Best Summer Colours to Enhance Home Décor

The summer season has started making everyone feel the thirst and thus each of wish to witness cooling colours. Hence, we have bought a list of shades that will give home décor a cooling effect. We suggest you scroll down the post and check out the stunning summer special colours to make the abode look far more beautiful than before:

Summer Colours
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White Classic

This colour represents peace and richness. Hence, you can get the home painted in any shade of this colour as it gives a soothing feel and also allows your mind and soul to be at peace. The best thing about white colour is the availability of huge colour combinations. So, opt for blue, yellow, green and more as per the choice to make the abode look opulent.

White Classic
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Pink Plum

Give your home a refreshing look by having the shades of pink. The beautiful light, fuchsia and peach plum shades of pink colour offer an energetic and happy feel all around. This colour code is just perfect for summer as you can enjoy the ambiance of this shade all through the day and even at an evening party.

Pink Plum
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Pale Yellow

Bring home this elegant colour and give a makeover to the living room. The combination of pale yellow with white and a dash of green along with some red will offer a smart summer look. So, get the curtains and other home décor things of Pale yellow colour and make the abode shine like the sun but in a toned down manner.

Pale Yellow
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Sea Green

The summer season makes the vision say no to bold colours as the hot winds and bright sunlight flush out the energy. Hence, turning the home interiors into sea green is the best way to experience coolness. So, get the home painted in the combination of Sea green and white as it will make the enter atmosphere nice and refreshing.

Sea Green
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Blue Magic

Give your home a majestic touch of royal blue. The living room interiors will look lavish and the smart addition of bamboo-based furniture and white colour ceiling will surely enhance the overall look of the place.

Blue Magic
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Colour Palatte Ideas to brighten your Home

The colours always play a pivotal role in enhancing the look of an abode. Thus, you must choose bright colour palatte to decorate a home. But, in case you are feeling confused about which colour should be picked and dropped then this blog post is a must-read. Go through this home décor article on bright shades for home décor and find the answer:

Colours Palatte Ideas to brighten your Home
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Rainbow Shades

The use of magnetic yellow, pastel pink, emerging orange and positive green are the best colours to incorporate in the home décor. Also, the use of bright magenta and orange colours in the home will welcome positive and happy vibes.

Rainbow Shades
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Shades of Blue

Give your bedroom a dramatic feel by adding the shades of blue colour. The hanging of oil-painted artworks will make you experience the current that flows in the water. In fact, the addition of a lampshade on the bedside ensures a calm place to relax and review oneself.

Shades of Blue
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Sunshine Yellow

Incorporate the yellow colour in the lobby area and let the abode filled with happy moods and joy. Place a couch in this area and give yourself some time while enjoying a cup of coffee. Also, the sparkling sunrays coming inside the home from shades will fill the space with positivity.

Sunshine Yellow
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Majestic Aqua

This colour teaches you to stay focused and calm no matter what the situation is and thus encourage the person to face and deal with the tough phase. Also, the combination of aqua and white colours gives you enough space and time to think before performing an action.

Majestic Aqua
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Funfilled Colours

Add multiple colours that make you happy and keep all of them closer to each other. In short, the placing of a few things in a messy manner won’t affect badly. But, remember not to create clutter out of these home décor articles.

Funfilled Colours
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Inimitable Colours

Add colours to the kitchen and then experience the joy of having delicious and mouth-watering food. The hanging of a bright and transparent coloured chandelier will escalate the interior of kitchen and dining area by manifolds.

Inimitable Colours
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Colour Trends for Home Décor in 2019

Each year has a colour trend and 2019 is the balanced time for the palatte as both pastel and bright shades are making people fall for them. Hence in this blog post, we let you know about the colour shades that will be in trend and are also sharing ideas to enhance the home décor of the abode by using the trending colours of 2019. So, check out this blog post now and get ready to make the home look beautiful:

Colour Trends
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Wooden Shade

This colour is close to nature and thus you can create a nest-like environment in the home by putting up a wall paint of a wooden shade. Also, put on the bright wooden coloured curtains to make the windows and door look beautiful by adding cream colored frills to them. You can also choose jute-made chick to hang over windows as it offer a natural look.

Wooden Shade
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Bright Colours

The addition of a sunny orange colour and shades of the same colour with a touch of white fill positive energy in the atmosphere. You can either keep white colour furniture in sync with orange colour fabrics else paint the room white with a bright coloured ceiling. Both look good so you have to choose one as per the choice. Also, add a dash of yellow colour to keep the flow of positivity inside a home.

Bright Colours
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Hunter Green

This is a royal color so make sure that the other home décor items are simple. It is so because the dark shade of green also known as the Hunter Green is enough to catch all the attention. Thus keeping the home décor elegant is a way to enhance the interiors of an abode.

Hunter Green
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Navy Blue

We suggest the use of dark shade accessories and home décor items with this colour. The Navy Blue colour has a distinct feature and thus it never goes well with a contrast shade. So, look for home décor items in the similar palatte and get ready to give abode a classy look.

Navy Blue
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Paisley Pink

Pink is the colour of happiness as a broad smile comes onto the face as soon as one catches the glimpse of this colour. So, add some blissful shades of pink in the home décor this year and offer a happy to lucky attitude to yourself.

Paisley Pink
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Dramatic Yellow

You must have painted the home in sunshine yellow and other shade. But, this year add a dramatic look to the home décor with this shade. This colour goes well with numerous shades like White, Pink, Green, brown, red and more. The placing of plants in the interiors will also elevate the look of your home especially when it has a home décor of Dramatic yellow colour

Dramatic Yellow
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White Code

The colour of peace is also trending this year. Hence you can keep the home décor look simple and elegant as the white colour itself offer huge positivity and calmness. So, give a smart look to the home décor with shades of white.

white code
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7 Tips to decorate home with Shades of Blue

decorate home with Shades of Blue
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The shades of a blue colour reflect various aspects of your personality including trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. In fact, a home décor in blue colour allows you to focus and stay determined until the target is reached or the mission is accomplished. Also, being the colour of sky and sea the shades of blue denotes in-depth and strong bond. Hence, here we are listing some beautiful blue coloured home décor ideas.

1. Coral Blue

A home décor of this colour help you stay calm and thus getting the personal space alias the bedroom painted with a coral blue is a brilliant idea. Also, the hanging of abstract painting on the wall offer a composite look and this bedroom décor idea assure you to match with the pace of life. Apart from this, a vase with fresh greens will also work to spread peace and happiness at the same time.

Coral Blue
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2. Bright Blue

Like said earlier, the blue has many variations and this shade is known as bright blue. The addition of white in blue until it catches all the attention is the process to learn about how to catch the limelight. The placing of a white coloured closet and few décor items helps you to learn about being a quick settler and absorbing others at the same time. On a whole, this blue colour home décor fill the atmosphere with positivity.

Bright Blue
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3. Turquoise Blue

Get the girl room highlighted with this colour. The wall sticker denoting free life will inspire her to experience adventure while setting goals to achieve. Let this colour inspire her to live life with full zest as you get ready to witness her success.

Turquoise Blue
Img : imalan

4. Navy Blue

This colour is silent as a sea and thus you must paint the living room in this shade. Here take a note of the space/area as this is a bold and bright colour that can make or break the entire home décor concept. So, if you have a huge living room then get the entire space painted with navy blue, those with a medium-sized room should use the cushions of this colour and if you have a small-sized room then get a small portion of a wall highlighted in this colour as it will create a magical effect.

Navy Blue
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5. Electric Blue

An electric blue is also known as the tiffany blue. This shade goes well with white and thus either choose the white coloured furniture else get the walls painted in this colour. Whatever you choose, just make sure not to use any other colour combination with this shade of blue as it won’t offer an opulent and elegant look with any other palatte.

Electric Blue
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6. Vintage Blue

This shade offers a vintage look and thus you can get the porch or the store area painted in this colour. The hanging of some metal-based chandeliers will compliment the colour as well. Also, the hanging of a rug on the wall offer never before feel to the home décor.

Vintage Blue
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7. Blue Palette

Get these kinds of sofa cushions and paint the room white. Also, place a blue-coloured bookrack in the corner and offer an opulent look to your home. You can also add indigo coloured cushions to make the home look even more beautiful.

Blue Palette
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Ways to Decorate Living Room with White

Are you thinking about renovating home then opt for the white colour as it will offer a sense of royalty to home. Also, this colour adds volume to the room and makes it look bigger, brighter and better. You might be thinking about painting the room white but this is just one component of home decor. We suggest you decorate the living room with white colour and hence in this blog post we are listing some amazing ideas to make the room look alluring.

Decorate Living Room with white colour
Img : rydecor

1. Shade & Shine

Add a structure like sculptural design in white colour to the room. This will make the living room look bigger in size and you will have multiple options to decorate the area. The placing of a wood-based center table and logs of different shapes in a corner will add an aesthetic look to the entire space. Make sure to use pastel shades in sofa and carpet. We suggest placing of a bright coloured couch in the room to make the area look bright and beautiful.

Living Room Shade and Shine
Img : decoist

2. Colour Code

A wooden flooring looks perfect with white coloured-walls. Also, get white-colored window frames installed in the living room as it will enhance the overall ambiance. In short, keep it simple, the hanging of few abstract paintings and a woven couch to sit on gives a contemporary look to the living room. The placing of green in the room will also enhance the home décor of the space.

Living Room Colour Code
Img : umqura

3. Go International

Always remember that white look immensely beautiful when combined with crème colour. So, get the entire living room painted with this colour and highlight the dimensions of the room with white. The addition of a white floor lamp not only enhances the look of a room but also make the area look brighter.

Living Room International Idea
Img : hornerlilies

4. Style Statement

Give home a bold look by combining white, black and one more solid colour. The combination of a white-coloured room with a bright green coloured sofa set with black lamp shades offer an incredible look. Similar to this, choose any colour combination according to your choice and make the interiors look beautiful as ever.

Living Room Style Statement
Img : factio

5. Go Minimalistic

Some are lucky to have nature around and if you own such a beautifully-located home then we suggest installation of a wall to floor windows. Get the frames painted white and a fireplace at a corner offers an amazing look. This is the best interior design one can have for the living room.

Go Minimalistic
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6. Artistic Ambiance

Add some gloss to the living room and make space look modern. The addition of bright wooden colour in combination with white walls is a smart and stylish choice for decorating a living room. You can add a bright red coloured couch to the room to make the interior look even more alluring.

Artistic Ambiance
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7. Mirror Magic

This is a chic combination as both mirrors and white colour have the ability to make space look bigger. So, get the walls painted in white and places mirror décor in a zigzag design. The living room will have amazing dimensions to witness.

Mirror Magic
Img : architecturaldigest

7 Intense Colour Combinations to Style Your Home

This time of the year means having moist atmosphere everywhere. Thus you need to have bright colour home décor to experience the joy of life. So, apart from using regular shades to decorate home we suggest trying something loud and creative to enhance the home décor at your place of living. So, check out some stunning interiors with intense colour combinations:

Style your home with colours
Img : amara

Orange & Blue – Give kitchen a spoonful of energy by painting it bright with these two colours. The placing of white kitchen slab with side shelves to store things and the bright coloured chandelier hanging right upon the dining area gives the feeling like that of the sunny side up. Remember to have white-coloured cabinets and window frames in order to make the kitchen space look opulent.

Orange and blue kitchen decor idea
Img : geokitchens

Greyish Blue with gold and Green – Add dimensions to your home by painting the living room with 3D paint. This painting technique not only offers specific sharp edges but it also gives a shape to your room. Place a golden-coloured book shelve and sofa with cushion covers in a green shade. This is a perfect combination to create an alluring interiors design for a home. Also, the placing of an abstract artwork, mirror and a globe like home décor item in the room will elevate the style.

Greyish Blue with gold and Green
Img : hearstapps

Sunshine Yellow with White – Let your children experience a joyful day as the sunshine yellow and white colour combination in their room will always make them feel energetic. Also, you can place two beautiful night lamps in white colour and few fruits in their room so that they can bite into some health food while reading a book or while studying. Make sure the ceiling is painted in sunshine yellow so that the kids wake up to bright and a sunny day.

Sunshine Yellow with White bedroom
Img : homedit

Yellow & Grey – Give your bedroom a classy look by adding white with yellow and grey colour. The white-coloured bed along with white windows and walls ensure a touch of simplicity to your home décor. Also, the hanging of a couple photographs on the wall opposite to the bed reflects the happiness of being together always. Other than this, the three-shaded curtains give an aesthetic look that bedroom.

yellow and gray bedroom curtains
Img : flauminc

Pink with Blue – Give the porch area a zest of life by adding sparking pink and bright blue colour here. The lush green plants in the balcony area with blue coloured sofa along with solid pink coloured walls with artwork hanging on them offer an artistic look to this portion of your home. Remember to keep the partition wall between an extreme porch and the sitting area with white colour in order to segregate the area. Also, paint the ceiling in white colour to add some simplicity.

Pink with Blue living room
Img : vogue

Shades of Blue – The Lobby is one section of every home that reflects the personality of all family members. So, paint this space with multiple shades of one colour and showcase how the strength of every person lies in the support of entire family. Also, this painting technique always keeps the spirit of togetherness high.

Shades of Blue lobby design
Img : kitchenforaustin

White & Blue – Give your living room a smart look by blending blue and white colours. The white colour of a staircase side and blue coloured cushions placed on the white sofa gives an alluring look to the entire place.

White and Blue Living Room
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