5 Best Winter Decoration Ideas in 2019

The New Year bought the chilling winter breeze and thus the home décor needs a change. So, get ready to enjoy a cozy winter atmosphere right from the living room to bedroom and in the veranda area. As here we are listing some beautiful looking home décor ideas for winter. Hence, scroll down the blog post and have a look at these smart ideas to decorate a home for the winter season.


1. Rustic Look

Give your bedroom a rustic look by designing the walls. You are suggested to highlight a wall by installing stones or by placing wallpaper that gives a stone-like feel. The choice is yours but don’t think about applying the stone-design idea on all the walls as it will create a cold atmosphere. So, simply add a rustic look to the personal space. Apart from this, get a fireplace installed inside the wall and the golden-coloured decorative lamps placed on the side table will upbeat the mood.

Rustic Look
Img : theviphouse

2. Cozy Cushions

Get the living room designed in a cozy manner. So, place some fancy cushions like the one made from old sweaters, designer wool and more. Also, the placing of a rug/carpet and a handwoven blanket on the couch will create a cozy atmosphere. You can keep the living room warm by lighting up lamps and some aromatic candles.

Cozy Cushions
Img : therugseller

3. Colour Splash

The use of bright colours during winter keeps chilling vibes at bay. So, bring home a colourful rug or a carpet and enhance the interiors. Also, the placing of a solid coloured sofa-set along with two leather-stitched chairs is a perfect home décor for the winter season. A home décor can be highlighted by illuminating multiple designer lamps in the room. Make sure you keep some bright coloured flowers on the table to feel fresh.

Colour Splash
Img : decoist

4. Contemporary Look

The shades or curtain as they are commonly known must be used to decorate a home during the winter season. We suggest you hang these curtains in the kitchen or the lobby area as it is easy to let the sunrays come inside. Also, it gives a sunny vibe, especially during the winter season. The placing of plants near these curtains offers an organic home décor feel.

Contemporary Look
Img : belnovosti

5. Exterior Décor

Witness a beautiful sunset view while sitting in the balcony or the garden area. Also, lit some aromatic candles on the coffee table and create a cozy atmosphere. You can also place a simple candle in a mug full of coffee beans as it will upbeat the mood.

Exterior Décor
Img : lushtoblush

Christmas Spl: Home Décor Tips to welcome Santa Claus

Well, the most happening time of the year is just around the corner and you must also be thinking about changing the home décor. Hence, we are listing some amazing ways to enhance the home décor of your abode in a charming way as it is the most comfortable place on the earth. So, instead of putting décor items in a wrong manner go through these points and offer an alluring look to the home.



Welcome Happiness

The décor of the main entry door guides the inflow of energies and thus we suggest you decorate it with fresh greens, ribbons, streamers and of course a Christmas tree. The lighting on the main gate will elevate the look of a home during the dark as the decorative illumination of lights makes the abode glow like a star.

welcome christmas decor idea
Img : homebnc

Lobby Décor

The first thing anyone notices inside a home is the lobby area. So, decorate this spacious arena with aromatic candles, wall decorative wall hangings and a couple of flower bouquets. Make sure to decorate home with elegant flowers like lilac, white and peace lily and other seasonal flowers. It is also important to maintain the balance between other colours and the green colour especially during the Christmas season.

Lobby Décor Idea for christmas
Img : sndimg

Décor with Wisteria Flowers

These are the trending flowers this season hence decorate the living room and the fireplace with these elegant looking florets. The addition of red lily and rose in between the bouquet offer a sweet and fresh fragrance and will elevate the festive spirit.

Décor with Wisteria Flowers
Img : crismatec

X-Mas-based Décor

A huge variety of delicacies including cake, muffins and more are served at the parties during the Christmas celebration. Hence, place a quoted or design-based runner on the dining table and give a touch of celebration to the place. Also, you can place a Christmas tree in the arena depending upon the size of the room. The hanging of streamers, toffees and stars on this tree will offer a charming look to your home décor.

X-Mas-based Décor
Img : shopify

Staircase Décor

The entire home is decorated during this festive season and thus we suggest you offer swirl or tangled design to the staircase. Remember to use transparent ribbons to cover the railing and the clutching of satin ribbons along with greens will offer a chic look.

Staircase Décor
Img : 365greetings

Ceiling Décor

Of course, a false ceiling is an option but the hanging of streamer balls on the ceiling will add a dazzlingly look to the entire home. Also, the glossy look of this décor set the party mood during this season of festival. The strings of lights will upbeat the mood for sure.

Ceiling Décor
Img : ytimg

Exterior Décor

Give an outline to the home with the transparent lighting string. This looks elegant and balances the décor of a home inside out. Also, the placing of a snowman, deer and a chariot outside a home is believed to bring happiness and prosperity home as they all pave the way to the celebration of festival while the Santa Claus is on the way to your home.

Exterior home Décor
Img : gaiasoil

Season Change: 7 Warm Home Décor Ideas for Winter Blues

The season change is taking place and many of us have started feeling the winter blues already. In fact, the cool breeze flowing in the morning and evening set up the mood for a warm and cozy home décor. But these are just the winter blues that means cool sunrise and sunsets but warm daytime. So, rather than pulling up the quilt try these home décor ideas that will create a balance in the atmosphere. Scroll down the page and find out the perfect décor ideas:

winter home decor idea
Img : pinterest

1. Warm Up the Living Room

It’s important to keep space between furniture, rugs and other home décor items in the living room especially during the winter season. The placing of smart two-seater sofa set opposite to each other with a shawl placed on any of them offer a perfect home décor look. Also, the fire illuminating in the fireplace and the placing of a floor lamp in the room add warmness to the place.

Warm Up the Living Room
Img : propertyfinder

2. Winter Décor for Lobby

We all look for sunshine nowadays as the warmness offer a big relief. So, place a couch or a chair in the lobby area and keep a hand-woven shawl as it will protect you from the cool breeze flowing even in the bright sunny daytime. We suggest you place a coffee table in the lobby as this stylish home décor will help you enjoy reading while sipping a coffee.

Winter Décor for Lobby
Img : entegral

3. Houseplants for Winters

One is required to take extra care of the plants during this season change as the dew falling during the early morning and evening time proves harmful to the greens as the frosting temperature makes the leaves wet. So, opt for planting healthy greens during this time such as basil, bok choi, money plant and more. This is so because the winter greens come with thick leaves and stems but one needs to wait for some time before planting them as they require proper winter atmosphere to grow.

Houseplants for Winters
Img : bagbani

4. Cozy Bedroom

The placing of a couple of pillows, cushions and quilts along with bedspread set the mood for this season. You must keep the wall paint in mind while buying bed linen for this space as the wrong selection of these things will result in an unpleasant private space. So, choose everything wisely and add spark to the bedroom home décor.

Cozy Bedroom
Img : home-designing

5. Traditional Room Décor

Give home an aesthetic look by placing a traditional wood fire along with a small coffee table. You can also place a small couch in the room next to the fireplace in order to feel the warmness. Remember to pull down the curtains when igniting the fireplace as it ensures smart look.

Traditional Room Décor
Img : hgtvhome

6. Vibrant Colour Paint

The walls colours also play an important role in maintaining the temperature. So, we suggest you paint the home in warm colours like brunt orange, vibrant violet, sunshine yellow and more. Also, add a touch of white colour to all the walls as they elevate the overall look.

Vibrant Colour Paint
Img : ideideafaceripenet

7. Light up Home

Hang the lighting string in the exteriors and feel the warmness. This home décor idea for the winter season is best as it not only offers warmness to the environment but also set the mood for a festive season.

Light up Home
Img : woodswanderer

7 Pavement Designs to Elevate Home Exteriors

Pavements might sound like roadside but here we are letting you know about the stylish ways to decorate the home exteriors. So, inspite of placing regular floor tiles in the open area of your home try these decorative ways to design the exteriors as they look stylish and also offer space to keep a couple of chairs or a coffee table. So, go through these designs and get one that suits you the best:

7 Pavement Designs to Elevate Home Exteriors
Img : donpedrobrooklyn

1. Front Walkway Garden

This beautiful looking walkway creates a smooth walking space that connects entry and exit points of a home. Also, the step-like structure of this walkway offers a different look from that of the regular exterior design. We suggest you choose the floor texture and color according to the exterior paint as sync between these two offers a smart look.

Front Walkway Garden
Img : bwncy

2. Pavement Yard Design

This uneven size of the titles offers a mismatched look which actually looks like as a design. So, highlight one of the exterior areas with this kind of pavement design and add a style to your home exteriors. Remember you can make use of red marble or yellow stone to add a different style to your living abode.

Pavement Yard Design
Img : granco

3. Paver Patio Design

Get floor titles of a premium quality prefixed in the home exterior in a specific design and cover this cementing space with greens. The placing of grass covering also looks like a design structured intentionally. This kind of pavement allows water seepage and you need not face waterlogging issue in case of heavy rainfall.

Paver Patio Design
Img : antyradar

4. Stone Pavement Design

Give your home an ancient style by having a stone pavement design as it resembles to the Mughal era when the forts used to get designed with stone of multiple colours. We suggest you use the same coloured stones which have been fixed on the exterior walls of the home.

Stone Pavement Design
Img : exclusivefloraldesigns

5. Pebble Pavement Design

Step out in style as the pebble pavement design offer a must and unique exterior look. The planting of a few greens in the pebble pavement offers a soft look and you can also feel the freshness while walking around.

Pebble Pavement Design
Img : ytimg

6. Gravel Patio Pavement Design

Looks a bit similar to that of a paver patio design but is actually different from it. The placing of a stone with sharp edges and the grass covering all the remaining area offer a cool and pleasant look. So, get stones fixed in exterior and give home a beautiful look.

Gravel Patio Pavement Design
Img : heiterernsthaftbaby

7. Urban Patio Pavement

Give a classy finish to your home exterior and a step elevation at the same time. This offers an elegant look to the home exterior and this pavement design also allows you to place a coffee table from where one can enjoy a beautiful view of the nature.

Urban Patio Pavement
Img : urbanpaving

Stylish Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season

The word Rain has its beauty and it also makes the atmosphere cool and lively. But, like every other season, the rainy season also has its own challenges like too much wetness and water logging. So, here are the ideas to make the home look bright and beautiful during the rainy season that too in a stylish manner.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : freshhomez
  1. Light Up the Space

The gathering of clouds, rain and thunderstorm results in dim lighting and hence the natural daylight won’t get inside. This weather makes the home interiors look dark. Thus, it is important to have a proper lighting at home especially in the living room as we enter directly here and the darkness can make you feel unhappy.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : madrockmagazine
  1. Lit Up Fireplace 

The rainy season comes with a cool breeze and sometimes getting wet while coming back home can make you feel a bit chilled. In fact, the rainy season brings huge relief from the scorching heat but you must stay dry even during this season in order to keep infections away. So, putting up the wood logs in the fireplace is another stylish way to decorate home.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : jumia
  1. Add Colours to Home

The wetness all around due to the rainy season makes you witness the green colour at large. Thus, it is important to add more colours in life as the brightness of colours like orange, blue, pink and magenta keep up the vibrancy intact and offer a soothing view.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : skipperfurnshings
  1. Dress Window Curtains Right

Remove those regular curtains and hang up the lightweight fabric and pastel shades on the windows. The addition of rainbow splashed shades at home in the rainy season offers a stylish and chic look. Also, these curtains are easy to wash and are also semi-transparent that ensures privacy and a beautiful exterior view.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : lokaa
  1. Wrap Bed Rightly

Nicely wrap up bedding as the clean bed linens give a fresh look. It is also necessary to dress up the bed properly as the cluttered bedroom offers bad vibes and also makes a people feel irritated. So, keep the cushions, pillows, bedspread and the quilt nicely wrapped.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : hgtvhome
  1. Enjoy Swing at Home

Keep a swing chair in the porch or a corner from where you get the best view of nature. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a book reading if you like and experience the goodness of a rainy season. Also, you can spend a leisure time while sitting ideal in the swing chair.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : hesterstreettroupe
  1. Hang Windchimes

The chirping of birds offer happiness especially during the monsoon so bring in more positivity home by hanging beautiful looking hummingbird wind chimes in the porch or any place you like at a home.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img : wfcdn
  1. Beautify Balcony

Planting greens is a good thing but having too many plants in the balcony during a rainy season is not good. This is because too many plants in the balcony increase the risk of having uninvited guests at home like a snake or a reptile. So, bring home some designer flower pots and place the green in a linear position. Also, make sure to have less but beautiful plants at home during the rainy season.

Home Décor Ideas for Rainy Season
Img :ytimg

Raised Bed – A New Level in Landscape Gardening

The continuously rising temperature and the lesser availability of greens around the living areas emerge the need of garden in most of the houses. So, redesign the garden/backyard area of your home in style by installing the Raised Bed garden where you can grow fresh vegetables/fruits for daily use. So, scroll this blog post down and know the multiple Raised-Bed designs to elevate the gardening space of your home.

Raised Bed Garden
Img : corednacdn

Car Tire Raised Beds – Paint the car tire in bright colour combinations and plant greens of your choice in it. Also, you can fill the car tire with multiple small-sized flowerpots or seal the void space of the car tire by placing hardboard under it and fill this rubber-tube with soil for planting greens.

Car Tire Raised Beds
Img : plovdiv168

Wine Barrel Raised Bed – Add leg support to the wine barrels and sow the seeds of any plant you wish to grow in the backyard. The best greens to plant at home during summers are tomatoes, parsley, coriander and lettuce. So, get the wine barrel raised bed ready today and let the fresh greens grow in the garden area.

Wine Barrel Raised Bed
Img : threeparkstreet

Circular Raised Bed – Give the open space complete different look by placing a circular raised bed in a corner or in the middle area of the garden. Raised-bed gardening involves the planting of greens in an artificial ground that can be created by adding 3-4 inch deep soil in a container. Now add the bulb/seed of whichever plant you like and water them regularly for healthy growth of the fruit/vegetable/flower.

Circular Raised Bed
Img : kosovamanagement

Unique Raised Bed – The design of a raised bed here is quite unique and it can be personalized too. Ask the carpenter to craft a beautiful looking raised bed in which you can plant multiple greens while keeping it as a decorative item.

Unique Raised Bed
Img : siteforeverything

Cedar Raised Bed – This is a simple looking raised bed which includes joining of wooden planks to set a boundary for growing plants. You can make use of parquet wood to design the cedar raised bed for the garden area.

Cedar Raised Bed
Img : hoteltraian

Plastic Raised Bed – This elevates the style of gardening and leaves the impression of English garden. The plastic body minimizes the chance of rust and also keeps the area nice and clean. Choose from a range of colours such as black, brown, white and more.

Plastic Raised Bed
Img : amazon

Raised Bed Corners – These have multiple-level of a raised bed in which you can plant different varieties greens to add a colourful banquet of flowers in the garden. Place this raised bed in shady area and add freshness to the atmosphere.

Raised Bed Corners
Img : apkfast

Trendy Porch Swings to Bring Home this Summer Season!!!

The summer season is at its peak and hence you must be feeling lazy. That is why your half of the weekend gets over in the bedroom or on the couch/beanbag while laying idle. But these places to relax won’t appeal much and ideally, these are not the best places to enjoy the leisure time during the summer season. So, check out the trendy porch swings listed below to enhance the home décor as they will also offer a dedicated relaxing space at your place.

Trendy Porch Swings
Img : Pinterest

Wooden Porch Swing – This porch swing is crafted from a wooden piece and offers comfortable sitting as it comprises of a soft foam and few cushions. This set up allows you to unwind when not working as one can read his/her favourite novel or a book while enjoying the swing at home.

Wooden Porch Swing
Img : volusion

Wooden Swing – Here is another crafted wooden piece and it is suggested to be placed in a shady area of the porch. This porch swing won’t have a soft sitting platform and thus you must protect it from the direct sunlight as the hot winds blowing all through the day are likely to snatch away the shine and cover it with layers of dust during this season.

Wooden Swing
Img : decorifusta

Cool Swing – Enjoy the royal way of living by installing this cool outdoor porch swing at home. The round-shaped swing with a couple of cushions and comfortable sitting makes this home décor article a perfect place to relax.

Cool Swing
Img : jonnylives

Vintage Porch Swing – This kind of porch swing offers a vintage look as its hanging is made from the rustic jute which reminds you of old-swings hanged in your ancestral home.

Vintage Porch Swing
Img : cookwithalocal

Rope Porch Swing – This is completely different from the usual swings you have seen. The structure of this swing is crafted from wood and its inner area is designed by knotting the rope. You can opt for any colour as this swing comes in different colours.

Rope Porch Swing
Img : nagsheadhammocks

Royal Porch Swing – Enjoy leisure time while sipping a cup of coffee in this enclosed porch swing. The same coloured sitting and shades attached to this swing offer an opulent look to the place.

Royal Porch Swing
Img : kimberlyskyrmecasting

Rustic Porch Swing – Construct an eco-friendly porch swing by cutting a tree trunk into the desired shape. Hang this piece as a porch swing and enjoy the fresh air while sitting idle.

Rustic Porch Swing
Img : pinimg

Tips to Decorate Swimming Pool for Summers!!!

swimming pool
Img : myowndevices

Summer means bright sunshine and blowing of hot air waves with dust and dry leafs. In fact, this is not the happening time of the year and you must also be planning to go on vacation in few weeks. But, this is not a permanent solution as one has stay back home for the rest of the season.

So, what about experiencing beach like environment at home? Yes, get ready to enjoy water splash inside the premises of your adobe as we are listings tips to decorate swimming pool at home for the summer season.

1. Indoor Swimming Pool

Cover the swimming pool area with wooden roof and structure as it offers shade and helps you to beat the heat of the hot season. Also, this covered structure creates space for placing of poolside chairs where you can lay back and enjoy.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Img : evafurniture

2. Patio Swimming Pool

This swimming pool has thick sides and offers heightened-space in the artificial water body. Also, this kind of swimming pool looks very impressive and enhances the look of your home.

Patio Swimming Pool
Img : tocka

3. Go Green

Get a cooling view to yourself by placing some beautiful plants around the swimming pool. This will make the place look nice and cool as the winds turn into the fresh air because of these plants.

Go Green
Img : redriverlights

4. Light Up the Pool

Change the color of water according to your wish. We suggest you use lighting fixtures around the swimming pool and lit up the mood while enjoying drinks poolside.

Light Up the Pool
Img : redriverlights

5. Flower Side Up

The flowers are of course beautiful and make a person feel happy. So, let the flowers float across the swimming pool as they enhance the look of your pool and also makes you enjoy swimming during the bright sunny day.

Flower Side Up
Img : uktimetables

6. Enjoy Leisure Time

Turn the plain looking swimming pool into the pool of colors by placing multiple-colored floating beds, tube and ball into it. This decoration is perfect for a lazy Sunday in the summer season.

Img : gettyimages

Cork-Based Decorative Items to Make Your Home Look Awesome!!!

The summers have arrived and thus you must be keen to give your home décor a new look? So, apart from placing indoor plants and getting chic installed in the window panes, there are other things too that can make your place beautiful yet elegantly styled.

Cork key Ring
Img : pinimg

Yes, have you ever thought about home decoration with the corks which most of the times is thrown into the dustbin? If not then find out how this small article which keeps edible items safe inside the bottle can be used as a home décor item too.

Here are the tips to make your home look different and classic by brings in these cork-based home décor items.

1. Cork Candle Accent

The scented candles lift up the mood and also bring freshness into the air. Place the corks into the glass and lit a scented candle into it. We suggest you keep this in the living room to offer a classic look to the home.

Cork Candle Accent
Img : nbcnews

2. Cork Wearth

Give your home an unusual look by hanging a Cork Wearth on the ceiling. We suggest you hang this home décor item in the lobby and give a fresh ambiance to your sweet home.

Cork Wearth
Img : blogspot

3. Cork-Based Bath Mat

The washroom must look classy as this place grabs the maximum attention of the guests. Also, the light brown color of the wine bottle corks gives a classic look too.

Cork-Based Bath Mat
Img : wordpress

4. Cork-Based Chandelier

Change the lighting scheme of your home by bringing in a wine bottle cork-based chandelier at home. The transparent-colored bulb inside this chandelier will create an amazing lighting-effect at home.

Cork-Based Chandelier
Img : ggpht

5. Cork-Based Hotplate

The dining table must also look stylish and thus you must lay beautiful looking cork-based hotplates here. Place the delicious looking food in super cool manner and get applauded for the same.

Cork-Based Hotplate
Img : blogspot

6. Cork-Based Pots

Add an elegant touch to your garden by hanging some cork-based pot here. Also, you can hang up these flower pots inside the home by installing some indoor plants in it.

Cork-Based Pots
Img : etsystatic

7. Garden Marker

The wine bottle cork can be used as a garden marker so that one can easily differentiate between plants. This is important as there are many plants that are similar in appearance which can be distinguished by placing these garden markers.

Garden Marker
Img : blogspot

Designer Lamps to Light Up Your Home

Every one must enlighten their living space as it brings in a lot of positivity, happiness and prosperity. So, begin your day with happiness by adding a touch of glow to your home. In fact, Wow is the word for you if, you enjoy putting up fancy lights all around the home. But, are you running out of options when it comes to buying designer lamps? Then, this blog post is a must-read. As today we unveil a range of designer lamps that will elevate the look of your place.

Of course, each room is different from other. Thus, you need different types of lamps to light up the corners and space in your home. But, you might find it difficult to choose lamps specifically. So, here are some designer lamps to light up your home.

1. Wall Lamps

The first one to list in this category is the Mendes Brushed Steel Plug-In Wall Lamp Set of 2. This type of lamp is best suitable for living space. The complete metallic finish of this lamp will offer an elegant touch to your living space. Also, the downward light positioning allows you to place focus on a particular thing. You can adjust the height of this lamp by tilting the lamp head light up and down. Apart from this lamp, you can also try:

Wall Lamps
Img : amazon
  • Tremont Brushed Steel Metal Swing Arm Wall Lamp
  • Wray Black and Antique Brass Plug-In Wall Lamp
  • Brushed Steel and Wood Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp
  • House of Troy Double Oil Rubbed Bronze Swing Arm Wall Lamp

2. Ceiling Lamps

These lights have to be compatible with the mood. A bright ceiling light will spoil the party mood as no one feels like to enjoy with a harsh light falling on them. So, try to place some designer ceilings such as:

Ceiling Lamps
Img : pinimg
  • Positivity Tapered Drum Giclee Ceiling Light
  • Sketchy Giclee Glow 14″ Wide Ceiling Light
  • Four Corners Giclee 16″
  • Wide Semi-Flush Ceiling Light,Spirocraft Giclee Glow 14″
  • Wide Ceiling Light, Burlap Print Tapered Drum Giclee Ceiling Light

You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs under this category.

3. Enter-Gate Lamps

 The entry is the first place that ascertains the look of your home. Also, the placing of chandeliers here must be accurate with two factors. One of the factors is size of the room and the last factor that constitute in choosing an entry-gate lamp is the height of the roof. As, an improper sized lamp here can make your place looks clumsy. Thus, you must showcase the style quotient by hanging chandeliers such as:

Enter-Gate Lamps
Img : amazon
  • Danube Crystal Strands 33″ Wide Pendant Chandelier
  • Swirled Iron Bronze Finish 2-Tier 26″ Wide Chandelier
  • Portola 29″ Wide Brushed Steel Chandelier
  • Tuscan Elegance Collection 21″
  • Varaluz Flow 18″ Wide Hammered Ore Pendant Light chandeliers

4. Floor Lamps

This lamp throws light on the seated people from above as the lamp has the support of a vertical pole. This pole can be standing straight and might also have a slight bend. The floor lamp usually ranges between 54 to 68 inches in height. These types of lamps give a wealthy and rich look to the place. So, those having spacious and large rooms must place floor lamps there. Choose from a variety of floor lamps such as:

Floor Lamps
Img : smdesign
  • Cream Jute Round Floor Lamp
  • Sheesham Wood And Beige Color Tripod Floor Lamp
  • Grey Iron Dalai Lamp
  • Colosseum Antique Copper Floor Lamp
  • Quito White Iron Floor Lamp

5. Outdoor Post Lamps

You must have installed outdoor post lamps earlier also. But, do you know that these lamps must sync with the symmetric design of your place? Yes, the proper sync between the outdoor post lamp and home give the residing area an elegant look. Thus, one must consider the shape and design while choosing the outdoor post lamps for their home. You can choose something like this:

Outdoor Post Lamps
Img : pinimg
  • Berkeley Collection 18 3/4″ High Outdoor Pier Mount Light
  • Bay View Collection 12 1/4″ High Steel Post Light
  • Marlex Nautical 10″ High White Outdoor Post Light
  • Kichler Argyle 19 1/2″H Weathered Zinc Outdoor Post Light
  • Hubbardton Forge Tourou Smoke 19 1/4″ High Post Mount

Give your home a trendy look by placing these designer lamps at different spheres. Also, you have a wide market area to find out more designs on the basis of designer lamps listed here.