7 Smart Ways to Decorate Home Interiors with Polka Dots

The trend in interiors keep changing but there is one design that never goes out of style. This evergreen style is of Polka dots. The perfect amalgamation of small and large dots with smart colour combinations makes this designing style a perfect home décor trend for every family. So, check out the best ways to decorate home with polka dots:

Decorate Home Interiors with Polka Dots
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1. Polka Dot Rug – Place this beautiful looking rug in the living room and enhance the overall look of the place. We suggest you choose rug colour according to the furniture and wall paint of the room as the wrong colour combination can ruin the entire home décor. Also, opt for polka dot design as per space like small space should have a rug with medium polka-dots however the same should be followed for other sizes.

Polka Dot Rug
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2. Polka Dot Curtains – Give completely new look to the place by hanging curtains with polka dot print. This design with only two colours look opulent however the addition of three or more colour results in the downfall of the entire home décor theme. Again, wisely choose the curtain colours and prefer light shades as they offer volume to the room and also restrict the entry of bad vibes inside a home.

Polka Dot Curtains
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3. Chair with Polka Dot Print – Place this kind of chair in the lobby area and elevate the style. The smart looking chair not only makes this area look great but also reflect your smart home décor sense. Try to add a shade of intense colour here as the lobby is the place that related to all family members at some point in life.

Chair with Polka Dot Print
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4. Kitchen Décor – Give an impressive look to your cooking junction by placing a wallpaper of polka dot design. This is unique as not everyone has a style sense like you. So, give an unusual looking interior to this place which often known as the heart of a home.

Kitchen Interiors With Polka Dots
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5. Stars for Kid – Let your kid know how to chase a dream by gazing at these small, medium and large-sized polka dots. We suggest you decorate the kids room with solid wall paint and golden-coloured polka dots as they offer a dazzling look even during the night.

polka dot wallpaper for kids room
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6. Cushion Cover with Polka Dot – Add single polka dot cushion cover in between other cushions and find how graceful the entire set up will look. Also, try to have a colour that stands out differently in order to make this home décor look impeccable.

Cushion Cover with Polka Dot
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7. Bean Bag with Polka Dots – A Beanbag is the best thing to create seating space. So, bring home a designer bean bag with a cover printed with polka dots. This will offer a smart look to your home interiors. Also, opt for a bright and sunny colour while buying a bean bag with polka dots.

Bean Bag with Polka Dots
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7 Intense Colour Combinations to Style Your Home

This time of the year means having moist atmosphere everywhere. Thus you need to have bright colour home décor to experience the joy of life. So, apart from using regular shades to decorate home we suggest trying something loud and creative to enhance the home décor at your place of living. So, check out some stunning interiors with intense colour combinations:

Style your home with colours
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Orange & Blue – Give kitchen a spoonful of energy by painting it bright with these two colours. The placing of white kitchen slab with side shelves to store things and the bright coloured chandelier hanging right upon the dining area gives the feeling like that of the sunny side up. Remember to have white-coloured cabinets and window frames in order to make the kitchen space look opulent.

Orange and blue kitchen decor idea
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Greyish Blue with gold and Green – Add dimensions to your home by painting the living room with 3D paint. This painting technique not only offers specific sharp edges but it also gives a shape to your room. Place a golden-coloured book shelve and sofa with cushion covers in a green shade. This is a perfect combination to create an alluring interiors design for a home. Also, the placing of an abstract artwork, mirror and a globe like home décor item in the room will elevate the style.

Greyish Blue with gold and Green
Img : hearstapps

Sunshine Yellow with White – Let your children experience a joyful day as the sunshine yellow and white colour combination in their room will always make them feel energetic. Also, you can place two beautiful night lamps in white colour and few fruits in their room so that they can bite into some health food while reading a book or while studying. Make sure the ceiling is painted in sunshine yellow so that the kids wake up to bright and a sunny day.

Sunshine Yellow with White bedroom
Img : homedit

Yellow & Grey – Give your bedroom a classy look by adding white with yellow and grey colour. The white-coloured bed along with white windows and walls ensure a touch of simplicity to your home décor. Also, the hanging of a couple photographs on the wall opposite to the bed reflects the happiness of being together always. Other than this, the three-shaded curtains give an aesthetic look that bedroom.

yellow and gray bedroom curtains
Img : flauminc

Pink with Blue – Give the porch area a zest of life by adding sparking pink and bright blue colour here. The lush green plants in the balcony area with blue coloured sofa along with solid pink coloured walls with artwork hanging on them offer an artistic look to this portion of your home. Remember to keep the partition wall between an extreme porch and the sitting area with white colour in order to segregate the area. Also, paint the ceiling in white colour to add some simplicity.

Pink with Blue living room
Img : vogue

Shades of Blue – The Lobby is one section of every home that reflects the personality of all family members. So, paint this space with multiple shades of one colour and showcase how the strength of every person lies in the support of entire family. Also, this painting technique always keeps the spirit of togetherness high.

Shades of Blue lobby design
Img : kitchenforaustin

White & Blue – Give your living room a smart look by blending blue and white colours. The white colour of a staircase side and blue coloured cushions placed on the white sofa gives an alluring look to the entire place.

White and Blue Living Room
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Page Three Residences – A Smart Living Address for Millennials

Page Three Residences is a stupendous-looking residential project that is going to elevate the living experience of those residing in Greater Noida as H&S roped in AEDAS –a Singapore-based architect firm and Modarch India to craft the capacious and stylish abodes here.

Page three residences.

Welcome to Exotic Life

Designed amid 452 acres of land in Jaypee green, this project offers a picturesque view of nature. The plunge pool with sit out deck in all luxury home offers private space to the family members. The floor to ceiling windows offers the smart view of Greg Norman 18-hole golf course.


Smartly-Designed Living Room

The capacious Villas, Penthouse, 4 and 5-BHK apartments have dedicated spaces to enjoy time with family in the living room and the separate dining space let you experience fine-dining even at home. The geometrical-shaped partition of the golden colour metal frame creates a magical atmosphere to live-in.


Experience Opulent Lifestyle

The exceptionally-designed Presidential Penthouses, Duplex villas, 4 & 5 BHK apartments at Page Three Residences set the mood for experiencing opulent living with utmost style and comfort helps you rejoice the happy moments with loved ones. The beautifully-crafted lounge with a dedicated space to enjoy drinks and freshly-brewed coffee is one place that satisfies the celebrity inside you.


Enjoy Leisure Time

Home is the place that inspires you achieves success and thus we have designed a smart and technology-enabled Gymnasium here at the Page Three Residences where one can gear up in a healthy manner to deal with the all-day hectic schedule. The addition of high-intensity soundtrack will set a tone for workout in a stylish manner.

Artistic Gymnasium

Aesthetically Designed Clubhouse

The modernly-designed Club Velvet with an infinity edge pool is a place to relax with loved ones while sipping a cup of coffee as it adds luxury to living here at Page Three Residences. The stunning interior designs along with golden coloured chandeliers in abstract design enhance the beauty of this space.

Artistic Lounge

Life in Nature’s Lap

Spread in 60 acres, this lush green arena is the Nature Reserve Park that has smartly designed man-made lakes and the flora spread over 7.5 acres gives a reason to upbeat yourself as the sweet fragrance of flowers and chriping of birds rejuvenate the child hidden inside you.

Nature Reserve

Perfect Living Address for a Sport Enthusiasts

Now get ready to enjoy sport every day without stepping out of residential premises as the Atlantis Sports Complex offers a Soccer Field, 6-Court Badminton and Squash Arenas and a 200m long jogging track. This helps you enjoy sports in a calm and nice atmosphere.

Atlantis Sports Complex

7 Best Container Plant Décor Ideas to Style Your Home

Plants are the one thing that almost every person like and thus we all have a small garden or few planters at home? But, the change in lifestyle changed the way gardening take place and the innovation gave planters a new name i.e. Containers. Yes, so here are ways to elevate home decoration with these best containers planted with your favorite greens:

Plant Décor Ideas
Img : ytimg

1. Round-Plastic Containers – Bring home these lemon-green coloured containers and plant some dark green plants in them. Place these planters in the living room either in the corner or any other place where they can get enough of sunlight and fresh air. This is so because you need to be extra careful while planting greens inside a home as the continuous moisture generation can leave your plants dead.

Plants Plastic Containers
Img : tierraeste

2. Replace Your Earthen Pots – Break the traditional style of planting greens and bring in the plastic containers that are a replica of the earthen pots. Place these pots on the wall shelve in the lobby area and plant some stylish and English plants which are purely the green ones. The placing of a mirror right behind the pots offers an alluring look to the entire place.

Earthen Pots
Img : carmensteffens

3. Go Green with Recycled Paper Containers – You must have a huge bunch of newspapers which goes into a scrape. So, collect all the newspapers and get them recycled into beautiful looking plant containers. You can have a fresh edible plant by sowing seeds in them or can offer a picture-perfect look to a window at home with a small leaf popping out from a stem. You can plant any green which can later be transferred into the big container.

Recycled Paper Containers
Img : daviddomoney

4. Grow Edible Plants in Containers – Create a kitchen garden at home by placing these multiple-sized and coloured containers. You can enjoy delicious home-cooked food by adding flavours of fresh basil, parsley, rosemary and other edibles. Make sure to keep the plant container clean and make sure the plants get ample sunlight.

Grow Edible Plants in Containers
Img : aurelia-deco

5. Hanging Containers – Offer a contemporary style to your home by hanging these beautiful looking plant containers that attract many eyeballs. Buy the containers that match with the exterior paint of your balcony or the home. This offers a smart and stylish look to a heaven on earth called home.

Hanging Containers
Img : talk3d

6. Round Rustic Containers – This metallic coloured plant container is a smart option to place at home especially on a festival or a celebration time. The glittery looks of this planter automatically upbeat the mood and makes you enjoy the happiness all around.

Round Rustic Containers
Img : provenwinners

7. Containers for Porch Area – Let some refreshing fruits and other edibles grow at home by placing a rectangular contains in the porch area. This kind of planter is best suitable to grow onions, carrots, celery and more. In fact, grow tomatoes and more in this container and stay relaxed from the weekly visit to hypermarket for buying fresh vegetables.

Containers for Porch Area
Img : nola

7-Duplex Designs to Make Your Space Look worth Million Dollars!!!

Every home is priceless for its owner. But, what about making your duplex home look like a million dollar mansion? Yes, it’s a dream come true if it happens so scroll the page and find out stunning designs of duplex homes that are mentioned below in order to make your home look awesome:

Duplex Designs
Img : squarespace

1. Design a Smart Layout – Forget about the traditional architectural rules to design duplex. Instead, opt for some modern and smart layout that enhances the space of every corner and space. Try to fulfill the happiness of being a family in the living room by placing a home theatre system, dining table, photo collage and other stuff which is of common interest among the family members.

Design a Smart Layout
Img : prointeriordecor

2. Spiral Staircase – Let the tapping of feet’s do the talking. This spiral staircase right in the center of a duplex home makes the family members take notice of other’s presence which most of the time positively results in having breakfast together at the dining table while forgetting about the catfight that took place over dinner yesterday night. This gives home a blissful feeling and environment.

Img : ipmserie

3. Sleek Kitchen Design – Ah! Many people think that having a duplex home means designing a spacious kitchen. But, this won’t work if you don’t have smart and modern kitchen appliances. So, design a smart English county styled kitchen and enjoy cooking and fine dining in this compact space.

Sleek Kitchen Design
Img : freshome

4. Fireplace in a Corner – Break the rules and design fireplace in a corner of the room as not everyone loves to hang around the fireplace. This side placing will offer maximum time to spend with family as those who are not comfortable with the hot temperature can also have a family time as they won’t feel the direct heat.

Fireplace in a Corner
Img : jetmaster

5. Bedroom Designs – Place a sleek bed in all rooms as it covers the minimum area and also offers you a chance to keep other favorite things like beanbag, ottomans, capacious wardrobe and a shoe-rack in the room. Interestingly you have huge space left even after placing all these things.

Bedroom Designs
Img : winnetu

6. Create Compact Spaces – Give duplex a look of a mansion by placing a rimless or a thick-framed mirror with a table in the lobby area, stylish closet around staircase, stylish wardrobe with hanging hooks and more.

Create Compact Spaces in Duplex
Img : homeworlddesign

7. Master Bedroom – Give this space a king-sized ambience by placing a home theatre system, frilled curtains and single coloured bed spread in different tones such as light and dark. This completes the look of a duplex home as a million dollar mansion.

Master Bedroom
Img : hgtvhome

7 Stylish Closet Designs to Decorate your Home

Closets are an essential thing for all households including the opulent ones. Interestingly you can give an alluring look to the home by placing designer closets that occupy minimum space and also offers a stunning look. So, scroll down the page and check out the closet designs to make a home look beautiful:

Decorate your Home
Img : hgtvhome

Corner Closet – The corners of a home are often left void and thus the sharp-edge keeps pointing you to place some home décor item to make this space look beautiful. So, inspite of creating huge wall shelves try this corner closet add some style to the home décor. You can place books, antiques, flowers or anything to make space look beautiful.

Corner Closet
Img : amazonaws

Study Room – The placing of one horizontal and one vertical closet not only offers you huge space to keep documents, books and other papers safe but they also elevate the overall look of this room. The study room is often imagined as a place full of books but the placing of a palm tree and few home décor items can give a relaxing feel to this part of your home.

Study Room
Img : joseslifeetc

Family Room – Get a wide and thick closet with multiple shelves in the family room. These multiple shelves help you showcase trophies won by the dear ones. Also, you can place some beautiful looking home décor items, books, photo frames and anything to make space look awesome. Make sure you choose the closet colour in accordance with the wall paint and the furniture in the room.

Family Room
Img : imageshack

Bedroom Wardrobe – Get this stylish wardrobe in the bedroom and make the private space look beautiful. The double-doors with a mirror placed on them offers a full-length reflection that proves helpful while dressing. The other two small-sized closets give you space to keep miscellaneous things. The placing of a dry flower arrangement or a fresh green in between these closets offers a smart look.

Bedroom Wardrobe
Img : royaltonpd

Shoe Closet – Bring home this beautiful looking low-floored shoe rack. This closet not only offers a dedicated space to keep footwear and the sleek design also occupy minimum space. You can buy a closed-door closet and place few home décor items on the top and add a style quotient to your living castle.

Shoe Closet
Img : homeliving

Kitchen Closet – This area requires huge space as there are various dry and wet edibles to store. So, bring this beautiful looking closet home and get it installed in the kitchen. Give kitchenette a classy look by placing stylish looking storage boxes in this closet.

Kitchen Closet
Img : easytrack

Storage Closet – This closet beneath the staircase is an amazing way to store snack items and even drinks. Get this closet customized according to the space and also add a folding table to it which can be opened when you feel like to have a drink.

Storage Closet
Img : hoekstraglobalstrategies

7 Ways to Make Your Home Walls look Beautiful

Home is a place that makes a person feel secure and the walls of your living castle are the one first and the last thing that stands tall behind you during thick and thin times of life. So, don’t just think that walls are just a cluster of bricks that are cemented to form a home like structure because Harr deewar kuch kehti hai. So, check out the best ways to decorate the walls of your home by working on the below-mentioned ideas:

Home Walls Decoration Ideas
Img : saetha

1. Coastal Wall Idea– Give a wall completely different look by putting up the mix of photographs and sea-based structures like seashells, starfish and weeds. We suggest you paint the wall in a light aqua blue colour in order to enhance the look of a wall.

Coastal Wall Idea
Img : aofwe

2. Colum Wall Idea – Add some depth into the wall by designing a column in a plain wall. The inside structure of a wall shall be highlighted with a darker shade of wall paint and the hanging of photographs or artwork in this area offers a unique and new style to the wall.

home interior design ideas Luxury Interior Columns Design Ideas Fresh Wall Decal Luxury 1 Kirkland
Img : ebodyfuel

3. Wall Window Idea – Of course, all windows are crafted into a wall. But the structuring of a window in a wall of the dining room not only offers ample daylight inside the room but also makes you witness the stars while having dinner. In fact, the wooden window panes here will help you experience the cool breeze while it rains outside.

Wall Window Idea
Img : meyer-cn

4. Vintage Wall Idea – Add a vintage look to the wall by giving a textured paint to space. Also, make use of a bright colour and the traditional style of hanging curtains. Make sure the fabric also match with the aesthetics of the room. The contrast colour of the wall paint and the curtains like yellow and green combination enhance the glamour of vintage wall.

Vintage Wall Idea
Img : wp

5. Wall Interior Idea – Get one of the walls structured with some space to keep antiques. Place a light on the upper side and place an antique, a memento or anything related to home décor in these spaces and light up this wall in the night. The dim light falling on this wall elevates the style of the living space.

Wall Interior Idea
Img : corashire

6. Bathroom Wall Ideas – Let the false ceiling light up the place. Add a flat wooden surface and fix the fancy lighting in the board. The reflection of these lights will depict a design on the bathroom wall which gives a smart look inspite of the regular plain wall.

Bathroom Wall Ideas
Img : smartsrl

7. Artwork on Wall – Let the wall does speaking for you. Put on the artwork of the artists, personality or a person you admire the most on the walls of the living room and give an intellectual look to space.

Artwork on Wall
Img : mamashaz

Make Your Home Look Stylish with these ‘Recycled Material’

You must have heard about decorating home with various trending materials, but have you ever thought about offering a stylish home décor to your living castle with recycled material too? If, not then go through this blog post and find out how beautiful ways are there to elevate the home décor with the recycled material now:

home decor idea with Recycled Material
Img : ccfarmersmarket

1. Wearable Cushions Covers – Trim the shirts or the wearable’s into cushion cover form and add a very different style to the home décor to your living castle. You can tuck the shirt cover buttons or can place the quote side on the front of the covers. Make sure to choose right colours in accordance to colour of Sofa.

Wearable Cushions Covers
Img : 1.bp

2. Cardboard-Based Collection – Collect the cardboards you usually throw away and bind them together in order to craft a beautiful looking wall shelf. You can offer any shape as per the wish. But we suggest you consider the wall size before putting up this beautiful looking wall shelf made from the recycled material.

Cardboard-Based Collection
Img : handmade4cards

3. Glass Made Flower Pot – Cut-off the used water bottles into half and plant greens of your choice in them. You can hang these artificial flower pots in the kitchen to use greens like coriander, basil and many other herbs that are useful to keep body healthy and also to enhance the taste of various dishes.

Glass Made Flower Pot
Img : luxurybusla

4. Popsicle Stick Centerpiece – Popsicle sticks are not new to any of us. But, instead of thinking about ice cream right after reading this word think about something creative. Decorate the center table of your home with this alluring looking Popsicle stick centerpiece which can be easily crafted. Be cautious while placing the same on the table as you are not required to place too hefty articles on this decorative item as the sticks are fragile in comparison to other items.

Popsicle Stick Centerpiece
Img : homedit

5. Cloth Couch – Refurbish your couch with the torn cloth pieces and offer a smart yet unusual look to this sitting item. You can either use a simple plain coloured-cloth or a printed one to decorate this couch that adds upto the classy look of your home décor.

Cloth Couch
Img : astucerie

6. Homesthetics – This is completely different from what you have thought about having in the bathing space. Redo your vintage briefcase into shelf and place toothpaste, brush and other cosmetics as per the needs in this refreshing section of your home.

Img : homesthetics

7. Recycled Coffee Table – Don’t throw away any wooden piece as you can craft out a beautiful coffee table from this piece of log. Decorate the coffee table with a half glass cover to keep books beneath the glass as it offers easy access whenever required.

Recycled Coffee Table
Img : bobayule

7 Best Pastel Shades to decorate Home When It’s Raining

Enjoying monsoon? But, the wetness all around makes you feel irritated at times and thus you wish to get rid of the rainy days. But, what if you are offered with amazing home décor ideas that will make the living castle shine like a star? Well, today in this blog post we have listed the 7 best pastel shade home décor ideas to beautify home in a stylish manner. So, scroll down and check out these amazing ideas to decorate home with pastel shades:

Home Decor Ideas with Pastel Shades
Img : architecturedsgn

Living Room – Give this space a smart look by putting up some pastel shades on the walls like Nude, pistachio, aqua light and pale yellow. Also, flash some life into the room by highlighting the closet or the bookshelf you have in this area. Remember to make way for natural daylight inside the home by hanging white-coloured curtains.

Living Room Decor Idea with Pastel Shades
Img : livinator

Dining Room – The use of floral prints on the chairs with a smart lighting chandelier here set the mood for perfect foodie time during the monsoon season. Also, place a palm tree in a corner and enjoy the cool breeze passing by due to the rain. In fact, the floral printed chairs and the green inside a dining room make the ambiance more lively in the rainy season. But, paint the walls with pastel shades like pistachio green.

Dining Room Decor Idea with Pastel Shades
Img : diningroomdid

Reading Room – Many people like to spend time while reading their favorite books especially when it is raining. So, place two soup-styled chairs in this area that are dressed in pastel pink shade. The placing of orchids in the vase standing on the coffee table refreshes the mood.

Reading Room Decor Idea with Pastel Shades
Img : trendesignbook

Kitchen Space – Reinvent the cooking junction in a cottage-style. Use the pale yellow and white colour to decorate this space as it keeps the environment balanced when it is raining. Also, you can place a bunch of roses in the kitchen to maintain the freshness in the air.

Kitchen Space Decor Idea
Img : lisaaparr

Bedroom – Let your personal space breath while the moisture incorporates inside the room as the rainy season is at its peak. So combat the wetness of this season by decorating the bedroom with aqua colour. Bring in the bedspread, cushion covers and quilt in light blue or aqua colour and diminish the moist atmosphere that has evolved inside the bedroom.

Bedroom Decor Idea
Img : viral-tweet

Lobby Area – Similar to that of bedroom highlight this area with the shades of blue. You can play with shades of blue to decorate this part of a home. Also, the placing of white-coloured furniture gives boldness to space.

Lobby Area Decor Idea
Img : pinimg

Balcony – Add the touch of white to the interiors of this space and opt for blue or green shades for the exterior. The reason for this style is to keep the home look beautiful from inside out. The rain or the thunderstorm that arrives during the monsoon season is likely to leave a not so happening impact on the walls. So, this is a safe way to make your home look stylish even when it is raining.

Balcony Decor Idea
Img : timeinc

7 Best Ideas to Decorate Home with Ropes

Home decoration ideas must be trendy and should offer a classy look to the space. In fact, people today are keen to make their living castle look beautiful in an environment-friendly manner and thus we have bought some outstanding Home Décor Ideas with Rope especially for you. Check out the amazing rope designs and offer a smart look to the heaven on Earth named Home.

Decorate Home with Ropes
Img : closte

1. Mirror with Rope Frame – Enhance the look of a lobby area or highlight a wall with this home décor item. Unlike the red rope shown here, you can search for any other colour that matches with the wall paint or is of your choice. Although, placing a mirror is always believed to bring good fortune home and this decorative way to hang it is like icing on the cake.

Mirror with Rope Frame
Img : uniquelyyouinteriors

2. Rope Chandelier – Forget the regular chandelier designs and bring home this rustic looking light hanging. The classic bulbs with a rope offer an aesthetic look and help you present a smart home décor while balancing the trend and home décor style. You can opt for a round-shaped chandelier but bringing this wood logged rope chandelier gives a distinct look overall.

Rope Chandelier
Img : reddoorga

3. Rope Stool – Arrange a seating in the garden area or anywhere with these coloured-ropes stools. The not so high-stools offer comfortable sitting and also gives a smart look to the place.  You can have a beautiful looking seating on the terrace with these stools and we suggest you search for different designs as these stools are also available with storage space.

Rope Stool
Img : lebello

4. Rope Vase – Flowers are must have things in home décor. So, have a bouquet of fresh flowers every day at home and decorate them in this rope-based vase. Opt for a raw-coloured rope-based vase as it offers a natural look.

Rope Vase
Img : ytimg

5. Staircase Rope Handlerail – Decorate the staircase set with this item. Install the curtain holders at equal distance on the wall and fix the rope against them. This is a beautiful way to offer a natural look to a home.

Staircase Rope Handlerail
Img : aifaresidency

6. Rope Partition Wall – Create more space at home by installing a rope-based partition. This home décor idea not only incorporates more space but also offers a chic look to the entire area. This style of home décor is best suitable for a capacious living room which can be parted into a dining area and the sitting area.

Rope Partition Wall
Img : 1.bp

7. Hanging Rope Shelf – Fix this kind of shelf at home and create a beautiful looking home décor. The placing of antiques here ensures a stylish look for your home.

Hanging Rope Shelf
Img : homedit