How to fuse fashion and passion into your bedroom interiors?

So many people we work with are willing to blow up a lion’s share of their budget on doing the interiors of their living space but not their bedroom. Although the motive behind this is clear and understandable – they want to impress guests and relatives who visit their homes, it’s still a pity that the place where they are likely to end up spending a large part of their after-office, resting hours, receives so little though or personal attention.

A space, which is private, truly your own, and bears a firm stamp of your signature style, ideally should reflect your personality, as closely as possible. It must carry relaxing vibes that invite you to put your feet up, after a long day at work, although at the same time, it must also carry a sense of style, a verve and a ‘you’ touch, most definitely!

How to bring Fashion
How to bring Fashion into your Bedroom

After all, a premium home, of the kind we make at H & S is not a commodity. It’s a lifestyle product made for a discerning few, who appreciate good things in life and have a taste that matches their jet-set lifestyle to the tee, in everything from the kitchen to the closet; from the bathroom to the bedroom. Everything is where it should be.

As our clientele includes the fast and the fabulous; the rich and the famous, style for them is not a matter of choice; it’s an absolute necessity. Their taste in bedroom fixtures, lights, blinds or curtains reflect unstated elegance. Their bedroom interiors are without fail no-fuss spaces, carefully curated to reflect less crass, more class. There is never a hint of clutter.

The bedroom interiors that H&S does are also about finish, craftsmanship, and a study of the minutest detail, legacy and of course, luxury, because these are the aspects that our clients value in the homes that we lovingly build for them.

With our years of expertise in the business, we know that a bedroom is a place, where we need to strike a fine balance between functionality and comfort. In luxe living in particular, less is always more.

Our advice therefore would be to invest in a few piece that reflect your good taste in furniture, instead of splurging on heavy, ornate Gothic style fixtures. Gun for minimalism and go for clean, uncluttered lines and no-fuss colour schemes that are relaxing and fall easy on the eye. Your bedroom is a chance to reflect your signature style and create a look that you are comfortable with, don’t throw it away.

For starters, designing the perfect bedroom is about more selecting that colours that vibe with you, than what is currently in vogue. Choosing the right placement of furniture, wallpaper, curtains/blinds, lights and accessories is also about your routine and your lifestyle. Since your bedroom is a sensory space, you have to be extremely careful with the choice of the lighting systems. Mood lighting with hidden source points is excellent choice for bedrooms.

Flooring is equally, if not more important, along with the choice of adequate storage space. You will see all these detailing in the homes developed and designed by H&S. If you want to take more inspiration, also look at how your favorite stars and celebrities do their bedroom interiors in a manner that completely captures their personalities.

When we design, we strive to strike the right note between light, sound and texture to create a warm and welcoming feel for our clients. Colour is used sparingly and only to accentuate a few, subtle features not to create loud, noisy contrasts. With the army of interior consultants that we have in H & S team, there is a lot of creativity and imagination that goes into putting that last, finishing touch on H&S homes.

The idea is to be able to transports you to a safe haven, a happy place and let you soak in its soothing vibes. So what are you waiting for? Book your dream home, with a dream bedroom with H&S now.

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