Tips to Bring Prosperity Home This New Year

New Year has begun. Thus, you must be trying innovative ways bring prosperity into your home. But, still, it seems like something is missing that should help you stay happy in the upcoming days of the year.

Apart from exchanging greeting and gifts, one must also consider some dos and don’ts on this year. No. Breaking out the New Year resolution is not appreciable. But, certainly, there are few things can restrict the entry of prosperity in your home this New Year. So, have a look at the list given below and set a reminder for not performing these tasks this year.

    1. Don’t Scold Children – Kids are the purest soul on earth. Thus, we should not behave badly with them ever in life. The scolding from parents at the beginning of the year can lower your kid’s confidence. Therefore, keep control on your anger and spend quality time with them. This will bring happiness in your home and god will bless all of you with good luck this year.
    2. Wear Red Color – Red is the color of energy and growth. That is why you should wear red color clothes most of time this year. The positive energy of this auspicious color will fill your life with good fortune for the next twelve months. The addition of red color to your wardrobe is one of the ways to bring prosperity home.
    3. Don’t Lend Money – Lending money can be a need of the hour. But, try to pay off your debts before the last of December. The idea behind not making payments in New Year is to minimize the outflow of money for the entire year. But, interestingly, you should welcome the inflow of money on early in the New Year and should keep money in your wallet. This practice will strengthen your financial position throughout the year 2018.
    4. Wish to Mingle – All the single people must visit the lake and should throw some fruits into the water. Remember, to close your eyes and wish for a loving better half. This is actually one of the rituals people follow on the New Year in many parts of the world. So, visit a lake and bring both prosperity and partner into your life this year.
    5. Hug Your Beloved Person at Midnight – Get in a romantic mood at the stroke of midnight. This will strengthen the bond with the special someone. Also, this idea infuses lovely emotions into your life and thus you will lose yourself in love for the rest of the year.

This New Year welcome prosperity at your doorstep by adding these six points into your things to do list. Also, greet everyone with a pleasant smile and start a new journey by leaving ill feeling behind.

6 Simple Home Décor Ideas For Winters

If you think Diwali is the only occasion when you can come up with some decorative stuff for your home then it’s the time to change your perception. Winter is the most beautiful season when you can try out an entirely new interior designing ideas for your home. With the beginning of winter in India, the season of festivals begin and we should welcome all the festivals with grace and gloom.

It is, in fact, the right time to invigorate your house. With some of the gloomy tips that can give a complete makeover to your home, you are just ready to welcome everything that is new.  Adding some warm accents can be a great idea but implementing in a correct way is always a matter of concern. Here are the 6 simple tips that will help you to give your home a warm accent:

Winter Home Decore Idea


Enlighten your House with Candles or Designer Lightings

Sparkling candles with a gloomy weather is what makes the ambience perfect. Not just the warmth, it brings loads of brightness and tenderness to the environment. Arrange a large bowl with water and add some floating candles and few drops of essential oil to give a charismatic quintessence to your closet. Varieties of candles are available including scented candles; gel candles etc that not only add a splendor to your place bit also gives soothing effects.


Some Contrasting Colour-Combinations

The quirky combinations like green and red, or pink and blue add a sense of spark to your home décor. The use of dark colours not only adds coziness to your decor but also make it more eye-catchy. Choose some pastel shades to accessorize to give a dominating look to your house.


Enhance the Serenity with Some Plants

Enrich your house with utmost freshness with some simple plants that will not boost the positivity but also derive some health benefits. Make sure to change the flowers every day, in case you opt for flower-vase a decorative material. Alternatively, huge variety of artificial flowers are also available in market that can give a serene look to your house and are quiet easy to maintain. Don’t forget to spice up your interiors with some eccentric pots or pot-holders to give an unconventional look to your house.


Choose a Subtle Accent for your House

Pastel shades are the flavor of the seasons that add a sense of warmth to your décor. If budget is not a constraint besides interiors like bed-sheets, curtains, sofa covers, pillow covers should be of pastel shades, you may choose bright shades of orange or yellow for your walls. It will not only add a sunny feel to your house but also add a sense of warmth to your place.


Rugs and Carpets Add Splendor

Besides giving comfort, the usage of carpets and rugs gives a beautiful look to your house. Early morning, instead of walking on an icy floor, use rugs to give you the warmth and comfort you deserve. Don’t restrict carpets to you drawing room but also use it on your master bed room to give it a swanky look.


Bring Some Dry Measures in

Some beautiful arrangements of dried flowers will add some radiance to your décor. Quite easy to maintain and striking with looks, unlike the plants you are not required to maintain them that much. Artificial flowers might be an option but excessive use of it may add shabby look to overall ambience.

It’s a time to jazz up your home with these exhaustive tips to make it more stunning.

Why are Secondary Business Districts (SBD) preferred by Corporates?

The rising rents in Central Business Districts and an acute shortage of large floor plans are a few factors that are making CBDs lose out to SBDs in a big way. Level infrastructure, lack of precinct, low supply of Grade-A stock, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

The pressure on land in CBDs is causing traffic congestions, pollution and other problems. This is prompting corporations to migrate to the still evolving SBDs that are well-planned, better connected and safe. Other include:

Why are Secondary Business Districts (SBD) preferred by Corporates?
Why are Secondary Business Districts (SBD) preferred by Corporates?

Availability of space

Space is one of the important deciding factors in corporates choosing SBDs over CBDs. The floor plate sizes available in the SBDs are much larger than those of the CBDs. This helps them diversify or scale up easily. This is particularly true for Delhi NCR, where you are likely to get a floor plate size that is 17,000 sq. ft. more than what you would get in the CBDs. These differences in other cities are as follows:

  • Bangalore – 35,000 sq. ft.

  • Pune – 14,000 sq. ft.

  • Mumbai – 10,000 sq. ft.

  • Chennai – 7,000 sq. ft.

  • Kolkata – 4,000 sq. ft.

Latest Amenities

With the intensifying competition and deep internet penetration, our work models have changed. Employees these days spend more time at their office desks. The SBDs answer that demand in terms of amenities such as:

  • In-office attractive dining options

  • Parking and transport facilities

  • Shopping centers

  • Wellness centers

  • Recreation rooms

  • Outdoor game spaces

Better Infrastructure

Fiber optic connections and quality cables have improved the connectivity of SBDs. High speed internet connections, uninterrupted telephone service and the easy availability of postal and courier services make SBDs the preferred choice for corporates in terms of better infrastructure.


From ergonomically-designed chair to water-tight security, SBDs offer the whole hog of corporate services in a safe environment. Some offices go a step ahead and have begun to provide day care facilities for mothers who work for these corporates.

The cost

The rentals for offices in SBDs are much lower than in CBDs. Although there is a demand surge, SBD rentals are no way comparable to CBDs.

With the newly-laid infrastructure in SBDs, it’s a pleasure driving to office every day and flit between home and office.

H & S’s BW

Boulevard Walk is one such commercial property that promises all amenities under one roof.Architecture on energy-efficient, green building concept, The Boulevard Walk packs in a shopping arcade, a four-star service-apartment block, The Halt and a commercial hub christened The Wing. Boulevard Walk is a complete solution for corporates and their employees.

If you think you cannot leave the CBD entirely, you can set up your corporate office there and then move out your marketing offices to SBDs. Alternatively, you could even keep your front-office operations at SBDs and move your back-office operations to the suburban markets. Several transnational companies are following that trend.

SBDs do offer a great future for the businesses that chose to establish their bases in these areas. But the decision needs to be made soon, before SBDs turn into primary business districts and the way things are going, that day doesn’t seem to be too far.

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How to fuse fashion and passion into your bedroom interiors?

So many people we work with are willing to blow up a lion’s share of their budget on doing the interiors of their living space but not their bedroom. Although the motive behind this is clear and understandable – they want to impress guests and relatives who visit their homes, it’s still a pity that the place where they are likely to end up spending a large part of their after-office, resting hours, receives so little though or personal attention.

A space, which is private, truly your own, and bears a firm stamp of your signature style, ideally should reflect your personality, as closely as possible. It must carry relaxing vibes that invite you to put your feet up, after a long day at work, although at the same time, it must also carry a sense of style, a verve and a ‘you’ touch, most definitely!

How to bring Fashion
How to bring Fashion into your Bedroom

After all, a premium home, of the kind we make at H & S is not a commodity. It’s a lifestyle product made for a discerning few, who appreciate good things in life and have a taste that matches their jet-set lifestyle to the tee, in everything from the kitchen to the closet; from the bathroom to the bedroom. Everything is where it should be.

As our clientele includes the fast and the fabulous; the rich and the famous, style for them is not a matter of choice; it’s an absolute necessity. Their taste in bedroom fixtures, lights, blinds or curtains reflect unstated elegance. Their bedroom interiors are without fail no-fuss spaces, carefully curated to reflect less crass, more class. There is never a hint of clutter.

The bedroom interiors that H&S does are also about finish, craftsmanship, and a study of the minutest detail, legacy and of course, luxury, because these are the aspects that our clients value in the homes that we lovingly build for them.

With our years of expertise in the business, we know that a bedroom is a place, where we need to strike a fine balance between functionality and comfort. In luxe living in particular, less is always more.

Our advice therefore would be to invest in a few piece that reflect your good taste in furniture, instead of splurging on heavy, ornate Gothic style fixtures. Gun for minimalism and go for clean, uncluttered lines and no-fuss colour schemes that are relaxing and fall easy on the eye. Your bedroom is a chance to reflect your signature style and create a look that you are comfortable with, don’t throw it away.

For starters, designing the perfect bedroom is about more selecting that colours that vibe with you, than what is currently in vogue. Choosing the right placement of furniture, wallpaper, curtains/blinds, lights and accessories is also about your routine and your lifestyle. Since your bedroom is a sensory space, you have to be extremely careful with the choice of the lighting systems. Mood lighting with hidden source points is excellent choice for bedrooms.

Flooring is equally, if not more important, along with the choice of adequate storage space. You will see all these detailing in the homes developed and designed by H&S. If you want to take more inspiration, also look at how your favorite stars and celebrities do their bedroom interiors in a manner that completely captures their personalities.

When we design, we strive to strike the right note between light, sound and texture to create a warm and welcoming feel for our clients. Colour is used sparingly and only to accentuate a few, subtle features not to create loud, noisy contrasts. With the army of interior consultants that we have in H & S team, there is a lot of creativity and imagination that goes into putting that last, finishing touch on H&S homes.

The idea is to be able to transports you to a safe haven, a happy place and let you soak in its soothing vibes. So what are you waiting for? Book your dream home, with a dream bedroom with H&S now.

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How to give your home a vintage look

Anything vintage is associated with a stylish, elegant and timeless quality. The vintage era speaks of a magical time gone-by and to relive that era, many homes nowadays are being designed with a vintage look. If you don’t have the faintest idea on how to achieve this look for your home, but want to nevertheless, the following tips will help you do just that:

How to give your home a vintage look
How to give your home a vintage look
  • Wooden floors: Adding wooden floors to your kitchen, living room, bedroom or even your bathroom will help you in achieving the vintage look. Keep the wood unpolished to go one step further.

  • Distress furniture: If you are lucky enough to inherit old, solid furniture from your grandparents, then a set of vintage-furniture is ready for you. However, if you don’t have such furniture, just scraping the edges of solid furniture to give it an over-handled, well-used finish will do the trick. A good idea is to raid all the local flea markets to get such furnishings. You never know what hidden treasures you may come across there. Typically, vintage furniture can come in different colours and is not limited to the wooden finish.

  • Antique Knick-Knacks: Placing antique clocks, phones or typewriters in your room will immediately give it a vintage look. Nowadays, many economical options of the same are available.

  • Wall paper and tiles: Think of a vintage home and the first thing that comes to mind is floral, pastel wall paper. Adorn your room with it; add matching furniture and you are good to go.

    We all loved the patterned floor tiles in our grandmother’s home; they give an incredible vintage look to a home. Available in beautiful mosaics and retro designs, they can be used for flooring or to adorn walls in the bathrooms or kitchen.

  • Vintage fittings: Toilette fittings such as taps or even antique tubs and sinks can be used to change the look and feel of your bathroom. Similarly, hanging up vintage bone china plates, pots and pans in your kitchen area can give it a vintage feel.

  • Mirrors: Ornate framed mirrors, wooden-finished mirrors or just mirrors with no borders or frames, all scream vintage. Also you can make a beautiful medley of vintage hand mirrors and display them on a wall for maximum effect.

So go ahead, use the above tips and create the perfect vintage, timeless and graceful home you have always dreamt of.

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10 Excellent Themes for Kids Room Décor

A room should be as imaginative as its occupant which implies that a kid’s room has got to be a creative haven of striking ingenuity. However there also needs to be an element of durability in the interior design and décor of a kid’s room so that it isn’t revamped each time the child changes her/his hobby.

This is where the excellent themes discussed below come in as they are as creative as they are established. Read on to know how these décor themes can entertain the kids for ages and spare their wardens the burden of revamping for years:

10 Excellent Themes for Kids Room Décor
10 Excellent Themes for Kids Room Décor

  1. Enter the Cosmos: Cosmos is an invigorating kids’ room décor theme oozing with genuine acuity. It is an accurate allegory of the limitlessness of a child’s creativity. A Cosmos theme can be a mixture of the blue earth and the black space, the red Mars and the orange Sun and an amalgamation of many such enthralling images of aliens, planets, stars, comets, rockets, galaxies, space stations and spaceships etc. The Cosmos theme is truly everlasting and unending. Moreover, the spaceship bunkbeds and sprawling globes of this décor theme keeps the kids both physically and mentally busy.

  1. Into the Woods: The kids’ room décor theme of the woods is an immense representation of the beautiful uncertain. It feeds a child’s imagination with arresting wallpapers and accessories of dense woodlands with tall trees, lowland grasses, sticky swamps, surprising birds and animals and muddy earth.

  1. The Color Floral: Flowers are an evergreen kids’ room décor theme. Flowery themes imprint the vividness of colours in a child’s mind. Rugs with etched blossoms, oozing pictures of greenery, blooming bedsheets and flowery accessories are all a bold teacher of the vibrant shades of life to a kid.

  1. I, Robot: Futuristic to the tee, the fixation on robots and artificial intelligence can never grow old or in this case, always stays young for a kid. Nostalgia from cult books and films rings a bell when both dystopian and utopian depictions of these intellectual and self-aware machines take over a kids’ room, conquering everything in its wake from cushions and bedsheets to wallpapers, poster and murals.

  1. Sail the Seas: A combination of the blue sky, the sparkly water, the rising and setting sun, the ship and the waves and all things watery, ‘Seas and Oceans’ is a perfect and long-lasting theme for a kid’s room as it introduces an another world on this very earth to the little ones. Brought to life by sea-blue bedsheets, navy-blue toys, sky-blue wallpapers, sailboat-shaped water beds, marine life aquariums, ecology charts and other seafaring items, this aquatic theme flows in an ocean of information in a kid’s mind.

  1. Cozy Cottage: The cottage theme with its small cabins and camps set in a rural or a semi-rural location can conjure up exciting images of village life for kids. Ecological and economical, the slow life of a cottage house is reflected in well-drawn wall paintings and antique accessories such as pots and pans along with patchwork quilts, varied light shades and traditional upholstery in a kid’s room. With earthy and grassy patterns and textures, the room gives a distinct vibe and much scope to add to.

  1. World’s Your Oyster: A massive world map is a classic façade for the primary wall of a kid’s room. Sure, it covers up the entire wall from one corner to another but it also instils a lifelong yearning of knowledge in the kid as the map is both playable and educational and can stay that for years to come. Moreover, the room can also be adorned with memorabilia from different countries and cultures for a more comprehensive detailing of the globe and its traditions.

  1. Shine the Light: The bright attracts intellect. Bright décor theme where you can shine the light on the focus areas of a kid’s room is a popular theme too. In this theme, light up castles and forts in night and create a shimmering playroom in the morning against a neutral backdrop. This makes the kid attentive and innovative by reducing distraction and emphasizing the important features of the room.

  1. It’s a Superhero: Superheroes are all the rage recently. They have dominated the popular narrative for the past several years and are no doubt among the most favourite interests of kids and young adults. One or the other comic books and fantasy and science fictions novels and movies have grabbed a kid’s room’s cushion covers, wall stickers, wall posters, blankets and bedsheets since the past many generations and are expected to continue to do so.

  1. The Jungle Life: Straight out of the books and fables of The Jungle Book and Tarzan and many other such animals and birds related stories which we pass onto our kids, comes the Jungle theme of the kids’ room. Such a theme is not only artistically but academically rich too and above all, it’s never ending. You can model the kid’s room around this theme for ages & still manage to stay relevant.

A kid’s room is an expression of her/his creativity and so it is pertinent to keep the room’s themes imaginative, expansive and long-lasting so that they walk into a fun and educational world every time they enter their room.

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Know how Art can renew your Home

Very often, we see people using art work to design their homes. While some are expensive pieces bought as an investment, others are carefully selected by interior designers to suit their clients’ taste or are often bought by people themselves as souvenirs of memorable holidays.

Whatever your source or reason for collecting such art pieces may be, using them in a manner that brings out their true artistic value and potential is an art in itself. Adding a colourful painting to a cluttered room with bright overcrowded walls would be an injustice to home decor aesthetics.

The artwork, be it a painting, a mural or an installation, must reflect the personality and the style of the owner and should be given a canvas that allows it to display its textures, colours, forms etc. in full splendour.

Know how Art can renew your Home
Know how Art can renew your Home

Read the following simple tips that will give you a better idea on how to use art to reinvigorate your home-

  • Choose an Art Piece that speaks to you – Whether it’s an artwork by a noted artist or a street art piece always choose something that connects with you at a subconscious level. Remember, you will have to look at it every day, so it might as well be something which you enjoy.

  • Choose the Right Size – If you are buying art for a special wall or a room, it’s a practical idea to measure it and keep the dimensions in hand so that the size fits accurately.

  • When Art takes Centre-Stage – When doing up a room from scratch, why not add a large, dramatic art piece as the focal point and decorate your room around that piece. Art often lends a theme to a room (a beautiful painting depicting the beach can set the tone for the room in aquamarines, blues and greens). Similarly, one can have more than one focal point in the room, especially if it is a big one.

  • Choose a Form that appeals to you – Many people have this misconception that art means a painting or water colour. This is not true! Today, we have wall murals, sculptures, wall and ceiling installations etc. all of which qualify as art and can be used to change the look of your home.

  • Collage or Triptych – If you have a collection of art, not necessarily following a same theme, you could create an attractive medley where the common background of the room holds the art pieces together. You could also use Triptych (a work of art divided into three sections) to create a riveting effect.

  • An Artistic Passage – If you have a long bare passage in your home, why not convert it into your own private gallery by displaying different pieces of artwork on it.

  • The Right Light – One very important aspect to keep in mind while displaying art is lighting. What’s the point of displaying a vivid, colourful abstract art-piece in a room with poor lighting? While natural light brings out all the hues and dimensions of an artwork during the day, strategically placing flattering lights around the art work will let you enjoy it well into the sunset.

The most important rule while choosing and displaying art in your home is that there are no rules. While these guidelines will help you find your footing, follow your quintessential style and you can’t go wrong.

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Know the Interior Designs which ruled 2016

Interior designing is an important aspect of home architecture. It not only defines your home’s ambience, it gives your home a unique personality of its own. In recent times, interior design trends have acquired different forms, either by bringing the old trends back or calling in something totally distinct or implementing the old book trick of mixing modern with traditional. Thus, it’s imperative for us to study what has gone to decide what should come. With this thought, let’s look at the interior designs which were all the rage last year in 2016 –

Know the Interior Designs which ruled 2016
Know the Interior Designs which ruled 2016
  • Big Florals: Affectionately called the Grandma blossoms or the Granny florals, this floral design made a big-time comeback in 2016. The blooming flowers design became popular not only in home décor items but in fashion everywhere. Bedsheets and table tops were the canvas of this blowsy design for the interior designing industry.

  • Black Stainless Steel: Black was in in 2016 as far as the colours of kitchen appliances are concerned. Polished to the extremity, striking silver colours of the kitchen area transformed into lustrous and sizzling black colour last year.

  • Formal Dining Tables: With the modern trend of open and modular spaces where designers combine different rooms amalgamating their functionalities, it was surprising that in 2016, formal dining rooms held their ground in our homes and weren’t converted to workstations or bean-bag areas.

  • Mixed Storage Spaces: In the era of mixing and matching, storage spaces are a gainer as the age of size-mismatched cabinets, textured and plain dressers, coloured and dull cupboards etc. were the phenomenon in 2016.

  • Chic Bathroom Mirrors: Mirrors are a splendid addition to any room. They make the room look bigger and better but a mirror’s real glory lies in the bathroom. Mirrors which accentuate a bathroom’s décor were the spotlight grabbers from the private space section last year.

  • Cozy Fireplaces: Working or not, fireplaces grab everyone’s attention and create a centre focal point in your room. You may arrange some seating beside the fireplace or hang-up a smart TV above it; fireplaces are a tradition which didn’t only rule 2016 but will continue to rule in the years to come.

  • Coloured Equipment: Colours splattered over unexpected areas and items of the interiors of your home saw a massive popularity surge in 2016.Whether it was the charming bookshelf or the petite shoe cabinet, playful colours, especially from the rainbows, descended and made their way into our homes last year.

  • Matte Designs: Textured goods hit a new seam when they introduced the range of matte coverings and sleek chalk-finished paints for goods, walls and paints the gone year. Good news was that these amazing matte feels and designs looked incredible placed against the metallic coloured equipment which might have bought the year before.

Other than the above trends, everything from large bathrooms, raffia, tech-free living rooms, marble accents, faux fur, neutral shades and many other trends caught the homeowner’s attention in 2016.

As is evident from the above that interior designers and homeowners alike are a participant to these extravagant experiments which shape a home’s interior design each year and that should always be the case.

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Read this before buying a Luxury Home

Before going on to buy a high-end, luxurious home, it is pertinent for you to be aware of a couple suggestions from experts which can help you in zeroing-in on the luxury home that suits you the best. Find below some of the suggestions you should keep in mind before buying a luxury home –

Read this before buying a Luxury Home
Read this before buying a Luxury Home
  1. Search Around: Many-a-people nowadays look online while searching for their desired home however in the case of luxury homes this can prove to be only a partial search since many high-end properties are not listed online in order to protect the owner’s privacy. The property sale, in this case, often times happen through verbal advertising of common contacts or through the efforts of a local agent. Usually in the sale of a luxury home, the seller and the buyer know each other beforehand and so the deal more often than not happens through common contacts rather than through a home search website or portal. Thus, go ahead and put the word out in the market to get the best options in luxury homes out there.

  1. Check it Real-time: Photos of the prospective property can showcase you an aspect of a home but the complete picture will only be revealed to you when you visit the opulent home yourself. Pictures of a luxurious home are certainly mesmerizing however an overall ambience of a home can only be felt once you go, beyond the snaps, to the place yourself. If visiting at once is not a possibility, software such as Google Earth is helpful in providing you an accurate tour of the home’s surroundings.

  1. Loan & Insure: Buying a luxury home is a huge investment for one and all and a home loan from the bank is a certainty in most deals. Thus, it would bode well for you if for the home loan, you transact with the bank you have the best and long-term relationship with. Several intricacies of the loan process when borrowing for a luxury home are solved if you have a personal banker at your service. Also, you can get a home loan pre-approval letter and a home loan prequalification letter prepared in-time if you have a good relationship with your bank. Moreover, you should also arrange your financial info in such a way that it’s easier for the bank to process and approach when they evaluate your loan application. Also, you should get your title insured against any unpleasant or unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Hire an Expert Realtor: An experienced real estate agent will offer you expert advice on numerous aspects of the deal, i.e. the property locations which will suit you, the best deals available at your budget, the features you should definitely have in a luxury home and the ones which you can do away with, etc. Since realtors live and breathe the realty market, they know which sellers are trustworthy and honest and how to get appointments with them. Good realtors can also help you predict the future of your neighbourhood and whether the home is good for a long-term stay or a short-term investment. They can also help you negotiate the price better since they deftly know what exactly everything costs and sells on.

Conclusively, buying a luxury home surely brings you the joy of a new home but also brings the responsibility of additional investment and the risk of additional uncertainty upon you and it would not hurt to read and research well before taking the big plunge.

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How Eateries are Inspiring Home Décor Themes

Nowadays, eateries such as restaurants, bars, pastry shops, diners, cafés and pubs are showcasing their unique décor themes in such a trendy way that they are inspiring people to take the décor of the eatery to home. Below let’s take a look as to what is in fashion these days in restaurants and what from a restaurant’s décor can be transported to our homes –

How Eateries are Inspiring Home Décor Themes
How Eateries are Inspiring Home Décor Themes

  • Well-lit Décor: An energetic and illuminated look inspired by 1960’s and 1970’s entertainment shows such as vintage circuses make for a shiny restaurant décor which can suit our homes too. Filled with jazzy interiors, flashy colours and rhythmic designs, this well-lit look of restaurants can be borrowed over to our homes. This over-the-top look will give our homes a different personality as the home will be draped in colourful upholstery and furnishings. Moreover, oversized art pieces and furniture from the old-age entertainment world-themed restaurants if brought to our home can highlight our abode in the neighbourhood perfectly.

  • Traditional Tiled Décor: Boasting of an antique look, the tiled floor and vintage furniture of certain eateries if implemented in our homes can invoke a sense of tradition in the décor of our living spaces. Moreover, this theme’s antiquated fixtures and equipment fused with traditional fabrics and coverings serve a reminder of an age gone by. With this décor style, the eateries bid adieu to fancy lunch and dining tables and instead give a realistic and earthly look to the restaurant. This theme can be borrowed for our homes since giving your house a traditional look is always fun and fresh.

  • Green Outdoor Décor: By giving your off-white and grey home a green makeover you will do yourself a favour. Just like a rooftop bar, restaurant or pub which adorns its surroundings by a multitude of verdant plants and charming flowers; you too can carry this theme home and give your household mesmerizingly green and fresh outdoors.

  • Place-Specific Look: It is a common theme in eating places across the world to model themselves over an area or a culture of the globe. This theme is mimicked in home-décor which can transform your home into a living space which has a distinct look of a country. You can achieve this by using Italian marble for an Italian look or a Spanish art piece for a Spaniard look or Chinese upholstery for an Asian look and so on. You can also delve into the different cultures of the various regions of our country to dress your home in a unique way.

The idea behind this is to be inspired by different decors of the various eating places we visit and see if these decorative designs can suit our living spaces. Don’t hesitate to experiment as only experimentation leads to perfection.

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