Closet Designs to Elevate Home Décor of your Abode

The life is all about setting up home in a stylish manner. Thus, you must place trendy closets in different areas of the abode to make the place look spacious while keeping things safely. Usually, we feel that getting multiple shelves installed in the home is enough but now the multiple closet designs offer you a chance to enhance the interiors in a stylish way. So, here we are suggesting the ideal closet designs for 2019.

Elevate Home Décor
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Mirror Bunning Text Tables

The edges here are crafted with mirrors and thus offer a reflective finish. The well-designed handles, capacious closets and an additional area to place home décor items make this one of the best closet design of 2019. You can also place trophies, pictures, flower vase and more such things on the top of this closet to make the home look beautiful.

Mirror Bunning Text Tables
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Modern Wooden Closet

This closet is different from the regular wooden closet as here you get dual doors meanings double space to keep things. A modern wooden closet is perfect for the kitchen area as you need to keep a range of utensils in a proper manner. So, get this beautiful and ideal closet design for the cooking junction and add style to the abode.

Modern Wooden Closet
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Wooden Closet Design

Decorate the abode with this wooden closet design which is not the regular one. Here you get ample space to keep things that too in multiple areas. This closet is segregated into two and more sections as per the requirement and offer a simple but elegant look. Also, you can decorate the headspace of this closet by placing showpieces there.

Wooden Closet Design
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Storage Bed Closet

Get your bed designed in a different style. The multi-leveled closets on the front-side of a bed offer a smart look. You can customize this design as some want few or more shelves, with or without door and more. On a whole, this design will add a classy look to the personal space i.e. a bedroom.

Storage Bed Closet
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Bench with Storage

This bench is best suitable to place in the living room or in the entry lobby. Place the footwear in the space below and give the entryway a stylish look. Also, you can use this bench as a side couch in the living room where you can place magazines and other things of daily use.

Bench with Storage
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Office Storage Closet

This closet is perfect for the study room and for the office space. Keep all the important files, stationery and other gadgets on these shelves and keep the workspace managed. Also, you can add doors to this closet but the open closet offers more space in comparison to the closed one. So, choose the one in a wisely.

Office Storage Closet
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Bedroom Organizer Closet

Make the bedroom look more spacious with this closet design. Give your personal space more room with this closet design idea in 2019 and make the interior look opulent. Choose lighter shade as it goes well with pastel colour wall paint while the selection of dark shade for closet offer a smart look with bright colours.

Bedroom Organizer Closet
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Best Canvas Paintings Ideas to Decorate a Home

A home looks classy when the walls are decorated with paintings. Thus we are suggesting some beautiful Canvas Painting Ideas to decorate a home. Today, the availability of 3D and Digital Paintings had made home décor easy but the paintings crafted via traditional techniques bring prints to life like no other. So, go through this blog post and know ideas to decorate a home with canvas paintings:

Canvas Painting Ideas
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Geometrical Painting

You might feel that painting geometrical designs must be easy but actually, they are not. This is because the artist has to manage the edges, curves, depth and other dimensions of these paintings. So, enhance the beauty of your bedroom with geometrical paintings as a relationship also has their highs and lows similar to the geometric shapes. Remember to match the colour scheme with the wall paint.

Geometrical Painting
Img : pinimg

Madhubani Painting

It won’t be wrong to call Madhubani Paintings an identity of India. In fact, each of these paintings tells a story. So, bring home the one that matches with your life and give home décor a lively feel. Also, you can enhance the lobby or entrance area with this painting as a Madhubani Painting gives an aesthetic look.

Madhubani Painting
Img : amazon

Long Art Work

This is an artwork crafted with the help of a brush. A home can be decorated with spectacular modern and contemporary design. You can shop for any long art painting to enhance the décor of a living room, bedroom or any other arena.

Long Art Work
Img : home-dignesing

Warli painting

Warli painting is a traditional tribal painting of the Maharashtra state and geometrical shapes are the main elements of this painting as a circle, triangle, rectangle and other denotes different elements of nature. Decorate your home with Warli painting similar to the tribals who decorate their clay-made huts with these paintings. You can also elevate the home décor with warli painting like a supporting wall in this image.

Warli Painting
Img : pinterest

Whimsical Painting

This purple-coloured fanciful image is best suitable to hang or place on the table top. By adding this kind of painting to home décor you can actually get inspired to chase the dreams. There are multiple designs available in Whimsical painting to choose from. Thus you are suggested to shop for the one that is close to your dreams.

Whimsical Painting
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Knife Painting

Decorate home this spectacular knife painting and many more. This painting technique adds multiple textures and layers to artwork and then forms a masterpiece that has the ability to elevate the look of home décor. Interestingly, knife paintings are available in large and extra-large sizes that can cover the entire wall space.

Knife Painting
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Venice Water Oil Painting

This beautiful looking painting is crafted with oil paints and thus you can also add colours to life with this type of art. These designs look opulent and thus choose the one can suit the room and wall paint along with other home décor items.

Venice Water Oil Painting
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Nordic Home Décor Ideas to Make Abode Look Beautiful

Nordic is the word used to define the northern region of Europe and the interior designing of this locale is popular as the Nordic home décor. Another name of this home designing concept is the Scandinavia home décor and this is so because Scandinavia, Fennoscandia and the North Atlantic fall under this region of the European continent.

So, go through this blog post and check out the best and beautiful Nordic home décor ideas to beautify your home.

Img : snob

Minimalistic Décor

The Nordic home décor defines home styling with the least possible items. So, increase the style quotient of your abode by decorating it with minimalistic decor. The placing of a compact book rack in a corner and balancing of the sitting area with a mix of chairs and stools will add a perfect Scandinavia home décor look to the place.

fresh home
Img : freshome

Colour Combinations

One important thing about the Nordic home décor is the use of grey colour. The people in this part of the world prefer using this colour in life. So, most of the Scandinavia home décor is styled the shades of grey. Thus, look for soft colours to sync with grey. You can include aqua blue or baby pink colour sofa-set or other furniture to make the space look alluring. Make sure to paint the walls and ceiling white as it is an essential component of the Nordic home décor.

Scandinavian Style interior design
Img : comelite-arch

Majestic Look

Add freshness to your bedroom with two magnetic colours that are white and aquatic blue. The spectacular designing of wall décor in the personal space along with the photo-framed wall adjacent to the bed offers a complete Scandinavian home décor look.

Img : decoist

Keep it Simple

Let your simplicity speak for you. Decorate the personal space alias the bedroom in a grey colour and experience the beauty of Nordic home décor. This Placing of a grey-coloured rug, bed and a sidetool in the bedroom will welcome you to witness the beauty of this classy home décor.

Majestic Look
Img : homestratosphere

Compact and Cozy

The winter season is all about adding warmness to a home. So, give abode a stylish look with this Nordic home décor idea. Also, the placing of few greens on the window shelf and the addition of a designer chandelier set the mood for a perfect winter home décor.

Fresh Home
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Navian Style 

Have a smart blend of White, Yellow, Green and Grey colours and make the living room look stunning. The addition of a L-shaped sofa and a side stool in the room will complete the Navian home décor look. Make sure you add white shades or the curtains they are usually called to add some brightness to the room.

Compact and Cozy
Img : psychopath

Scandinavian Nordic Decor

Experience the beauty of Nordic home décor at your place by setting up this kind of interiors. The lying of a grey-coloured rug or a carpet in the kitchen area and a shawl or a stole kept on the chairs offer a beautiful Scandinavian home décor look.

Fresh home Navian Style
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5 Best Winter Decoration Ideas in 2019

The New Year bought the chilling winter breeze and thus the home décor needs a change. So, get ready to enjoy a cozy winter atmosphere right from the living room to bedroom and in the veranda area. As here we are listing some beautiful looking home décor ideas for winter. Hence, scroll down the blog post and have a look at these smart ideas to decorate a home for the winter season.


1. Rustic Look

Give your bedroom a rustic look by designing the walls. You are suggested to highlight a wall by installing stones or by placing wallpaper that gives a stone-like feel. The choice is yours but don’t think about applying the stone-design idea on all the walls as it will create a cold atmosphere. So, simply add a rustic look to the personal space. Apart from this, get a fireplace installed inside the wall and the golden-coloured decorative lamps placed on the side table will upbeat the mood.

Rustic Look
Img : theviphouse

2. Cozy Cushions

Get the living room designed in a cozy manner. So, place some fancy cushions like the one made from old sweaters, designer wool and more. Also, the placing of a rug/carpet and a handwoven blanket on the couch will create a cozy atmosphere. You can keep the living room warm by lighting up lamps and some aromatic candles.

Cozy Cushions
Img : therugseller

3. Colour Splash

The use of bright colours during winter keeps chilling vibes at bay. So, bring home a colourful rug or a carpet and enhance the interiors. Also, the placing of a solid coloured sofa-set along with two leather-stitched chairs is a perfect home décor for the winter season. A home décor can be highlighted by illuminating multiple designer lamps in the room. Make sure you keep some bright coloured flowers on the table to feel fresh.

Colour Splash
Img : decoist

4. Contemporary Look

The shades or curtain as they are commonly known must be used to decorate a home during the winter season. We suggest you hang these curtains in the kitchen or the lobby area as it is easy to let the sunrays come inside. Also, it gives a sunny vibe, especially during the winter season. The placing of plants near these curtains offers an organic home décor feel.

Contemporary Look
Img : belnovosti

5. Exterior Décor

Witness a beautiful sunset view while sitting in the balcony or the garden area. Also, lit some aromatic candles on the coffee table and create a cozy atmosphere. You can also place a simple candle in a mug full of coffee beans as it will upbeat the mood.

Exterior Décor
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Tips to decorate home for New Year Eve

You must have got the home ready for the New Year celebrations but still, something seems like missing and that is nothing but the unique yet stylish home décor ideas for the New Year eve party. So, in this blog post will let you know amazing tips to decorate a home for the New Year party. Hence, scroll the page and know all these home décor tips.

happy new year

Golden Wallpaper

Add a royal look to the home by decorating the walls with this heavily-designed golden coloured wallpaper. The placing of a couch-styled sofa and lamps on each side of the same offers an opulent look. Also, don’t forget to add extra curves to the wall décor with the help of dark golden colour shade. Make sure to have white-coloured lights in the room to create a glitter look in the atmosphere.

golden wallpaper
Img : ebayimg

Dining Décor

A New Year eve must become memorable for you and the guests. Thus, we suggest you keep the dining table décor simple by placing a red-coloured runner on the table. The placing of a flower-vase on the same with some cards hanging on the flowers will make the party exciting. So, get ready to have a blast at this New Year eve party with friends and loved ones.

Dinning Decor
Img :

Gift Junction

This time of the year is all about exchanging greeting and gifts in particular. So, keep all the gifts at one place as it becomes easy to greet the guests while they are leaving for home. Yes, place the gifts around the Christmas tree and keep the party mood high on this New Year eve.

Gift Junction
Img : picdn

Golden Cycle

Place this beautiful home décor item on the table top and offer a chic look to the entire home décor. The addition of flowers inside the glass-based vase on this cycle looks nice. You can place anything else on the cycle while keeping the home décor in mind.

Golden Cycle
Img : images-na

Banner Decor

Let the happiness be at its peak and the banner of Happy New Year will keep the party mood on. This banner is available in multiple colours so choose according to the wall paint and other home décor such as the furniture.

Banner Decor
Img : birkleylaneinteriors

Decorative Ball

Actually, this is a transparent ball but the golden lace attached with a pink flower upbeat the mood for a New Year eve party. So, keep something like this in the corner or in the garden area and make the home décor look stylish.

Decorative Ball
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7 Tips to decorate home with Shades of Blue

decorate home with Shades of Blue
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The shades of a blue colour reflect various aspects of your personality including trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. In fact, a home décor in blue colour allows you to focus and stay determined until the target is reached or the mission is accomplished. Also, being the colour of sky and sea the shades of blue denotes in-depth and strong bond. Hence, here we are listing some beautiful blue coloured home décor ideas.

1. Coral Blue

A home décor of this colour help you stay calm and thus getting the personal space alias the bedroom painted with a coral blue is a brilliant idea. Also, the hanging of abstract painting on the wall offer a composite look and this bedroom décor idea assure you to match with the pace of life. Apart from this, a vase with fresh greens will also work to spread peace and happiness at the same time.

Coral Blue
Img : secrethistorian

2. Bright Blue

Like said earlier, the blue has many variations and this shade is known as bright blue. The addition of white in blue until it catches all the attention is the process to learn about how to catch the limelight. The placing of a white coloured closet and few décor items helps you to learn about being a quick settler and absorbing others at the same time. On a whole, this blue colour home décor fill the atmosphere with positivity.

Bright Blue
Img : coastalliving

3. Turquoise Blue

Get the girl room highlighted with this colour. The wall sticker denoting free life will inspire her to experience adventure while setting goals to achieve. Let this colour inspire her to live life with full zest as you get ready to witness her success.

Turquoise Blue
Img : imalan

4. Navy Blue

This colour is silent as a sea and thus you must paint the living room in this shade. Here take a note of the space/area as this is a bold and bright colour that can make or break the entire home décor concept. So, if you have a huge living room then get the entire space painted with navy blue, those with a medium-sized room should use the cushions of this colour and if you have a small-sized room then get a small portion of a wall highlighted in this colour as it will create a magical effect.

Navy Blue
Img : teamfangirl

5. Electric Blue

An electric blue is also known as the tiffany blue. This shade goes well with white and thus either choose the white coloured furniture else get the walls painted in this colour. Whatever you choose, just make sure not to use any other colour combination with this shade of blue as it won’t offer an opulent and elegant look with any other palatte.

Electric Blue
Img : shoptretho

6. Vintage Blue

This shade offers a vintage look and thus you can get the porch or the store area painted in this colour. The hanging of some metal-based chandeliers will compliment the colour as well. Also, the hanging of a rug on the wall offer never before feel to the home décor.

Vintage Blue
Img : lawcris

7. Blue Palette

Get these kinds of sofa cushions and paint the room white. Also, place a blue-coloured bookrack in the corner and offer an opulent look to your home. You can also add indigo coloured cushions to make the home look even more beautiful.

Blue Palette
Img : ninamaydesigns

7 Flower Décor Ideas for Home during Celebration Time

You might be stepping out to buy flowers to decorate the home, but this year make the celebration special in an aesthetic manner as we suggest some amazing flower decoration ideas to style the abode. All the floral décor listed below will surely offer an opulent look to a home and to find out which are those flowers you need to scroll down the post.

Flower Decoration Idea

1. Church Floral Décor

The bright yellow coloured sunflowers along with other florals in the same colour will surely enhance the look of a home. You are suggested to place these beautiful looking flowers on the coffee table of a living room. Also, the placing of a few greens in between the flowers creates a magical combination and make the mood happy.

Church Floral Décor
Img : 24spaces

2. Spring Floral Décor

Don’t go by name as this flower decoration idea is best suitable to make a home look beautiful during the festive time. The placing of different species of flowers in a linear position and a half-filled glass offers an exotic look. Also, the fragrance and the freshness of these florals add positivity in to environment.

Spring Floral Décor
Img : teaworthy

3. Cartwheel Floral Décor

 This flower decoration idea is, of course, different and is suitable for a home with multiple hanging spaces or shelves. You can keep this vintage looking home décor item on the tabletop or can also hang the same with the roof. The use of seasonal flowers in this décor is the best thing about it. However, you can choose the colours according to the wall paint.

Cartwheel Floral Décor
Img : laowaiblog

4. Creative Garden Decor

Give the open space a nice and celebratory look by adding this flower décor to it. The transparent bottles hanged in a non-linear manner and the variety of florals will add majestic fragrance in the air. Let everyone enjoy the quality time while breathing in the freshness of flowers this year end.

Creative Garden Decor
Img : weddbook

5. Cabbage Rose Bunch

This is an exotic variety of rose which actually grabs a lot of attention. The volume of these roses and the colour shades are the best elements of this flower décor. We suggest you choose the roses in that suits your personality as the things around us are the reflection of our personality.

Cabbage Rose Bunch
Img : heavenlyhomesandgardens

6. Rustic Floral Décor

The nights during winters are darker and the fog flowing through makes the atmosphere spine-chilling. Thus, add some warmness in the temperature by hanging this rustic flower décor as the illumination of candles and the flowers together will set the party mood.

Rustic Floral Décor
Img : designlisticle

7. Roses & Carnations

This duo of rose and carnation flowers offers a party mood. You can place these flowers on a dining table or a coffee table to enhance the look of the place. Also, the bunch of red roses and pink clove carnation also looks good but it all depends upon your choice.

Roses & Carnations
Img : 52weeks52flowers

Christmas Spl: Home Décor Tips to welcome Santa Claus

Well, the most happening time of the year is just around the corner and you must also be thinking about changing the home décor. Hence, we are listing some amazing ways to enhance the home décor of your abode in a charming way as it is the most comfortable place on the earth. So, instead of putting décor items in a wrong manner go through these points and offer an alluring look to the home.



Welcome Happiness

The décor of the main entry door guides the inflow of energies and thus we suggest you decorate it with fresh greens, ribbons, streamers and of course a Christmas tree. The lighting on the main gate will elevate the look of a home during the dark as the decorative illumination of lights makes the abode glow like a star.

welcome christmas decor idea
Img : homebnc

Lobby Décor

The first thing anyone notices inside a home is the lobby area. So, decorate this spacious arena with aromatic candles, wall decorative wall hangings and a couple of flower bouquets. Make sure to decorate home with elegant flowers like lilac, white and peace lily and other seasonal flowers. It is also important to maintain the balance between other colours and the green colour especially during the Christmas season.

Lobby Décor Idea for christmas
Img : sndimg

Décor with Wisteria Flowers

These are the trending flowers this season hence decorate the living room and the fireplace with these elegant looking florets. The addition of red lily and rose in between the bouquet offer a sweet and fresh fragrance and will elevate the festive spirit.

Décor with Wisteria Flowers
Img : crismatec

X-Mas-based Décor

A huge variety of delicacies including cake, muffins and more are served at the parties during the Christmas celebration. Hence, place a quoted or design-based runner on the dining table and give a touch of celebration to the place. Also, you can place a Christmas tree in the arena depending upon the size of the room. The hanging of streamers, toffees and stars on this tree will offer a charming look to your home décor.

X-Mas-based Décor
Img : shopify

Staircase Décor

The entire home is decorated during this festive season and thus we suggest you offer swirl or tangled design to the staircase. Remember to use transparent ribbons to cover the railing and the clutching of satin ribbons along with greens will offer a chic look.

Staircase Décor
Img : 365greetings

Ceiling Décor

Of course, a false ceiling is an option but the hanging of streamer balls on the ceiling will add a dazzlingly look to the entire home. Also, the glossy look of this décor set the party mood during this season of festival. The strings of lights will upbeat the mood for sure.

Ceiling Décor
Img : ytimg

Exterior Décor

Give an outline to the home with the transparent lighting string. This looks elegant and balances the décor of a home inside out. Also, the placing of a snowman, deer and a chariot outside a home is believed to bring happiness and prosperity home as they all pave the way to the celebration of festival while the Santa Claus is on the way to your home.

Exterior home Décor
Img : gaiasoil

Curtains – The Hanging Drapes to Enhance Home Beauty this Winter

The winter season is making everyone feel the chill and thus not many amongst us are happy to step out of the home. But, being inside is also not a solution hence with a smart sense of interiors you can experience warmness inside an abode too. So, today here in this blog post we are listing some amazing ways to decorate home with curtains during the winter season.

Home Curtains for Decoration
Img : decoist

Thermal Curtains

In abroad, these curtains have a huge demand during the winter season as they keep the atmosphere nice and warm. So, with the change in home styling, you can also opt for these beautiful looking hanging drapes that are entirely different from the regular curtains and have the feature to make you feel cozy inside a home. These curtains are available in multiple solid colours so choose according to the wall paint and height of the roof as these elements need to sync with the drapes to offer an alluring look to a home.

Thermal Curtains
Img : windowcoveringstoronto

Winter Curtains

These drapes look similar to the one we all have but it is actually not true. The multiple and close folds in these curtains offer a thick look to these curtains that add a warm sight to the entire room. This is best suitable for a dining room as usually, we have a long and broad window frame in this arena. Also, make sure to use dual shade curtains here as they offer more warmth to the room.

Winter Curtains
Img : venidair

Piping Curtains

You must have seen dresses with piping but this time add a classy look to the home décor with this kind of curtains. The sides of a solid pastel colour and the interior linen of a pastel shade of a flower like peace or a lilac will offer an elegant touch to the arena. Also, this kind of curtain is best suitable for a garden or the porch area where you have a sitting arrangement done.

Piping Curtains
Img : livemaster

Transparent Curtains

Bring in the extra warmness with hues as the transparent element of this curtain allows the sunshine to get inside the home in a toned down manner. The entire room dazzles as the sun rays filter inside a home while crossing the fine fabric knots. So, choose a hue-based colour and add a chic look to your home.

Transparent Curtains
Img : hibbsinsurance

Window Curtain

Add dimension to your home by putting up this hanging drape. There are multiple colours and designs available in the market to choose from. Remember to shop for foldable curtains as you can adjust the height of these drapes as and when required.

Window Curtain
Img : pinimg

Sheer Roof to Floor Curtains

Many homes have a roof to floor windows and the white coloured sheer curtains do justice to them. Also, the addition of these sheets will make the room bigger and brighter. So, shop for these fantastic looking curtains now and give home a stylish look.

Sheer Roof to Floor Curtains
Img : freshome

7 Quintessential Tips for Home Décor this Season

A home is always the best place to relax and thus some quintessential tips to decorate the abode can help you elevate the overall ambiance of the place. So, here in this blog post, we are listing some amazing ideas to make sure the world’s best-living place i.e. a home look awe-inspiring. Hence, roll down the cursor and check out the ideas to decorate your own planet called HOME.

Home Décor Tips
Img : elledecoration

1. Vintage Style

The wooden shelves and a chair in sync with the sofa set give a proper vintage look. We also suggest placing of a wooden stool as it not only adds extra seating space but also offer a place to keep articles like books, mobile and other things handy. Don’t forget to place a center table with a slim border of a dark golden colour as it will match with the wooden décor and vintage ambiance of the room.

Vintage Style Home Decor
Img : southernliving

2. Personified Fabric

Everything used as a home décor defines your style. Thus, we suggest selecting fabric that reflects you. So, instead of going by the trend choose the fabric and texture that will make you comfortable. Some people like bright colours, for example choose a royal blue or a purple colour for sofa or chairs but in a less glossy texture. This will give a minimalistic home décor look as the bright colour here will have a subtle look.

Personified Fabric Look For Home
Img : onlinecollegecourse

3. Rustic Look

The bedroom is, of course, a private space and thus it should have a home décor that can make you feel relaxed. So, rustic is the word for relaxation as the headboard crafted with jute and cotton-bed linen set the mood to unwind.  Also, the combination of jute and cotton is impeccable as it also offers a chic look.

Rustic Look For Bedroom
Img : nanobuffet

4. Mirror Décor

This home décor is enough to add a royal look to the abode. But, the wrong placement of the mirror décor can ruin the entire interior. So, make sure not to place the reflective glass aka mirror opposite or in front of the window. This is so because the daylight and the reflective attribute of the mirror result in starburst kind of atmosphere. So, place the mirror décor as shown in the image and add a royal look to the home décor.

Mirror Décor Idea for home
Img : blurstyle

5. Shades of Lamp

Firstly, forget the typical floor lamp and explore the ways to decorate home with any such design. The placing of a side table lamp on the tabletop that has a wall of memory right above will add warmness to the room. There are multiple ways to decorate home with the lamps.

Shades of Lamp
Img : earleylight

6. Raindrop Chandelier

This artistic design is trending now a days. But, as always we say don’t shop for what is in trend but think about the space and set up you have at home. This kind of chandelier is just perfect for a long-sized dining table say for 10 or 16-chaired dining table as it will have enough roof space to cover.

Raindrop Chandelier
Img : italstroy

7. Earthy Tones

Never forget your roots and this home décor says exactly the same. The slanting roof and a shelf rack offering multiple spaces to keep books, antiques, TV set and more is a cool home décor idea.  You can actually make a wise use of the space in this manner as it adds multiple dimensions to the place called home.

Earthy Tones
Img : trendir