Décor Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

There isn’t a single person who would not like to live in a beautiful home and keep changing and updating his/her surrounding according to comfort and latest trends. While some people do occasionally go in for a paint job, changing the décor and look of one’s home is a task that is considered expensive and very tiresome. That need not be the case. There are some easy and quick budget décor tips that can change the look of your place completely.

Décor Updates That Won’t Break the Bank
Décor Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

Accent Walls

An accent wall (a.k.a. “feature wall”) is a wall whose design differs from the design of the other walls in the room. The accent wall’s color can simply be a different shade of the color of the other walls, or have a completely different design in terms of the color and material. The surface of the accent wall can be paint, wallpaper, brick, marble etc. By using this concept not only can you change the entire look of the room, you also save money as the area changed is very small.

Art work

Art work can really change the look of a room too. If you have a dull and drab looking room or one that is painted in neutral colors, adding a vibrant and colorful piece of art will enhance it and give it character. One doesn’t have to buy an expensive piece. There are many affordable but beautiful pieces available online that suit your budget and sensibilities. Why just art or paintings, you can also pin up a photograph or a collage or even a beautiful cloth piece on the wall.

Floor Rugs and Throw Pillows

Changing the flooring of your home will not only raise dust but also your expenses. A more cost effective way is using rugs or carpets. They not only hide stains or old flooring, but also add warmth and coziness to a room. They are also very effective in winter to keep your feet warm. Similarly you can also throw in oversized cushions/bean bags on the floor. They are also a good alternative to expensive chairs and sofas.


Stand outside an apartment block one evening and look up at the lit windows of homes. Some will seem more inviting and welcoming than others. This is because of lighting. You may have the best furniture and upholstery that money can buy but still not get the look you want. Change the lighting of the room and voila it’s a brand new place. Changing light bulbs and adding dimmer is not expensive at all and there are a lot of cost effective and environment friendly options available in the market these days.

Floral arrangement

A trick that is used by interior designers over and over again to make a decor statement at very little additional cost is to use a bigger vase and create an oversize floral arrangement. There are many authentic looking artificial options available in the market these days.

You can also use mirrors, decorative headboards, bookshelves etc. to change the look of your home with very little additional cost.

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A Look inside Ex-President Barrack Obama’s New Family Home

January 19th was the last day President Obama and his family spent in the White house. After President-Elect Trump’s inauguration, the Obamas flew off for a much needed vacation.

Everyone was curious to know where the Obamas would reside after his retirement. After all, the white House was a tough act to follow.

Well, their reported new home may not be as opulent and important as the White House, but it is pretty special.

A Look inside Ex-President Barrack Obama’s New Family Home
A Look inside Ex-President Barrack Obama’s New Family Home

When they return to Washington, the Obamas will most probably settle into a home in the Kalorama section of DC. Though smaller than the Obamas’ former Pennsylvania Avenue address, the house is still a lavish residence in a desirable neighborhood. Built in 1928, this 8,200 square feet house has nine bedrooms.

The real estate is reportedly a house owned by Joe Lockhart, who served as White House press secretary under former President Bill Clinton.

While the Obamas own a house in Chicago, President Obama had earlier stated that they would stay on in DC as he wanted his younger daughter Sasha to complete her education and did not want to move her mid-term.

A Look inside Ex-President Barrack Obama’s New Family Home
A Look inside Ex-President Barrack Obama’s New Family Home

The residence has undergone a meticulous renovation and substantial addition, featuring nine bedrooms, gracious public rooms, refinished hardwood floors throughout and original leaded glass windows that have been restored and rebuilt with custom high-end finishes. The stunning outdoor space boasts two tiers of extensive flagstone terraces, formal gardens and a gated courtyard for up to 10 vehicles. It is currently valued at $7 million, according to D.C. tax assessments.

It is located in the upscale embassy neighborhood, next door to a former congressman and down the street from the French ambassador’s residence, and around the corner from the oldest house in the city. It is about two miles from the White House, and a half-mile from the D.C. home of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Former presidents are allotted continuing protection by the Secret Service after they leave office, so the agency will need to design and implement a security plan to protect the house and its occupants.

A Look inside Ex-President Barrack Obama’s New Family Home
A Look inside Ex-President Barrack Obama’s New Family Home

Latest reports also say that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump have also bought property in that area. The house was once owned by Capt. Charles Hamilton Maddox, who served in both World Wars and who tested radio equipment used in the Navy’s aircraft. Maddox’s daughter Muriel appeared with Marlon Brando in 1950s “The Men” and also authored romance novels.

What makes a ‘Grown-up’ Home?

One of the newer concepts of home décor that is slowly but steadily gaining popularity is the concept of a grown-up apartment. While many may feel that since they are grown up and live in an apartment, that’s what this means. Well, if your apartment looks like a college dorm room, then you’re wrong. The term ‘Grown Up’ Home simply means that you are not living in a teenage/college dorm/roommate sharing home but in a home that reflects your personal home décor style and taste and one that also requires your budget to be flexible.

What makes a 'Grown-up' Home?
What makes a ‘Grown-up’ Home?

The following tips will help you understand and achieve your own version of the grown up home.

1) Add a Bar- Not only will this raise the maturity level of your living room instantaneously, but a classy bar is a great feature to have in your home for entertaining friends and guests. You don’t even have to go all out stocking up your bar (although that’s definitely recommended) – just having it in the corner of the room creates a touch of glamour and sophistication.

2) Lay Down a Rug- It doesn’t matter if you DIY your own or find one on sale, a sophisticated rug adds a cozy level of adulthood to your home. To keep a rug or carpet from making your space look too old, choose a color and pattern that highlights your palette and adds just the right amount of contrast.

3) Art Smart- One of the most important features of a grown up home is a piece (or a collection, if you can afford it) of art that truly reflects who you are. It could be a replica of a famous work or could be an original from a street artist or could just be a well framed photograph that could suit your fancy. Whatever it is, it should inspire you in a certain way and settle in well with the rest of your décor.

4) Furniture- Since we are trying to create a grown up living space, bean bags and mattresses strewn on the floor will not do. Solid reliable furniture is the need of the hour. It does not have to be designer or expensive but should be comfortable and should add symmetry and flow to your house. You cannot have a green leather sofa with a wrought iron coffee table and a wooden bookshelf. Choose a theme and stick to it.

5) Clutter Free- A grown-up home is a clean and clutter-free space. You don’t have to live like a minimalist with only 100 items in your entire home to reap the benefits of living in a clutter-free environment. Studies have shown that excess in our homes increases our stress which over time deteriorates our health.

6) An Eye Catching Book Shelf- Whether you keep a book shelf in your living room, office or bedroom, enjoy organizing it in such a way that even you are encouraged to go and pick up another book to read. Include a few unique decor items that you’ve collected from your travels and try not to clutter the shelf. After all, if you have too many books, that’s a very good problem to have (simply donate, or add another shelf if possible).

7) Matching Hand Towels- Nothing screams adult home more than a well-coordinated bathroom. A matching set of hand towels shows attention to detail.

8) Plants and Fresh Flowers- Taking care of live plants requires a certain amount of responsibility and is an important component for making an apartment look like an adult lives in it. There are a lot of inexpensive options available that are also low maintenance. If price is not an option, fresh flowers add a beautiful touch too.

These are just some basic tips on how to create a grown up living space. Incorporate these into your home and you’re a step closer to your dream house.

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7 Decor Styles that Will Rule Luxury Homes in 2017

A new year brings fresh new energy, a desire to do something better, a plan for a more luxurious lifestyle. So why not start this year by ditching the old trends altogether and welcoming new trends with open arms? Top design experts from around the world have revealed some design ideas that will rule luxury homes in 2017.

7 Decor Styles that Will Rule Luxury Homes in 2017
7 Decor Styles that Will Rule Luxury Homes in 2017

Minimalism and Customization

It was only a few years back that this concept came into being but not everyone welcomed it. However, as the trend of living big with fewer items is getting popular, minimalism is also gaining popularity among designers. People now want stylish-yet-functional homes; spaces that are flexible and customized according to individual needs. Technology is the new luxury, so the definition of it is gradually changing from huge royal spaces to smaller homes with minimalist decor style with smart functionalities. Cleverly camouflaged solutions, smart storages etc., speak of sophistication and luxury.

Earthy Meets Neutral

According to color experts, natural green palettes mixed with more saturated hues will be popular in 2017. This year, the tables will turn. Warm, rich, earthy tones will be seen on the walls whereas cool colors will be seen on the furniture and furnishings. Velvet sofas, club chairs in cool tones are now trendy. Homes will also see unexpected surprise color splashes on the ceiling or decor items. Hazelnut, warm nudes, vivid jewel tone, lapis blue and fiery orange will be extremely popular.

Mixed Textures

2017 will be the year of dimensional textures. Unexpected design pairings of some popular styles like Industrial (raw metals and unfinished look), Scandinavian (linen furnishings, sheepskin rugs and Nordic wood) and Southwestern (desert plant and cowhide rugs) will be found in luxury homes across the globe. Designers are looking forward to homes that will smartly utilize essential elements of varied decor schools to come up with something surprisingly interesting.

Mixed Metals

By the end of 2016, brass and nickel lost their sheen in the list of trendy home decor items. However, they have not disappeared entirely. Interior design experts are presenting carefree mixing of different metals like brass and chrome, silver and polished nickel, antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze. Antique lamps, abstract pendants and metal-framed decor pieces will find their way inside modern homes.

Boutique Styled Homes

Setting up a perfect dream home is largely accepted in the market. Perfect bedding, right placement of furniture, desired range of artwork and decor items, etc., together make for a boutique living. As the trend of renting out a home is also becoming popular, this concept is furthermore welcomed. With this, homeowners wish to live a vacation every day.

Lacquered Walls

Designers have always been huge fans of sleek style and sharp lines and high-polish lacquered wood gives them the same texture. Concealed shelving, edgy cabinets and smart storages also work well with the lacquered style.

Furniture as Statement Item

This year, you won’t need to buy that expensive painting or antique to make a statement in your decor style. A unique chair or bench can also work as decor item in your home. It is not just seen as a furniture but as a functional artwork that’s both modern and timeless.

How many of these tweaks will you make in your home?

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Budget Decor Ideas to Give Your Home A Luxurious Look & Feel

Many of us think that luxury and opulence come at a huge cost. It is only after years of hard work that you reach the position where you can actually afford such an elegant home. Until then, why not find ways to make your existing home look extravagant. Yes, it is possible to add a few lavish features to your home without breaking the bank.

The idea is to choose the finishes wisely. The essentials of a luxury home are always the quality of its finishes and fixtures that make the ultimate difference in how ‘expensive’ something looks. Let us talk about some budget alternatives to add a hint of extravagance in your home-

Gold Finishes

Whenever you think of gold, words like royalty, riches and luxury come to your mind. Over the years, interior designers have been incorporating gold finishes in homes to add richness. Golden tiles made of real gold leaf, compressed and vacuum sealed between glass panels, are the most popular ones among the ultra-rich homeowners. However, you can also add a ‘golden touch’ in your home with glazed ceramic tiles just for the backsplashes. Mirror acrylic panels are also offered by some companies which are perfect for full wall installations. Metallic range of cabinetry is also available in the market in different colors of glossy finishes.

Budget Decor Ideas to Give Your Home A Luxurious Look & Feel
Budget Decor Ideas to Give Your Home A Luxurious Look & Feel

Pro Tip- You should use gold with caution. Too much golden in the house will make you feel blind with bling. The perfect way is to use it as a statement such as a single wall panel, cabinetry or just the backsplashes of an entirely white room.

Flooring and Carpeting

Covering the largest area of your home, floors happen to be the most important statement-maker. Ultra-lavish home interiors have some of the costliest flooring materials as well as luxury rugs and carpets. It is not feasible to change the entire flooring but you can definitely add luxury with rugs. Silk and wool blended carpets add softness to hard spaces and create a shimmer effect on your floor.

Pro Tip- If you cannot think of re-carpeting the entire home, introduce a silk rug centerpiece in the living room.

Colored Taps and Faucets

Tapwork can always be imagined in steel. To stand unique, ultra-rich homeowners choose colored taps and faucets. Matt black, copper or brass applied finishes on the tapwork are really popular in the market nowadays. Do not hesitate in experimenting with colored faucets but keep in mind the dominant color of the bathroom. For example, if black is the theme color, matt black would be lost in the decor; mix it with beige or off-white instead.

Pro Tip- Do not let the taps steal your bathroom’s charm. Just keep it in a way that it silently improves your lavishness.

Sheer Curtains

Most of us don’t realize this but luxury is all about making a space more welcoming and comfortable by adding soft elements and reducing sharpness. Sheer curtains shield your room from direct sunlight in a soft and breezy manner. Choose the right color for sheers (white is not the only color). Select a shade that perfectly matches the color palette of your room.

Pro Tip- Mind the length of your sheer curtains. In case you don’t have a tall ceiling, just hang the curtains a little above the window to create an illusion of height.

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Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable through the Years

Fashion has a different meaning for different time periods. Items that were considered chic and trendy in the 90s are now outdated and do not appeal to your guests. But since a home lasts forever, are you going to change the entire decor style every 3-5 years? That would definitely incur a lot of cost. So how can you stay updated with contemporary decor style without burning a hole in your pocket?

Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable through the Years
Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable through the Years

There are a few elements that are the core of your decor like color, accents, statement items, furniture, etc. A simple change in any of these can do wonders. Let’s see how to go about these for getting fashionable and trendy look-

Invest Time in Choosing the Right Color Palette

The homes in TV ads have been done in such enticing colors that we can’t just get our eyes off the television screen. Is it because their paint is super-special? No, it’s the wise color palette that the ad creators have chosen. Color is something that exists all around you but you don’t notice it often; it is there on the walls, furniture, decor items, outdoors, everywhere.

To select the right colors, refer to decor magazines to find trends that have been popular for quite a few years; they will supposedly stay longer. Learn more about color combinations and the look and feel of a particular color. Take help from experts.

Keep Accents Limited and Chic

Accents are important in every room; they speak of its soul. Anything can make statement for your room. A huge painting on the wall, a few vases, vintage clocks and decor pieces, anything can act as the accent for your home. Interior designers advise that you should not clutter your home with decor items. Instead, go for a few items that make lasting impression. When there are fewer decor items, you will not feel sad about replacing them for something new. Don’t make your home too overwhelming, just keep it simple and cool.

Contemporary Furniture is the Best

Furniture is something you cannot keep changing with trend. So you need something that can go with all decor themes. Contemporary furniture is one with fine lines and clean edges. The smooth look makes it perfect for all decor themes. Pair it with sheer curtains flowing on the back or heavy ones hanging with class, contemporary furniture offer the best of both worlds.

Pay Attention to Fabric and Furnishings

Fabric and furnishing are the most affordable stuff to change when you decide to go for a new trend. Keep yourself updated with the latest fabric trends in home decor. Choose cushions and throw pillows that give a creative funky look when matched with your wall colors. Reupholster the sofa, couches, etc and instantly add fresh energy into your home.

Keep Yourself Updated about Latest Fashion

An entire makeover does not happen all at once. If you really want to keep your home up to date, you must be well-versed with the change in trends. Little upgrades here and there just keep adding freshness to your home.

Now you know a lot about how to keep your home perfectly synced with the new trends. So, start today and welcome your guests in a trendy, fashionable home.

Why Greater Noida (W) should be Your Next Investment Destination?

Greater Noida West has grown into a much sought-after residential hub of the National Capital Region. Catering to the mid-segment buyers as well as the HNIs, this market has something for everyone. A neighbourhood, that was once just a piece of barren land, has now come on the real estate map of NCR and competes with established markets of Noida and Delhi. So, how did this locality rise to the point of being a preferred investment destination in NCR?

Why Greater Noida (W) should be Your Next Investment Destination?
Why Greater Noida (W) should be Your Next Investment Destination?

Let us talk about the factors that turned Greater Noida West into a real estate gem-


For any locality, infrastructure is the first and foremost quality that attracts builders to set up their projects and investors to park their money. As soon as the government started building expressways that led to far-off corners of Greater Noida, developers started buying land parcels. The area is undergoing a well-planned development; roads are gradually reaching the neglected corners of the city. Though it will still take time for the infrastructure to match other established areas, the pace at which the locality is improving itself is impressive. Social infrastructure is also catching up. Focusing on industrial, commercial and educational development across the neighbourhood, proper hubs like Knowledge Hub and Techzone-IV have been planned.


Connectivity is a major factor that makes Greater Noida West a wonderful location. The place is already connected to Delhi through Noida via the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. More connectivity options are rapidly coming up in and around the area. DND Flyway, NH-24 and Yamuna Expressway can also be reached within no time. Such great accessibility makes Greater Noida West a very important place for making an investment.

Real Estate

Developers started thronging the developable areas of Greater Noida West as soon as they saw signs of upcoming growth. And now, there are very few locations that are left vacant. In the coming 2-3 years, more than 2.5 lakh residential units will be up for possession or already occupied. Commercial projects are also found in abundance such as Home & Soul Boulevard Walk that offers world-class retail spaces and serviced apartments. Being an affordable destination, it is great for long-term investment and for end-users who wish to live there for a long time horizon. Once the area is completely developed, guaranteed returns will flow.

Future Projections

Greater Noida West is showing rapid development. By the end of 2016, several projects will be up for possession both in residential and commercial segment. Affordability is the major factor that attracts buyers and investors. In future, more improvement in infrastructure and civic amenities will be found in this prime locality. Immense returns will flow in.

H&S Beetle Lap- Where Luxury Meets Modernity!

Were you always looking for a project that offered finest residential units amidst sheer magnificence? Well, your search ends right here! Home and Soul brings to you their marvelous creation in Jaypee Sports City, Yamuna Expressway- H&S Beetle Lap. It is one of the most talked about projects in the National Capital Region (NCR) and presents spacious and well-constructed apartments in 2 BHK and 3 BHK configurations. For the Indian young professionals, it is the best place for starting a life in NCR as it offers world-class amenities and all other conveniences of a modern lifestyle.

H&S Beetle Lap- Where Luxury Meets Modernity!
H&S Beetle Lap- Where Luxury Meets Modernity!

Located just along Yamuna Expressway, H&S Beetle Lap is easily accessible from all nooks and corners of the NCR. Some of the locational advantages of the project include:

  • Adjoining the International Cricket Stadium

  • 30 min from Sector 18, Noida

  • Golf Course within the planned city complex

  • Overlooking the Formula One Race Track

  • Proximity to upcoming metro station

  • FNG Corridor is nearby

  • Proposed airport is also in proximity

  • Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is close by

Being a sports-centered project, Beetle Lap has been equipped with some state of the art facilities like gymnasium, meditation garden, jogging track, cycling track and fitness center. Other recreational amenities are also presented by the builders which include a multi-cuisine restaurant, private terrace, splash pool, party lawn, daily convenience store and a grand clubhouse. It comes with an option to choose between apartments or the grand penthouses that have views opening into ample greens of the landscaped gardens. To make home buying easier and hassle-free for the people, H&S has also come up with some innovative payment plans like super flexi payment plan and subvention plan. Beetle Lap is a wonderful project to make an investment and to earn handsome returns in the future.

Smart Homes: ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’

Technology has made everything rise above their physical forms and be available on several virtual platforms. Everything from paying bills to buying cars can now be done at the click of a button. Real estate has also become advanced and Smart Cities in India have also come up. The new name given to these technologically efficient homes is ‘Smart Homes’. Smart homes are not only a rising trend in the market but also the need of the hour.

Smart Homes: ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’
Smart Homes: ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’

What are Smart Homes?

A Smart Home is a technologically intelligent house. It offers a comprehensive network of integrated devices that are used to monitor and control your home functions connected with a single operation interface which may be a mobile, tablet or even PC. It offers an integrated solution for communication, entertainment and security functions of your home. The mundane tasks of your home can be carried out even when you are not physically present at that location. Drawing the curtains, watering plants, heating or cooling the swimming pool water, switching the light on or off- all this can be done remotely.

How are Smart Homes beneficial?

Smart homes are definitely beneficial in the sense that they make things convenient and efficient for the residents. It is extremely helpful for the differently abled and senior citizens who find it difficult to carry out such tasks by themselves. Many a times, we forget a few things before leaving home such as switching off the lights or turning off the stove. But if you are the proud owner of a smart home, you can be sure about it and do the same sitting in your office or while on the way. Since all other devices in a smart home are connected to a single interface, they can all run on your command.

How to find the right Smart Home?

Smart Homes are now developed by some of the well-known developers of the country. We still lag behind many other countries who have expertise in home automation services. In India, the concept is still in its initial stage. Home automation services can also be installed in an older home. Several companies offer such services. You must first know what you need and then take the right decision according to your choices and budget. Also, don’t forget to get the guarantee documentation before signing the deal. Converting your traditional home into a smart home is a costly affair. So spend your money wisely.

The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’

Every other real estate billboard on the highways is about ‘Luxury Homes’. But have you ever wondered what gives a project the title of a ‘luxury home’? No, the ostentatious facade does not make it luxury; it is a lot more than that. A combination of a few elements compiled together make a home lavish and give it the status symbol everyone runs after. Today we will talk about some such elements.

The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’
The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’


Yes, size does matter, especially a lot in the real estate world. The first thing about luxury homes is the size. It usually starts with 3 BHK and can go upto 6 BHK for a villa like construction. Attached washrooms, balconies with every room and vast hall spaces are needed to brand a home as luxury. Garage, a state-of-the-art kitchen island and dining hall along with servant’s room are some of the modern definitions given to a luxury home.

Height of the Rooms

The floor to ceiling height also matters to grant that status symbol to the luxury projects. It should practically be more than 12 feet for a luxury home. It is one of the most important criteria to be fulfilled; otherwise the project cannot be classified as luxury.

Security Features

One does not splurge on a luxury home to get the old conventional features. Something extraordinarily modern is a must. State-of-the-art security measures are offered in the homes such as CCTV surveillance, video door phone, round the clock personnel supervision, etc.

Posh Location

Location is very important for ultra-luxury homes. You would not want to live in a palatial home located in a crowded middle-class area. A sophisticated neighbourhood boasts of good connectivity across the city, green surrounding, proximity to the airport and adequate availability of all civic amenities. Living in a classy neighbourhood surrounded by the homes of well-known people is everybody’s dream.

Lavish Amenities

Once all the above criteria are fulfilled, then comes the amenities. Swimming pools and gymnasium are now available in all projects. The amenities that classify as luxury include infinity pool, spa, jacuzzi, barbeque pit, wine cellars and custom-made outdoor kitchens and patios. Inbuilt heating and cooling systems are also provided in some of the projects.

Class and Quality

It is true that class comes with a better quality and with the brand name that is attached to the project. Luxury homes boast of a high quality construction and design by international architects and planners. This professional difference adds to the luxury factor as well as to the cost of these projects.

Luxury homes have a professional difference from the traditional non-luxury projects and this is what defines them. The extra price is paid for these luxuries and it is well worth it.