6 Essential Tips to Decorate Home in Traditional Style

Stylish home décor gives an aesthetic look to the entire living premises. Thus, you must have clear preferences about decorative items while renovating your place. This helps you to pick the best things for a perfect home decor. Today, the market has widespread categories such as Indian-style home décor, Chinese-style decorative items and more. But, in today’s progressive world many people get attracted by the gems of traditional art and thus wish to give an Indian touch to their home.

So, if you are also thinking the same, then wait and take a look at the essentials for decorating home in a traditional style.

1. Make Use of Vibrant Colors

The Indian beliefs have different shades. But, the color of energy remains the same and that is red. Thus, welcome the positive vibes into your home by painting the compound wall and entrance door red. Also, the blend of red and orange colors in some places like a lobby or a wall attracts positivity from the atmosphere.

1. Make Use of Vibrant Colors

Apart from these colors, you can choose yellow and green colors for decorating specific areas like kitchen and garden. The idea behind combining these colors is to maintain the flow of prosperity. The Indian traditions firmly believe to store the best and what’s better than carry-forwarding the current prosperity to the new level. So, make use of vibrant colors in any form of home décor and continue the flow of positivity and prosperity forever in your life.

2. Bring in Wooden Furniture

Of course, you must have witnessed the wooden plank and sofas at your granny’s place. But, you have latest designer furniture at your home which is certainly not going to gel with the traditional style home décor. So, it is a high time for getting back to square one. Visit the nearest or the favorite furniture store and order hefty wooden sofa set, dining table, and coffee table to give a traditional style to your home.

Wooden Furniture

Apart from the wooden furniture you can also bring in the bamboo-made side tables, hanging swing [jhula], etc. and get it installed in your balcony or terrace. This will add the finishing touch to your home décor.

3. Lit-Up Traditional Lamps

The oil-lamps give an aesthetic look to the home. Although these lamps have also moved forward as today you can buy designer oil-lamps that are embossed with designs. The translucent colors of these oil-lamps offer an ethnic look to your home décor idea. Thus, you must keep these traditional lamps at the top of your shopping list.

Traditional Lamps

4. Arrange Baithak-Style Sitting

The sitting arrangements are referred as a Baithak in India. In fact, you will find these types of sitting arrangements in Royal suites, palaces, and events. This style of sitting gives an elegant look to the entire room. Also, the Baithak makes the place spacious for sitting.

Indian Baithak Style

5. Make Informal Sitting Arrangements

Obviously, the living room has its own glamour and style. Besides it, create space for chit-chat talks. Make use of footstools, low-heightened tables, and couch to make your guest feel relaxed. Apart from this the addition of a low-heightened bed will also give a chick look to your home.

Informal Sitting Arrangements

Try this different from others home décor idea and enjoy the ambiance of a traditional lifestyle.

6. Put Up Paintings

Many artists bring the glorious history and lifestyle to life by painting them on the canvas. Buy these artistic paintings and hang them in various corners of your home. This will offers an age-old style to the home décor of your residing place. These include the famous Warli and Madhubani paintings to name a few.

Madhubani paintings

Try these amazing home décor ideas and give your place a traditional makeover this year.