Home Renovation with Virtual Reality

You are about to spend a bomb on your home renovation, but you still have a little fellow nagging you and saying, ‘will hardwood flooring look good, or do I fix a fancy sink here? All these troublesome thoughts keep pestering you and you wonder what the end result will look like. Unless you have a supernaturally vivid imagination, you won’t really know the perfect choices until the contractor drives the last nail and tightens the last screw! Alas it is too late. That’s why augmented and virtual reality are the most modern technique that builders and designers are opting for.

Home Renovation with Virtual Reality
Home Renovation with Virtual Reality

Seeing the unseen- Virtual reality consistently wows anyone who is ready to take a trip down the lane and see what the end result would be like. This is not just for watching or playing video games or 3D movies, this has gradually crept into a lot of fields including home renovation where you can actually see the unseen and can do up your home without any problems.

The home of your dreams Remodeling is just scratching the drywall of what Virtual Reality (VR) can do for your home. If changing the appliances in the kitchen can be daunting imagine building a dream home from scratch. VR helps you to get the right notion as to how your home will look after renovation. Should the fridge go in the corner or next to the sink? Will dark blue make your room look smaller? Does stainless steel blend with the marble counter tops? VR helps you to choose, and you can keep fiddling till you are satisfied with your mix, match and blend options.

Designers may present homeowners with drawings that they can’t grasp, or with renderings that provide an incomplete sense of how to navigate a finished room. As a result you start the project with just a murky sense as to how it will look. VR helps you to walk through the entire process, visualizing, making changes and getting the actual feel as to what the end result will be. What if you can actually perceive the bedroom window frame, and see the sunshine streaming through, and appraise the sightlines from the kitchen island to the living room. How many unwelcome surprises could one avoid?

VR is the new concept in real estate industry, whether it is just renovation or building an entire project. You can actually walk through the whole project even before you have started it, choose the wall colors, the materials, see how certain placements work you can actually see it. An empty space where nothing but grass is growing can step by step turn into an attractive deck , or a room can be decorated and remodeled , you can keep pulling down imaginary walls and come up with new ones till you are satisfied. VR helps you to walk through the rooms which, in 2 dimensional drawings, are difficult to understand.

Interior Decor: How to Rock a Retro Theme

From among a thousand themes available for redecorating your home, ‘retro’ is one theme that is chosen by a very few homeowners, especially by those who have an eye for detail and keep sophistication on top of their list. It is an ode to the bygone eras and incorporates everything from color palette to the old-style funk.

Before starting out on a redecoration project for retro look, you must know these basics:

Color Palette

The perfect retro look can be achieved not with boring colors but with some saturated punches at certain places. Shades of mint, tricycle red, blue-grey and brown seem to be the best for this theme. If you have a clear idea about which era is your home going to represent, you can choose the color punches accordingly. For example, a mid-century look can be achieved by painting one wall in faded mint and placing contemporary decor items in front of it. If you have a rented apartment, it is possible that the furniture is outdated and the cupboards lack finishes. So, instead of fixing those, you can give the home a retro look which will own all the outdated stuff.

Interior Decor: How to Rock a Retro Theme
Interior Decor: How to Rock a Retro Theme


Interior decorators nowadays are offering a complete makeover according to the era you want. However, what we feel is that your home shouldn’t belong to that time but just be notably retro. You shouldn’t stick to a particular period of time in the past. Instead, make a statement with a 70’s sofa set or a centerpiece and the other furniture can be from the modern times contradicting the theme and adding more life to it.

For finding unique furniture for your retro theme, hit the flea market or online auctions for older furniture. You might not find a traditional coffee table at a store, but surely at the auction. Cocktail shakers, gramophone and barware will also adorn your theme.

Wood Paneling

Panels and beadboards are very popular in retro themes. So you can use them wisely in order to get that old-era touch. It speaks of the Victorian times and can be easily incorporated in your home. Entryways and hallways are the best places to try this look. It generates a visual interest among the guests when paired with cool wallpapers.


The right lighting can create an ambience almost immediately. To give your home a retro upgrade, vintage lights, chandeliers, industrial pendants go a long way. You also have to choose the light-bulbs wisely for a perfect match.

After you are done with the above five steps, sit in that rocking chair under a dim light and take in the retro theme, sip by sip.

Things You Should Know about Italian Marble

Flooring is among the first things that attract someone’s attention. And therefore you need to know about flooring before choosing a property as your dream home. One of the most common flooring materials is marble. Architects and artists use marble to make an everlasting statement. We can give our home a timeless and elegant look with marble. One great choice among marbles is the Italian Marble which offers uniqueness, strength and style statement to Homes.

Things You Should Know about Italian Marble
Things You Should Know about Italian Marble

Italian Marble brings a refined elegance to interiors and provides endless design possibilities. It is also easy to clean and an attractive addition to almost any room.

Advantages of Italian Marble

Italian Marble tile has a beautiful look that may be just what you need to finish your future home improvement project. Now, what are the other benefits of choosing Italian marble?

Cleanliness: Carpets carry allergens and show stains easily. Italian Marble does not carry allergens and will not contribute to respiratory problems of people in the home. It is resistant to mold and fungus. Cleaning is as simple as running a dust mop on the surface of the floor or using a floor cleaner.

Durability: Italian Marble is ideal for areas with a lot of footfall because it can withstand constant use. Explaining the durability of Italian marble is as simple as referencing strong and intact marble floors that have been found in ancient ruins. These floors can quite literally resist the test of time.

Enhanced Home Value: Italian Marble projects an elegant, high-class look that appeals to homebuyers. It can boost a home’s resale value.

Versatility : Italian Marble tile is used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and elsewhere throughout the home. It offers limitless design options for creating stylish rooms. There are many styles to choose from Italian Bianco Carrara.

A Great choice: Carrara Carrara marble provides an elegant, rich look that’s hard to beat. Carrara is a popular choice for floor tiles and on countertops, has an aesthetically pleasing white or grayish-blue tone. The tile is named after the Italian city that produces it. It was used extensively in European sculptures and structures before it became popular across the world.

These days homeowners appreciate Carrara and other types of marble tiles too for their color and durability. This variety of Italian marble, specifically, is favored because of its surface veining, which gives it an artistic flair and has the extra benefit of camouflaging any wear and tear that the tiles might sustain.

The polished look of Italian marble gives a refined quality to any room, blending well with classic or modern decor. As an extra benefit, marble flooring can help keep a home cooler in the warmer months of the year.

Budget Decor: A Low-Cost Makeover for Your Master Bedroom

Doing up your master bedroom is no bed of roses, especially if you have a shoestring budget. But by a little innovation, creativity and some DIY tricks you can change the look of your master bedroom- the most important room of the house. You just need to avoid some common bedroom decor mistakes and incorporate creativity into the room. Ready to make over your bedroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money? So now you have made up your mind and now you are ready to create a designer bedroom- but on a budget, so here are some tricks which will help you.

Budget Decor: A Low-Cost Makeover for Your Master Bedroom
Budget Decor: A Low-Cost Makeover for Your Master Bedroom

Consider Buying a New Bed- It need not be a king size or a queen size a double bed will do the trick. A double bed will be comfortable for two people and will also fall within your budget.

Make or Buy Wall Art-

Do you like to show off your creative artistic side? Here’s your chance. But original art work is SO expensive, so go in for some unknown artists and try their work. Just a good piece of wall art can become the focal point of your bedroom and there it changes the entire ambience.

Add Some Floral Elements- You can’t afford fresh flowers every second day; go for a single stemmed ornate rose in a beautiful vase, it will add some style and chic to the room.

Consider Lighting-

Beautiful lamps, night-lamps they come in all shapes and sizes, choose something sophisticated, within your budget, and see the difference in the ambience.

Clear the Clutter-

Rid the bedroom of anything that isn’t inductive to relaxation and romance. At the very least hide any stress creating clutter in a stylish container.

Buck up the Bedding- If you don’t already have one, consider getting a duvet or a comforter. A new duvet and matching shams help create a whole new look. Going from modern to classy or primary to pastel look can be accomplished in a snap.

Get your Move Right- Even a slight shift in a room’s furniture configuration can add new life to familiar quarters.

Hook up with a Head Board- Make even the simplest bed look lush and sleek with a wall mounted head board.

Dress up the Dresser- Wall-papering or painting the front of a dresser or night-stand drawers is an easy way to incorporate new colour and design elements.

You can Handle It- Change old draw handles and pulls with decorative ones. This low-effort trick adds personality and style to nondescript or inexpensive furniture.

Window Wonders- Add some wow to the windows with a valance.

Don’t Play with Matches- Don’t be tempted by the “bed in the bag”, because nothing is more mind numbing and impersonal than everything matching in a room.

So there are ways in which you can give your master bedroom a makeover without digging deep into your pockets all you need is a little innovation and creativity.