Best Canvas Paintings Ideas to Decorate a Home

Canvas Painting Ideas
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A home looks classy when the walls are decorated with paintings. Thus we are suggesting some beautiful Canvas Painting Ideas to decorate a home. Today, the availability of 3D and Digital Paintings had made home décor easy but the paintings crafted via traditional techniques bring prints to life like no other. So, go through this blog post and know ideas to decorate a home with canvas paintings:

Geometrical Painting

You might feel that painting geometrical designs must be easy but actually, they are not. This is because the artist has to manage the edges, curves, depth and other dimensions of these paintings. So, enhance the beauty of your bedroom with geometrical paintings as a relationship also has their highs and lows similar to the geometric shapes. Remember to match the colour scheme with the wall paint.

Geometrical Painting
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Madhubani Painting

It won’t be wrong to call Madhubani Paintings an identity of India. In fact, each of these paintings tells a story. So, bring home the one that matches with your life and give home décor a lively feel. Also, you can enhance the lobby or entrance area with this painting as a Madhubani Painting gives an aesthetic look.

Madhubani Painting
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Long Art Work

This is an artwork crafted with the help of a brush. A home can be decorated with spectacular modern and contemporary design. You can shop for any long art painting to enhance the décor of a living room, bedroom or any other arena.

Long Art Work
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Warli painting

Warli painting is a traditional tribal painting of the Maharashtra state and geometrical shapes are the main elements of this painting as a circle, triangle, rectangle and other denotes different elements of nature. Decorate your home with Warli painting similar to the tribals who decorate their clay-made huts with these paintings. You can also elevate the home décor with warli painting like a supporting wall in this image.

Warli Painting
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Whimsical Painting

This purple-coloured fanciful image is best suitable to hang or place on the table top. By adding this kind of painting to home décor you can actually get inspired to chase the dreams. There are multiple designs available in Whimsical painting to choose from. Thus you are suggested to shop for the one that is close to your dreams.

Whimsical Painting
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Knife Painting

Decorate home this spectacular knife painting and many more. This painting technique adds multiple textures and layers to artwork and then forms a masterpiece that has the ability to elevate the look of home décor. Interestingly, knife paintings are available in large and extra-large sizes that can cover the entire wall space.

Knife Painting
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Venice Water Oil Painting

This beautiful looking painting is crafted with oil paints and thus you can also add colours to life with this type of art. These designs look opulent and thus choose the one can suit the room and wall paint along with other home décor items.

Venice Water Oil Painting
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5 Best Winter Decoration Ideas in 2019


The New Year bought the chilling winter breeze and thus the home décor needs a change. So, get ready to enjoy a cozy winter atmosphere right from the living room to bedroom and in the veranda area. As here we are listing some beautiful looking home décor ideas for winter. Hence, scroll down the blog post and have a look at these smart ideas to decorate a home for the winter season.

1. Rustic Look

Give your bedroom a rustic look by designing the walls. You are suggested to highlight a wall by installing stones or by placing wallpaper that gives a stone-like feel. The choice is yours but don’t think about applying the stone-design idea on all the walls as it will create a cold atmosphere. So, simply add a rustic look to the personal space. Apart from this, get a fireplace installed inside the wall and the golden-coloured decorative lamps placed on the side table will upbeat the mood.

Rustic Look
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2. Cozy Cushions

Get the living room designed in a cozy manner. So, place some fancy cushions like the one made from old sweaters, designer wool and more. Also, the placing of a rug/carpet and a handwoven blanket on the couch will create a cozy atmosphere. You can keep the living room warm by lighting up lamps and some aromatic candles.

Cozy Cushions
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3. Colour Splash

The use of bright colours during winter keeps chilling vibes at bay. So, bring home a colourful rug or a carpet and enhance the interiors. Also, the placing of a solid coloured sofa-set along with two leather-stitched chairs is a perfect home décor for the winter season. A home décor can be highlighted by illuminating multiple designer lamps in the room. Make sure you keep some bright coloured flowers on the table to feel fresh.

Colour Splash
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4. Contemporary Look

The shades or curtain as they are commonly known must be used to decorate a home during the winter season. We suggest you hang these curtains in the kitchen or the lobby area as it is easy to let the sunrays come inside. Also, it gives a sunny vibe, especially during the winter season. The placing of plants near these curtains offers an organic home décor feel.

Contemporary Look
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5. Exterior Décor

Witness a beautiful sunset view while sitting in the balcony or the garden area. Also, lit some aromatic candles on the coffee table and create a cozy atmosphere. You can also place a simple candle in a mug full of coffee beans as it will upbeat the mood.

Exterior Décor
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Christmas Spl: Home Décor Tips to welcome Santa Claus

Well, the most happening time of the year is just around the corner and you must also be thinking about changing the home décor. Hence, we are listing some amazing ways to enhance the home décor of your abode in a charming way as it is the most comfortable place on the earth. So, instead of putting décor items in a wrong manner go through these points and offer an alluring look to the home.



Welcome Happiness

The décor of the main entry door guides the inflow of energies and thus we suggest you decorate it with fresh greens, ribbons, streamers and of course a Christmas tree. The lighting on the main gate will elevate the look of a home during the dark as the decorative illumination of lights makes the abode glow like a star.

welcome christmas decor idea
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Lobby Décor

The first thing anyone notices inside a home is the lobby area. So, decorate this spacious arena with aromatic candles, wall decorative wall hangings and a couple of flower bouquets. Make sure to decorate home with elegant flowers like lilac, white and peace lily and other seasonal flowers. It is also important to maintain the balance between other colours and the green colour especially during the Christmas season.

Lobby Décor Idea for christmas
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Décor with Wisteria Flowers

These are the trending flowers this season hence decorate the living room and the fireplace with these elegant looking florets. The addition of red lily and rose in between the bouquet offer a sweet and fresh fragrance and will elevate the festive spirit.

Décor with Wisteria Flowers
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X-Mas-based Décor

A huge variety of delicacies including cake, muffins and more are served at the parties during the Christmas celebration. Hence, place a quoted or design-based runner on the dining table and give a touch of celebration to the place. Also, you can place a Christmas tree in the arena depending upon the size of the room. The hanging of streamers, toffees and stars on this tree will offer a charming look to your home décor.

X-Mas-based Décor
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Staircase Décor

The entire home is decorated during this festive season and thus we suggest you offer swirl or tangled design to the staircase. Remember to use transparent ribbons to cover the railing and the clutching of satin ribbons along with greens will offer a chic look.

Staircase Décor
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Ceiling Décor

Of course, a false ceiling is an option but the hanging of streamer balls on the ceiling will add a dazzlingly look to the entire home. Also, the glossy look of this décor set the party mood during this season of festival. The strings of lights will upbeat the mood for sure.

Ceiling Décor
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Exterior Décor

Give an outline to the home with the transparent lighting string. This looks elegant and balances the décor of a home inside out. Also, the placing of a snowman, deer and a chariot outside a home is believed to bring happiness and prosperity home as they all pave the way to the celebration of festival while the Santa Claus is on the way to your home.

Exterior home Décor
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Creative Ways to Decorate Home with Piano

Decorate Home with Piano
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The Piano is a stylish musical instrument and many people like to flaunt their love for the same by placing it in the living room. But, there are many other ways to place the same as this musical instrument has the ability to grab eyeballs even if it is placed in a corner. So, scroll down the page as in this blog post we suggest you different style to decorate home with piano:

Corner Placement

The corner of a spacious room or in fact a study room is ideal to place a piano. Also, a floor lamp set near to this musical instrument offers a chic look. So, bring home this magical instrument and place two sofas in the study room and elevate the style of the entire area. Remember to match the colour of piano board and that of a stool to sit for playing a piano.

Corner Placement
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Greens Décor

This is a celebration time as few festivities are over and the celebration for Christmas and New Year is around the corner. So, give your home a splash of greenery by placing some wonderful looking flowers and greens. This decor idea can also be worked on if you have a birthday or anniversary planned for the one who loves playing a piano.

Greens Décor
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Piano Living Room

If you have a nice and capacious living room then we suggest segregation of the space. The placing of a piano in the center of a widespread book rack is no less than an elegant home décor. In fact, shop for a glossy black coloured piano for home and place like the one shown in this picture. This setting will surely give you a round of applause.

Piano Living Room
Img : radiochimia

Crown Bench Piano

This smart placement looks royal and will bring a class to the entire home décor. The placing of shields acknowledging your victory and talent is enough to showcase your creative side. Also, the candles and the vase placed on upperside of the piano offer a classy look.

Crown Bench Piano
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Aquarium Styled Piano

Bring home this piano and give a charming look to the home décor. The glass-divider allowing you to witness the aquatic life while playing piano offers a classy look which is not viable in home décor.

Aquarium Styled Piano
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7 White Coffee Table Designs to Make Home Look Beautiful

A coffee table adds dimension to the home décor. In fact, this piece of furniture is ideally shopped during the winter season. The placing of a low-heightened table next to the windows or in the lobby that absorbs maximum sunlight is actually a smart home décor. Hence in this blog post, we suggest some beautiful and chic looking white coloured coffee tables that are trending this season. So, check them now:

White Coffee Table Design Ideas
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1. Light-Enabled Coffee Table

This is a compact coffee table to have because of its sleek design and the ample space for placing books. You can decorate the tabletop by placing a vase with greens and a mansion jar filled with cookies. This white-coloured coffee table has everything to enhance the ambiance of overall home décor.

Light-Enabled Coffee Table
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2. Marble Coffee Table

The combination of two geometrical shapes along with white and golden colour makes the marble coffee table look beautiful. The glossy finish of the tabletop and the golden glitters of this table encapsulate a chic look that is enough to add an alluring look to the entire home décor of your abode. Apart from using the tabletop, you can also a place bag or anything important under this table to keep it handy.

Marble Coffee Table
Img : forbes

3. Narrow Coffee Table

This is a small square-shaped coffee table with criss-cross legs. The entire furniture is made from a premium quality of wood. The not-so-sharp edges of this coffee table are the best thing about it. We suggest placing of a cream coloured sofa as the soft colour combination of cream and white shade will add volume to the room.

Narrow Coffee Table
Img : pamperedpetsct

4. Rectangular Coffee Table

This coffee table has a slightly increased height. Also, the legs and overall design of this furniture piece recalls the image of a center table. But, it is actually different from this piece as the coffee table offer lesser space to keep things in comparison to what is called a center table. We suggest placing this furniture in a large living room.

Rectangular Coffee Table
Img : timeinc

5. Modern Coffee Table

This is modernly crafted coffee table is surely going to add a chic look to the abode. In fact, this single-piece furniture is currently trending and the glossy finish of this coffee table is enough to enhance the home décor of the area. We suggest placing this coffee table on a rug to offer a better look.

Modern Coffee Table
Img : mira-road

6. Contemporary Coffee Table

Give home an aesthetic look by bringing home this masterpiece. This diamond-shaped coffee table is a must if your home is designed according to a contemporary theme. Also, the use of single material to craft this furniture makes it look even more beautiful.

Contemporary Coffee Table
Img : losmanolo

7. Coffee Table Drawer

This simple yet drawer-enabled coffee table is a good option as you can keep magazines, TV remotes and other handy stuff in here. The overall look of this furniture is smart and also gives ample space to keep things on the tabletop.

Coffee Table Drawer

Season Change: 7 Warm Home Décor Ideas for Winter Blues

The season change is taking place and many of us have started feeling the winter blues already. In fact, the cool breeze flowing in the morning and evening set up the mood for a warm and cozy home décor. But these are just the winter blues that means cool sunrise and sunsets but warm daytime. So, rather than pulling up the quilt try these home décor ideas that will create a balance in the atmosphere. Scroll down the page and find out the perfect décor ideas:

winter home decor idea
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1. Warm Up the Living Room

It’s important to keep space between furniture, rugs and other home décor items in the living room especially during the winter season. The placing of smart two-seater sofa set opposite to each other with a shawl placed on any of them offer a perfect home décor look. Also, the fire illuminating in the fireplace and the placing of a floor lamp in the room add warmness to the place.

Warm Up the Living Room
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2. Winter Décor for Lobby

We all look for sunshine nowadays as the warmness offer a big relief. So, place a couch or a chair in the lobby area and keep a hand-woven shawl as it will protect you from the cool breeze flowing even in the bright sunny daytime. We suggest you place a coffee table in the lobby as this stylish home décor will help you enjoy reading while sipping a coffee.

Winter Décor for Lobby
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3. Houseplants for Winters

One is required to take extra care of the plants during this season change as the dew falling during the early morning and evening time proves harmful to the greens as the frosting temperature makes the leaves wet. So, opt for planting healthy greens during this time such as basil, bok choi, money plant and more. This is so because the winter greens come with thick leaves and stems but one needs to wait for some time before planting them as they require proper winter atmosphere to grow.

Houseplants for Winters
Img : bagbani

4. Cozy Bedroom

The placing of a couple of pillows, cushions and quilts along with bedspread set the mood for this season. You must keep the wall paint in mind while buying bed linen for this space as the wrong selection of these things will result in an unpleasant private space. So, choose everything wisely and add spark to the bedroom home décor.

Cozy Bedroom
Img : home-designing

5. Traditional Room Décor

Give home an aesthetic look by placing a traditional wood fire along with a small coffee table. You can also place a small couch in the room next to the fireplace in order to feel the warmness. Remember to pull down the curtains when igniting the fireplace as it ensures smart look.

Traditional Room Décor
Img : hgtvhome

6. Vibrant Colour Paint

The walls colours also play an important role in maintaining the temperature. So, we suggest you paint the home in warm colours like brunt orange, vibrant violet, sunshine yellow and more. Also, add a touch of white colour to all the walls as they elevate the overall look.

Vibrant Colour Paint
Img : ideideafaceripenet

7. Light up Home

Hang the lighting string in the exteriors and feel the warmness. This home décor idea for the winter season is best as it not only offers warmness to the environment but also set the mood for a festive season.

Light up Home
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7 Best Pastel Shades to decorate Home When It’s Raining

Enjoying monsoon? But, the wetness all around makes you feel irritated at times and thus you wish to get rid of the rainy days. But, what if you are offered with amazing home décor ideas that will make the living castle shine like a star? Well, today in this blog post we have listed the 7 best pastel shade home décor ideas to beautify home in a stylish manner. So, scroll down and check out these amazing ideas to decorate home with pastel shades:

Home Decor Ideas with Pastel Shades
Img : architecturedsgn

Living Room – Give this space a smart look by putting up some pastel shades on the walls like Nude, pistachio, aqua light and pale yellow. Also, flash some life into the room by highlighting the closet or the bookshelf you have in this area. Remember to make way for natural daylight inside the home by hanging white-coloured curtains.

Living Room Decor Idea with Pastel Shades
Img : livinator

Dining Room – The use of floral prints on the chairs with a smart lighting chandelier here set the mood for perfect foodie time during the monsoon season. Also, place a palm tree in a corner and enjoy the cool breeze passing by due to the rain. In fact, the floral printed chairs and the green inside a dining room make the ambiance more lively in the rainy season. But, paint the walls with pastel shades like pistachio green.

Dining Room Decor Idea with Pastel Shades
Img : diningroomdid

Reading Room – Many people like to spend time while reading their favorite books especially when it is raining. So, place two soup-styled chairs in this area that are dressed in pastel pink shade. The placing of orchids in the vase standing on the coffee table refreshes the mood.

Reading Room Decor Idea with Pastel Shades
Img : trendesignbook

Kitchen Space – Reinvent the cooking junction in a cottage-style. Use the pale yellow and white colour to decorate this space as it keeps the environment balanced when it is raining. Also, you can place a bunch of roses in the kitchen to maintain the freshness in the air.

Kitchen Space Decor Idea
Img : lisaaparr

Bedroom – Let your personal space breath while the moisture incorporates inside the room as the rainy season is at its peak. So combat the wetness of this season by decorating the bedroom with aqua colour. Bring in the bedspread, cushion covers and quilt in light blue or aqua colour and diminish the moist atmosphere that has evolved inside the bedroom.

Bedroom Decor Idea
Img : viral-tweet

Lobby Area – Similar to that of bedroom highlight this area with the shades of blue. You can play with shades of blue to decorate this part of a home. Also, the placing of white-coloured furniture gives boldness to space.

Lobby Area Decor Idea
Img : pinimg

Balcony – Add the touch of white to the interiors of this space and opt for blue or green shades for the exterior. The reason for this style is to keep the home look beautiful from inside out. The rain or the thunderstorm that arrives during the monsoon season is likely to leave a not so happening impact on the walls. So, this is a safe way to make your home look stylish even when it is raining.

Balcony Decor Idea
Img : timeinc

Style up the Window Ledge Space with These Stunning Ideas

The void space left right in front of the window is something that can ruin the overall home décor. Thus, you must put up some decorative items here to offer a stylish and chic look to the place. Yes, think different and if you are not finding out anything then relax and simply read this post as we offer some innovative ways to decorate the Window ledge of your home:

Window Ledge Space Decor Ideas
Img : pinimg

Window Ledge Jar – Bring home the mason jars and then decorate them with ribbons. Plant greens in these jars and place them in a linear position at the window ledge. You can opt for any size according to the design of the window. We suggest you place bigger mason jars in the corner and put the small-sized jar in between as it will form a design like structure.

Img : teachawards

Kitchen Window Ledge – The Curry leaves, basil, rosemary and other greens enhance the food taste and thus you must keep them fresh and handy. So, turn the window ledge into a herb garden by putting up some flower pots with these greens planted in them. The ample sunlight and regular watering will make these herbs grow and will also add flavours to your food.

Kitchen Window Ledge
Img : breakpr

Cozy Window Ledge Arrangement – Turn the window ledge of your home into a cozy corner. Place two beautiful looking lampshades in the corner and an aroma diffuser with some photo frames. This will create a warm atmosphere from where you can enjoy the exterior view.

Cozy Window Ledge Arrangement
Img : pinimg

Kitchen X-Mas Window Ledge – The artificial snow and deer imprinted on the window and the small bouquets of flowers here add freshness to space. The placing of two same coloured flowers with greens offers a cooling ambiance which makes the space filled with positivity.

Kitchen X-Mas Window Ledge
Img : eddyinthecoffee

Classy Window Ledge Décor – The placing of two small-sized plants with an antique in the centre offers a contemporary look to the Window Ledge. You can also add a few curtains to space as it will enhance the overall view of the window.

Classy Window Ledge Décor
Img : lesprivate

Christmas Window Ledge Décor – Put up some streamers, balls, candles and ribbons in order to welcome Santa Clause home. This style of decoration is known as the Christmas window ledge décor and is prominently used to decorate windows while preparing for the Christmas celebration.

Christmas Window Ledge Décor
Img : laureldixon

Window Ledge Seating Arrangement – Some home have huge space and thus opt for a seating arrangement idea here. The placing of a small mattress with a couple of cushions adds a sophisticated look to the bay window. Also, you can relax here if you don’t wish to lay back in the bedroom while reading a book or sipping a cup of coffee.

Window Ledge Seating Arrangement
Img : iconhomedesign

7 Inspirational Lobby Decoration Ideas for Your Home

The Lobby arena is an important part of every home thus you must keep it stylish as the first impression is the last impression. So, rather than keeping a flower arrangement the age old-style of home décor, try the below-mentioned lobby decoration ideas as they will offer a fresh look to the place:

Lobby Decoration Ideas
Img : pamperedpetsct

1. Seating Arrangement

Offer seating to the guests even in the lobby area every time they visit you. The placing of two sofa chairs with a coffee table set the mood for ‘Good time’ over coffee. Also, take wall paint of the lobby area into consideration while deciding the seating furniture as the wrong colour combination of all lobby elements will ruin the home décor.

Seating Arrangement in Lobby
Img : adsyner

2. Add a Touch of Memories

Let the beloved people around know how much you love them. Hang the childhood photographs of your children and your wedding photos in order to cherish the happy moments of your life. The placing of a key here between the photographs will create a buzz as if it’s the key to a happy family life.

Add a Touch of Memories
Img : wedobusinesswi

3. Artwork in Lobby

Add a portrait of any personality you like and adore. This portrayal helps you chase problems in life while staying positive. Also, emphasis on the lighting on this portrait as it is important to focus on the personality’s face.

Artwork in Lobby
Img : rackcdn

4. Mirror Design in Lobby

Many people like to catch a glimpse of theirs anytime anywhere. So, surprise your guest with a mirror structure placed in the lobby as they can check out their beauty and can also note how beautifully you have decorated the lobby area.

Mirror Design in Lobby
Img : yasamanramezani

5. Chandelier in Lobby

Enlighten the lobby area with an artistic chandelier as reflection of the illuminated ones offers a perfect evening lighting. Also, the aesthetically crafted design of the chandeliers also offers a charismatic view during the daytime.

Chandelier in Lobby
Img : josephthore

6. Wall Metal Décor Item

Get the Nonsensical Metal Wall Art Hobby Lobby Decoration item fixed into the wall of the lobby area and enhance the look of this place. This item also gives a vintage look as the item resembles with those embossed in the royal castles in the earlier times.

Wall Metal Décor Item
Img : myfoxnewmexico

7. Lobby Floor Design

The market offers a number of floor designs so you must opt for a simple floor design with heavy chandeliers like lobby décor item and a designer floor for a simple lobby décor as both these things complements each other and elevate the style of entire home décor.

Lobby Floor Design
Img : imgix

Best Staircase Tile Stickers to Elevate Home Décor

The staircase is often left out while giving home décor a change. But, this time offer a twist to the story by adding this amazing thing to the staircase set. You must have heard about wall stickers and now it’s time to take a step here and bring the Staircase tile stickers home. Decorate the steps with these stunning stickers designs and offer a completely new look to the living castle. So, check the decorative styles that are available in the market and shop for the best staircase tile stickers:

Elevate Home Décor
Img : rglcdn

1. Staircase Rise Décor Tile Sticker –

Refill yourself and other family members with a dose of positive energy every day with this kind of staircase tile sticker. The market offers emotional, motivational, romantic, sad and various other kinds of content in this style. Also, you can get the rise décor tile sticker customized if you wish to flaunt some other sayings or a quote. Remember to choose the background colour that goes well with the wall paint and the staircase set colour.

Staircase Rise Décor Tile Sticker
Img : alicdn

2. Piano Staircase Tile Sticker

Playing piano is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, people express happiness while watching someone else playing the same. But, some people get disheartened just because they don’t know how to play a piano. So, this staircase tile sticker is particularly for them as the Piano staircase tile sticker will help to create a tune of climbing up and down every time you step up the stairs.

Piano Staircase Tile Sticker
Img : amazon

3. Mid-Century Staircase Tile Sticker

The beautiful circle design in twin colour combination offers a contemporary look. So, decorate the staircase with an amazing tile sticker that reflects the age-old mid-century design. Remember to shop for this staircase tile sticker in the colour combination shown here as the colour customization will not offer the alluring look which the grey-colour palette is showcasing.

Mid-Century Staircase Tile Sticker
Img : moonwallstickers

4. Geramic Staircase Tile Sticker

This home décor item is a beautiful blend of colours. The pastel and bright shades mix with each other and offer creative designs to enhance the beauty of your home. Here you can opt for one colour with multiple shades or a rainbow colour scheme as per the choice.

Geramic Staircase Tile Sticker
Img : dhgate

5. Stone Staircase Tile Sticker

Give a surprising look to the staircase arena by adding this stone staircase tile sticker to the steps. This home décor item looks impeccable with a sharp detailing of the structure crafted from a stone directly.

Stone Staircase Tile Sticker
Img : ebayimg

6. Mexican Staircase Tile Sticker

Design the staircase set in a Mexican style. The shades of blue colour and the vintage design make a perfect combination and add a dazzling finish to the steps.

Mexican Staircase Tile Sticker
Img : pinimg