Home Décor Trends for Summer 2017

The summer month instils rejuvenating energy all around us and to let that freshness be reflected in our homes shall be an imperative goal for all of us. The ideas which were hot and trendy in 2016 are drab and outdated in 2017. Below are some of the trends which will dominate home décor in the summer of 2017, so go ahead and make changes in your home décor to give it an in-fashion 2017 look:

  • Dress–up your home in bright-green colour to bring your place to life with the revitalizing touch and the flamboyant energy of the merry colour of green. Also in-style is the colour, navy blue which is taking place of the colour black to add mystery to the colour palate of your home.

  • Install energetic and nature-themed wallpapers to spread positive vibes in your home. This establishes a happy motif in your living space and brings optimism and vibrancy in its trail. Beautiful butterflies, chirping birds, swinging animals and mesmerizing forests are just a few examples of wallpaper iterations which can keep you recharged all day.

    Home Décor Trends for Summer 2017
    Home Décor Trends for Summer 2017
  • Mixed-pattern upholstery score high on the style index as it is both a fashion statement and a treat for the eyes. Mixed in colour, mismatched in design and abstract in patterns, furniture, fabric and interiors are in trend this summer as like this life-giving month they portray the complexity of life with great ambition.

  • Easier on the pocket, faux materials are the talk of the town as they eliminate the shortcomings of their original counterparts. Artificial fur rugs, wooden ceiling beams, engineered marble, faux leather and foliage and grey floors are a wonderful alternative to their expensive albeit original equivalents. Faux is the new décor fashion for 2017!

  • By re-working the texture of their materials, designers are appealing to the basic human instinct of feeling through touching. With material manipulation techniques such as pleating and folding in velvets and cottons on the rise, the aesthetically pleasing products resulting from such efforts like a velvet pleat sofa and other lavish soft materials are going to gain further prominence among customers in 2017 décor.

  • Artistic handicrafts will grab the spotlight in 2017’s décor market as their craftsmanship is being brought to notice again. Rather than populating your home with mass-produced art and craft in 2017 you should adorn it with a unique piece of appealing workmanship while decorating your place. Also you can add in graphic paintings, fresh flowers or vibrant dishes for a quick artistic makeover of your place. Further, exquisite glasswork and woodwork especially with a natural and organic look will be in the limelight this year instead of big lumps of wood.

  • Smart and space-saving appliances will increase their lead in the residential market making huge strides this year since they exude an aura of chic charm and ingenious design with their fold-up features. Gone are the days of just foldable appliances, nowadays, designers are aiming for incomprehensible innovations such as a foldable kitchen and foldable outdoor park. Now, this seems like a smart and space-saving idea!

Curtains, woodworks, tables, outdoors, windows and so on, every piece of furniture and architecture of your home can be soaked in the refreshing colours of the summer month to gift a new brightness to your home and your life.

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