Summer Special: Turn Your Bathspace into Spa at Home

The scorching heat of the summer season makes everyone run for shower twice a day. But are you not able to decorate the bathing space according to the season? If yes, then don’t get disheartened as we help you with the ways to create a personalized spa at home.

1. Place Aromatic Candle in Bathspace –

Add some lavender or any other fragrance to this arena before going for a shower. The illumination of these candles purifies the atmosphere make the bathing space smell like a garden. This is a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate yourself at home.

Aeromatic Candles
Img : bathroomfrills

2. Keep a Bowl of RockSalt

The rocksalt plays a pivotal role in flushing out the impurities from the body. So, get some rocksalt in a bowl and keep it next to the aromatic candles as it blends into the air along with the of aroma candles.

Keep a Bowl of RockSalt
Img : designerssalonspa

3. Add Freshness of Flowers

A bunch of fresh flowers in a bathroom makes the place look beautiful while spreading freshness. So, bring in a couple of flowerpots and get some flowers instilled with scuttle fragrance to enhance the ambiance of the bathing space.

Add Freshness of Flowers
Img : impressivemagazine

4. Pebbles to Decorate Bathspace

We suggest you add some pebbles and pumice stone to the bathspace. This will add an appealing look to the bathing space and also helps in getting refreshed as you can make use of pumice stone too.

Pebbles to Decorate Bathspace
Img : yatra

5. Get a Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Set

Offer an organic touch to your bathspace by placing bamboo-made bathroom vanity set where you can keep shampoo, toothbrush and other stuff related to the place.

Get a Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Set
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6. Place a Towel Set

Add an aesthetic look to the bathing space by placing a set of hand and face towels here. This will offer a complete spa-like feel to this arena at your home.

Towel Set
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7. Install Waterproof Speakers in bathroom –

Give yourself some happy moments by grooving to the beat of the music while having a shower. The market today offers a range of waterproof speakers that you can install in the bathing space.

Install Waterproof Speakers in bathroom
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8. Add Trendy Fittings & Fixtures in Bathroom –

Gone are the days when people had white ceramic washbasins in their bathing space. Now it’s time to make the place bright and colorful with trendy fixtures.

Add Trendy Fittings & Fixtures in Bathroom
Img : piinme

So, start working on these points and turn your bathspace into a spa where you can step-in without asking for a prior appointment.