7 Tricks to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Deepawali

The festivities for Deepawali have already begun so you must also be busy shopping, party planning and more. But, this time we suggest a clean and an eco-friendly festival. Well, this concept requires time to make everything fall in its place and thus we here are listing seven easy tricks to make your festival of lights an environment-friendly affair. Hence, check out the seven ideas now:

Celebrate Eco-Friendly Deepawali
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1. LED Lighting

This is a smart way to decorate home as these lights are also known as the power saver ones. The low power consumption and minimum heat generation are two main reasons to use these beautiful looking lights. Also, the availability of designs is higher in LED lights in comparison to the regular ones.

LED Lighting
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 2. Floral Decoration

Add freshness of flowers to home this Deepawali. Instead of putting up coloured or any other kind of rangoli we suggest you design a floral one as it will make your home décor look gorgeous. Also, we suggest you place beautiful fresh flowers on the table, closet top, lobby and other areas. In fact, the hanging of flowers on the ceiling will also offer an alluring look.

Floral Decoration
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3. Prefer homemade Sweets

With the start of a festive season, the issue of adulteration also rises. So, give a taste of homemade delicacies to the loved ones and enjoy a healthy and yummy festive time. Also, the availability of sugar-free ingredients the making of sweets at home is not a big task.

Prefer homemade Sweets
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4. Gift Sapling

Go green this Diwali and gift plant to your loved ones. This is an amazing gift as it will strengthen the bond as one will quickly plant the green to ensure it stay alive and most of the people hope to have an everlasting bond with the loved ones like than of a plant.

Gift Sapling
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5. Puja Thali

This is the most important thing for a festival. But, inspite of using fancy puja thali we suggest you buy a metal-based one as steel, brass and other such metals are believed to be pure and thus it is best to use them in a puja or a devotional activity. Today, many designs in steel and brass metal are available so shop for some antique looking thali.

Puja Thali
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6. Community Cracker Burning

The pollution is rising day by day so take a small step towards curbing the same. Thus, gather at a place along with your friends and family and burn crackers there only. This is also known as community cracker burning and is actually a nice idea to minimize pollution.

Community Cracker Burning
Img : varthabharati

7. Donations

While celebrating the festival we spend huge money. But this Deepawali recall what we learn and that is Sharing is Caring. Donate clothes, stationery, medicines and other items that are necessary for living as these small things can be the reason to smile and happiness for many people.

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7 Trendy Cushion Covers for Diwali

Cushions are an important home décor item as they make seating arrangement comfortable. That is why people shop for new cushion covers especially during the Diwali festival as guests and friends are expected at home. So, give home décor a nice and smart look by shopping for these trendy cushion covers. Scroll down the blog post to find out seven most trending cushion covers this season:

Cushion Covers for Diwali
Img : hgtvhome

1. Royal Cushion Cover

Give home a royal look by covering the sofa cushions with a royal design. The classic design with golden colour enhances the beauty of a sofa and also offers a celebratory look. We suggest you opt for expansive design as it covers the entire cushion cover and these kinds of cushion covers offer a festive look.

Royal Cushion Cover
Img : etsystatic

2. Customized Cushion Cover

Sometimes you have a clear picture of what kind of cushion cover you like to have but unfortunately they are not available in the market. So, get the image and quote printed on the cushion covers and give a different style to the home décor this Diwali. This kind of home décor depends upon a person’s creativity as one can get things designed, text or a picture printed on a customized cushion cover.

Customized Cushion Cover
Img : krazzykollections

3. Thread-Based Cushion Cover

This is actually an art. The proper stitching, inclusion of mirrors and the use of accurate colour combination are the key elements of this cushion cover. Apart from this, the placement of one plain and then thread-based cushion is a perfect way to decorate the seating area or the sofa-set.

Thread-Based Cushion Cover
Img : pinterest

4. Velvet & Brocade

This is a smart and classy look. The use of velvet and brocade in the cushion cover is a perfect combination for the festive season. Remember to choose cushion covers that match with the wall paint and sofa set fabric colour. The wrong selection of colours will make your home décor look bad so choose wisely.

Velvet & Brocade
Img : pinterest

5. Canadian Smoking Flower

Decorate home with this Canadian smoking flower. This design is curated on the satin cloth and gives a smart look. The availability of multiple colours and designs gives you a chance to buy the best. Remember this kind of cushion cover looks elegant in a single colour as twin colour shade won’t offer that chic look. So, think before you buy.

Canadian Smoking Flower
Img : Pinterest

6. Fabric Refurbished

You must have some old-fashioned dress material lying in the wardrobe. So, take them to out and get the cushion covers stitched from them. The same coloured or the mix and match cushion covers refurbished from the dresses that you don’t wear will help you in making the home look beautiful.

Fabric Refurbished
Img : medium

7. Warli Painting

This is a traditional painting from the tribal areas of Maharashtra and getting it designed on the cushion cover gives a stylish look. The typical warli design looks best in the combination of red and white. But you can choose for any other colour also.

Warli Painting
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Diwali Special: 7 Rangoli Designs to Decorate Home

Rangoli is said to be auspicious and thus we all like to decorate home with beautiful rangoli designs especially on the occasion of Diwali. Today, the rangoli that incorporates multiple colours and patterns is designed in a stylish manner. In fact, you must also be choosing the various rangoli designs for the festivity and we here are listing down the best ideas to decorate home with rangoli this Diwali. So, scroll down and check out the blog post now:

Rangoli Designs.
Img : ytimg

1. Floral Rangoli

Flowers look beautiful and combinations of the same will enhance the beauty of your home. Design a spectacular floral rangoli at home this Diwali and decorate the same with Diyas. This is a stylish manner to make your abode look artistically beautiful.

Floral Rangoli
Img : allindiaroundup

2. Free-Hand Rangoli

Usually, the rangoli is designed with dots but now the same can be done in a free-hand style. The beautiful looking peacocks and the accurate amalgamation of colours and borders make this kind of rangoli a must at home on the eve of Diwali. Design this rangoli at the main gate and give a warm welcome to family, friends and guests.

Free-Hand Rangoli
Img : beautyhealthtips

3. Sand Art Rangoli

Set the party mood by designing this stunning rangoli. The beautiful colour scheme and the concept of festivity shown in this rangoli design will make guests, friends and family member praise you for such a beautiful decoration on Diwali. You can choose any colour scheme as per the choice to decorate home this festive season.

Sand Rangoli.
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4. Dotted Rangoli

This is a traditional style of rangoli making and you must give it a try as this is said to be the real rangoli design especially in India. So, design this beautiful rangoli and enhance the home beauty in a traditional yet stylish manner. In this pattern, you can design 2×2, 3×3 and even 20×20 space rangoli design. It all depends upon how much space and rangoli you have in store.

Dotted Rangoli
Img : askideas

5. Kolam Rangoli

This is a mix of traditional and modern rangoli. So, you can decorate home with this style of rangoli design. Remember to use bright colours in this rangoli as the light shades will not offer a smart look in this design.

Kolam Rangoli
Img : pinimg

6. Rangoli for Door

Decorate home with this spectacular looking rangoli and create a blissful design at the door. You can choose any border style rangoli for the entryway as the other geometrical shapes will not fit in the space and thus the design will not offer a smart look.

Rangoli for Door
Img : wedandbeyond

7. Corner Rangoli

Give a decorative look to the home by designing this beautiful looking rangoli. We suggest you choose bright colours as they will make the home look more beautiful.

Corner Rangoli
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This Diwali Decorate home with these Trendy Lightings

Lighting plays an important role in home decoration and thus the market offers multiple options when it comes to lightings. So, inspite of decorating abode with regular lights we suggest you take a look at the below mentioned stylish lightings. Hence, scroll down this blog post and check the images of alluring lights:

Diwali Decoration with Trendy Lightings
Img : beautyandmakeuplove

Bulb Light String

Get this kind of lighting for the exterior area. In fact, draw a boundary line with bulb light string and witness the dazzling lights as the outline of home as this lighting offers a classy look. The hanging of small transparent bulbs shines like a star and thus offers an elegant decoration for this Diwali.

Bulb Light String
Img : amazon

Raindrop Lights

Give a raindrop feeling to home this festive season by hanging beautiful lights. The raindrop lighting is available in multiple colours which include rainbow, solo colours and transparent ones. You can decorate trees or the roof of a home with this raindrop light as it offers an amazing look.

Raindrop Lights
Img : geekbuying

Circular Hanging Lights

Offer a smart look to the ceiling by hanging this spectacular light. We suggest you buy the this kind of light as it offers a calm and glittery effect at the same time. This kind of lighting is useful as one need not switch on the regular night lamp even during the festive season.

Circular Hanging Lights
Img : spectrahut

Bottle Lighting

This is a new style of lighting and looks appealing also. We suggest you decorate home especially the dining area with this lighting and let the home dazzle with happiness, positivity and a spirit to enjoy the festivities. Apart from this design, you can opt for different sized bottles to offer a random look to home lighting this Diwali.

Bottle Lighting
Img : blogspot

Lantern with Lamps

This contemporary design is best suitable to light up the closet or a tabletop this Diwali. The beautifully crafted lantern with lamp offers a smart design and will add a classy touch to home décor during the festive time.

Lantern with Lamps
Img : ebuild

Paper Lanterns

Decorate home with paper-made lanterns this Diwali. Shop some beautifully designed lanterns and offer a different look to the abode. We suggest placing of the transparent bulbs in this lantern as it creates a classic reflection of the design.

Paper Lanterns
Img : viendoraglass

Lighting Ideas

This kind of lighting is perfect for staircase as this offer a smart and stylish look to the home. Also, the decoration of a staircase with step-wise lighting will also create a nice ambiance.

Lighting Ideas
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This Diwali Decorate Traditional Diyas Differently

The festival of light alias Diwali is approaching and you must have started shopping for the same reason. But, this Diwali celebrate the festival differently and Do it Yourself –DIY. Yes, unlike every year don’t shop for designer diyas instead make them look alluring by adding a personal touch. So, bring home the regular terracotta diyas and paint them beautiful and the end result will look similar to the ones shown below. Scroll down the page and find out some amazingly designed traditional diyas:

Diwali Decorate Traditional Diyas
Img : venuemonk

Regular Designer Diya

Let the festival of lights spread colours in your life. So, choose a bright colour combination for this design and add some glitters to the same in order to make the diyas look alluring. You can either paint the diyas in dual tone or with multiple colours according to the choice. We suggest the use of bright colours as they set the mood for celebration.

Regular Designer Diya
Img : beautyhealthtips

Peacock Shape Diya

Bring home the beauty and brightness of a peacock home. Paint this designer diya in the smart colour combination and give an aesthetic look to your home décor this Diwali. This diya is available in two sizes one is single feather peacock and another is double feature peacock.

Peacock Shape Diya
Img : pinimg

Designer Diya

This 9-hole diya looks elegant and the peacock pair spread happiness in the air. The placing of this diya on the entry gate or on rangoli will enhance the look of home decoration this Diwali.  So we suggest you light home with these stunning diyas.

Designer Diya
Img : pinimg

Flower Shape Diya

The 7-small diya holders and one medium sized diya holder offer a perfect lighting idea for Diwali. You can paint this diya in light and pastel colours as they will offer a nice and sophisticated look.

Flower Shape Diya
Img : pinimg

Ganpati Shape Diya

The prayers are first offered to Lord Ganesha and thus the diyas shaped with his face will offer more positive vibes. So, bring home this auspicious looking diya and let the prosperity and happiness stay in the home forever.

Ganpati Shape Diya
Img : sdlcdn

Decorative Diya

Bring home this set of beautifully decorated diyas and enhance your home décor this festive season. We suggest placing of bright coloured diyas this festival as they offer more shine and positive vibes.

Decorative Diya
Img : pinterest

Big-Size Diya

This kind of diya is best suitable for porch area and other open spaces as the 6-hole diya will add glitter to the home décor this festive season.

Big-Size Diya
Img : flixcart