plantandpot

7. Aloe Vera

This green-coloured sticky plant has a lot of medicinal values. Apart from purifying air, this plant is best to apply on sunburn, suntan, skin burns and heals cold sores. The placing of Aloe Vera plant inside a home is best for the summer season as it offers coolness throughout the summer season.

Aloe Vera
Img : squarespace

Redefine Bathing Space with these Tile Designs this Summer!!!

The consistently rising temperature is making everyone feel the heat now. So, it’s a perfect time to restyle the  bathing space as it helps you rejuvenate and relax.

Bathing Space Tile
Img : attan

Remodel bathroom tiles with the artistic design as the installation of these tiles help you renovate the bathing space and enhance the style of the wet arena.

trendy bathtub design.
Img : junkart

The addition of flowers in a bathroom adds freshness to space and makes you breathe scented air every time you step into shower.

Bathing Space Designs
Img : hgtvhome

We suggest you experience coolness this season by putting up the aqua-coloured tiles in the bathing space. You can also place natural stone wall tiles in the bathing space and give a traditional-old style to the bathroom.

amazing tile glass wall decor
Img : optronk

Let the flowers bloom in the bathing space this summer season. The floral-design tiles will offer a different and chic look to the bathing space.

best bathroom design ideas
Img : acmchome

Get the shower tile walls in the bathroom and offer an exquisite look to the entire place.

green colored shower
Img : freshome

Check Out: Fancy Night Lamps to Decorate Kids Bedroom

Are your kids scared of the darkness and making them fall asleep is a difficult task for you? Then, this blogpost will help you in a dual manner. This is so because we have bought some fancy night lamp designs to enlighten the kid’s bedroom. Also, the designs of these night lamps will enhance the home décor. So, take a look at the amazing shapes that we have listed below.

1. Let Minion Stay Awake

This cartoon character is hugely popular among the kids. So, bring in a night lamp in this pattern and make your kids happy as they will have Minion by their side throughout the night.

Let Minion Stay Awake
Img : alicdn

2. Dinosaur Light

The LED-light inside the Dinosaur will enlighten the room and will offer a fancy look to the Kids bedroom.

Dinosaur Light
Img : amazon

3. Fruits are Good

Many children don’t like eating fruits. But, this watermelon-shaped night lamp will offer light to the room and you can also increase liking for fruits in the children by letting them know the goodness of fruits.

Fruits are Good
Img : pinimg

4. Teddy Bear

You must have bought teddy bears for the kids. But, make them learn to care for animals as the teddy bear an animal take care of them while they sleep. So, placing an animal-shaped night lamp is a good option to make children learn how to care for others.

Teddy Bear Night Lamps
Img : alicdn

5. Mushroom Night Lamp

Get this one-touch night lamp in your kid’s room and enlighten the place. The multiple colors in this lamp will make the kid’s room look alluring.

Mushroom Night Lamp
Img : shopify

6. Owl –Shaped Night Lamp

The owl is a bird that stays awake in the night and thus a night lamp designed in Owl shape is perfect to keep in the kid’s bedroom.

Owl –Shaped Night Lamp
Img : pinimg

7. Moon Night Lamp

This is something different. Moon-shaped night lamp is pretty and offers a stylish look to the room.

Moon Night Lamp
Img : pinimg

8. Star – Shaped Night Lamp

Twinkle, twinkle little star is the rhyme that kids love to hear. So, what about bringing the stars down in their room every night by buying this fancy night lamp? We think it’s the best idea to make your kids smile. So step out in the market and get one for them now.

Star - Shaped Night Lamp
Img : alicdn

Tips to Decorate Swimming Pool for Summers!!!

swimming pool
Img : myowndevices

Summer means bright sunshine and blowing of hot air waves with dust and dry leafs. In fact, this is not the happening time of the year and you must also be planning to go on vacation in few weeks. But, this is not a permanent solution as one has stay back home for the rest of the season.

So, what about experiencing beach like environment at home? Yes, get ready to enjoy water splash inside the premises of your adobe as we are listings tips to decorate swimming pool at home for the summer season.

1. Indoor Swimming Pool

Cover the swimming pool area with wooden roof and structure as it offers shade and helps you to beat the heat of the hot season. Also, this covered structure creates space for placing of poolside chairs where you can lay back and enjoy.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Img : evafurniture

2. Patio Swimming Pool

This swimming pool has thick sides and offers heightened-space in the artificial water body. Also, this kind of swimming pool looks very impressive and enhances the look of your home.

Patio Swimming Pool
Img : tocka

3. Go Green

Get a cooling view to yourself by placing some beautiful plants around the swimming pool. This will make the place look nice and cool as the winds turn into the fresh air because of these plants.

Go Green
Img : redriverlights

4. Light Up the Pool

Change the color of water according to your wish. We suggest you use lighting fixtures around the swimming pool and lit up the mood while enjoying drinks poolside.

Light Up the Pool
Img : redriverlights

5. Flower Side Up

The flowers are of course beautiful and make a person feel happy. So, let the flowers float across the swimming pool as they enhance the look of your pool and also makes you enjoy swimming during the bright sunny day.

Flower Side Up
Img : uktimetables

6. Enjoy Leisure Time

Turn the plain looking swimming pool into the pool of colors by placing multiple-colored floating beds, tube and ball into it. This decoration is perfect for a lazy Sunday in the summer season.

Img : gettyimages

Wine Glass Decorative Ideas to Enhance Home Beauty

The change in season and the eagerness to say good bye to the bright colors these days bring people back to the basics which results in not so happening home décor ideas. Fortunately, there are few things that look small in size but have the potential to offer a larger and opulent look to the home décor. So, take a look at these amazing wine glass decorative ideas and offer a glossy look to the entire place.

wine glass decoration ideas
Img : ytimg

1. Wine Glass Candle Holder – 

Turn the wine glasses upside down and place candles on the top. Also, you can paint the wine glasses in various designs and color combinations to enhance the look of the same. Another way to use wine glasses as a candle holder is by adding different elements inside the glass and then placing candle into it. This is also an upbeat way to style your home décor.

Wine Glass Candle Holder
Img : townnews

2. Wine Glass Cupcake Holder

Until now you have drunk from the wine glasses. But now its turn to make these crystal clear glasses the most beautiful looking thing on the dining table. Serve the cupcakes into these glasses while hosting dinner to your friends and family. This different style of presentation makes your place an inspiration for a perfect home décor.

Wine Glass Cupcake Holder
Img : staticflickr

3. Wine Glass Floral Lamp Shade

Illuminate the beautifully crafted wine glass lamp shades. You can choose lampshades from a wide range of designs such as paper crafted lamp shade, textured lamp shades and more.

Wine Glass Floral Lamp Shade
Img : hanginglanterns

4. Wine Glass Chandelier for Dining Room

 The dining room must have ample lighting as you need to enjoy food only by giving it a first look. So, bring a beautiful looking wine glass lamp for this place and increase the beauty of your home.

Wine Glass Chandelier for Dining Room
Img : oooms

5. Wine Glass Terrariums –

Beat the heat by having indoor plants at home. The wine glasses are the perfect pot holders to add greenery to the home décor especially during the summer season. Also, add some pebbles and toys into the wine glass to make the plants look more interesting and beautiful.

Wine Glass Terrariums
Img : popsugar-assets

6. Wine Glass Chandelier for Living Room

Give an opulent touch to your home by hanging a broad wine glass chandelier into the living room. This is an unusual type of chandelier hanging which will grab the eyeballs of your guests.

Wine Glass Chandelier for Living
Img : homelava

7. Wine Glass bird Feeder

It’s good to feed the birds in your balcony or the veranda. So, why not to offer these creators in a stylish manner? Covert the wine glasses into bird feeder pot and enhance the home décor of your place.

bird feeder
Img : scrippsnetworks

These are some of the amazing ways to use wine glasses as a part of home décor. In fact, your ideas will impress many people who try to make their place look unique and extraordinary.

Summer Special: Turn Your Bathspace into Spa at Home

The scorching heat of the summer season makes everyone run for shower twice a day. But are you not able to decorate the bathing space according to the season? If yes, then don’t get disheartened as we help you with the ways to create a personalized spa at home.

1. Place Aromatic Candle in Bathspace –

Add some lavender or any other fragrance to this arena before going for a shower. The illumination of these candles purifies the atmosphere make the bathing space smell like a garden. This is a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate yourself at home.

Aeromatic Candles
Img : bathroomfrills

2. Keep a Bowl of RockSalt

The rocksalt plays a pivotal role in flushing out the impurities from the body. So, get some rocksalt in a bowl and keep it next to the aromatic candles as it blends into the air along with the of aroma candles.

Keep a Bowl of RockSalt
Img : designerssalonspa

3. Add Freshness of Flowers

A bunch of fresh flowers in a bathroom makes the place look beautiful while spreading freshness. So, bring in a couple of flowerpots and get some flowers instilled with scuttle fragrance to enhance the ambiance of the bathing space.

Add Freshness of Flowers
Img : impressivemagazine

4. Pebbles to Decorate Bathspace

We suggest you add some pebbles and pumice stone to the bathspace. This will add an appealing look to the bathing space and also helps in getting refreshed as you can make use of pumice stone too.

Pebbles to Decorate Bathspace
Img : yatra

5. Get a Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Set

Offer an organic touch to your bathspace by placing bamboo-made bathroom vanity set where you can keep shampoo, toothbrush and other stuff related to the place.

Get a Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Set
Img : wfcdn

6. Place a Towel Set

Add an aesthetic look to the bathing space by placing a set of hand and face towels here. This will offer a complete spa-like feel to this arena at your home.

Towel Set
Img : pinimg

7. Install Waterproof Speakers in bathroom –

Give yourself some happy moments by grooving to the beat of the music while having a shower. The market today offers a range of waterproof speakers that you can install in the bathing space.

Install Waterproof Speakers in bathroom
Img : shopify

8. Add Trendy Fittings & Fixtures in Bathroom –

Gone are the days when people had white ceramic washbasins in their bathing space. Now it’s time to make the place bright and colorful with trendy fixtures.

Add Trendy Fittings & Fixtures in Bathroom
Img : piinme

So, start working on these points and turn your bathspace into a spa where you can step-in without asking for a prior appointment.

Paint your Kitchen Blue this Summer Season!!!

Have you started feeling the heat in Kitchen already? If yes, then, you must be browsing through various websites to find out the ways to keep kitchen cool during the summer season.

Well, instead of searching cooling tips why don’t you think about changing the color of the cooking station? In fact, this is a brilliant idea to keep the heart of your abode fresh and cool that too in a cost-efficient manner.

Yes, we have brought some designs to make your kitchen look nice and cool this summer.

1. Solid Blue

Blue color offers a visual treat and also makes one feel refreshed. So, paint your kitchen walls and cabinets in blue color and stay cool while cooking for your loved ones.

Solid Blue
Img : 3sems

2. Mix and Match

Give a refreshing look to your kitchen by putting up blue color along with any other color of your choice. The bright yellow color offers fresh and energetic feel. So, redesign your cooking junction with blue and yellow to make this place look bright.

Mix and Match
Img : interiorno

3. Aqua Color

This light tone of the blue color gives the feeling of standing at a seaside or a beachside. Incorporate this color in the kitchen and get praised for having a beautiful cooking area.

Aqua Color
Img : yuorphoto

4. Royal Blue

Add a royal touch to your cooking junction by painting this place with Royal blue color. This color looks a bit vibrant but its glossy finish offers rich look to the place.

Royal Blue
Img : eakeenan

5. Midnight Blue

Turn your kitchen into an awesome space by painting the walls with this shade of blue color. Remember to paint the kitchen cabinet with white color. Also, place white-colored chairs and table in the arena to enhance the look.

Midnight Blue
Img : 3sems