Reflect your Persona: Eight best Mirror Designs for Home

The mirror is a glass coated metal that depicts clear image. Therefore it is widely used in bathroom and dressing space. But, today the idea of home décor has taken a transformational change. Thus, people love to style up their homes with mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

But this doesn’t mean that you can place mirror designs anywhere in the home. In fact, there are particular spaces and ideas for mirror home decor.

So take a look at the below mentioned home arenas and give your place a reflective style.

1. Mirror in the Living Room – 

A living room is also the common space in home where the families spend quality time and welcome the guests. Thus, you must make this arena look ravishing and elite. So, add a diamond-shaped curtain line here and make the living room look awesome. Also, you can place a circular or rectangular-shaped mirror on a wall.

Mirror in the Living Room

2. Mirror Design for Lobby Area – 

The lobby connects the entire home. Thus, make this walking space look stunning with the shiny reflection of a mirror. We suggest you place a set of chairs and a table along with a mirror design of your choice. This complete set will elevate the entire lobby section at home.

2.Mirror Design for Lobby Area
Img : bench-forum

3. Reading Section – 

If you have a reading section at home then place an exquisite piece of mirror design here and set a relaxing mood. The artistic look of a mirror design in the reading section entices you to spend time while reading your favorite novel or any other book.

Reading Section
Img : multiscreensite

4. Dining Space – 

Experience a fine dining every time you visit this area. The long-sized mirrors create a poise atmosphere and thus elevate the overall beauty of the dining space. That’s not all, the expensive chandelier hanging on the ceiling reflects as a priceless showpiece in the mirror designs on the wall.

Dining Space
Img : universe

5. Mirror Design for Bedroom – 

The bedroom is a private space thus the choice here depends widely on the room space, requirement and taste of the person. So, try placing some simple yet sophisticated piece of mirror design and give your bedroom a complete new look.

Mirror Design for Bedroom
Img : areadomus

6. Mirror Design for Kitchen – 

A kitchen must look different from the entire home as this place holds a special place in the life of each one of us. After all, good food starts a good life. So, style up your kitchen with mirror cabinet doors and also decorate the open space between the cooking platform and the cabinets by placing the mirror here.

Mirror Design for Kitchen
Img : alarqdesign

7. Glass Outlet – 

The kitchen has multiple section under one roof therefore it is important to segregate the space accordingly and glass outlet is a new thing in mirror design. Make use of glass outlet in the kitchen and has a glam look for your cooking station.

Glass Outlet
Img : proglass4

8. Sliding Mirror Wardrobe – 

This is a superb idea to style up your home. Remove the traditional wooden wardrobe doors and get the sliding mirror wardrobe doors now. The sliding mirror doors can be placed in a single piece and wall tile design too. This gives a classic look to the room.

Sliding Mirror Wardrobe
Img : handballtunisie

Give your home a perfect mirror finish with these mirror design ideas that reflect your style and persona.

Decorative Headboards to Style Your Bedroom

The fine bedding is something that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. But, we all have a different choice when it comes to bed styling. Yes, some like to have a cozy corner while some others wish to have a spacious bed for themselves.

Apart from the bed size, there is one more thing that needs to be perfect in the bedroom is your headboard. A headboard is the backrest space of the bed which makes sitting comfortable and also help us rest our back. Remember, that the size of every headboard depends upon its pattern.

So, have a look at these trendy headboards and give your home a chic look.

1. Duct Tape Headboard – 

Cherish your best memories by hanging up them on your bed. Make a two column wooden headboard and paste the best pictures on these columns. Also, you can place two or more horizontal wooden planks between the columns and style your bed with a duct tape headboard.

Duct Tape Headboard
Img : sndimg

2. Artistic Headboard – 

Those having a love for artwork must decorate their headboards in an artistic manner. Also, if you dream to travel the world then design a world-like structure in the headboard.

Artistic Headboard
Img : sndimg

3. Cushion Headboard – 

This is a perfect headboard if you love to read before going to sleep. The soft cushion headboard makes you feel comfortable while lying back on the bed. Mix and match the cushion color according to the furniture and wall paint in the room.

Cushion Headboard
Img : twodereks

4. Modern Headboard –

Design a modern and creative headboard for your bed and add vibrant colors to the headboard. All this will elevate the look of your bedroom.

Modern Headboard
Img : hereandafter

5. Corner Headboard – 

The corner headboards are best for teenager’s room. The young children love their space and thus most of them have a separate room. So, place a corner headboard in your kid’s room as it gives a trendy look to space along with protecting them from banging into the wall or a window near to their bed.

Corner Headboard
Img : kinggeorgehomes

6. Teare Picket Headboard – 

Give your room a natural ambiance by installing this headboard to the bed. The equal-sized wooden piece creates an elegant design and enhances the look of your room.

Teare Picket Headboard
Img : sndimg

7. Fabric Headboard – 

The fabric headboard offers cozy look to the room. It also gives support to back and neck while resting on the bed. Get a fabric headboard installed behind the bed in your favorite shapes such as diamond, square or rectangle and experience comfy bedding.

Fabric Headboard
Img : home-designing

8. Luxury Headboard – 

Get your headboard design with luxury. Simply place the horizontally shaped headboard with foam-filled inside it and add an opulent style to the bed.

Luxury Headboard
Img : monstermathclub

9. Leather Headboard – 

Pick up the shiny leather for your headboard and get it sewed in any shape and size of your choice. Make sure to use a contrast-colored thread for sewing the headboard pattern.

Leather Headboard
Img : wall-division

10. Regent Headboard – 

This type of headboard has soft curves and does not have sharp-edges on any of its sides. In fact, the standard parting of the regent headboard is shaped in semi-circle.

Regent Headboard
Img : headboards

11. Extended Headboard – 

The king-sized bed is bigger in comparison to the normal double bed. Thus, it requires a larger headboard. Therefore, place an extended headboard to the back and give the room a luxurious feel.

Extended Headboard
Img : juliettesinteriors

12. Upholstered Headboard – 

Here the headboard has a frame attached to it. It creates a painting frame-like structure and offers a proper and stylish backrest while sitting on the bed.

Upholstered Headboard
Img : cutediyprojects

So, style up your backrest area by adding beautifully sculpted headboards at the earliest.

Geometric wall lighting for modern Homes

A home is where the heart is for all of us. Thus, you also try to keep the atmosphere lively at home. But, a lot of happiness depends on home décor too. Therefore, some people have ample living space but, never style up their place in a proper manner. As a result, they won’t feel energetic and happy all the time.

While on the other hand, many people keep their residing place look classy even if they have a small area to live in. This difference of home styling is somewhat responsible for creating positive and negative vibes.

The home décor market today is full of decorative lampshades and environment-friendly lights which consumes less energy and are durable too. But, you need to pick up accurate wall lighting in order to give a classy look to your home.

As a perfect home lighting elevate the whole ambiance of the home. Thus, you must also figure out some trendy wall lightings to enlighten your living adobe.

1. Mini Square Lighting – This square-shaped lighting is best to focus on a box type fixture on the wall. The lighting looks amazing on a plain wall as it reflects on the entire wall. Else you can place the lights in square shape box and focus on a painting or antiques on the wall.

Mini Square Lighting
Img : lindaoliver

2. Scone Lighting – It is a two-directional lighting which illuminates both up and down directions at the same time. This lighting fixture is available in multi-colored combination as well as in single color. Choose the lighting as per your requirement such as in contrast with the wall paint. The scone lighting is perfect for a lobby.

Scone Lighting
Img : dhgate

3. Circular Lighting – A circular lighting is perfect for a huge room. This lighting type requires false ceiling to uphold the lights. The high-rise roof and ample walking space in the room is the requirement of circular lighting. Remember, this particular lighting will make a small room look cluttered and disorganized.

Circular Lighting
Img : edilportale

4. Diamond Shaped Lighting – Buy a diamond-shaped wall lighting and gift precious diamond to the wall of your beautiful home. This adds a sparkling glow to the place and also gives the home an affluent look.

Diamond Shaped Lighting
Img : mobcart

5. Triangle Lighting – This type of lighting is best to attract the attention on something specific. The triangle-shaped light spread its gleam in broad prospect starting from a narrow zone. This lighting works best when a milky white bulb is used in this lighting on a dark colored wall.

Triangle Lighting
Img : slatic

6. Cubical Lighting – A cubical lighting spread an equal amount of light in all four directions. Thus, it is best to place on a wall adjoining kitchen or a library. Also, you can get it installed on a false ceiling to increase the depth of the triangle lighting.

Cubical Lighting
Img : effect-fess

7. Rectangular Lighting – Enhance the beauty of paintings on the wall by placing this lighting on the wall.  Also, you can opt for an angle-based rectangular lighting to maximize the impact of rectangular lighting at your home.

Rectangular Lighting
Img : coolhousez

These seven types of geometric lighting elevate the look of a home and keep the environment pleasant all the time. Also, you can use these lights according to your home décor.

Enhance Your Home with these trendy Curtains

The curtains complete the home décor of a room. Thus, you must keep multiple sets of curtains ready to hang according to weather and occasion. But, what if you don’t have an idea about putting up the curtains at home? Well, you get the answer here in this blogpost.

Remember that it is important to choose the right type of fabric and shades while buying curtains. Well, these two points set the mood right in a house. So, if you are going to shop curtains that are in-fashion then wait as it’s time to choose curtain according to your space.

Of course, you must be aware of the trendy curtains to enhance your home décor. But, take a look at these ten curtains ideas to offer a class to your home this season.

Curtains for Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is more capacious than the regular bedroom. Thus, they have a larger window to view the scenic beauty. Hang up the theatre-style curtains and give your bedroom a royal look. Pick the light and royal color such as golden yellow for this room and elevate the look of the entire place.

Curtains for Master Bedroom
Img : designingidea

Curtains for Kitchen

A fragrance of yummy delicacies from the kitchen makes people wonder what’s cooking. Thus, let the people guess about your cooking ingredients and style by covering the kitchen window with contemporary-style curtains. Place these curtains in diagonal shape and style up your cooking section.

Curtains for Kitchen
Img : cassidydiana

Curtains for Entry Door

Surprise your guests by beautiful interior by placing curtains on the front door. These doors give you the option to bring in the fresh air inside a home while keeping the same covered round the clock. Choose contrast curtain colors to team up with the entry door.

Curtains for Entry Door
Img : housedoordesign

Separate Bathroom with Curtain

Today most of the homes have a bathroom attached to bedroom. Thus, it is important to keep both the arenas different from each other. In fact, stretch a curtain rod from one point to another and hang the Turkish shower curtain and draw a partition between the bedroom and the bathroom space.

Separate Bathroom with Curtain
Img : cursos de moda

Curtains for Teenage Girls Bedroom

The teenage has different shades of emotion such as happiness, sorrow, depressed and more. So, let your girl feel like a princess in every mood. We suggest you, place multi-colored curtains in her room to witness the joy of your happy go lucky girl all the time.

Curtain for Teenage Girls Bedroom
Img : idolza

Curtains for Teenage Boys Bedroom

Boys like more of adventure, Sci-fi, and sports in comparison to reality. So, keep their choice in mind and shop for digitally printed curtains for their room. This may have Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man and Superwoman characters printed. Surely your boys will love these curtains and it will bring a new look to the room also.

Curtains for Teenage Boys Bedroom
Img : i2wp

Curtains for Kids Room

The kids love bright colors and cartoon characters. Thus, style up their room with Disney printed curtains that we bring a smile on their faces too.

Curtain for Kids Room
Img : 4geo

Curtains for Drawing Room

Usually, the dining area is next to the drawing room. Thus, the entire space look clutters sometime. So, drag the curtains between the drawing and dining room to give the room a dual look.

Curtain for Drawing Room
Img : artflyz

Curtains for Living Room

A living room grabs a lot of attention. So, enhance the look of this area by hanging curtains that match with the color of rug you lay on the floor. Also, you can opt for curtains that have contrast color with the furniture and wall paints.

Curtains for Living Room
Img : decoist

Curtains for Balcony

Cover the balcony area and give the room an extended space. The curtains in the porch or a balcony give a rich look and feel to the home.

Curtains for Balcony
Img : prozorivrata

Try out these trendy curtains according to your choice and revamp the home décor effortlessly.

10 Right Type of Windows for Your Home

Thinking about home renovation? Then you must focus on the window. Exactly, the question here is why you need to give your windows a makeover. Well, this is because installing right type of windows at home is a necessity and style. As it keeps the home protected from dust and also allows the positive rays to fill your life with happiness.

Therefore, you must choose the size, type, and color of windows while keeping the home position in mind. Obviously, installation of windows at home also depends on the owner’s choice.

Thus, we have brought the ten different types of windows that suit your home and style. So, take a look at these wonderful and stylish window panes.

1. Stationery Window – 

This is a closed type of window and can be customized according to the shape you wish. These windows are best suitable for modern and contemporary-style houses. Get the stationery window installed in any corner and give the room a new and different look. Also, paint the window frame in contrast color to that of the walls as it enhance the look and feel.

Stationery Window
Img : satorie

2. Slider Window – 

These windows have two-sides opening. You can open any side which you wish to in accordance with mood, season, wind and location. This type of window slide in a horizontal direction and gives a classic look. Get them installed in a room’s wall from where you can view the picturesque location.

Slider Window
Img : windowconceptsmn

3. Bay Window – 

The Bay windows are a way to cover the open balcony or the porch arena of a home. Those who wish to increase the room space can opt for this window. As the room look bigger and spacious due to the installation of Bay windows. Another reason to cover the balcony space with these windows is their opening. These windows open in outdoor direction and won’t cover any space from inside the room.

Bay Window
Img : suncityvillas

4. Transom Window – 

This window is also referred as a ventilator window pane. The transom window covers the hollow space above the door or a window. Also, the concept of this window is to prevent dust and other creators to come inside the home. We suggest you to match the door or a window frame paint with the color of transom window.

Transom Window
Img : renewalbyandersendenver

5. Picture Window – 

A picture window is the one that brings in the sunlight inside the premises all through the day. Also, the window is large enough to make you witness the happening in the garden and outside the house walls.

Picture Window
Img : thraam

6. Awning Window – 

These windows open upwards and allow the passing of air inside and keep the placed hydrated. The angle of this window supports the outward opening so that the frame covers the least possible interior arena.

Awning window
Img : sunnyquick

7. Casement Window – 

It is a partial opening window case. This is a large window frame with two or three opening panels which open in the outdoor space and are used in the kitchen to balance the temperature of the room.

Casement Window
Img : sndimg

8. Egress Window – 

This is an emergency exit type of a window. The window has two opening angles that are opposite to each other. Like one window pane opens in an upward direction and another one opens in a downward direction. The window can also open in one direction only. Thus, the window offers ample space to escape from a fire or any other natural calamity like situation.

Egress Window
Img : replacemywindows

9. Jalousie Window – 

The jalousie window is a set frame of parallel rods made from steel, metal or wood. All these rods are connected with another and are operated in one direction. You can either open them in a downward or upward position at any given time. But, remember that this type of window can be operated in one direction in one go.

Jalousie Window
Img : beschattung-integriert

10. Hopper Window – 

The hopper window opens from top to bottom. Thus, these windows are recognized as a perfect home ventilator. This window flushes out the toxic air from inside the home and restricts the chance of suffocation within the premises. Also, this window type will open in the interior of a place and will refresh the room.

Hopper Window
Img : homecanada

So, it is the perfect time to renovate your home by installing right window at a right place. Give your home a completely new a look with these trendy types of windows.

Designer Lamps to Light Up Your Home

Every one must enlighten their living space as it brings in a lot of positivity, happiness and prosperity. So, begin your day with happiness by adding a touch of glow to your home. In fact, Wow is the word for you if, you enjoy putting up fancy lights all around the home. But, are you running out of options when it comes to buying designer lamps? Then, this blog post is a must-read. As today we unveil a range of designer lamps that will elevate the look of your place.

Of course, each room is different from other. Thus, you need different types of lamps to light up the corners and space in your home. But, you might find it difficult to choose lamps specifically. So, here are some designer lamps to light up your home.

1. Wall Lamps

The first one to list in this category is the Mendes Brushed Steel Plug-In Wall Lamp Set of 2. This type of lamp is best suitable for living space. The complete metallic finish of this lamp will offer an elegant touch to your living space. Also, the downward light positioning allows you to place focus on a particular thing. You can adjust the height of this lamp by tilting the lamp head light up and down. Apart from this lamp, you can also try:

Wall Lamps
Img : amazon
  • Tremont Brushed Steel Metal Swing Arm Wall Lamp
  • Wray Black and Antique Brass Plug-In Wall Lamp
  • Brushed Steel and Wood Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp
  • House of Troy Double Oil Rubbed Bronze Swing Arm Wall Lamp

2. Ceiling Lamps

These lights have to be compatible with the mood. A bright ceiling light will spoil the party mood as no one feels like to enjoy with a harsh light falling on them. So, try to place some designer ceilings such as:

Ceiling Lamps
Img : pinimg
  • Positivity Tapered Drum Giclee Ceiling Light
  • Sketchy Giclee Glow 14″ Wide Ceiling Light
  • Four Corners Giclee 16″
  • Wide Semi-Flush Ceiling Light,Spirocraft Giclee Glow 14″
  • Wide Ceiling Light, Burlap Print Tapered Drum Giclee Ceiling Light

You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs under this category.

3. Enter-Gate Lamps

 The entry is the first place that ascertains the look of your home. Also, the placing of chandeliers here must be accurate with two factors. One of the factors is size of the room and the last factor that constitute in choosing an entry-gate lamp is the height of the roof. As, an improper sized lamp here can make your place looks clumsy. Thus, you must showcase the style quotient by hanging chandeliers such as:

Enter-Gate Lamps
Img : amazon
  • Danube Crystal Strands 33″ Wide Pendant Chandelier
  • Swirled Iron Bronze Finish 2-Tier 26″ Wide Chandelier
  • Portola 29″ Wide Brushed Steel Chandelier
  • Tuscan Elegance Collection 21″
  • Varaluz Flow 18″ Wide Hammered Ore Pendant Light chandeliers

4. Floor Lamps

This lamp throws light on the seated people from above as the lamp has the support of a vertical pole. This pole can be standing straight and might also have a slight bend. The floor lamp usually ranges between 54 to 68 inches in height. These types of lamps give a wealthy and rich look to the place. So, those having spacious and large rooms must place floor lamps there. Choose from a variety of floor lamps such as:

Floor Lamps
Img : smdesign
  • Cream Jute Round Floor Lamp
  • Sheesham Wood And Beige Color Tripod Floor Lamp
  • Grey Iron Dalai Lamp
  • Colosseum Antique Copper Floor Lamp
  • Quito White Iron Floor Lamp

5. Outdoor Post Lamps

You must have installed outdoor post lamps earlier also. But, do you know that these lamps must sync with the symmetric design of your place? Yes, the proper sync between the outdoor post lamp and home give the residing area an elegant look. Thus, one must consider the shape and design while choosing the outdoor post lamps for their home. You can choose something like this:

Outdoor Post Lamps
Img : pinimg
  • Berkeley Collection 18 3/4″ High Outdoor Pier Mount Light
  • Bay View Collection 12 1/4″ High Steel Post Light
  • Marlex Nautical 10″ High White Outdoor Post Light
  • Kichler Argyle 19 1/2″H Weathered Zinc Outdoor Post Light
  • Hubbardton Forge Tourou Smoke 19 1/4″ High Post Mount

Give your home a trendy look by placing these designer lamps at different spheres. Also, you have a wide market area to find out more designs on the basis of designer lamps listed here.

5 Offbeat Tile Designs to Refurbish Your Home

Tiles are the most opt-in flooring solution used these days. Not only they give your home a classy and perfect look but also a lot of strength and durability. Most importantly they are easy to maintain and cleaning them is also not a messy task. One can choose from wide variety of colors, designs, and styles that easily blend with their home décor.

But now day’s new and unique types of tiles have captured the market. People are experimenting with exceptional designs that are far better from boring ceramic and mosaic designs. So let’s take a look at these hottest tile designs available in the market:

Terracotta Tile

Terracotta products are always a charm for everyone and when these designs are available as flooring option that what better way to beautify your home. These tiles have extraordinary longevity and a timeless appeal. Their natural and rustic look gives your home an earthy feel as well as ethnic tough. If used in a large hexagonal pattern or mixed with pastel tones, then they give a natural look to your home.

Terracotta Tile
Source : 4bqokk1qtfp1ln29x2c49sdt

Hand-painted Tile

If you are a painting lover and want your home to give an artistic look then hand painted tiles are for you. These tiles look so beautiful that your friends and relatives will fall in love with your collection. Select designs and colors that blend well with your interiors and watch the magic unfold!

Hand-painted Tile
Source : pinimg

Athangudi Tiles

Athangudi tiles are one of the well-known handicrafts in Karaikudi region located in Tamil Nadu. These tiles are handmade tiles which can be used to decorate floors as well as walls too. Painted in vivid colors, these tiles look very traditional and are unique in nature.  They are also popular in the International market.

Athangudi Tiles
Source : tripadvisor

Glass Tiles

These tiles are on trend these days. If used in Kitchen, it will give a classy and bright look. Apart from Kitchen, they can also be used in Bathroom as well as living room interiors. Since glass reflects lights, hence these tiles are a good option to allow plenty of light wherever they are used. Also, they are easy to clean.

Glass Tiles
Source : pinimg

Terrazzo Tile

These tiles are becoming more popular in India in recent times. Traditionally, it is made by exposing marble chips on the surface of concrete and then polishing until smooth. But these days quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips are also used in order to give them a modern touch. These tiles are poured with a binder that is cementitious, chemical or a combination of both. Later, it is cured, ground and polished to a smooth surface or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface. They are also cheaper than other designer tiles.

Terrazzo Tile
Source : perini

So if you want to add uniqueness to your walls and floor choose from these wide ranges of tiles and get rid of your boring interior.

Best Balcony Makeover Ideas You Must Try

Balcony – a relaxing place exactly beneath the skyline from where you gaze at the twinkling stars every night. Also, many people indicate this space as their favorite corner. This is so because, the balcony gives you a personal space where you can work, relax and enjoy. But, not every one of you can do so because of the space issue.

So, if you are also thinking about how to turn balcony into a personal space then take a look at these balcony makeover ideas. The designer balcony ideas listed below will make your balcony look stylish and comfortable unlike before.

1. Plant Up the Space

The plants definitely enhance the look of a place especially if it a balcony. But, inappropriate assembling of plants here can ruin the look of your veranda. So, buy some chic looking plants and plant them in stylish flower pots. You can choose from a wide range of designer flower pots available in the market. Pick any color of your choice and place them in your balcony. We suggest you to hang plants on the balcony grill as it will offer some sitting space as well. Go for seasonal plants as the blooming of these plants brings in a lot of positivity with them. You can place Fuchsia, Hydrangea, Lantana and Coleus like plants.

Balcony with beautiful plants
Source : mydesiredhome

2. Arrange Coffee Table Sitting

Balcony is the all-weather place. You can enjoy every day here right from the bright sunny day to a complete rainy day. But, no one can enjoy while standing for a long time. Thus, you must add some furniture to the balcony and make it look aesthetic. So, step in the market and buy a patio table with two or more chairs according to the space you have in the balcony. Remember to opt for the contrast-colored furniture to revamp the balcony as it makes space look vibrant to sit in.

Balcony with Coffee Table
Source : d2ern41v4fpcqm

3. Give it a Café Look

Most of the time you forget to take cookies along with the cup of coffee in the balcony? So, it’s time to enjoy your favorite munching food while sipping coffee in the veranda next time. Shop for a small cabinet rack with door and place it to the adjoining wall of your balcony. This will provide space for storing snacks so that you don’t need to rush inside to grab a packet of snacks. Also, you can place houseplants on the top of the cabinet to give a green look to the entire space. Also, add couple of low-height stool to sit and relax. This is one of the best balcony makeover ideas.

Cafe Look Balcony
Source : indonesia

4. Install Hammocks

Give your balcony a new look by getting a hammock installed there. This type of balcony makeover idea is ideal for the long balconies. As, the hammocks need to be hangs from one end and another. So, get a designer hammock for your veranda and enjoy your time.

Hammocks in Balcony
Source : trendir

5. Get a Hanging Swing

Those residing at apartment-style housing can experience the swing in the air by installing a hanging swing. These swings are available in bubble and float shapes. So, pick any of them according to the size of your balcony. Apart from offering a new look to the balcony, this will give you a relaxing feel too.

Balcony with Hanging Swing
Source : pinimg

6. Cover Balcony

You can cover the balcony by wielding iron rods from the railing of balcony till the roof. This will allow you to use this area as a storing place and will also makes you secure. Another way to cover balcony is to build a window-frame panel for the same. This will allow you to access and restrict the direct sunlight and winds as per the need.

Cover Balcony
Source : rocketwebs

These are the six best balcony makeover ideas that will help enhance the look of this open space.

Trendy Coffee Table Ideas for Living Space

I have got another Coffee table book yesterday. Do you feel excited while sharing this news with a friend? If so then, you must be having a chick-looking Coffee Table at home. Well if you don’t have that one then, here are the things that you must know before stepping out for buying an amazing coffee table.

This piece of furniture is a bit different from that of a center table. These apparatus come in different sizes and designs. This is the best place to keep books, magazines, and other things handy.

Every home is different from other. Thus, you have a wide variety of coffee table to choose according to the place, wall paint, and the rest of your furniture. Today, the furniture market has become stylish and that is why you get the opportunity to explore new designs every time you decide to give the home a makeover.

Here are the 8 trending designs of Coffee Table at will enhance the look and feel of your place.

1. Wooden Coffee Table

Wooden furniture stays in style all the time. Thus, buying a wooden coffee table is a good deal. Shop for these superbly designed coffee tables and give your living space a different ambiance. The shiny wooden legs and the top of this wooden coffee table give an amazing style to the room.

Wooden Coffee Table

2. Metallic Coffee Table

The stainless steel shine grabs a lot of attention. The sleek designs and glossy finish to these tables offer aesthetic look to your home. Bring this metallic-based coffee table home and get an instant makeover for the specific area. Choose any design from a huge range of metallic coffee tables in stores around you.

Metallic Coffee Table

3. Glass Coffee Table

Any furniture piece with a glass looks sophisticated. Also, it is believed to keep glassy artefacts at home to bring in the prosperity. The glass-based coffee table reflects the home as a pricey place. So, elevate your home value by placing a glass-based coffee table in the living arena now.

Glass Coffee Table

4. Mable Coffee Table

The marble-based top with wooden legs or a metal base looks stylish as ever. This type of coffee table stays intact for a long-time. So, those looking for a durable coffee table must opt for this structure.

Mable Coffee Table

5. Leather Coffee Table

The leather coffee table will add to your comfort zone. Stretch out your legs on this structure and enjoy your cup of coffee. This type of furniture comes in multiple colors such as light, dark, and medium. Therefore, give your room a different look by bringing in a leather coffee table.

Leather Coffee Table

6. Vintage Coffee Table

These artistically designed coffee tables add a vintage look to the place. The vintage coffee table is spacious enough to place books, magazines and other things at one place. This coffee table is best suitable for palatial places, villas, and farmhouses.

Vintage Coffee Table

7. Rattan Coffee Table

A coffee table adds volume to a room. This type of coffee table looks beautiful in a spacious living room with a glass window to enjoy the outside view. We suggest you place some palm trees around the coffee table and offer a lively ambiance to the entire setup.

Rattan Coffee Table

8. Rustic Coffee Table

This faded colored furniture gives the feel of older days. So, if you wish to keep the memories alive then opt for this kind of coffee table. You will get a wide variety of shapes and sizes of the rustic coffee table in the market.

Rustic Coffee Table

Pick the best of out these that suits your style, home, and budget. Now, you can find trendy coffee tables online apart from the marketplace. So, bring home a coffee table now and redesign your space easily.

6 Essential Tips to Decorate Home in Traditional Style

Stylish home décor gives an aesthetic look to the entire living premises. Thus, you must have clear preferences about decorative items while renovating your place. This helps you to pick the best things for a perfect home decor. Today, the market has widespread categories such as Indian-style home décor, Chinese-style decorative items and more. But, in today’s progressive world many people get attracted by the gems of traditional art and thus wish to give an Indian touch to their home.

So, if you are also thinking the same, then wait and take a look at the essentials for decorating home in a traditional style.

1. Make Use of Vibrant Colors

The Indian beliefs have different shades. But, the color of energy remains the same and that is red. Thus, welcome the positive vibes into your home by painting the compound wall and entrance door red. Also, the blend of red and orange colors in some places like a lobby or a wall attracts positivity from the atmosphere.

1. Make Use of Vibrant Colors

Apart from these colors, you can choose yellow and green colors for decorating specific areas like kitchen and garden. The idea behind combining these colors is to maintain the flow of prosperity. The Indian traditions firmly believe to store the best and what’s better than carry-forwarding the current prosperity to the new level. So, make use of vibrant colors in any form of home décor and continue the flow of positivity and prosperity forever in your life.

2. Bring in Wooden Furniture

Of course, you must have witnessed the wooden plank and sofas at your granny’s place. But, you have latest designer furniture at your home which is certainly not going to gel with the traditional style home décor. So, it is a high time for getting back to square one. Visit the nearest or the favorite furniture store and order hefty wooden sofa set, dining table, and coffee table to give a traditional style to your home.

Wooden Furniture

Apart from the wooden furniture you can also bring in the bamboo-made side tables, hanging swing [jhula], etc. and get it installed in your balcony or terrace. This will add the finishing touch to your home décor.

3. Lit-Up Traditional Lamps

The oil-lamps give an aesthetic look to the home. Although these lamps have also moved forward as today you can buy designer oil-lamps that are embossed with designs. The translucent colors of these oil-lamps offer an ethnic look to your home décor idea. Thus, you must keep these traditional lamps at the top of your shopping list.

Traditional Lamps

4. Arrange Baithak-Style Sitting

The sitting arrangements are referred as a Baithak in India. In fact, you will find these types of sitting arrangements in Royal suites, palaces, and events. This style of sitting gives an elegant look to the entire room. Also, the Baithak makes the place spacious for sitting.

Indian Baithak Style

5. Make Informal Sitting Arrangements

Obviously, the living room has its own glamour and style. Besides it, create space for chit-chat talks. Make use of footstools, low-heightened tables, and couch to make your guest feel relaxed. Apart from this the addition of a low-heightened bed will also give a chick look to your home.

Informal Sitting Arrangements

Try this different from others home décor idea and enjoy the ambiance of a traditional lifestyle.

6. Put Up Paintings

Many artists bring the glorious history and lifestyle to life by painting them on the canvas. Buy these artistic paintings and hang them in various corners of your home. This will offers an age-old style to the home décor of your residing place. These include the famous Warli and Madhubani paintings to name a few.

Madhubani paintings

Try these amazing home décor ideas and give your place a traditional makeover this year.