Five Tips to Decorate Girls Bedroom

The woman is one complete life in herself. As she encapsulates new roles with each passing year thus it changes her thoughts, opinions and ambitions. Therefore, make your girl feel special by decorating her room according to the age. As this boost her confidence to achieve what seems impossible from other’s perspective.

Here are the five best designs to decorate a girl’s room…

1. Welcome your Just-Born Princess – 

Give her a personal space as soon as she comes into this world. Decorate her room walls with balloons, and paper-crafted hearts to let her know that she is your inseparable part. Also, decorate the adjoining wall of her cradle with a net curtain or a silky one as per your choice and make her feel special.

Welcome your Just-Born Princess
Img : pamprow

2. Room Décor for Young Girl

Let your girl celebrate every single day as a crown-shaped headboard will allow her to relax and get up with positive energy. The pink, purple, and white color combinations in her room enhance the overall look and feel of the place. Also, the small couch in the room will allow your girl to spent time with her loved ones in the most comfortable manner.

Room Décor for Young Girl
Img : bsdesigns

3. Help Her Shine More

The girls care more about how they look. So, design a dedicated space for her beauty and make-up. Install a flower-shaped mirror along with a drawer cabinet to keep things in her room. This is a stylish way to decorate a girl’s room.

Help Her Shine More
Img : pinimg

4. Room Décor for Working Girls

Girls love pampering so make them feel special even when she turns into a professional from a college going one. Add multiple cabinets, wardrobe closets, rugs and a beanbag where she can work, relax, and enjoy.

Room Décor for Working Girls
Img : gaenice

5. Sister Sibling Room Décor

Empower your girls with sisterhood, dream, courage and honesty by making them stay together. The sister siblings must have the same kind of bedding and wardrobe in their room. This infuses the thought of equality amongst them which is important to make a girl feel happy.

Sister Sibling Room Décor
Img : yourkidscloset

Try these home décor ideas to design your girl’s room as a happy living space plays a significant role in molding a person into personality.

Light Up the Space with Art Glass Chandelier

It’s time to refurbish your home interior by changing the lighting pattern now. In fact, have a look at the ceiling and imagine how a chandelier can enhance its look. Well, before you think about placing any chandelier here, we must tell you that a new type of decorative lighting is trending currently which is known as the Art Glass Chandelier.

Light Up the Space with Art Glass Chandelier
Img : researchpaperhouse

The Art Glass Chandeliers look pretty impressive but you must know some facts about the same. So, here are the things to remember about these chandeliers.

What is an Art Glass Chandelier?

This is a home decor item made from the utility glass which is molded in distinct shapes and sizes. It is then assembled in a box for selling. Every single piece of the Art Glass Chandelier is wrapped separately along with the hanging metal frame and a chip. This home décor item is available in three popular designs which are horn, pod, and grapes.

Installation of Art Glass Chandelier

An Art Glass Chandelier is first assembled and then it is attached to the metal hanging frame and the chip. Once this lighting pattern is ready to hang, then a cable wire and a bulb is attached to the Art Glass Chandelier.

Here are seven types of Art Glass Chandeliers to decorate home.

1. Blown Glass Chandelier –

Blown Glass Chandelier
Img : pinimg

2. Italian Glass Chandelier – 

Italian Glass Chandelier
Img : pinimg

3. Abstract Art Glass Chandelier – 

Abstract Art Glass Chandelier
Img : rubylane

4. Art Glass Chandelier –

Art Glass Chandelier
Img : pamono

5. Joyeux Art Glass Chandelier – 

Joyeux Art Glass Chandelier
Img : pinimg

6. Orange Glass Chandelier – 

Orange Glass Chandelier
Img : alicdn

7. Art Glass Lighting Ocean – 

Art Glass Lighting Ocean
Img : premiereltg

Hang these stylish Art Glass Chandeliers at home and offer a different look to the place in a stylish manner. Also, this home décor item can be customized according to the colors, shape, size, and design of your choice.

Style your Study Room and Get Past the Boredom

A study room is one of the important spaces at home. But not many people find the place alluring and thus fail to offer not so impressive look in this part of the house. But, this arena comprises of huge positive energy and that is why you must make the study room look beautiful.

The room’s interior depends on your liking but one common rule to make the place look stylish is to keep it simple. Wait and take a look at few other things to style your study room in an elegant manner.

1. Paint it Right –

Every color throws some kind of energy. Thus, it is necessary to paint the wall right especially when it comes to a study room. So, opt for pastel shades as it makes the room look bright and spacious. Also, try to paste some inspirational quote on the wall as it keeps you going during the high and low times.

Paint it Right
Img : alicdn

2. Lighting Should be Perfect –

This place requires sufficient lighting to read and write. Thus, you should make sure to place proper ceiling and wall lights. Definitely, one never steps in to read and write something at the same time. In fact, sometimes people spare time in their study to review the scenario before making a decision. Therefore, you must keep proper sync between the lights in your study area.

Lighting Should be Perfect
Img : hgtvhome

3. Sitting Chairs –

The study room is actually a personal space where people love to spend leisure time while sipping a cup of coffee. Hence, you must place a rolling chair and a regular hardback chair in the study room. As these two chairs allow you to have private conversations while being at home.

Sitting Chairs
Img : pinimg

4. Study Table & Book Shelf –

A study room is incomplete without a table and a bookshelf. Thus, make sure you place both these things appropriately. A bookshelf and the study table must be adjoining to each other. This makes work easy as books and other important files stay just a hand away from you while working at home.

Study Table & Book Shelf
Img : 5homeideas

5. Place a Bean Bag – 

Keep a bean bag in your study room to offer an unusual look to this pace. The placing of this funky sitting chair gives you the option to lay back and read during the free time.

Place a Bean Bag
Img : interior4you

So renovate your study room area by keeping these five points in mind as it will offer a completely new look and feel to the room.

Tips to Decorate Home Interiors for Holi Festival

Holi – the festival of colors is around the corner and you must be busy preparing for this bright and energy-filled auspicious occasion. But, is your home ready for the Holi party?

Holi Festival


If not then you must scroll down this blogpost as we here offer some easy tips to style home for the colorful festivity.

There is one golden rule for home decoration on Holi and that is to keep it simple and spacious. This is because the Holi fever won’t leave the home look chic and sophisticated. So, there is no point in wasting time to find matching cushions, rugs etc.

Well, don’t think too much as here are the things to remember when it comes to style home in a festive mood.

1. Hang Rainbow Curtains –

Firstly, change the curtains with rainbow-shaded net curtains. These curtains have the element to wave-off the color particles and keep the fabric look nice and clean. Also, the transparency of the rainbow curtain allows you to keep a look at what’s going on in the garden area.

2. Place Brighten Sofa Covers –

The sofa is the place which gets dirty more than any other furniture at home during the Holi festival. Thus, you must get some bright-colored sofa covers along with the vibrant-colored cushion covers to secure this piece of furniture from getting stained. Also, the dark shades of fabric absorb less color which makes it easy to use after the Holi festival.

3. Place Colorful Rugs – 

Replace the regular rug with colorful one on the Holi festival as it protects the floor from getting wet stained. Also, it creates a perfect festive mood for the party.

4. Colorful Bathroom Rug – 

This place has to stay wet through-out the day during this colorful festival. Thus, you must ensure the safety of your guests and family by placing a bathroom rug as it protects you from slipped in the washroom.

5. Place Multi-colored Cover on Dining Table –

Apart from the colors, you have many delicacies to offer. Thus, the dining table has ample eating items to gorge on. So, make sure to place a plastic dining table cover here as it protects the furniture from getting dirty. Also, the plastic cover is easy to clean due to which you can easily reuse it.

6. Place Bright Colored Bed Linen – 

Well, bedroom usually stays clean and dry but don’t take a chance with your bed. Therefore, change your bed linens from the regular one to something colorful. This will make the room look beautiful and bright while matching with the spirit of Holi festival.

These are tricks to decorate home for the upcoming festival of colors. Also, it will help you change home décor for some time before getting the place ready to welcome summers.

Amazing Dining Table Sets for Your Place

The dining room now-a-days is a communication centre of the families. Thus, it is important to place a spacious and stylish looking dining table here.

Also, the designer furniture has now taken over the traditional-styled furniture and this result in decorating the dining area with distinct dining table set.

Definitely, the dining table size depends upon the number of family members but the designs also play a curial role in enhancing the look of the dining space.

So have a look at these stunning dining table designs and choose the one that is parallel to your choice.

1. Marble Tabletop Dining Set –

Style your home with this glossy-looking dining table set. Choose the fresh light-colored marble dining table to make the area look spacious and elegant. Also pair the chair covers with the color of dining table and offer a chic look to the place.

Marble Tabletop Dining Set
Img : acasadisimi

2. Colorful Dining Table –

Add some lights to your dining area by placing the colorful lighting enabled dining table here. This table offers a completely different look and will enhance the look of your dining space especially during the dinner time.

Colorful Dining Table
Img : sustani

3. Bright-Colored Dining Table –

Bring in some different colored dining table at your home. Try for single vibrant color according to the wall paint scheme. It will revamp the home décor of the dining room.

Bright-Colored Dining Table
Img : dweef

4. Split Dining Table –

Style your home with this dining table. This design offers ample space to keep food and also allows you to have nice looking environment in the dining area. You can place flat-surfaced sitting platform alongside the split dining table to make it look more appealing.

Split Dining Table
Img : blogspot

5. Modernly Designed Dining Table –

Add a differently designed dining table to your castle and the home look more beautiful. The leaf-shaped dining table offer huge capacity to keep the food and dining a comfortable affair.

Modernly Designed Dining Table
Img : ytimg

6. Timber Wood Dining Table – 

Stay connected with the nature by buying a timber wood dining table. This dining table not only elevates the style of your home but it also creates an-environment-friendly vibe in the surrounding too.

Timber Wood Dining Table
Img : goldenwoodfurniture

7. Heightened Dining Table – 

Place a high-rise dining table at your dining area and get the feel of a restro-bar at home. The dim lighting at the dining space will set the mood for dinner.

Heightened Dining Table
Img : theinteriorista

8. Low-Heightened Dining Table – 

Decorate your home with low-heightened dining table as it offers a unique look to the home. Also, it will look completely different from the regular ones.

Low-Heightened Dining Table
Img : dweef

Hope these funky and differently looking dining tables will help you add a stylish touch to the dining area.

Check Out: Trendy Flooring designs to Revamp Home

This year add a new style to your home décor by replacing the floor. Yes, it might sound different but it will also make the adobe look different from others.

Well, you must know that keeping the floor clean is utmost important and thus many people opt for easy to clean floor which can last long. Also, the flooring cost more than any other thing when it comes to home décor.

Therefore, you might not want to change the flooring frequently but these trendy flooring designs will make you feel the need of change while stepping into the home.

So, check out the trendy flooring designs and make your home look beautiful from bottom to top.

1. Bamboo Flooring – 

Being an organic hardboard the Bamboo flooring offers a natural look to the place. Remember to dehumidify and flatten the bamboo plank before getting them installed. Also, this type of flooring is easy to clean and makes the room look bigger than the actual size.

Bamboo Flooring
Img : downgraf

2. Wide Plank – 

This wooden board flooring is apt for the kitchen. A wide wooden plank set a different look and also enhances the look of the room. Here you can choose thin or thick wooden planks flooring according to space. A thin wooden plank is suitable for bigger rooms whereas the thick and wide wooden plank suits the small spaces.

Wide Plank
Img : flooring-professionals

3. Parquet Flooring-

Give your home a classy look by placing this artistic flooring. The Parquet flooring is nothing but the accurate placing of geometrical-shaped wooden pieces to form a design. This type of flooring is best for the luxury homes.

Parquet Flooring
Img : hgtvhome

4. Cork Flooring – 

The cork flooring has a slightly rough texture. This subtle form of flooring is worth a choice if you have toddlers, kids, or pets at home. As the roughness of the cork flooring avoids floor’s slipperiness. The cork flooring is available in multiple colors and textures.

Cork Flooring
Img : ashleyfinefloors

5. Grey Wood – 

The grey wood flooring is different from the regular one. Also, this type of flooring offers amazing look to the room. You can choose a light or a dark tone flooring to match with the colors of your walls.

Grey Wood
Img : woodflooringireland

6. Terrazzo Flooring – 

The Terrazzo flooring comprises of stone pieces that are mixed with concrete or cement. This flooring trend gives you the option to have colorful and patterned flooring at home.

Terrazzo Flooring
Img : acriflooring

7. Ebony Wood Flooring – 

This piece of flooring has solid wood pieces installed on the floor which creates an abstract or dimensional design. The Ebony flooring is perfect for spacious living room as these designs make space look chic.

Ebony Wood Flooring
Img : theluxelifestyle

8. Recycled Carpet Flooring –

This flooring is made from various recycled product such as nylon rugs, carpets etc. Also, the criss-cross flooring design creates a stunning impression and makes the room look modern. You can get the recycled carpet flooring installed in a lobby or any particular area to enhance the look of the place.

Re Cycled carpet flooring
Img : burmatex

 9. Porcelain Flooring – 

This is a type of false wooden flooring which is easy to clean and maintain. The rustic look of Porcelain flooring adds a classy touch to the places like bedroom, kitchen, and study.

Porcelain Flooring
Img : merchee

So, choose the best for your floor and make it glow like a star. Also, you can install one type of flooring in the entire home to offer a trendy look overall.

Decorate Home with these Stunning Candle Holders

Candles are well-known to create an exquisite ambiance in the atmosphere. The aromatic candles of course uplift the mood. Thus, people love to decorate homes with multiple scented candles. But, lighting up these candles is not sufficient to grab the attention.

As, the candle holders catches the glimpse first. Therefore it is important place stunning candle holders that reflects style and beauty both. So, scroll down this blogpost and checkout various impeccable candle holder designs.

1. Wall Sconce Candle Holders – 

The sconce-shaped candle holders are crafted with immense details. The crafting of the smallest article on these hanging wall sconce candle holders makes the item look beautiful when hung on a wall.

Wall Sconce Candle Holders
Img : hotelagunazulpanama

2. International Candle Holder –

This candle holder enhances the look of a tabletop. In fact, lit up the candles in an International Candle Holder and place it on the dining table. The combination of dim lighting and the lighting of fragrant candles in this holder set the mood for candle-light dinner.

International Candle Holder
Img : homedepot

3. Metal Candle Holder –

This heavy-body Metal Candle Holder is beautifully designed. The thickness balances this decorative item nicely and the arches métier offers a chic look.

Metal Candle Holder
Img : amazon

4. Fireplace Candler Holder –

The wooden plank base and artistically designed leaves make this candle holder look classic. The reflection of lighting candles on black metal offers a glossy and shiny look. Also, the Fireplace candle holder is best for decorating lobby or a fireplace space in the adobe.

Fireplace Candler Holder
Img : ecormin

5. Italian Ceramic Candle Holder – 

Ceramic items have their own beauty. The smooth texture and the vibrant color combinations of this candle holder gives an aesthetic look when white-colored candles are placed onto them.

Italian Ceramic Candle Holder
Img : thatsarte

6. Crystal Gem Holder – 

The gem embellishment on this candle holder display royal look. The crystal-clear view of an enlighten candle through these gems offer an amazing site. Also, it goes well with various other home décor items. A Crystal Gem holder will look beautiful when placed on center-table.

Crystal Gem Holder
Img : amazon

7. Peacock Plume Candle Holder – 

The metal body base and peacock leaves design offers a chic look to the candle holder. The aqua color candle holders and other detailing of Peacock Plume Candle Holder make the place look opulent.

Peacock Plume Candle Holder
Img : yimg

8. Crystal Drop Votive Holder –

The Crystal Drop Votive Holder is a combination of multiple elements. The chains and artificial stone hanging on this candle holder make this home décor item look stunning. Also, the off-white color offers a rich look.

Crystal Drop Votive Holder
Img : foryoufromme

9. Silver Coated Candle Holder –

Bring home the Silver Coated Candle Holder which comes in various designs. Choose the best design and decorate home in a beautiful manner.

Silver Coated Candle Holder
Img : michaels

10. Crystal Flower Candle Holder – 

This candle holder is a brilliant home décor item to place in spacious rooms. The flowers and budding petals make the candle holder look beautiful.

Crystal Flower Candle Holder
Img : edingtoncollection

Seven best Open Shelves idea for Home Décor

The perfect home forms when you make use of ample space apart from the carpet area. Yes, many people don’t fill the void spaces properly and thus it results in a cluttered arena. But, every one might not have the ideas to recreate the space.

Agreed that every home may not offer enough space but every open area of a house gives you a scope for improvement. So, if you are confused about how to manage articles and home space then take a look at the below given open shelves idea and give home a completely different look.

1. Open Shelves for Bedroom – 

The bedroom is a private tract of a home where one keeps their important documents and souvenirs too. But, your growth in life asks for more room to place these things. Thus, you must divide a particular wall into three or more sections according to the need. This segregation will allow you to put up the family photos, trophies and other things which are close to your heart. This dedicated wall is trending nowadays as even the star of millennium Amitabh Bachchan also has a memory wall in his Mumbai-based home Jalsa.

Open Shelves for Bedroom
Img : pin-insta-decor

2. Teenagers Room – 

A teenager’s room is filled with multiple things like books, photos, wardrobe and more. Also, the grown-up kids have liking for various artefacts which they bring in to decorate their room. So, create an open place to keep these antiques and other stuff in their room. You can adjoin the open shelves and cabinets by designing shelve-storage in the teenager’s room as per their choice and requirement.

Teenagers Room
Img : majalah-nikah

3. Living Room – 

The living room is the first place where guests arrive. Thus, it is important to keep this arena look stylish. At the same time your house must speak your mind. So, give this particular section a different look by placing open shelves. Here you can add space to keep remotes and magazines near television whereas the other open space gives you space to keep artefacts. We suggest you to place some of your laurels in the living room and let the guest praise your work.

Living Room
Img : czmcam

4. Kitchen – 

Spice up the kitchen ambiance by flashing your trendy kitchen tools and utensils on the open shelves. The hanging hooks and dedicated space for keeping mixer jar and other things will make the cooking station classic like never before. But, choose the color of your open shelves according to the wall colors of your kitchen. This will offer a poise look to your cooking junction.

Img : phillymag

5. Dining Arena – 

The dining arena is place where the family enjoys time together while biting into the food. Thus, no one wish to miss the conversations that happen here. But, if you are still running from pillar to post in order to get some food, salt or something then wait. As we suggest you to have open shelves in the dining area where you can keep some extra plates, salt and pepper shaker and more as per your choice. This will help you spend time with your beloved family while having dinner.

Dining Arena
Img : evakuatorspb

6. Reading Lounge – 

This section is a place of your collection. Cover a wall of your reading section with open bookshelves. This also allows you pick the books easily and also add an elegant touch to the entire arena. Also, you can keep a small coffee table, a couch for this section and complement it with a floor lamp. Maximize the minimum space by having open shelves here.

Reading Lounge
Img : czmcam

7. Bathroom – 

Make your bathroom more spacious by adding open shelves to keep towels, soaps and shampoos there. Also, it gives a compact look to the bathroom as all things are kept at a particular space. So, keep refurbish your bathing space with designer open shelves and make the space look bigger and better.

Img : designingidea

These are the ideas to decorate home with open shelves. Although you can place these shelves in garden and balcony area too as it creates more space for keeping good things.

Style Check: Five Trendy Corners for your Home Interior

A home talks lot about your personality. Thus, you must keep a check on how to style up the interiors. Although, people today are widely aware of the latest design, trendy wall colors and other home decors products.

But have you noticed the emptiness in your home? Well, now you will say what type of void space are you talking here? Then, take a minute and have a look at your home as some plain corners of your castle will attract you to them.

Yes, these plain corners are what we are talking about. So, revamp your place by installing some designer corners at home now.

Remember, every home gets its theme intentionally or unintentionally. The theme depends on various things such as a color scheme or the artefacts your place and even the kind of lighting you put up. So, one thing that will add a touch of glam to your home décor is the corners.

Now it depends upon you when it comes to decorating your house. Also, we have brought some amazing corner ideas to help you decorate the best place in the world that is your home.

1. Multi-Purpose Corner

A corner has two or more shelves where you can keep antiques, flower vase, photo frame or any other thing of your choice. Also, you can keep this corner in the living room where you can flaunt a masterpiece that you bought from abroad or any other expensive artefacts you have at home. This will give an opulent look to a living arena.

Multi-Purpose Corner
Img : bestshelvingunits

2. Kitchen Corner

The kitchen is one such place where you need to have ample space to keep the electrical appliances, cooking utensils, and other kitchen equipments handy. Thus, a kitchen corner is essential to store dedicate crockery that is expensive yet trendy. So, opt for a long-sleek looking kitchen corner that can occupy various things in one go.

Kitchen Corner
Img : arrowfurniture

3. Wrap Around Corners

This type of corner is best suitable for teenager’s room. This designer corner gives a stylish look to the room as the teens can place books, DVDs, Comics, and various other things. Also, it gives them a random space to place things as soon as they are back from the school or anywhere. So, get wrap-around corner placed in your kid’s room and style up the home décor too.

Wrap Around Corners
Img : contemporist

4. Round White Wood Corner

A curved corner is apt for the girl’s bedroom. This will help your princess to nicely showcase her book collection. Also, the girls like to hang up their favorite pictures in their room. So, this corner allows them to put up photo frames of the people they love or are inspired by. On a whole, this will add more space to your daughter’s room.

Round White Wood Corner
Img : dickorleans

5. Wrought Iron Corner

The wrought iron corner is a dedicated corner for bathroom spaces. Hang it in the bathroom and give a clean look to this part of your home. Also, it keeps all bathroom essentials in one place and thus makes the comfort section hygienic and easy to use for others too.

Wrought Iron Corner
Img : fmsiguila

These five corners are a designer utility that will enhance the look of your place while increasing the beauty of your nestle.

Reflect your Persona: Eight best Mirror Designs for Home

The mirror is a glass coated metal that depicts clear image. Therefore it is widely used in bathroom and dressing space. But, today the idea of home décor has taken a transformational change. Thus, people love to style up their homes with mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

But this doesn’t mean that you can place mirror designs anywhere in the home. In fact, there are particular spaces and ideas for mirror home decor.

So take a look at the below mentioned home arenas and give your place a reflective style.

1. Mirror in the Living Room – 

A living room is also the common space in home where the families spend quality time and welcome the guests. Thus, you must make this arena look ravishing and elite. So, add a diamond-shaped curtain line here and make the living room look awesome. Also, you can place a circular or rectangular-shaped mirror on a wall.

Mirror in the Living Room

2. Mirror Design for Lobby Area – 

The lobby connects the entire home. Thus, make this walking space look stunning with the shiny reflection of a mirror. We suggest you place a set of chairs and a table along with a mirror design of your choice. This complete set will elevate the entire lobby section at home.

2.Mirror Design for Lobby Area
Img : bench-forum

3. Reading Section – 

If you have a reading section at home then place an exquisite piece of mirror design here and set a relaxing mood. The artistic look of a mirror design in the reading section entices you to spend time while reading your favorite novel or any other book.

Reading Section
Img : multiscreensite

4. Dining Space – 

Experience a fine dining every time you visit this area. The long-sized mirrors create a poise atmosphere and thus elevate the overall beauty of the dining space. That’s not all, the expensive chandelier hanging on the ceiling reflects as a priceless showpiece in the mirror designs on the wall.

Dining Space
Img : universe

5. Mirror Design for Bedroom – 

The bedroom is a private space thus the choice here depends widely on the room space, requirement and taste of the person. So, try placing some simple yet sophisticated piece of mirror design and give your bedroom a complete new look.

Mirror Design for Bedroom
Img : areadomus

6. Mirror Design for Kitchen – 

A kitchen must look different from the entire home as this place holds a special place in the life of each one of us. After all, good food starts a good life. So, style up your kitchen with mirror cabinet doors and also decorate the open space between the cooking platform and the cabinets by placing the mirror here.

Mirror Design for Kitchen
Img : alarqdesign

7. Glass Outlet – 

The kitchen has multiple section under one roof therefore it is important to segregate the space accordingly and glass outlet is a new thing in mirror design. Make use of glass outlet in the kitchen and has a glam look for your cooking station.

Glass Outlet
Img : proglass4

8. Sliding Mirror Wardrobe – 

This is a superb idea to style up your home. Remove the traditional wooden wardrobe doors and get the sliding mirror wardrobe doors now. The sliding mirror doors can be placed in a single piece and wall tile design too. This gives a classic look to the room.

Sliding Mirror Wardrobe
Img : handballtunisie

Give your home a perfect mirror finish with these mirror design ideas that reflect your style and persona.