Tips to Highlight Wall in a Stylish Manner

The home décor needs to be perfect overall and the uniform wall décor is not a smart idea to make the abode look chic. So, add some volume to a particular wall and let the interiors look spectacular. This blog post gives you an idea to make the home alluring.

Highlight Wall
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Customized Wall Highlight

The artwork is undoubtedly a smart choice to decorate a wall, but hang an artwork created by you this time. In today’s world everything carried confidently trends so let your creative side speak and the make the brush offer a face to the imagination. Get the artwork framed according to the interiors and highlight a wall in a unique style.

Customized Wall Highlight
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A home with a fine blend of positivity, peace and prosperity can only become a happy place to live-in. So, highlight a wall with floral wallpaper and get a serene image imprinted on the same. This is an ideal way to let positivity, peace and prosperity flow in the abode.

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Royal Mirror

Get a royal mirror framed with a golden rim and hang it in the centre of a wall. The plain white wall with this idea will offer a chic and royal look to the room. You can experiment with frame colours like rose gold, brass, mix of few colours like yellow, blue, orange, pink and green will offer a modern touch to the same.

Royal Mirror
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Limitless Sky

A boy standing on the edge and starring at the sky while multiple thoughts run through his mind gives you a lesson that sky is not the limit to reach. In fact, one’s determination to achieve something big in life can take him/her to new heights. So, highlight a wall at home with this inspirational idea and stay positive no matter what happens in life.

Limitless Sky
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Live Life King-Size

The Stratton home décor is an ideal way to understand how one can explore, learn and work on multiple things in one life. Highlight the wall with this intellectual décor idea and look at the world as a sea of opportunities to grow.

Live Life King-Size
Img : jjhwatkins

Exquisite Wall Décor Ideas for Smart Interiors

The home is a composition of meticulously-designed walls and thus one wall of each area should be highlighted with something special. So, with the approaching rainy season, you should think about adding new colours to life and home. Hence, we are listing exquisite wall décor ideas in this blog post.

Wall Décor Ideas
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Experience Royal Lifestyle

The lavender colour has its rich aura and thus you should bring it inside the personal space. The confidence and style of this colour leave every other shade behind. The fresh, lively, joyful and spectacular vibes that come with this shade stays with you all the time. So, get ready to experience freshness at its best this time around.

Experience Royal Lifestyle
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Golden Globe

Gold denotes richness and thus highlight the wall with this shinning colour as it has the ability to let the entire area glow like a star. Put up two side lamps with black colour shades and let the living room glow like a globe at night.

Golden Globe
Img : interiorgod

Honey Bee Style

Some walls have a distinct feature and this wall décor idea is just perfect to enhance their look. The honey bee styled wall shelves allows you to keep multiple home décor items at one place. This lets a person flaunt the recognitions earned by the entire family at multiple places.

Honey Bee Style
Img : decoholic

Crochet Wall

Crochet is a traditional weaving with thread that crafts multiple designs by using the same technique. Get crochet hanging for the wall behind the bed and enhance the look of your personal space. We suggest the use of solid colour crochet design as it leaves a smart impact.

Crochet Wall
Img : colorto

Memory Wall

Let the happiness flow inside the abode and thus hang up the family vacation and other ceremonial photographs in the reading arena. You can also create this wall in any other section like the exterior kitchen wall, lobby wall and even on the porch wall.

Memory Wall
Img : tambaoads

Leaf Wall Decals for Home Interiors

The summer season is making everyone set up the home in a cool manner thus we are suggesting some amazing leaf wall decals to enhance the home interiors. There are ample pastel shades such as lime green, pistachio, peach and more to give home a refreshing look. But, this interior style has the charisma to make the home glow like a star round the clock.  So, check out the best leaf wall decals for home décor.

Leaf Wall Decals
Img : alicdn

Monstera deliciosa

This wall decal is known as Monstera deliciosa, the ceriman, is a species of native flowering plant found in the tropical forests of southern Mexico and south to Panama. The giant leaves with holes in between and the shades of green make this a perfect Leaf wall decal for the summer season. You can also add a dash of yellow colour to the leaves in order to offer a rustic look.

Monstera deliciosa
Img : wallpapered

Rain Forest

Experience the rainwater like atmosphere here inside the home. The brown-coloured stems and the lush green leaves imprinted in this leaf wall decal is the best to offer a cooling attitude to the home décor this summer. You are suggested to use this kind of wall decal for a room with low-ceiling as it gives a cozy look.

Rain Forest
Img : decoist

Detailed Leaf

Give the living room a smart and stylish look by imprinting this giant detailed leaf on one of the walls. The flawless detailing of the leaf gives the room a real leaf-like effect and thus keeps the atmosphere cool and fresh. The placing of minimal furniture in the front is best to offer a rich look.

Detailed Leaf
Img : pinimg

Floral Leaf

You can add a lighter shade of leaf wall decal to the home décor with this floral design. The impression of fruits, leaves and birds make the mood light every time you step inside the home. Remember this design is best for the dining area as it is important to keep the mood light and right while having food.

Floral Leaf
Img : homify

Tropical Banana Leaf

A banana leaf is said to be auspicious so why not have this leaf wall decal to style interiors this summer. The beautiful amalgamation of green colour will make you witness coolness and the arena will also look stylish than before.

Tropical Banana Leaf
Img : muralswallpaper

Best Summer Colours to Enhance Home Décor

The summer season has started making everyone feel the thirst and thus each of wish to witness cooling colours. Hence, we have bought a list of shades that will give home décor a cooling effect. We suggest you scroll down the post and check out the stunning summer special colours to make the abode look far more beautiful than before:

Summer Colours
Img : tremontgrand

White Classic

This colour represents peace and richness. Hence, you can get the home painted in any shade of this colour as it gives a soothing feel and also allows your mind and soul to be at peace. The best thing about white colour is the availability of huge colour combinations. So, opt for blue, yellow, green and more as per the choice to make the abode look opulent.

White Classic
Img : i2.wp

Pink Plum

Give your home a refreshing look by having the shades of pink. The beautiful light, fuchsia and peach plum shades of pink colour offer an energetic and happy feel all around. This colour code is just perfect for summer as you can enjoy the ambiance of this shade all through the day and even at an evening party.

Pink Plum
Img : cdn.homedit

Pale Yellow

Bring home this elegant colour and give a makeover to the living room. The combination of pale yellow with white and a dash of green along with some red will offer a smart summer look. So, get the curtains and other home décor things of Pale yellow colour and make the abode shine like the sun but in a toned down manner.

Pale Yellow
Img : cindymartindesign

Sea Green

The summer season makes the vision say no to bold colours as the hot winds and bright sunlight flush out the energy. Hence, turning the home interiors into sea green is the best way to experience coolness. So, get the home painted in the combination of Sea green and white as it will make the enter atmosphere nice and refreshing.

Sea Green
Img : directdealfurniture

Blue Magic

Give your home a majestic touch of royal blue. The living room interiors will look lavish and the smart addition of bamboo-based furniture and white colour ceiling will surely enhance the overall look of the place.

Blue Magic
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Best Canvas Paintings Ideas to Decorate a Home

A home looks classy when the walls are decorated with paintings. Thus we are suggesting some beautiful Canvas Painting Ideas to decorate a home. Today, the availability of 3D and Digital Paintings had made home décor easy but the paintings crafted via traditional techniques bring prints to life like no other. So, go through this blog post and know ideas to decorate a home with canvas paintings:

Canvas Painting Ideas
Img : modsy

Geometrical Painting

You might feel that painting geometrical designs must be easy but actually, they are not. This is because the artist has to manage the edges, curves, depth and other dimensions of these paintings. So, enhance the beauty of your bedroom with geometrical paintings as a relationship also has their highs and lows similar to the geometric shapes. Remember to match the colour scheme with the wall paint.

Geometrical Painting
Img : pinimg

Madhubani Painting

It won’t be wrong to call Madhubani Paintings an identity of India. In fact, each of these paintings tells a story. So, bring home the one that matches with your life and give home décor a lively feel. Also, you can enhance the lobby or entrance area with this painting as a Madhubani Painting gives an aesthetic look.

Madhubani Painting
Img : amazon

Long Art Work

This is an artwork crafted with the help of a brush. A home can be decorated with spectacular modern and contemporary design. You can shop for any long art painting to enhance the décor of a living room, bedroom or any other arena.

Long Art Work
Img : home-dignesing

Warli painting

Warli painting is a traditional tribal painting of the Maharashtra state and geometrical shapes are the main elements of this painting as a circle, triangle, rectangle and other denotes different elements of nature. Decorate your home with Warli painting similar to the tribals who decorate their clay-made huts with these paintings. You can also elevate the home décor with warli painting like a supporting wall in this image.

Warli Painting
Img : pinterest

Whimsical Painting

This purple-coloured fanciful image is best suitable to hang or place on the table top. By adding this kind of painting to home décor you can actually get inspired to chase the dreams. There are multiple designs available in Whimsical painting to choose from. Thus you are suggested to shop for the one that is close to your dreams.

Whimsical Painting
Img : pinimg

Knife Painting

Decorate home this spectacular knife painting and many more. This painting technique adds multiple textures and layers to artwork and then forms a masterpiece that has the ability to elevate the look of home décor. Interestingly, knife paintings are available in large and extra-large sizes that can cover the entire wall space.

Knife Painting
Img : bigcommerce

Venice Water Oil Painting

This beautiful looking painting is crafted with oil paints and thus you can also add colours to life with this type of art. These designs look opulent and thus choose the one can suit the room and wall paint along with other home décor items.

Venice Water Oil Painting
Img : alicdn

7 Fancy Wall Clock Designs for Home

The time flies quickly and the memories are always a joy to cherish. In fact, the time rather a clock plays an inevitable role in strengthening the bond of love, happy and sad moments. So, why to hang a regular–styled time machine at home? Here is the blog that will help you find the perfect timing for a happy home. In short, scroll down and check some magnificent wall clock designs to decorate the abode.

Fancy Wall Clock
Img : realtymonks

1. Peacock Clock

Crafted with bright colours and the peacock’s feather design offer an alluring look to the room. The peacock looking at the front has an eye on your moments of joy and also reminds when it’s time to work, play, dine and more. This is a metal-based clock although the peacock is light-weighted. The stones-studded in this clock dazzle like a real peacock looks in the rainy season.

Peacock Clock
Img : homedecorchoice

2. Accent Wall Clock

This time machine is unique as the design is not what is hanged at the neighbour next door. The design offers an artistic and astounding look. So, hang this witchgrass like design and elevate the overall home décor.  Remember this clock doesn’t have numbers but the design itself is crafted so beautifully that it will make you know what’s the time.

Accent Wall Clock
Img : transcarrental

3. Contemporary Wall Clock

This is perfect for a contemporary-styled home. The sharp-edges of the time blocks along with minute and hour hand make time check a cool thing. The metal-finish of this wall clock is like similar to a saying that every cloud has a silver lining which means that every bad phase has a good ending.

Contemporary Wall Clock
Img : allegroimg

4. Token of Love

A home is a peaceful place to live with family. So, keep the hearts beating for each other and this wall clock design says it all. This 12-piece time machine will make yours a close knitted family as each hour of the day belongs to someone for example kids going to school, office time, its time for dinner and more. So, enjoy the joy of being family by hanging this token of love.

Token of Love
Img : ofertaviva

5. Ultra-Modern Clock

If you have a lavish villa styled home then this wall clock is a best buy. The rays falling in all directions look starry. We suggest hanging of this wall clock on the plain wall of a living room. This means that no other shelf or anything should be designed on the same.

Ultra-Modern Clock
Img : administra

6. Mirror Styled Clock

In India, mirrors are believed to show demon the same face and thus people hang a simple mirror or any other artifact of a similar kind to protect their abode from an evil eye. So, hang this wall clock in the living room and give a ditto feel to the demon starring at your home.

Mirror Styled Clock
Img : decoredo

7. Keep It Simple

Get this wall clock to offer an elegant and a chic look to a home. The use of pastel yellow, pink, peach and a balance of white colour makes this time machine really cool. There are more colour combinations available in this design. So, find out the best that will suit your home and style.

Keep It Simple
Img : foynd

7 Ways to Make Your Home Walls look Beautiful

Home is a place that makes a person feel secure and the walls of your living castle are the one first and the last thing that stands tall behind you during thick and thin times of life. So, don’t just think that walls are just a cluster of bricks that are cemented to form a home like structure because Harr deewar kuch kehti hai. So, check out the best ways to decorate the walls of your home by working on the below-mentioned ideas:

Home Walls Decoration Ideas
Img : saetha

1. Coastal Wall Idea– Give a wall completely different look by putting up the mix of photographs and sea-based structures like seashells, starfish and weeds. We suggest you paint the wall in a light aqua blue colour in order to enhance the look of a wall.

Coastal Wall Idea
Img : aofwe

2. Colum Wall Idea – Add some depth into the wall by designing a column in a plain wall. The inside structure of a wall shall be highlighted with a darker shade of wall paint and the hanging of photographs or artwork in this area offers a unique and new style to the wall.

home interior design ideas Luxury Interior Columns Design Ideas Fresh Wall Decal Luxury 1 Kirkland
Img : ebodyfuel

3. Wall Window Idea – Of course, all windows are crafted into a wall. But the structuring of a window in a wall of the dining room not only offers ample daylight inside the room but also makes you witness the stars while having dinner. In fact, the wooden window panes here will help you experience the cool breeze while it rains outside.

Wall Window Idea
Img : meyer-cn

4. Vintage Wall Idea – Add a vintage look to the wall by giving a textured paint to space. Also, make use of a bright colour and the traditional style of hanging curtains. Make sure the fabric also match with the aesthetics of the room. The contrast colour of the wall paint and the curtains like yellow and green combination enhance the glamour of vintage wall.

Vintage Wall Idea
Img : wp

5. Wall Interior Idea – Get one of the walls structured with some space to keep antiques. Place a light on the upper side and place an antique, a memento or anything related to home décor in these spaces and light up this wall in the night. The dim light falling on this wall elevates the style of the living space.

Wall Interior Idea
Img : corashire

6. Bathroom Wall Ideas – Let the false ceiling light up the place. Add a flat wooden surface and fix the fancy lighting in the board. The reflection of these lights will depict a design on the bathroom wall which gives a smart look inspite of the regular plain wall.

Bathroom Wall Ideas
Img : smartsrl

7. Artwork on Wall – Let the wall does speaking for you. Put on the artwork of the artists, personality or a person you admire the most on the walls of the living room and give an intellectual look to space.

Artwork on Wall
Img : mamashaz