7 Quintessential Tips for Home Décor this Season

A home is always the best place to relax and thus some quintessential tips to decorate the abode can help you elevate the overall ambiance of the place. So, here in this blog post, we are listing some amazing ideas to make sure the world’s best-living place i.e. a home look awe-inspiring. Hence, roll down the cursor and check out the ideas to decorate your own planet called HOME.

Home Décor Tips
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1. Vintage Style

The wooden shelves and a chair in sync with the sofa set give a proper vintage look. We also suggest placing of a wooden stool as it not only adds extra seating space but also offer a place to keep articles like books, mobile and other things handy. Don’t forget to place a center table with a slim border of a dark golden colour as it will match with the wooden décor and vintage ambiance of the room.

Vintage Style Home Decor
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2. Personified Fabric

Everything used as a home décor defines your style. Thus, we suggest selecting fabric that reflects you. So, instead of going by the trend choose the fabric and texture that will make you comfortable. Some people like bright colours, for example choose a royal blue or a purple colour for sofa or chairs but in a less glossy texture. This will give a minimalistic home décor look as the bright colour here will have a subtle look.

Personified Fabric Look For Home
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3. Rustic Look

The bedroom is, of course, a private space and thus it should have a home décor that can make you feel relaxed. So, rustic is the word for relaxation as the headboard crafted with jute and cotton-bed linen set the mood to unwind.  Also, the combination of jute and cotton is impeccable as it also offers a chic look.

Rustic Look For Bedroom
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4. Mirror Décor

This home décor is enough to add a royal look to the abode. But, the wrong placement of the mirror décor can ruin the entire interior. So, make sure not to place the reflective glass aka mirror opposite or in front of the window. This is so because the daylight and the reflective attribute of the mirror result in starburst kind of atmosphere. So, place the mirror décor as shown in the image and add a royal look to the home décor.

Mirror Décor Idea for home
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5. Shades of Lamp

Firstly, forget the typical floor lamp and explore the ways to decorate home with any such design. The placing of a side table lamp on the tabletop that has a wall of memory right above will add warmness to the room. There are multiple ways to decorate home with the lamps.

Shades of Lamp
Img : earleylight

6. Raindrop Chandelier

This artistic design is trending now a days. But, as always we say don’t shop for what is in trend but think about the space and set up you have at home. This kind of chandelier is just perfect for a long-sized dining table say for 10 or 16-chaired dining table as it will have enough roof space to cover.

Raindrop Chandelier
Img : italstroy

7. Earthy Tones

Never forget your roots and this home décor says exactly the same. The slanting roof and a shelf rack offering multiple spaces to keep books, antiques, TV set and more is a cool home décor idea.  You can actually make a wise use of the space in this manner as it adds multiple dimensions to the place called home.

Earthy Tones
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Ways to Decorate Living Room with White

Are you thinking about renovating home then opt for the white colour as it will offer a sense of royalty to home. Also, this colour adds volume to the room and makes it look bigger, brighter and better. You might be thinking about painting the room white but this is just one component of home decor. We suggest you decorate the living room with white colour and hence in this blog post we are listing some amazing ideas to make the room look alluring.

Decorate Living Room with white colour
Img : rydecor

1. Shade & Shine

Add a structure like sculptural design in white colour to the room. This will make the living room look bigger in size and you will have multiple options to decorate the area. The placing of a wood-based center table and logs of different shapes in a corner will add an aesthetic look to the entire space. Make sure to use pastel shades in sofa and carpet. We suggest placing of a bright coloured couch in the room to make the area look bright and beautiful.

Living Room Shade and Shine
Img : decoist

2. Colour Code

A wooden flooring looks perfect with white coloured-walls. Also, get white-colored window frames installed in the living room as it will enhance the overall ambiance. In short, keep it simple, the hanging of few abstract paintings and a woven couch to sit on gives a contemporary look to the living room. The placing of green in the room will also enhance the home décor of the space.

Living Room Colour Code
Img : umqura

3. Go International

Always remember that white look immensely beautiful when combined with crème colour. So, get the entire living room painted with this colour and highlight the dimensions of the room with white. The addition of a white floor lamp not only enhances the look of a room but also make the area look brighter.

Living Room International Idea
Img : hornerlilies

4. Style Statement

Give home a bold look by combining white, black and one more solid colour. The combination of a white-coloured room with a bright green coloured sofa set with black lamp shades offer an incredible look. Similar to this, choose any colour combination according to your choice and make the interiors look beautiful as ever.

Living Room Style Statement
Img : factio

5. Go Minimalistic

Some are lucky to have nature around and if you own such a beautifully-located home then we suggest installation of a wall to floor windows. Get the frames painted white and a fireplace at a corner offers an amazing look. This is the best interior design one can have for the living room.

Go Minimalistic
Img : decoist

6. Artistic Ambiance

Add some gloss to the living room and make space look modern. The addition of bright wooden colour in combination with white walls is a smart and stylish choice for decorating a living room. You can add a bright red coloured couch to the room to make the interior look even more alluring.

Artistic Ambiance
Img : kgstyleinc

7. Mirror Magic

This is a chic combination as both mirrors and white colour have the ability to make space look bigger. So, get the walls painted in white and places mirror décor in a zigzag design. The living room will have amazing dimensions to witness.

Mirror Magic
Img : architecturaldigest

Creative Ways to Decorate Home with Piano

Decorate Home with Piano
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The Piano is a stylish musical instrument and many people like to flaunt their love for the same by placing it in the living room. But, there are many other ways to place the same as this musical instrument has the ability to grab eyeballs even if it is placed in a corner. So, scroll down the page as in this blog post we suggest you different style to decorate home with piano:

Corner Placement

The corner of a spacious room or in fact a study room is ideal to place a piano. Also, a floor lamp set near to this musical instrument offers a chic look. So, bring home this magical instrument and place two sofas in the study room and elevate the style of the entire area. Remember to match the colour of piano board and that of a stool to sit for playing a piano.

Corner Placement
Img : pinimg

Greens Décor

This is a celebration time as few festivities are over and the celebration for Christmas and New Year is around the corner. So, give your home a splash of greenery by placing some wonderful looking flowers and greens. This decor idea can also be worked on if you have a birthday or anniversary planned for the one who loves playing a piano.

Greens Décor
Img : flowershopnetwork

Piano Living Room

If you have a nice and capacious living room then we suggest segregation of the space. The placing of a piano in the center of a widespread book rack is no less than an elegant home décor. In fact, shop for a glossy black coloured piano for home and place like the one shown in this picture. This setting will surely give you a round of applause.

Piano Living Room
Img : radiochimia

Crown Bench Piano

This smart placement looks royal and will bring a class to the entire home décor. The placing of shields acknowledging your victory and talent is enough to showcase your creative side. Also, the candles and the vase placed on upperside of the piano offer a classy look.

Crown Bench Piano
Img : czmcam

Aquarium Styled Piano

Bring home this piano and give a charming look to the home décor. The glass-divider allowing you to witness the aquatic life while playing piano offers a classy look which is not viable in home décor.

Aquarium Styled Piano
Img : twimg

7 White Coffee Table Designs to Make Home Look Beautiful

A coffee table adds dimension to the home décor. In fact, this piece of furniture is ideally shopped during the winter season. The placing of a low-heightened table next to the windows or in the lobby that absorbs maximum sunlight is actually a smart home décor. Hence in this blog post, we suggest some beautiful and chic looking white coloured coffee tables that are trending this season. So, check them now:

White Coffee Table Design Ideas
Img : homeideasmag

1. Light-Enabled Coffee Table

This is a compact coffee table to have because of its sleek design and the ample space for placing books. You can decorate the tabletop by placing a vase with greens and a mansion jar filled with cookies. This white-coloured coffee table has everything to enhance the ambiance of overall home décor.

Light-Enabled Coffee Table
Img : cdninstagram

2. Marble Coffee Table

The combination of two geometrical shapes along with white and golden colour makes the marble coffee table look beautiful. The glossy finish of the tabletop and the golden glitters of this table encapsulate a chic look that is enough to add an alluring look to the entire home décor of your abode. Apart from using the tabletop, you can also a place bag or anything important under this table to keep it handy.

Marble Coffee Table
Img : forbes

3. Narrow Coffee Table

This is a small square-shaped coffee table with criss-cross legs. The entire furniture is made from a premium quality of wood. The not-so-sharp edges of this coffee table are the best thing about it. We suggest placing of a cream coloured sofa as the soft colour combination of cream and white shade will add volume to the room.

Narrow Coffee Table
Img : pamperedpetsct

4. Rectangular Coffee Table

This coffee table has a slightly increased height. Also, the legs and overall design of this furniture piece recalls the image of a center table. But, it is actually different from this piece as the coffee table offer lesser space to keep things in comparison to what is called a center table. We suggest placing this furniture in a large living room.

Rectangular Coffee Table
Img : timeinc

5. Modern Coffee Table

This is modernly crafted coffee table is surely going to add a chic look to the abode. In fact, this single-piece furniture is currently trending and the glossy finish of this coffee table is enough to enhance the home décor of the area. We suggest placing this coffee table on a rug to offer a better look.

Modern Coffee Table
Img : mira-road

6. Contemporary Coffee Table

Give home an aesthetic look by bringing home this masterpiece. This diamond-shaped coffee table is a must if your home is designed according to a contemporary theme. Also, the use of single material to craft this furniture makes it look even more beautiful.

Contemporary Coffee Table
Img : losmanolo

7. Coffee Table Drawer

This simple yet drawer-enabled coffee table is a good option as you can keep magazines, TV remotes and other handy stuff in here. The overall look of this furniture is smart and also gives ample space to keep things on the tabletop.

Coffee Table Drawer

Artificial Leaves – A Perfect Home Décor Idea

The trend in home décor keeps changing irrespective of festive season. Hence, we are listing fresh ideas that will surely make your abode look awesome. Here in this blog, we suggest some impeccable artificial leaves decoration ideas to elevate the style and ambiance of a home. Remember these leafy home décor ideas are easy to deal with as they require minimum maintenance. So, go through the blog and check out what suits your home décor the most:

Artificial Leaves
Img : alicdn

Artificial Leaves Strings

Decorate the entry gate with multiple strings of artificial leaves. This leafy home décor idea will also help you get rid of the dried leaves that fall of trees or plants placed on the main gate. There are several ways to decorate these strings as can you hang them or swirl around the gate and in any other way. The placing of lighting strings in between these leaves will offer a dazzling look in the evening and night.

Artificial Leaves Strings
Img : slatic

Artificial Leaves Bowl

This home décor style will offer a spectacular look to the sitting area in the garden. The fine placement of these artificial leaves bowls at different heights while drawing a pattern and is enough to make your home décor look awe-inspiring. Also, the hanging of lamps in the area will brighten up the home décor. The lamps with transparent lights go well with this leaves.

Artificial Leaves Bowl
Img : pinimg

Artificial Leaves Garlands

Make the guests experience a cool and nice environment by decorating the walls with these artificial leaves garland. The falling garlands from the basket give an aesthetic feel and also elevate the style of your home décor. We suggest placing of bright colour combinations as they offer a soothing picture.

Artificial Leaves Garlands
Img : alicdn

Artificial Leaves Indoor Arrangement

Not many people find it easy to maintain original plants arrangement inside a home. For them these artificial leaves indoor arrangement is a perfect thing. You can find a wide range of plants for indoor home décor. Hence, we suggest you choose the right one while considering the space and sitting arrangement of the abode.

Artificial Leaves Indoor Arrangement
Img : icctrack

Framed Artificial Leaves

Highlight a wall with this kind of home décor. Get the artificial leaves framed and hang them in a design like heart-shape, star, simple rectangular box or any other shape of your choice. This is the newest home décor concept and is also getting people praised for the same. So, get yourself a round of applause by decorating home with framed artificial leaves.

Framed Artificial Leaves
Img : pinimg

Artificial Leaves Vase

Place this kind of greens in a vase and add a chic look to the place. The best arena to decorate with artificial leaves vase is a lobby or a living room corner and even a tabletop in the passage will carry this home décor style with elegance.

Artificial Leaves Vase
Img : dhresource

Artificial Leaves Ball

Also known as the green leaves ball this home décor idea is a smart one to opt for. You can hang this ball, place it in a planter and even make it look like a star by wrapping a lighting string around it. So, choose this the style and give a fresh look to your home décor.

Artificial Leaves Ball
Img : pinimg

7 Fancy Wall Clock Designs for Home

The time flies quickly and the memories are always a joy to cherish. In fact, the time rather a clock plays an inevitable role in strengthening the bond of love, happy and sad moments. So, why to hang a regular–styled time machine at home? Here is the blog that will help you find the perfect timing for a happy home. In short, scroll down and check some magnificent wall clock designs to decorate the abode.

Fancy Wall Clock
Img : realtymonks

1. Peacock Clock

Crafted with bright colours and the peacock’s feather design offer an alluring look to the room. The peacock looking at the front has an eye on your moments of joy and also reminds when it’s time to work, play, dine and more. This is a metal-based clock although the peacock is light-weighted. The stones-studded in this clock dazzle like a real peacock looks in the rainy season.

Peacock Clock
Img : homedecorchoice

2. Accent Wall Clock

This time machine is unique as the design is not what is hanged at the neighbour next door. The design offers an artistic and astounding look. So, hang this witchgrass like design and elevate the overall home décor.  Remember this clock doesn’t have numbers but the design itself is crafted so beautifully that it will make you know what’s the time.

Accent Wall Clock
Img : transcarrental

3. Contemporary Wall Clock

This is perfect for a contemporary-styled home. The sharp-edges of the time blocks along with minute and hour hand make time check a cool thing. The metal-finish of this wall clock is like similar to a saying that every cloud has a silver lining which means that every bad phase has a good ending.

Contemporary Wall Clock
Img : allegroimg

4. Token of Love

A home is a peaceful place to live with family. So, keep the hearts beating for each other and this wall clock design says it all. This 12-piece time machine will make yours a close knitted family as each hour of the day belongs to someone for example kids going to school, office time, its time for dinner and more. So, enjoy the joy of being family by hanging this token of love.

Token of Love
Img : ofertaviva

5. Ultra-Modern Clock

If you have a lavish villa styled home then this wall clock is a best buy. The rays falling in all directions look starry. We suggest hanging of this wall clock on the plain wall of a living room. This means that no other shelf or anything should be designed on the same.

Ultra-Modern Clock
Img : administra

6. Mirror Styled Clock

In India, mirrors are believed to show demon the same face and thus people hang a simple mirror or any other artifact of a similar kind to protect their abode from an evil eye. So, hang this wall clock in the living room and give a ditto feel to the demon starring at your home.

Mirror Styled Clock
Img : decoredo

7. Keep It Simple

Get this wall clock to offer an elegant and a chic look to a home. The use of pastel yellow, pink, peach and a balance of white colour makes this time machine really cool. There are more colour combinations available in this design. So, find out the best that will suit your home and style.

Keep It Simple
Img : foynd

This Winter Season add Warmness with Fireplace at Home

Winter season has its own charm. In fact, the atmosphere gets cozy with the blooming of flowers like Dahila, Carnation, Hellebore and the bright sunny day set the mood for a perfect winter. But, the cool winds blowing across day and night make people feel the winter blues. Thus, many amongst us have a fireplace at home but don’t actually find out the way to make it look beautiful. Hence, below we have listed ideas to enhance the home décor by making the fireplace look aesthetic and classy.

Fireplace at Home
Img : overstock

1. Stone Structured Fireplace

This is a kind of vintage fireplace although the wire netting adds a modern touch to the same. Earlier, the abodes used to have at least one such warming area in the living room and this design is a perfect example of the same. In fact, the wooden shelf above the fireplace offers extra space and this could be used to place an artwork or to flaunt laurels won by you or any other family member. So, get this kind of fireplace structured at home if you have a spacious abode.

Stone Structured Fireplace
Img : fireside

2. Three-Sided Fireplace

This is a contemporarily designed fireplace. Get this installed in between the connecting corners like here a dining area is connected to another space. The glass used in this fireplace is fabricated to control the heating temperature and the fire inside is ignited with the help of a cylinder. So, this fireplace is best if you own a contemporary-styled abode.

3-Sided Fireplace
Img : impressiveclimate

3. Fireplace

Get a fireplace structured in a stylish way to enlighten the fireplace. In fact, you can avoid cutting of trees to get wooden logs. This is an ideal way to decorate home for a party during the winter season. Apart from this the lengthy shelf gives you a lot of space to elevate the home décor as the placing of multiple books, a flower vase or even an old family photo can raise the style quotient.

Img : pinterest

4. Brick Fireplace

Add a traditional terracotta design to the home décor with this fireplace. Interestingly, you can get any coloured brick that matches with the wall paint. But, we suggest you choose this natural brick design as it looks genuinely in comparison to other coloured bricked. On a whole, the colour can vary according to the choice but no unnatural shade can match with the natural one.

Brick Fireplace
Img : graymasonry

5. Vintage Intrigue

This is a smart way to get a fireplace done at home. The huge space on the sides and ample height offers proper ventilation to the fireplace. So, get home designed with vintage intrigue and add a classy look to the entire space. In fact, the entire cabinet is fabricated to conduct the heat generated from the illumination of the woods.

Vintage Intrigue
Img : decoist

6. Lowes Fireplace with Doors

This is a smart fireplace that also has doors to close the space when not in use. Also, the lights installed inside the ignition space offer a smart look. You can change the bulb according to the mood or the colour choice. This is an electric fireplace and thus it is called a modern fireplace too.

Lowes Fireplace with Doors
Img : ubutabshop

7. Decorative Fireplace

Get some greens around the fireplace as it offers a festive look. We suggest you place a Christmas tree next to this space to get into the mood for a festive season. Also, the line of different sized candles on the top of a fireplace along with some streamers and dazzling balls will glam up the entire arena.

Decorative Fireplace
Img : freshome

Winter Décor: Best Carpet Designs to Beautify Your Home

Winters are actually here! Interestingly, not many amongst us got the chance to get home décor ready to welcome this chilling season. But you need not to worry as we let you know about how to make the home ready for winters that too in a stylish manner. In fact, Carpets and rugs are the two main elements of this season hence we have listed the best one that suits both your style and home décor.

Carpet Design Ideas
Img : inowfun

Brown Round Living Room Carpet

A close seating arrangement is perfect for the chilling season as it creates warmness in the atmosphere. So, change sofa placement and bring in a circle aka round shaped carpet and that too in a dark colour. The logic behind choosing a dark shade is dust. People hardly walk without shoes or slippers during winters and this directly means huge dust. So, a carpet in a lighter shade has a chance to get dirty and stained quickly in comparison to the dark shade. Hence we suggest placing of a dark coloured carpet in this area.

brown living room carpet
Img : imagekit

Table Tile Design Carpet

This is the fresh design in the carpet segment. Bring home a table tile design carpet and beautify the dining area by placing it beneath the dining table and chairs. This carpet is available in multiple sizes and colours. So, choose the accurate size and an appropriate colour that match with wall paint and other home décor items.

Table Tile Design Carpet
Img : homedit

Stripe Rug for Kitchen

Some cooking areas are small, some are medium and some are large in fact are extra-large. But don’t think about standing on bare flooring due to the area as this stripe rug is best suitable for all kitchens. The rug is a new stuff that can be used in place of a carpet as this fabric is easy to fold and is light-weighted. So, bring home this rainbow coloured rug and add a classic touch to the home décor.

Stripe Rug for Kitchen
Img : famousgoods

Fabric flower Carpet

This is a perfect home décor for the staircase area. Cover the entire flooring and the stairs to experience warmness 24×7. The blooming flower design will add freshness to the atmosphere and the bright colours in this carpet design will enhance the look of a home during the winter season. This carpet is available in red, yellow and green colour combination but we suggest you shop for this means the blue one as it looks more appealing.

Fabric flower Carpet
Img : timeincuk

Small Carpet for Lobby

We all have a lobby or a corner area with chairs or a couch. But, the dip in temperature might not allow you to seat here as the entire floor pop up coolness. So, add warmness to the lobby area by placing this medium sized carpet. This carpet is perfect for squeezed areas as it won’t cover too much space and also wrap up the flooring.

Small Carpet for Lobby
Img : borackabn

Carpet for Bedroom

This full-size carpet is must for every bedroom as this private space comprises of attached bathing space, balcony, wardrobe and the dressing area. This carpet will also give an alluring look to the bedroom. Remember to place a solid coloured or a thick textured carpet in the room to make the space more elegant.

Carpet for Bedroom
Img : muckrach

Bathtub Rugs

Place rugs in the bathing space and let go the cold. This kind of rug is available in multiple fabrics, shapes, sizes and colours. Choose the best design and colour to beautify this space of your home.

Bathtub Rugs
Img : made-in-china

7 Tricks to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Deepawali

The festivities for Deepawali have already begun so you must also be busy shopping, party planning and more. But, this time we suggest a clean and an eco-friendly festival. Well, this concept requires time to make everything fall in its place and thus we here are listing seven easy tricks to make your festival of lights an environment-friendly affair. Hence, check out the seven ideas now:

Celebrate Eco-Friendly Deepawali
Img : askideas

1. LED Lighting

This is a smart way to decorate home as these lights are also known as the power saver ones. The low power consumption and minimum heat generation are two main reasons to use these beautiful looking lights. Also, the availability of designs is higher in LED lights in comparison to the regular ones.

LED Lighting
Img : beautyhealthtips

 2. Floral Decoration

Add freshness of flowers to home this Deepawali. Instead of putting up coloured or any other kind of rangoli we suggest you design a floral one as it will make your home décor look gorgeous. Also, we suggest you place beautiful fresh flowers on the table, closet top, lobby and other areas. In fact, the hanging of flowers on the ceiling will also offer an alluring look.

Floral Decoration
Img : housing

3. Prefer homemade Sweets

With the start of a festive season, the issue of adulteration also rises. So, give a taste of homemade delicacies to the loved ones and enjoy a healthy and yummy festive time. Also, the availability of sugar-free ingredients the making of sweets at home is not a big task.

Prefer homemade Sweets
Img : lavonne

4. Gift Sapling

Go green this Diwali and gift plant to your loved ones. This is an amazing gift as it will strengthen the bond as one will quickly plant the green to ensure it stay alive and most of the people hope to have an everlasting bond with the loved ones like than of a plant.

Gift Sapling
Img : blogspot

5. Puja Thali

This is the most important thing for a festival. But, inspite of using fancy puja thali we suggest you buy a metal-based one as steel, brass and other such metals are believed to be pure and thus it is best to use them in a puja or a devotional activity. Today, many designs in steel and brass metal are available so shop for some antique looking thali.

Puja Thali
Img : alicdn

6. Community Cracker Burning

The pollution is rising day by day so take a small step towards curbing the same. Thus, gather at a place along with your friends and family and burn crackers there only. This is also known as community cracker burning and is actually a nice idea to minimize pollution.

Community Cracker Burning
Img : varthabharati

7. Donations

While celebrating the festival we spend huge money. But this Deepawali recall what we learn and that is Sharing is Caring. Donate clothes, stationery, medicines and other items that are necessary for living as these small things can be the reason to smile and happiness for many people.

Img : organizedliving

7 Trendy Cushion Covers for Diwali

Cushions are an important home décor item as they make seating arrangement comfortable. That is why people shop for new cushion covers especially during the Diwali festival as guests and friends are expected at home. So, give home décor a nice and smart look by shopping for these trendy cushion covers. Scroll down the blog post to find out seven most trending cushion covers this season:

Cushion Covers for Diwali
Img : hgtvhome

1. Royal Cushion Cover

Give home a royal look by covering the sofa cushions with a royal design. The classic design with golden colour enhances the beauty of a sofa and also offers a celebratory look. We suggest you opt for expansive design as it covers the entire cushion cover and these kinds of cushion covers offer a festive look.

Royal Cushion Cover
Img : etsystatic

2. Customized Cushion Cover

Sometimes you have a clear picture of what kind of cushion cover you like to have but unfortunately they are not available in the market. So, get the image and quote printed on the cushion covers and give a different style to the home décor this Diwali. This kind of home décor depends upon a person’s creativity as one can get things designed, text or a picture printed on a customized cushion cover.

Customized Cushion Cover
Img : krazzykollections

3. Thread-Based Cushion Cover

This is actually an art. The proper stitching, inclusion of mirrors and the use of accurate colour combination are the key elements of this cushion cover. Apart from this, the placement of one plain and then thread-based cushion is a perfect way to decorate the seating area or the sofa-set.

Thread-Based Cushion Cover
Img : pinterest

4. Velvet & Brocade

This is a smart and classy look. The use of velvet and brocade in the cushion cover is a perfect combination for the festive season. Remember to choose cushion covers that match with the wall paint and sofa set fabric colour. The wrong selection of colours will make your home décor look bad so choose wisely.

Velvet & Brocade
Img : pinterest

5. Canadian Smoking Flower

Decorate home with this Canadian smoking flower. This design is curated on the satin cloth and gives a smart look. The availability of multiple colours and designs gives you a chance to buy the best. Remember this kind of cushion cover looks elegant in a single colour as twin colour shade won’t offer that chic look. So, think before you buy.

Canadian Smoking Flower
Img : Pinterest

6. Fabric Refurbished

You must have some old-fashioned dress material lying in the wardrobe. So, take them to out and get the cushion covers stitched from them. The same coloured or the mix and match cushion covers refurbished from the dresses that you don’t wear will help you in making the home look beautiful.

Fabric Refurbished
Img : medium

7. Warli Painting

This is a traditional painting from the tribal areas of Maharashtra and getting it designed on the cushion cover gives a stylish look. The typical warli design looks best in the combination of red and white. But you can choose for any other colour also.

Warli Painting
Img : amazon