7 Smart Ways to Decorate Home Interiors with Polka Dots

The trend in interiors keep changing but there is one design that never goes out of style. This evergreen style is of Polka dots. The perfect amalgamation of small and large dots with smart colour combinations makes this designing style a perfect home décor trend for every family. So, check out the best ways to decorate home with polka dots:

Decorate Home Interiors with Polka Dots
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1. Polka Dot Rug – Place this beautiful looking rug in the living room and enhance the overall look of the place. We suggest you choose rug colour according to the furniture and wall paint of the room as the wrong colour combination can ruin the entire home décor. Also, opt for polka dot design as per space like small space should have a rug with medium polka-dots however the same should be followed for other sizes.

Polka Dot Rug
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2. Polka Dot Curtains – Give completely new look to the place by hanging curtains with polka dot print. This design with only two colours look opulent however the addition of three or more colour results in the downfall of the entire home décor theme. Again, wisely choose the curtain colours and prefer light shades as they offer volume to the room and also restrict the entry of bad vibes inside a home.

Polka Dot Curtains
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3. Chair with Polka Dot Print – Place this kind of chair in the lobby area and elevate the style. The smart looking chair not only makes this area look great but also reflect your smart home décor sense. Try to add a shade of intense colour here as the lobby is the place that related to all family members at some point in life.

Chair with Polka Dot Print
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4. Kitchen Décor – Give an impressive look to your cooking junction by placing a wallpaper of polka dot design. This is unique as not everyone has a style sense like you. So, give an unusual looking interior to this place which often known as the heart of a home.

Kitchen Interiors With Polka Dots
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5. Stars for Kid – Let your kid know how to chase a dream by gazing at these small, medium and large-sized polka dots. We suggest you decorate the kids room with solid wall paint and golden-coloured polka dots as they offer a dazzling look even during the night.

polka dot wallpaper for kids room
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6. Cushion Cover with Polka Dot – Add single polka dot cushion cover in between other cushions and find how graceful the entire set up will look. Also, try to have a colour that stands out differently in order to make this home décor look impeccable.

Cushion Cover with Polka Dot
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7. Bean Bag with Polka Dots – A Beanbag is the best thing to create seating space. So, bring home a designer bean bag with a cover printed with polka dots. This will offer a smart look to your home interiors. Also, opt for a bright and sunny colour while buying a bean bag with polka dots.

Bean Bag with Polka Dots
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