Wine Glass Decorative Ideas to Enhance Home Beauty

The change in season and the eagerness to say good bye to the bright colors these days bring people back to the basics which results in not so happening home décor ideas. Fortunately, there are few things that look small in size but have the potential to offer a larger and opulent look to the home décor. So, take a look at these amazing wine glass decorative ideas and offer a glossy look to the entire place.

wine glass decoration ideas
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1. Wine Glass Candle Holder – 

Turn the wine glasses upside down and place candles on the top. Also, you can paint the wine glasses in various designs and color combinations to enhance the look of the same. Another way to use wine glasses as a candle holder is by adding different elements inside the glass and then placing candle into it. This is also an upbeat way to style your home décor.

Wine Glass Candle Holder
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2. Wine Glass Cupcake Holder

Until now you have drunk from the wine glasses. But now its turn to make these crystal clear glasses the most beautiful looking thing on the dining table. Serve the cupcakes into these glasses while hosting dinner to your friends and family. This different style of presentation makes your place an inspiration for a perfect home décor.

Wine Glass Cupcake Holder
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3. Wine Glass Floral Lamp Shade

Illuminate the beautifully crafted wine glass lamp shades. You can choose lampshades from a wide range of designs such as paper crafted lamp shade, textured lamp shades and more.

Wine Glass Floral Lamp Shade
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4. Wine Glass Chandelier for Dining Room

 The dining room must have ample lighting as you need to enjoy food only by giving it a first look. So, bring a beautiful looking wine glass lamp for this place and increase the beauty of your home.

Wine Glass Chandelier for Dining Room
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5. Wine Glass Terrariums –

Beat the heat by having indoor plants at home. The wine glasses are the perfect pot holders to add greenery to the home décor especially during the summer season. Also, add some pebbles and toys into the wine glass to make the plants look more interesting and beautiful.

Wine Glass Terrariums
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6. Wine Glass Chandelier for Living Room

Give an opulent touch to your home by hanging a broad wine glass chandelier into the living room. This is an unusual type of chandelier hanging which will grab the eyeballs of your guests.

Wine Glass Chandelier for Living
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7. Wine Glass bird Feeder

It’s good to feed the birds in your balcony or the veranda. So, why not to offer these creators in a stylish manner? Covert the wine glasses into bird feeder pot and enhance the home décor of your place.

bird feeder
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These are some of the amazing ways to use wine glasses as a part of home décor. In fact, your ideas will impress many people who try to make their place look unique and extraordinary.