Season Change: 7 Warm Home Décor Ideas for Winter Blues

The season change is taking place and many of us have started feeling the winter blues already. In fact, the cool breeze flowing in the morning and evening set up the mood for a warm and cozy home décor. But these are just the winter blues that means cool sunrise and sunsets but warm daytime. So, rather than pulling up the quilt try these home décor ideas that will create a balance in the atmosphere. Scroll down the page and find out the perfect décor ideas:

winter home decor idea
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1. Warm Up the Living Room

It’s important to keep space between furniture, rugs and other home décor items in the living room especially during the winter season. The placing of smart two-seater sofa set opposite to each other with a shawl placed on any of them offer a perfect home décor look. Also, the fire illuminating in the fireplace and the placing of a floor lamp in the room add warmness to the place.

Warm Up the Living Room
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2. Winter Décor for Lobby

We all look for sunshine nowadays as the warmness offer a big relief. So, place a couch or a chair in the lobby area and keep a hand-woven shawl as it will protect you from the cool breeze flowing even in the bright sunny daytime. We suggest you place a coffee table in the lobby as this stylish home décor will help you enjoy reading while sipping a coffee.

Winter Décor for Lobby
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3. Houseplants for Winters

One is required to take extra care of the plants during this season change as the dew falling during the early morning and evening time proves harmful to the greens as the frosting temperature makes the leaves wet. So, opt for planting healthy greens during this time such as basil, bok choi, money plant and more. This is so because the winter greens come with thick leaves and stems but one needs to wait for some time before planting them as they require proper winter atmosphere to grow.

Houseplants for Winters
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4. Cozy Bedroom

The placing of a couple of pillows, cushions and quilts along with bedspread set the mood for this season. You must keep the wall paint in mind while buying bed linen for this space as the wrong selection of these things will result in an unpleasant private space. So, choose everything wisely and add spark to the bedroom home décor.

Cozy Bedroom
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5. Traditional Room Décor

Give home an aesthetic look by placing a traditional wood fire along with a small coffee table. You can also place a small couch in the room next to the fireplace in order to feel the warmness. Remember to pull down the curtains when igniting the fireplace as it ensures smart look.

Traditional Room Décor
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6. Vibrant Colour Paint

The walls colours also play an important role in maintaining the temperature. So, we suggest you paint the home in warm colours like brunt orange, vibrant violet, sunshine yellow and more. Also, add a touch of white colour to all the walls as they elevate the overall look.

Vibrant Colour Paint
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7. Light up Home

Hang the lighting string in the exteriors and feel the warmness. This home décor idea for the winter season is best as it not only offers warmness to the environment but also set the mood for a festive season.

Light up Home
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This Festive Season decorate Home with Designer Metal-Casted Candle Holders

Metal has a dazzling finish and thus the decorative items crafted out of it offer an elegant look. So, on the advent of festive occasions, we have bought an amazing list of metal candle stand as they will help you choose the best home décor with candles. But make sure you choose s right coloured metal item as the placing of wrong one can collapse the entire home décor concept. Thus, scroll down the page and check some astounding designs of metal candle stand now:

decorate Home with Designer Metal-Casted Candle Holders
Img : touchofmodern

Ember Leaf Candelabrum

You must have seen headgear of this design. But, this time place a beautiful looking arch-shaped candle stand on the center or the dining table and give an alluring look to the home this festive season. This beautifully crafted candle stand has 5-holes and the safe distance between all of them ensures proper illumination. Also, the round and flat base of this metal candle stand offers comfortable seating.

Ember Leaf Candelabrum
Img : notonthehighstreet

Copper Candelabrum

This brass metal candle stand offers an opulent look and placing of this home décor item in the center of a dining table with a flower banquet elevates the atmosphere. Apart from the festive season you can also decorate the home for a small get together or for a dinner party. This home décor in the shape of an industrial pipe offer a different look. Remember this metal candle stand is available with 5 and more candle holders as the design of this home décor item look appealing only in this manner. So, don’t shop for 3-candle stand as it will not offer this stunning look.

Copper Candelabrum
Img : notonthehighstreet

Silver Twisted Candle Stand

This hard-metal candle holder gives a modern look. Thus, placing of this home décor item on the closet top or any other place with height will offer a smart and enduring look. We suggest you keep this metal candle stand wrapped in a cloth and then in a storage box as it will protect the item from rust and will also maintain its starches less shine.

Silver Twisted Candle Stand
Img : robertwelch

Cobra Candelabrum

This curvy-metal candle stand offers a smart look and the shine of this silver metal candle stand elevate the entire atmosphere. You can place this alluring candelabrum in a corner in order to add a stylish home décor.

Cobra Candelabrum
Img : amara

Tablescape Candle Holder

This traditionally-crafted design offers an aesthetic look as you can place them on the entry gate or in the divine space in a linear manner. The placing of this Tablescape candle holder gives a traditional feel to the mood, especially during the festive season.

Tablescape Candle Holder
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Modern Candle Holder

This is the best way to enhance a home décor with a modern theme. The glossy finish of these candelabrums will offer a smart look and will set the ambiance for a perfect festive time.

Modern Candle Holder
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Solo Candelabrum

This single candle holder offers a magnificent look and the placing of this as a home décor item during the festival time will shower praise for your smart style sense. So, bring this home and enjoy the festivities in a good environment.

Solo Candelabrum
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Spectacular Living Room Designs that will Inspire You to Renovate Space

Home is a place to relax, rejoice and retreat yourself but the regular interior of the place especially the living room area make one experience boredom. Hence, we are listing some amazing living room designs that will inspire you to renovate the living space. Inspite of thinking about colour palette and other home décor items, take a look at these spectacularly designed living rooms:

Living Room Designs
Img : robertsonthomas

Offer a Contemporary Look

White colour reflects richness so add this peaceful shade in the living room area and give an alluring look to this space. But, take a look at this image before you think about painting the entire space white. We suggest you refurbish the furniture also. Finally, step out and shop for cushions covers with classy quotes and designs to enhance the décor of a living room. Also, buy some unusual couch design and add more seating space to the living room.

Offer a Contemporary Look
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Chic Décor Idea

Elevate home décor of the living room with a touch of pearl white. Get this space painted with a dual tone of white colour as per the choice as some people prefer textured and a grey look while others love to experience royal life by adding gold and white combination their living room. So, choose a combination and get a sofa set accordingly. Also, get an iron-casted railing installed to climb up the next floor.

Chic Décor Idea
Img : impressiveinteriordesign

Modern Design

The placing of an L-shaped sofa set with a black coloured piano offers a modern and different style. The placement of this musical instrument adjoining the front wall offer a smart look and also drag the attention of your guests to the family member who plays it the most. You should place a low-heightened coffee table as it will offer a clear vision of the piano that offers a smart and unique look to the living room.

Modern Design
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Go Colourful

Wait. Before you think about adding the entire colour palette in the living room we suggest you create an imaginary image of a living room with different colour combinations. The placement of home décor items, furniture and wall paint in a smart colour combinations like blue, turquoise and velvet or pink, lavender and rose pink and more will enhance the beauty of a living room like never before.

Go Colourful
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Make it look Bigger

If you have a small living room then we suggest you get a mirror wall as it offers a spacious look from one end. The seating arrangement or a home décor made in different corners of the room reflect in the mirror and those stepping in the living room will get a dimensional look of the same. So, enhance the living room décor with this stunning design.

Make it look bigger
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5 Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Kitchen Smartly

The kitchen is the heart of a home and thus you need to be extra careful while decorating this space as the wrong light fittings or a wrong countertop marble can ruin not just the look but also the space. So, apart from the close door cabinets and other fittings you must also focus on the lighting of this area. Hence, today we are listing smart lighting ideas to make a kitchen an exquisite place. So, scroll down the page and find out different types of stylish lightings for the kitchen area.

5 Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Kitchen Smartly
Img : kastav-crkva

1. Recessed Light

This kind of ceiling lights adds brightness to the cooking junction. The pure white colour of these bulbs not only offers a crystal clear look but they also give an elegant look to the place. Getting some recessed lights fitted in the kitchen ensures style and comfort while cooking as the person can have a clear vision of the entire kitchen area.

Recessed Light
Img : u2j

2. Pendent Light

The kitchen design of earlier days is back in fashion and people now have a small dining area in the kitchen. So lit up this area of your home with beautiful looking pendant lighting which not only offers a stylish look but also allow lighting on a dedicated place like a dining table. A pendant light is available in multiple colours and shapes. Hence, we suggest you buy a set of pendant lights while considering the colours painted in the kitchen area.

Pendent Light
Img : home-designing

3. Chandelier Light

A chandelier is commonly hanged in the living or a lobby area but this time add a twist to your home décor and get this kind of lighting in the kitchen area. You can give a personal touch to the cooking junction by adding two chandeliers under one roof. Get a small-sized lighting fixture for the cooking counter and have an alluring chandelier for the dining area. This is surely going to make your home trend as the best kitchen design amongst your friends and family.

Chandelier Light
Img : smartsrl

4. Under Cabinet Light

Apart from fitting lights on the kitchen ceiling, we suggest you decorate the kitchen area with under cabinet lighting. This lighting fixture is suitable for all kitchen types as you or any other person is not required to illuminate the entire lights of the kitchen area when he/she feels hungry or wish to cook something at odd times like a midnight. So, get this smart lighting fixture for the kitchen area and enjoy stylish cooking junction.

Under Cabinet Light
Img : instructables

5. Island Lights

Elevate the style of your kitchen arena by hanging this smart and alluring light. The multiple light holders in this lighting fixture allow illumination of maximum possible lights. There are various designs to choose from according to the space and wall paint.

Island Lights
Img : lavignelaw

7 Pavement Designs to Elevate Home Exteriors

Pavements might sound like roadside but here we are letting you know about the stylish ways to decorate the home exteriors. So, inspite of placing regular floor tiles in the open area of your home try these decorative ways to design the exteriors as they look stylish and also offer space to keep a couple of chairs or a coffee table. So, go through these designs and get one that suits you the best:

7 Pavement Designs to Elevate Home Exteriors
Img : donpedrobrooklyn

1. Front Walkway Garden

This beautiful looking walkway creates a smooth walking space that connects entry and exit points of a home. Also, the step-like structure of this walkway offers a different look from that of the regular exterior design. We suggest you choose the floor texture and color according to the exterior paint as sync between these two offers a smart look.

Front Walkway Garden
Img : bwncy

2. Pavement Yard Design

This uneven size of the titles offers a mismatched look which actually looks like as a design. So, highlight one of the exterior areas with this kind of pavement design and add a style to your home exteriors. Remember you can make use of red marble or yellow stone to add a different style to your living abode.

Pavement Yard Design
Img : granco

3. Paver Patio Design

Get floor titles of a premium quality prefixed in the home exterior in a specific design and cover this cementing space with greens. The placing of grass covering also looks like a design structured intentionally. This kind of pavement allows water seepage and you need not face waterlogging issue in case of heavy rainfall.

Paver Patio Design
Img : antyradar

4. Stone Pavement Design

Give your home an ancient style by having a stone pavement design as it resembles to the Mughal era when the forts used to get designed with stone of multiple colours. We suggest you use the same coloured stones which have been fixed on the exterior walls of the home.

Stone Pavement Design
Img : exclusivefloraldesigns

5. Pebble Pavement Design

Step out in style as the pebble pavement design offer a must and unique exterior look. The planting of a few greens in the pebble pavement offers a soft look and you can also feel the freshness while walking around.

Pebble Pavement Design
Img : ytimg

6. Gravel Patio Pavement Design

Looks a bit similar to that of a paver patio design but is actually different from it. The placing of a stone with sharp edges and the grass covering all the remaining area offer a cool and pleasant look. So, get stones fixed in exterior and give home a beautiful look.

Gravel Patio Pavement Design
Img : heiterernsthaftbaby

7. Urban Patio Pavement

Give a classy finish to your home exterior and a step elevation at the same time. This offers an elegant look to the home exterior and this pavement design also allows you to place a coffee table from where one can enjoy a beautiful view of the nature.

Urban Patio Pavement
Img : urbanpaving

7 Stylish Lighting Ideas for High-Ceilings

A home reflects your personality and thus it is important to add style and space in your dream castle as it is the most beautiful place on the earth. Budget differs for many people when it comes to owning a residential property and their choice of a housing unit is completely different from others. So, those owning a home with high-ceiling must check out these alluring lighting designs in order to enhance the look of their home overall:

Lighting Ideas for High-Ceilings
Img : serdalgur

1. Lighting for Living Room

The hanging of a chandelier in a living room sounds regular. So, inspite of following this home décor idea, we suggest you install multiple ceiling lights on the roof. This décor style not only offer a distinct look but it also gives you an option to create low and high lighting as per the requirements. In fact, the simple ceiling lights with milky bulbs add brightness to the area and thus it is a decent home décor for a living room with high-ceiling.

Lighting for Living Room
Img : grezu

2. Modern Classic Lighting

The hanging of a chandelier with a false ceiling concept is also a good home décor idea. You can place a low-heightened lampshade in the corner while enlightening the entire living area with this rectangle-shaped lighting fixture.

Modern Classic Lighting
Img : crismatec

3. Lighting for Bedroom

Give a smart and unique look to the bedroom area by hanging this cathedral-style chandelier. The beautiful geometrical design with glass and iron offers an elite look while the three candles in the same home décor item set a relaxing mood. The fixing of ceiling lightings in a diagonal-manner help you create a dazzling star-like effect in the bedroom.

Lighting for Bedroom
Img : lubbockchurches

4. Lighting for Kitchen

The kitchen must have appropriate lighting, in short the extra and minimum both kinds of lightings, can create, trouble in the paradise as the person cooking might not get an exact look of the things. So, inspite of experimenting with a light fitting of the kitchen area opt for simple lighting. Also, you can opt for a chimney with pre-fitted lights as it offers a comfort while cooking. The direct focus of the lights on the cooking junction gives a crystal clear clarity in the preparation of food which is the first thing a person should look for.

Lighting for Kitchen
Img : spechousehd

5. Lighting for Lobby

Give an alluring look to the lobby area by matching the chandelier design with that of the staircase railing which gives a home an elevation from the ground to the next floor. Look for the chandelier which matches with the railing design or get a chandelier designed according to the railing. Get this lighting fixture painted in the same colour that of a railing as it offers a smart look.

Lighting for Lobby
Img : foggydewpub

6. Lighting for Porch

Inspite of buying a trendy lighting fixture for the porch area get an iron-casted chandelier and hang it here. The not so bright light of this chandelier will catch the attention of the people passing by your home and the same home décor item will offer a vintage look during the daytime.

Lighting for Porch
Img : aidnature

7. Lighting for Dining Area

Bring home a pendant style lighting fixture and enlighten the dining area with the same. This kind of lighting help you adjust lighting while dinning according to the mood. You can enjoy food in dim lighting while a bright light will work if you have a party time at home.

Lighting for Dining Area
Img : illbedead

7 Stylish Lighting Ideas for Low-Ceilings

Each home is different from another and so does the ceiling height. So, if you own a home with a low-ceiling roof then here are the ways to offer a stylish and smart look to it by using these kinds of decorative lighting fixtures. Also, remember that every room is different from another in terms of area, length and breadth. So, choose the lighting fixtures for low-ceiling roof wisely as the wrong choice can ruin the entire home décor:

Lighting Ideas for Low-Ceilings
Img : mooccampus

Lighting for Living Room

In case you have a nice extended and covered space designed as a living room then, decorate the walls by putting up farmhouse styled lighting fixtures on each wall and a round-shaped chandelier in the center and experience a smart yet alluring looking living room.

Lighting for Living Room
Img : apartmentsmendoza

Lighting for Bedroom

We suggest you place minimum furniture in the bedroom that has a low-ceiling. The reason behind this concept is to make the room look capacious. So, inspite of cluttering the room focus on the lighting part. Offer a false ceiling look to the low-ceiling roof of a room and fix lighting with a different colour to create a majestic environment. Also, we suggest you fix a few side ceiling lights on the roof and a few lights in the bed frame also make space look stylish.

Lighting for Bedroom
Img : magiccityrv

Lighting for Kitchen

Try to use only white-coloured light in this part of the home as the cooking junction requires proper lighting in order to cook great food. The fixing of multiple lights in the ceiling is a good option and the hanging of low-heightened chandelier exactly on the cooktop is also a consider best as it offers exact amount of light required while preparing food.

Lighting for Kitchen
Img : excelential

Lighting for Dining Room

The hanging of desk lamps on the low-ceiling of a dining room offers crystal clear vision of what is being served on the table and also offers a smart look. You can get this lamp designed as per your requirement of height and the shape you like. We suggest you hang these simple strings to offer a chic look to the dining area as the placing of a wooden log and the string attachments to the same is a regular home décor idea.

Lighting for Dining Room
Img : kfmradios

Lighting for a Study Room

Offer a different style to the study room and make it more comfortable by adding a couch similar to that of a bed in a smaller size. The fixing of two medium-sized lampshades along with one roof ceiling in the center of the low-ceiling offers a stylish look and will also catch the eyeballs of guests and friends.

Lighting for a Study Room
Img : homedesignlatest

Lighting for Lobby Area

Give a classy look to the lobby area with the hanging of a circular-shaped moonlight fixture here. The placing of a plant adjacent to the lobby wall also offers a refreshing look whenever you step in or out of the home.

Lighting for Lobby Area
Img : impacthomestagingexperts

Lighting for Porch Area

Add a vintage look to this semi-open and covered area by hanging two beautiful iron-made lamps. These lighting fixtures not only offer an elegant look but also grab the attention of those passing by your home as the not so bright and dim light reflects on the walls and other adjoining areas in a designer way.

Lighting for Porch Area
Img : perfecthouse

7 Decorative Cushions for Couch at Home

Home décor is incomplete without an appropriate cushion placing on the couch, sofa and chairs at your home. So, instead of changing cushion covers to renovate the home décor of your living abode try placing these differently designed cushions as this home décor will make guests and family members fall in love with them. Below we have listed best decorative cushions for couch:

Decorative Cushions for Couch at Home
Img : wfcdn

1. Heart-Shaped Cushions

The placing of these heart-shaped cushions on the couch of your bedroom will also keep the romance flow in the air. The soft and soothing shade of pink not only bring a smile on a tired face but also makes a couple feel more caring and involved in each other. So, keep the spark of love ignited in life by placing these two beautiful looking heart-shaped cushions in the private space alias the bedroom.

Heart-Shaped Cushions-min-min
Img : staticbg

2. Sunflower-Shaped Cushion

A sunflower-shaped cushion is ideal to place in every bedroom as the blooming of a sunflower refers to sunrise and also mark the start of a new day. So, have this beautiful looking cushion not only in your room but also in the kids bedroom and let them also know that early to bed and early to rise is equivalent to rise and shine which is utmost important to lead a happy, healthy and a successful life.

Sunflower-Shaped Cushion-min
Img : shophandmade

3. Multi-Sized Cushions

This set of cushions shall be placed on the sofa or the couch in a living room. The multiple-size of these cushions reflects everyday life and let you understand that instead of getting irritated by differently reacting people try to get going with them as everything can’t get perfect as per your choice. This kind of home décor helps you calm down as many things make you experience anger, anxiety and even high blood pressure. So, stay calm and enjoy the company of all family and friends inspite of proving your point right.

Multi-Sized Cushions-min
Img : 90pluswinefestivals

4. Plush Knotted Cushion

Bring home these beautifully crafted cushions and give a stylish look to your home décor. Place these multi-coloured cushions on the sofa or couch of a solid colour and experience the beauty of classic home décor. We suggest buying of pastel shades in knotted cushions as they offer an elegant look to the entire place. Also, this style is new and not often witnessed in regular homes. So, try this home décor idea as guests and family are definitely going to give you a round of applause for this idea.

Plush Knotted Cushion-min-min
Img : picclickimg

5. Cloud Set Cushions

Decorate the kid’s room or the cradle with these soft and cute little cushions which have a cloud, moon and star as the small children always feel fascinated with them. You can choose from a huge range of colours and designs. Remember these cushions look stunning when bought in pastel shades as the placing of loud colours around children is not a happening idea.

Cloud Set Cushions-min
Img : etsystatic

6. Shell-Shaped Cushion

The placing of this shell-shaped cushion at a chair placed in the lobby or study area enhances the overall look of the place. Also, this stylish cushion gives an alluring look to the home décor and also makes you feel happy and relaxed all the time so that you can forget the stress every time you sit around this cushion.

Shell-Shaped Cushion-min
Img : dhgate

7. Owl-Shaped Cushion

Give an unusual treat to your eyes by placing these two beautiful looking owls in the living room. Also, hang the curtains of any solid colour in sync with these owls and give a smart makeover to the entire home décor.

Owl-Shaped Cushion
Img : pinimg

7 Best Minimalist Designs to Style Your Home

There are various ways to decorate a home. Apart from decorating an abode in a modern or contemporary style, you can also opt for minimalist designs that are currently trending in home décor. So, check some of the most promising interior designs and make your dream home look alluring and opulent like no other:

7 Best Minimalist Designs to Style Your Home
Img : travelemag

1. Minimalist Design for Living Room – Decorate the living room with two L-shaped sofa set and a couch which is the opposite colour of a sofa set. For example, a bright yellow coloured chair with black coloured sofa set adjacent to the white coloured walls offer a smart finish to the home décor.

Minimalist Design for Living Room
Img : freshome

2. Minimalist Design for Bedroom – The placing of a double bed with storage cabinets is the best way to decorate a private place named bedroom. Also, hang a couple of chandelier around the bed while focusing the same on a bedside table will offer a chic look to this space. Apart from this, we suggest you decorate the room with wall-mounted cabinet shelves to store books and other documents. This is a smart home décor idea to follow.

Minimalist Design for Bedroom
Img : home-designing

3. Segregate Living & Dining Room – The minimalist design is best suitable if you have a compact living room arena. Divide this space into living and dining area by keeping a small partition between the two. We suggest you design an open beam to segregate the space or placing of a bookshelf is also a smart way to decorate this area with minimalist design.

Segregate Living & Dining Room
Img : e-interjeras

4. Minimalist Design for Staircase – Give your home a smart look by designing a drinks counter beneath the staircase. This offers you a chance to enjoy snacks while having a good time with friends and family. So, inspite of facing the heat in the kitchen when there are guests at home, bring the entire snacks junction here in the living area in a stylish manner.

Minimalist Design for Staircase
Img : wonderer

5. Minimalist Design for Garden Area – Let the open area offer multiple shades of freshness. Design the landscape gardens by planting half area with greens and fixing the remaining space with floor tiles. You can place a coffee table in the tiled area and the lush greens next to this space offer a refreshing flow of air round the clock.

Minimalist Design for Garden Area
Img : iwmissions

6. Minimalist Design for Study Room – Place a small cabinet along with wall mounted bookshelves to keep important files and books. Also, keep a sleekly designed study table and a chair. The placing of a desktop or laptop on the table will allow you to work comfortably even at home.

Minimalist Design for Study Room
Img : dma-upd

7. Minimalist Design for Porch – Place two beautiful looking sofas in the porch area and make this space ideal for sitting. The placing of sofa depends upon the size of a porch. This minimalist design for the porch area offers an alluring look.

Minimalist Design for Porch
Img : gestablishment

7 Best Container Plant Décor Ideas to Style Your Home

Plants are the one thing that almost every person like and thus we all have a small garden or few planters at home? But, the change in lifestyle changed the way gardening take place and the innovation gave planters a new name i.e. Containers. Yes, so here are ways to elevate home decoration with these best containers planted with your favorite greens:

Plant Décor Ideas
Img : ytimg

1. Round-Plastic Containers – Bring home these lemon-green coloured containers and plant some dark green plants in them. Place these planters in the living room either in the corner or any other place where they can get enough of sunlight and fresh air. This is so because you need to be extra careful while planting greens inside a home as the continuous moisture generation can leave your plants dead.

Plants Plastic Containers
Img : tierraeste

2. Replace Your Earthen Pots – Break the traditional style of planting greens and bring in the plastic containers that are a replica of the earthen pots. Place these pots on the wall shelve in the lobby area and plant some stylish and English plants which are purely the green ones. The placing of a mirror right behind the pots offers an alluring look to the entire place.

Earthen Pots
Img : carmensteffens

3. Go Green with Recycled Paper Containers – You must have a huge bunch of newspapers which goes into a scrape. So, collect all the newspapers and get them recycled into beautiful looking plant containers. You can have a fresh edible plant by sowing seeds in them or can offer a picture-perfect look to a window at home with a small leaf popping out from a stem. You can plant any green which can later be transferred into the big container.

Recycled Paper Containers
Img : daviddomoney

4. Grow Edible Plants in Containers – Create a kitchen garden at home by placing these multiple-sized and coloured containers. You can enjoy delicious home-cooked food by adding flavours of fresh basil, parsley, rosemary and other edibles. Make sure to keep the plant container clean and make sure the plants get ample sunlight.

Grow Edible Plants in Containers
Img : aurelia-deco

5. Hanging Containers – Offer a contemporary style to your home by hanging these beautiful looking plant containers that attract many eyeballs. Buy the containers that match with the exterior paint of your balcony or the home. This offers a smart and stylish look to a heaven on earth called home.

Hanging Containers
Img : talk3d

6. Round Rustic Containers – This metallic coloured plant container is a smart option to place at home especially on a festival or a celebration time. The glittery looks of this planter automatically upbeat the mood and makes you enjoy the happiness all around.

Round Rustic Containers
Img : provenwinners

7. Containers for Porch Area – Let some refreshing fruits and other edibles grow at home by placing a rectangular contains in the porch area. This kind of planter is best suitable to grow onions, carrots, celery and more. In fact, grow tomatoes and more in this container and stay relaxed from the weekly visit to hypermarket for buying fresh vegetables.

Containers for Porch Area
Img : nola