Redefine Bathing Space with these Tile Designs this Summer!!!

The consistently rising temperature is making everyone feel the heat now. So, it’s a perfect time to restyle the  bathing space as it helps you rejuvenate and relax.

Bathing Space Tile
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Remodel bathroom tiles with the artistic design as the installation of these tiles help you renovate the bathing space and enhance the style of the wet arena.

trendy bathtub design.
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The addition of flowers in a bathroom adds freshness to space and makes you breathe scented air every time you step into shower.

Bathing Space Designs
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We suggest you experience coolness this season by putting up the aqua-coloured tiles in the bathing space. You can also place natural stone wall tiles in the bathing space and give a traditional-old style to the bathroom.

amazing tile glass wall decor
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Let the flowers bloom in the bathing space this summer season. The floral-design tiles will offer a different and chic look to the bathing space.

best bathroom design ideas
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Get the shower tile walls in the bathroom and offer an exquisite look to the entire place.

green colored shower
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Beat the Heat with these Designer Jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi allows you to relax after a tiring day at work and thus it must be beautifully-crafted. Also, the idea behind placing a Jacuzzi at home is to experience spa without stepping out in the hot weather.

Designer Jacuzzi
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In fact, Jacuzzi is a stationary object which helps you experience moving water inside the home interiors. Therefore, one should get it installed especially during summers and enjoy him/herself in the pool.

But, be cautious while choosing a Jacuzzi design as the shape and size of this bathroom item decide the look of your bathing space.

We help in choosing the best design by listing some amazing Jacuzzi’s here.

1. Contemporary Jacuzzi –

This pure-white colored Jacuzzi is perfect for you if wish to offer a contemporary look to the bathing space. Also, we suggest you to enhance the look of not so dry area by painting the wall with light peach color.

Contemporary Jacuzzi
Img : hzcdn

2. Compact Jacuzzi –

The see-through concept here will offer an unusual look to the bathroom. In fact, the installation of Jacuzzi in a corner makes the bathroom look capacious.

Compact Jacuzzi
Img : idolza

3. Rectangular Design-

Get this Jacuzzi installed in your bathing space and add a classic touch to your place. The rectangle-shape of this hottub looks beautiful and elegant.

Rectangular Design
Img : idolza

4. Experience Spa –

Get this alluring Jacuzzi home and experience the relaxation that you get in the spa. The roof-fitted shower enhances the design of this Jacuzzi make it look truly amazing.

Experience Spa
Img : playmaxlgc

5. Rainbow Feel –

The light-enabled shower-head attached to this Jacuzzi give the feel of witnessing a rainbow. Also, this design comes with multiple lighting options like single and dual colors.

Rainbow Feel
Img : predds

6. Modern Jacuzzi

Choose a Jacuzzi which aligns with other bathroom fittings as this offers a symmetrical look to the entire place. Also, opt for the matching color of this hottub with the color of wash basin to make space look more beautiful.

Modern Jacuzzi
Img : aluminumsys

7. Round-Shaped Jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi of this shape looks chic and also offers space to keep multiple things such as aromatic candles, shower gel and towel handy.

Round-Shaped Jacuzzi
Img : viendoraglass

Choose the design according to your bathing space as the market offers variety of Jacuzzis to buy from.

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Aqua Fresh: Refresh your Home Décor this Summer

The aqua color offers a refreshing look and thus you should paint the home with this shade of blue. Also, this color gives a relaxing sight and thus helps in feeling cool especially when you come back home from the scorching heat of the summer season.

Home Décor this Summer
Img : antiquesl

Remember, every color has its volume and density which you must manage in the wall paint as per the requirement.

Scroll down the blogpost and know how to enhance the home décor of your place with this cool color.

1. Highlight Living Room

Paint the dark-shade of aqua color on any one of the walls of this room and give a refreshing look. Also, hang a contrast color painting on that particular wall and enhance the home décor.

Highlight Living Room
Img : boncville

2. Brighten Up the Corner

Give a lighter color tone to the room corner and ensure cooling effect inside the home. The lighter shade of aqua color will make the place look capacious and beautiful.

Brighten Up the Corner
Img : wordpress

3. Cooling Effect in Dining Room

Choose the medium dark tone of aqua color for the whole area and highlight the roof ceiling and walls with white color. This will give a contrast look to the dining section and make your home look summer-ready.

Cooling Effect in Dining Room
Img : rackcdn

4. Enhance Energy Flow

Let your child enjoy coolness despite the sun shine brightly in the sky this summer season. Also, the aqua color brings in a lot of positive energy and thus fills your ward with energy and positive thoughts.

Enhance Energy Flow
Img : almrsal

5. Chic Looking Master Bedroom

The combination of Aqua color paint with vibrant colors like Pink, Green, black and white will offer an opulent look to the room. Also, this color looks pretty particularly during the summer season as one feels refreshed only by gazing it.

Chic Looking Master Bedroom
Img : ideasonthemove

6. Aqua Washroom

The aqua color in the washroom is perfect for the summer season as you will experience the pool of water inside the limited space.

Aqua Washroom
Img : sndimg

7. Paint the Patio Items

Balance the color shade of your home by painting the patio décor items with aqua color. Mix and match the light, medium and dark tone of the same color to make the items look more impressive.

Paint the Patio Items
Img : sndimg

Cork-Based Decorative Items to Make Your Home Look Awesome!!!

The summers have arrived and thus you must be keen to give your home décor a new look? So, apart from placing indoor plants and getting chic installed in the window panes, there are other things too that can make your place beautiful yet elegantly styled.

Cork key Ring
Img : pinimg

Yes, have you ever thought about home decoration with the corks which most of the times is thrown into the dustbin? If not then find out how this small article which keeps edible items safe inside the bottle can be used as a home décor item too.

Here are the tips to make your home look different and classic by brings in these cork-based home décor items.

1. Cork Candle Accent

The scented candles lift up the mood and also bring freshness into the air. Place the corks into the glass and lit a scented candle into it. We suggest you keep this in the living room to offer a classic look to the home.

Cork Candle Accent
Img : nbcnews

2. Cork Wearth

Give your home an unusual look by hanging a Cork Wearth on the ceiling. We suggest you hang this home décor item in the lobby and give a fresh ambiance to your sweet home.

Cork Wearth
Img : blogspot

3. Cork-Based Bath Mat

The washroom must look classy as this place grabs the maximum attention of the guests. Also, the light brown color of the wine bottle corks gives a classic look too.

Cork-Based Bath Mat
Img : wordpress

4. Cork-Based Chandelier

Change the lighting scheme of your home by bringing in a wine bottle cork-based chandelier at home. The transparent-colored bulb inside this chandelier will create an amazing lighting-effect at home.

Cork-Based Chandelier
Img : ggpht

5. Cork-Based Hotplate

The dining table must also look stylish and thus you must lay beautiful looking cork-based hotplates here. Place the delicious looking food in super cool manner and get applauded for the same.

Cork-Based Hotplate
Img : blogspot

6. Cork-Based Pots

Add an elegant touch to your garden by hanging some cork-based pot here. Also, you can hang up these flower pots inside the home by installing some indoor plants in it.

Cork-Based Pots
Img : etsystatic

7. Garden Marker

The wine bottle cork can be used as a garden marker so that one can easily differentiate between plants. This is important as there are many plants that are similar in appearance which can be distinguished by placing these garden markers.

Garden Marker
Img : blogspot

12 Decorative Ideas to Style Staircase

Is your staircase looking plain? Then, here are some tricks to make your this place look beautiful. Yes, give your home a spacious and stylish look by using these decorative ideas alongside the staircase.

1. Green Wall

Offer a cooling effect to the home décor by putting up an artificial green wall under the staircase. Also, place two chairs with a small coffee table and makes it a cool place to hang out at home.

Green Wall
Img : idolza

2. Lighten Up the Mood

Cover the area beneath staircase with single color pebbles and place some floor lamps onto it. Illuminate these lamps in the evening and give a cozy look to the entire abode.

light stairs
Img : Pinterest

3. Design a Book Shelf Under Staircase

Add a modern touch to your apartment by installing a book rack right under the staircase. This will allow to you to showcase the bestsellers you love to read and will also manage the storage space issue.

Design a Book Shelf Under Staircase
Img : nidahspa

4. Open Space Design

Keep some antiques, books, and trophies here and catch the attention of your guests. Also, this open shelf idea will flaunt your style and you will receive appreciation from people for winning laurels in different fields.

Open Space Design
Img : pagesjaunes

5. Place a Piano

Make the staircase a happening area by placing a piano here. Keep the glossy music piece here and a low-heightened chair along with it to play some music while partying at home. This offers a chic look to the whole place.

Place a Piano
Img : pianoroom

6. Incorporate a Study Room

Definitely, a study room has to have a door. But, if you don’t have the dedicated space for the same then use the open area below the staircase. Place a wooden office table and a chair here to create the ambiance of the open study room.

Incorporate a Study Room
Img : basementremodeling

7. Under Stair Storage Cabinets

This is the best place to store less useful things. Although, you have to decide about what one wish to keep in these storage cabinets. Also, you can paste some stickers or photographs to make the closet and the entire place more beautiful.

Under Stair Storage Cabinets
Img : decoist

8. Reflective Image

This varies from choice to choice. Either you can place a reflective mirror in-front of the staircase else you can place a glass which reflects the outside scene here. Any reflective thing here will catch the attention every time your or the guests walk past the staircase.

Reflective Image
Img : homedecoo

9. Hang a Long Chandelier

Hang a full-sized chandelier between the railing of the staircase and light up the whole place with these beautiful twilights.

Hang a Long Chandelier
Img : pinimg

10. Dog Kennel Under Staircase

Create a special space for your beloved pet below the staircase. This will offer a different style to your home as the pets also love to sit or relax next to the staircase area.

Dog Kennel Under Staircase
Img : wp

11. Under Stair Fireplace

Add some warmth to the home by installing an under stair fireplace as it offers a vintage look and also helps you balance the temperature when it’s too cold outside.

Under Stair Fireplace
Img : dobkanize

12. Aquarium Below Staircase

Offer a unique style to your home by adding a fish tank below the staircase. This will make the extra open space look beautiful and charming. Also, the liveliness of the fishes will make you happy and relaxed.

Aquarium Below Staircase
Img : houseoffins

Try these 12 amazing décor items to add a stylish touch to your home. Also, it helps you use the open space which otherwise act as a waste area which diminishing the look of overall home décor.

Style your Home with Stained Glass Items

The glass is a very fragile item thus you think twice before choosing a glass items to decorate home. But, the transparent glass vase or a fishbowl is an outdated trend now. So, you must add colorful and bright-looking glass to style your home. The stained glass is the latest type of glass artwork which looks elegant and thus helps you enhance the home interior.

Bring in these stained glass articles and offer an alluring look to the home.

1. Entry Door –

Get the stained glass door installed within the frame of the entry door and offer a classy look to the home right from the first step in a home. Also, it makes the home interior look beautiful by allowing partial entry of the daylight inside home.

stained glass entry door
Img : squarespace

2. Porch Area –

Next comes the porch area. Get the bay window installed to cover the open porch area in a classic manner. Cover this arena with a three-fold window with the stained glass and make space look pretty.

Porch Area
Img : squarespace

3. Washroom Glitter –

Offer a separate and stylish look to this section by installing a stained glass door here. The opacity of the stained glass works as that of a bathroom door.

Washroom Glitter
Img : lidiabersani

4. Transom Window –

Decorate this window with stained glass as it restricts the entry of sunlight inside the room and also offers an elegant look to the place.

Transom Window
Img : paintedlightglass

5. Lamp Shade –

Place an antique-styled stained glass lampshade beside the bed and create a cozy ambiance in this personal space. Also, place a transparent-colored bulb in the lampshade to enhance the sharpness of this item.

Lamp Shade
Img : lightingandceilingfans

6. Vase –

Get home a stained glass flower vase and use it in two different ways. You can place this vase without flowers on an open shelve. Else decorate home by adding fresh flowers in this beautiful home décor item.

stained glass vase
Img : hfilcdn

7. Mason Jar –

These beautiful looking jars will make the place look alluring and also you can use them as storing jars in the kitchen.

Mason Jar
Img : ytimg

Place these stained glass items to enhance the interior of your home.

Five Tips to Decorate Girls Bedroom

The woman is one complete life in herself. As she encapsulates new roles with each passing year thus it changes her thoughts, opinions and ambitions. Therefore, make your girl feel special by decorating her room according to the age. As this boost her confidence to achieve what seems impossible from other’s perspective.

Here are the five best designs to decorate a girl’s room…

1. Welcome your Just-Born Princess – 

Give her a personal space as soon as she comes into this world. Decorate her room walls with balloons, and paper-crafted hearts to let her know that she is your inseparable part. Also, decorate the adjoining wall of her cradle with a net curtain or a silky one as per your choice and make her feel special.

Welcome your Just-Born Princess
Img : pamprow

2. Room Décor for Young Girl

Let your girl celebrate every single day as a crown-shaped headboard will allow her to relax and get up with positive energy. The pink, purple, and white color combinations in her room enhance the overall look and feel of the place. Also, the small couch in the room will allow your girl to spent time with her loved ones in the most comfortable manner.

Room Décor for Young Girl
Img : bsdesigns

3. Help Her Shine More

The girls care more about how they look. So, design a dedicated space for her beauty and make-up. Install a flower-shaped mirror along with a drawer cabinet to keep things in her room. This is a stylish way to decorate a girl’s room.

Help Her Shine More
Img : pinimg

4. Room Décor for Working Girls

Girls love pampering so make them feel special even when she turns into a professional from a college going one. Add multiple cabinets, wardrobe closets, rugs and a beanbag where she can work, relax, and enjoy.

Room Décor for Working Girls
Img : gaenice

5. Sister Sibling Room Décor

Empower your girls with sisterhood, dream, courage and honesty by making them stay together. The sister siblings must have the same kind of bedding and wardrobe in their room. This infuses the thought of equality amongst them which is important to make a girl feel happy.

Sister Sibling Room Décor
Img : yourkidscloset

Try these home décor ideas to design your girl’s room as a happy living space plays a significant role in molding a person into personality.

Light Up the Space with Art Glass Chandelier

It’s time to refurbish your home interior by changing the lighting pattern now. In fact, have a look at the ceiling and imagine how a chandelier can enhance its look. Well, before you think about placing any chandelier here, we must tell you that a new type of decorative lighting is trending currently which is known as the Art Glass Chandelier.

Light Up the Space with Art Glass Chandelier
Img : researchpaperhouse

The Art Glass Chandeliers look pretty impressive but you must know some facts about the same. So, here are the things to remember about these chandeliers.

What is an Art Glass Chandelier?

This is a home decor item made from the utility glass which is molded in distinct shapes and sizes. It is then assembled in a box for selling. Every single piece of the Art Glass Chandelier is wrapped separately along with the hanging metal frame and a chip. This home décor item is available in three popular designs which are horn, pod, and grapes.

Installation of Art Glass Chandelier

An Art Glass Chandelier is first assembled and then it is attached to the metal hanging frame and the chip. Once this lighting pattern is ready to hang, then a cable wire and a bulb is attached to the Art Glass Chandelier.

Here are seven types of Art Glass Chandeliers to decorate home.

1. Blown Glass Chandelier –

Blown Glass Chandelier
Img : pinimg

2. Italian Glass Chandelier – 

Italian Glass Chandelier
Img : pinimg

3. Abstract Art Glass Chandelier – 

Abstract Art Glass Chandelier
Img : rubylane

4. Art Glass Chandelier –

Art Glass Chandelier
Img : pamono

5. Joyeux Art Glass Chandelier – 

Joyeux Art Glass Chandelier
Img : pinimg

6. Orange Glass Chandelier – 

Orange Glass Chandelier
Img : alicdn

7. Art Glass Lighting Ocean – 

Art Glass Lighting Ocean
Img : premiereltg

Hang these stylish Art Glass Chandeliers at home and offer a different look to the place in a stylish manner. Also, this home décor item can be customized according to the colors, shape, size, and design of your choice.

Tips to Decorate Home Interiors for Holi Festival

Holi – the festival of colors is around the corner and you must be busy preparing for this bright and energy-filled auspicious occasion. But, is your home ready for the Holi party?

Holi Festival


If not then you must scroll down this blogpost as we here offer some easy tips to style home for the colorful festivity.

There is one golden rule for home decoration on Holi and that is to keep it simple and spacious. This is because the Holi fever won’t leave the home look chic and sophisticated. So, there is no point in wasting time to find matching cushions, rugs etc.

Well, don’t think too much as here are the things to remember when it comes to style home in a festive mood.

1. Hang Rainbow Curtains –

Firstly, change the curtains with rainbow-shaded net curtains. These curtains have the element to wave-off the color particles and keep the fabric look nice and clean. Also, the transparency of the rainbow curtain allows you to keep a look at what’s going on in the garden area.

2. Place Brighten Sofa Covers –

The sofa is the place which gets dirty more than any other furniture at home during the Holi festival. Thus, you must get some bright-colored sofa covers along with the vibrant-colored cushion covers to secure this piece of furniture from getting stained. Also, the dark shades of fabric absorb less color which makes it easy to use after the Holi festival.

3. Place Colorful Rugs – 

Replace the regular rug with colorful one on the Holi festival as it protects the floor from getting wet stained. Also, it creates a perfect festive mood for the party.

4. Colorful Bathroom Rug – 

This place has to stay wet through-out the day during this colorful festival. Thus, you must ensure the safety of your guests and family by placing a bathroom rug as it protects you from slipped in the washroom.

5. Place Multi-colored Cover on Dining Table –

Apart from the colors, you have many delicacies to offer. Thus, the dining table has ample eating items to gorge on. So, make sure to place a plastic dining table cover here as it protects the furniture from getting dirty. Also, the plastic cover is easy to clean due to which you can easily reuse it.

6. Place Bright Colored Bed Linen – 

Well, bedroom usually stays clean and dry but don’t take a chance with your bed. Therefore, change your bed linens from the regular one to something colorful. This will make the room look beautiful and bright while matching with the spirit of Holi festival.

These are tricks to decorate home for the upcoming festival of colors. Also, it will help you change home décor for some time before getting the place ready to welcome summers.

Amazing Dining Table Sets for Your Place

The dining room now-a-days is a communication centre of the families. Thus, it is important to place a spacious and stylish looking dining table here.

Also, the designer furniture has now taken over the traditional-styled furniture and this result in decorating the dining area with distinct dining table set.

Definitely, the dining table size depends upon the number of family members but the designs also play a curial role in enhancing the look of the dining space.

So have a look at these stunning dining table designs and choose the one that is parallel to your choice.

1. Marble Tabletop Dining Set –

Style your home with this glossy-looking dining table set. Choose the fresh light-colored marble dining table to make the area look spacious and elegant. Also pair the chair covers with the color of dining table and offer a chic look to the place.

Marble Tabletop Dining Set
Img : acasadisimi

2. Colorful Dining Table –

Add some lights to your dining area by placing the colorful lighting enabled dining table here. This table offers a completely different look and will enhance the look of your dining space especially during the dinner time.

Colorful Dining Table
Img : sustani

3. Bright-Colored Dining Table –

Bring in some different colored dining table at your home. Try for single vibrant color according to the wall paint scheme. It will revamp the home décor of the dining room.

Bright-Colored Dining Table
Img : dweef

4. Split Dining Table –

Style your home with this dining table. This design offers ample space to keep food and also allows you to have nice looking environment in the dining area. You can place flat-surfaced sitting platform alongside the split dining table to make it look more appealing.

Split Dining Table
Img : blogspot

5. Modernly Designed Dining Table –

Add a differently designed dining table to your castle and the home look more beautiful. The leaf-shaped dining table offer huge capacity to keep the food and dining a comfortable affair.

Modernly Designed Dining Table
Img : ytimg

6. Timber Wood Dining Table – 

Stay connected with the nature by buying a timber wood dining table. This dining table not only elevates the style of your home but it also creates an-environment-friendly vibe in the surrounding too.

Timber Wood Dining Table
Img : goldenwoodfurniture

7. Heightened Dining Table – 

Place a high-rise dining table at your dining area and get the feel of a restro-bar at home. The dim lighting at the dining space will set the mood for dinner.

Heightened Dining Table
Img : theinteriorista

8. Low-Heightened Dining Table – 

Decorate your home with low-heightened dining table as it offers a unique look to the home. Also, it will look completely different from the regular ones.

Low-Heightened Dining Table
Img : dweef

Hope these funky and differently looking dining tables will help you add a stylish touch to the dining area.