Spectacular Living Room Designs that will Inspire You to Renovate Space

Home is a place to relax, rejoice and retreat yourself but the regular interior of the place especially the living room area make one experience boredom. Hence, we are listing some amazing living room designs that will inspire you to renovate the living space. Inspite of thinking about colour palette and other home décor items, take a look at these spectacularly designed living rooms:

Living Room Designs
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Offer a Contemporary Look

White colour reflects richness so add this peaceful shade in the living room area and give an alluring look to this space. But, take a look at this image before you think about painting the entire space white. We suggest you refurbish the furniture also. Finally, step out and shop for cushions covers with classy quotes and designs to enhance the décor of a living room. Also, buy some unusual couch design and add more seating space to the living room.

Offer a Contemporary Look
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Chic Décor Idea

Elevate home décor of the living room with a touch of pearl white. Get this space painted with a dual tone of white colour as per the choice as some people prefer textured and a grey look while others love to experience royal life by adding gold and white combination their living room. So, choose a combination and get a sofa set accordingly. Also, get an iron-casted railing installed to climb up the next floor.

Chic Décor Idea
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Modern Design

The placing of an L-shaped sofa set with a black coloured piano offers a modern and different style. The placement of this musical instrument adjoining the front wall offer a smart look and also drag the attention of your guests to the family member who plays it the most. You should place a low-heightened coffee table as it will offer a clear vision of the piano that offers a smart and unique look to the living room.

Modern Design
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Go Colourful

Wait. Before you think about adding the entire colour palette in the living room we suggest you create an imaginary image of a living room with different colour combinations. The placement of home décor items, furniture and wall paint in a smart colour combinations like blue, turquoise and velvet or pink, lavender and rose pink and more will enhance the beauty of a living room like never before.

Go Colourful
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Make it look Bigger

If you have a small living room then we suggest you get a mirror wall as it offers a spacious look from one end. The seating arrangement or a home décor made in different corners of the room reflect in the mirror and those stepping in the living room will get a dimensional look of the same. So, enhance the living room décor with this stunning design.

Make it look bigger
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Stylish Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season

The word Rain has its beauty and it also makes the atmosphere cool and lively. But, like every other season, the rainy season also has its own challenges like too much wetness and water logging. So, here are the ideas to make the home look bright and beautiful during the rainy season that too in a stylish manner.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Light Up the Space

The gathering of clouds, rain and thunderstorm results in dim lighting and hence the natural daylight won’t get inside. This weather makes the home interiors look dark. Thus, it is important to have a proper lighting at home especially in the living room as we enter directly here and the darkness can make you feel unhappy.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Lit Up Fireplace 

The rainy season comes with a cool breeze and sometimes getting wet while coming back home can make you feel a bit chilled. In fact, the rainy season brings huge relief from the scorching heat but you must stay dry even during this season in order to keep infections away. So, putting up the wood logs in the fireplace is another stylish way to decorate home.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Add Colours to Home

The wetness all around due to the rainy season makes you witness the green colour at large. Thus, it is important to add more colours in life as the brightness of colours like orange, blue, pink and magenta keep up the vibrancy intact and offer a soothing view.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Dress Window Curtains Right

Remove those regular curtains and hang up the lightweight fabric and pastel shades on the windows. The addition of rainbow splashed shades at home in the rainy season offers a stylish and chic look. Also, these curtains are easy to wash and are also semi-transparent that ensures privacy and a beautiful exterior view.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Wrap Bed Rightly

Nicely wrap up bedding as the clean bed linens give a fresh look. It is also necessary to dress up the bed properly as the cluttered bedroom offers bad vibes and also makes a people feel irritated. So, keep the cushions, pillows, bedspread and the quilt nicely wrapped.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Enjoy Swing at Home

Keep a swing chair in the porch or a corner from where you get the best view of nature. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a book reading if you like and experience the goodness of a rainy season. Also, you can spend a leisure time while sitting ideal in the swing chair.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Hang Windchimes

The chirping of birds offer happiness especially during the monsoon so bring in more positivity home by hanging beautiful looking hummingbird wind chimes in the porch or any place you like at a home.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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  1. Beautify Balcony

Planting greens is a good thing but having too many plants in the balcony during a rainy season is not good. This is because too many plants in the balcony increase the risk of having uninvited guests at home like a snake or a reptile. So, bring home some designer flower pots and place the green in a linear position. Also, make sure to have less but beautiful plants at home during the rainy season.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
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Aqua Fresh: Refresh your Home Décor this Summer

The aqua color offers a refreshing look and thus you should paint the home with this shade of blue. Also, this color gives a relaxing sight and thus helps in feeling cool especially when you come back home from the scorching heat of the summer season.

Home Décor this Summer
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Remember, every color has its volume and density which you must manage in the wall paint as per the requirement.

Scroll down the blogpost and know how to enhance the home décor of your place with this cool color.

1. Highlight Living Room

Paint the dark-shade of aqua color on any one of the walls of this room and give a refreshing look. Also, hang a contrast color painting on that particular wall and enhance the home décor.

Highlight Living Room
Img : boncville

2. Brighten Up the Corner

Give a lighter color tone to the room corner and ensure cooling effect inside the home. The lighter shade of aqua color will make the place look capacious and beautiful.

Brighten Up the Corner
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3. Cooling Effect in Dining Room

Choose the medium dark tone of aqua color for the whole area and highlight the roof ceiling and walls with white color. This will give a contrast look to the dining section and make your home look summer-ready.

Cooling Effect in Dining Room
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4. Enhance Energy Flow

Let your child enjoy coolness despite the sun shine brightly in the sky this summer season. Also, the aqua color brings in a lot of positive energy and thus fills your ward with energy and positive thoughts.

Enhance Energy Flow
Img : almrsal

5. Chic Looking Master Bedroom

The combination of Aqua color paint with vibrant colors like Pink, Green, black and white will offer an opulent look to the room. Also, this color looks pretty particularly during the summer season as one feels refreshed only by gazing it.

Chic Looking Master Bedroom
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6. Aqua Washroom

The aqua color in the washroom is perfect for the summer season as you will experience the pool of water inside the limited space.

Aqua Washroom
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7. Paint the Patio Items

Balance the color shade of your home by painting the patio décor items with aqua color. Mix and match the light, medium and dark tone of the same color to make the items look more impressive.

Paint the Patio Items
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